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I come from a town I will call small town Tennessee. We are a few miles from the highway in this big valley surrounded on three sides by mountains. There is a general store that also serves as the post office. We have a barber a hair salon, a small restaurant, a nick knack and used furniture store as well as a saloon where all the locals hang out. Most everyone in our valley is related. I will explain later in the story.

I am laying here in bed contemplating my life and wondering what my future is going to be. In some ways from a sexual point of view it has been good and in other ways you may say terrible.

My name is Betty Jo, I’m sixteen going on seventeen and most men think I’m pretty or good looking. My breasts are a “d” cups and at five feet nine I normally weigh 130 lbs. Because I’m seven months pregnant I have gained about fifteen lbs. It is 6”30 in the morning and I am waiting and wondering who will come into my bedroom to either eat my pussy or fuck me. If it is my Mother she will eat my pussy, or my brother Paulie who I love to eat and fuck my pussy, but if it is my Father or one of my Uncle’s they will just fuck me. My brother has been eating my pussy since I was eight years old. My Father and Uncle have been fucking me since I was thirteen and my Mother started eating my pussy when I was twelve. I guess it was because she caught my brother Paulie doing me and got turned on. As I look over at the next bed and see my twins, a boy and a girl that are two years old and see their beautiful faces it makes me feel warm all over. I’ll breast feed them after I have my morning experience with one of the family.
I think maybe I better back up and start at the beginning.

When I was eight years old my brother snuck into my room and crawled into bed with me. I loved my brother Paulie very much, he is five years older than I am and looks out for me. He asked me if he could play with me. I said sure. “What game?” I asked. “Not a game, I want to play daddy and mommy with you.” He said. “Will I like it” I asked” “Oh yes, you will love it” he said. “Ok, how do we play” I said. “Like this” and he slid his hand under my night gown and up between my legs. I got scared at first and clamped my legs together. I had never had anyone do that to me. He said “relax this will not hurt you and will make you feel wonderful.” I relaxed and opened my legs so that he could slide his hand up to my little pee hole. He began to rub me there with his finger and inserted his finger into the outer edge of my pee hole. I tensed up at first, but as he continued to rub me there I got a funny feeling between my legs and it felt nice. I just relaxed and let him continue. I felt him push his finger into my hole and he wiggled it around and began to push it in and out of it. I began to tremble a little and my legs got a little weak. Paulie than slid under the sheet and started licking my hole. I got scared at first because that was where I peed and I thought it was dirty. I said, “no Paulie that’s where I pee and it’s dirty.” “No it isn’t, it taste’s as sweet as honey and I love it” he said. I laid back and felt him slip his tongue into my hole and I thought I had died and gone to heaven it felt so good. He must have licked me for a half hour before he stopped. When he slid out from under the sheet his face was all wet. He came close to me and gave me a big kiss and put his tongue inside my mouth and tickled the roof of my mouth. It made me shudder but I had to admit I liked it.

After that night he would sneak into my bedroom two or three times a week and kiss and lick my hole. He told me I had the sweetest pussy he had ever eaten including my older Sister and my Mom. I couldn’t believe he had done the same thing to them. Why would he say that I was the sweetest when both my Sister and my Mom had these big breasts and I thought a lot prettier than I was. He said “no one had a nicer pussy than mine, but I had to promise I would not tell anyone, that it was our secret.” I felt so proud that he liked my pussy better than Mom’s or my sister’s. And I was glad that my hole had a name like pussy.

About a month after Paulie started coming to my bedroom and kissing me and licking my pussy something happened that changed my life. It was the day I turned nine. He came into my bed that night and started kissing me and sticking his tongue in my mouth. He called it French kissing. Then he started kissing my little breast buds. Sucking on my nipples and lightly biting them. It sure felt funny and I liked it. Then he put his hand between my legs and began to finger my pussy and run his finger in and out of it like he always did. When he slid his head between my legs and began to kiss and tonguing my pussy it felt so good. But this night he ran his tongue up to the top of my pussy lips and over a little hard spot there. Every time he did it was like a small electric shock went thru me. I started jumping around and couldn’t keep my butt still. Suddenly after about twenty minuets of him licking me like that I got this strange feeling in my stomach and between my legs and I couldn’t help myself I reared my ass off the bed and grabbed Paulie’s head and pushed it into my pussy and the greatest feeling and sense of relief I had ever felt. I couldn’t move. My legs were so weak and I felt that if I tried to stand up I would collapse. I said “Oh Paulie you make me feel so good. I have never felt anything like that before.” He said, “Well sis you just had your first orgasm and I will make you have a lot more like that.” I said, “Oh Paulie, I love you so much. You make me feel like a grown up. He smiled and gave me big french kiss and said, “How would you like to make me feel the same way. I said, “Oh yes Paulie I would like to do that.” He said, “just a minute, I want to go wash myself and I’ll be right back.”

When he came back he sat on the edge of the bed and told me to come and kneel in front of him. I did and he took his pee-pee out of his pajamas and said put it in your mouth. I said I can’t do that it’s too big. He said you will be just fine. “Put it in your mouth and pretend it is a popsicle. Suck on it without using your teeth. I found out later that he was six and three quarters inches long and four inches in diameter. I did as I was told and was surprised how hot it was. I could feel the side of it throbbing and it was hard as a rock. I started sucking on it and he took hold of my head and began to push in and out of my mouth. I choked a bit at first but I soon got the hang of it. After about five minutes I felt him stiffen and he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me too him. I felt the head of his pee-pee start to go into my throat and suddenly I felt this slimy liquid squirt down my throat. I kept swallowing and swallowing but some ran out the side of my mouth and dripped on my chest. Paulie said “Wow sis that was a great blow job. Better than your Sister and almost as good as Mom. You’re a natural. I felt so proud and I got that funny feeling again between my legs. Paulie & I would do each other like that as often as we could. We never seemed to tire of it.

I was in my twelfth when Mother came into my bedroom and caught Paulie sucking on my pussy. I don’t know how long she was standing there but I could see she had been fingering her crotch thru her dress. She was kind if glassy eyed and kneeled down next to Paulie and pushed him away and started licking and sucking my little pussy. She had a bigger tongue than Paulie, longer and fatter. Boy was her tongue strong, She slid it way up inside me and than would make a scooping motion and come all the way up to the top of my pussy and would lick that hard spot. By now I new it was called a clitoris or clit. Every time she did that I would quiver and after a short while I came. She didn’t stop, just kept on tonguing and sucking me. She made me cum five or six times before she stopped.

After that, most nights except Sunday either Mom or Paulie would come into my room and suck my pussy. My clit began to grow with so much sucking. It got to be the size of a ball point pen point when either fingered or sucked on. My breast had began too grow also and were now a size “A” cup. What surprised me was the size of my nipples. From so much sucking they would pop out almost half an inch when played with. I was so used to having an orgasm almost every night that on the few occasions that neither Mom nor Paulie could come, I would finger myself until I had one.

On my thirteenth birthday Mom & Dad gave me a party. All of my nine brothers came, six were married and came with there wife’s and there sixteen children. My three sisters and there nine kids came as well. Four of my six uncles and three of my five Aunts and there spouses all attended with their kids. A few of the kids were mongoloid from the in-breading in the family. The others were away or were working. My grandfather and great grand father who was ninety one also came, as well as many cousins and friends. Everyone had a great time and my Mother whispered to me that tonight was my coming out party and that I would then be considered a women. I didn’t know what she meant but I guess every one else did because they kept coming up to me with big grins and would say something like. “Tonight’s the Night girlie, or your so lucky I wish I was thirteen again” Everyone canlı bahis got pretty drunk on moon shine, because we had two still’s up in the hills.

About Seven thirty my Mother ran every one out and drew me a hot bath. She knelt down by the side of the tub and washed me all over, and shampooed my hair. She rubbed between my legs and inserted the soap a little into my pussy and scrubbed me good there. She washed my butt hole too. She toweled me off and put talcum powder over my whole body. She took her favorite perfume bottle and put some just above my clit where I was beginning to grow hair. She put some under my arms and behind my ears. I sure smelled good. She said “It’s time” and led me to my surprise into her and my Dads bedroom. Mom Had me lay down on the bed. All the covers were pulled back and I laid down on top of her sheet. I was scarred but excited not knowing what to expect.

Mom turned out all the lights but lit two candles that were on her dresser. She undressed and stretched out beside me. She began to play with my breasts, squeezing and kneaded my nipples with her thumb and four fingers. She leaned over and began to French kiss me. I felt myself begin to breathe heavier and my pussy started to get wet. She kissed and sucked my breasts, rolling her tongue over my very erect nipples. She did that for almost ten minuets before she slid down between my legs and began licking my pussy. Oh, I was so hot and my pussy was secreting my juices and I started to cum. I said “Oh Mommeeeeee Oh God Mommy you make me feel so good. I’m going to cum.” I screamed Oh myyyyy god Oh, Oh my I’m cummmmming. My ass shuddered and I raised up and arched my back and came into my Mothers open mouth. She never let up she kept licking me and sucking on my clit. I started to get close to another one when I felt something heavy get on the bed. My mother slid to one side of me. I looked up and there was my father. He was between my legs and pulled them further apart. My Father had a hold of his dick and placed it at the entrance of my pussy lips. I shouted “NO, Daddy don’t, your too big,” he was enormous almost half again the size of Paulie. It was at least eight or even nine inches long and about six inches around. I said “you’re my father, we can’t do this.” He said “relax girl this is a family tradition. The Father always breaks the daughter’s cherry. My Mother whispered, “it will be alright, try to relax” as she rubbed and kissed my hard breasts. My pussy was wet from my mothers licking and sucking. My dad pushed his cock into my tiny pussy about two inches. I screamed, “please Daddy, your hurting me.” My mother whispered grit your teeth honey it will soon begin to feel better. She kissed me and began to french kiss me. My Dad shoved in another two inches and reached my hymen. My mother’s kisses muffled my cries of pain. Just then my Dad lifted my legs spreading them as far as he could and plunged his big shaft all the way into me. I screamed in pain and past out. When I came too my father was slowly pushing in and out of me with that enormous shaft of his. Oh how I hurt. I felt like I was going to pass out again. He kept pumping in and out of me gently with long slow strokes. My pussy lips were stretched so tight I thought they would break I was so full of him. He kept that slow and easy pumping of his cock. He would push it deep inside me and then pull out to the tip, and then down again into the deep recesses of my womb. I could feel him against my cervix. To my amassment I found that it started feeling better. I started to enjoy him and began to push back at him. He began to increase his speed and I came. He kept plunging deep into me and about every fourth plunge I would cum again. Then he began to really plunge his cock faster and faster. I screamed at him “Oh Daddy that feels so good, fuck me, Oh fuck me hard.” I became frenzied, pushing up every time he sunk that big beautiful cock into my now sloppy pussy. My Dad grabbed my ass and pulled me tight to him and buried his cock deep, deep inside me. I could feel it trying to enter my cervix and he came directly into it. I could feel his hot sperm pumping deep inside my uterus and I came again and again. When he finally got up I just laid there exhausted, I couldn’t move. My mother brought a warm wet cloth and began to wipe my pussy. I looked down and saw a mixture of cum and blood. I smiled at her and she leaned over and kissed me and said lay still, the night is not over yet.

My pussy was still tingling as I laid there. My mother was rubbing my temples when I felt some one get on the bed and between my legs. When I looked up I said “Oh no, not you Uncle Ned, he was my Dads older brother. He was kneeling in front of me and as I looked down at his crotch. I could see his huge cock shining in the candle light from some kind of oil. It was as big as Dad’s but not quite as big around. He bent down and took my breast in his mouth and began to suck and roll his tongue over my nipple. I was scarred but also he was making me excited. He leaned up and kissed me and his tongue interred my mouth and began to explore it. My breathing increased and I lifted and spread my legs to accept his offering. He slid his enormous cock into me and I sucked in my breath as I felt the tightness of him spreading my lips and vagina wall. Ever so slowly he penetrated deep into my pussy. As he began to withdraw I came. My breathing was rapid in anticipating of the wonderful feeling I new was to come. As he slid in and out of me he continued to explore my mouth with his tongue and caress my breasts. First one, than the other. I began to arch my back and push my ass upward to meet his downward thrusts. I lifted my legs higher so he could penetrate me further. Like my Father when he was all the way in would touch my uterus and it would make me have an orgasm. He fucked me like that slow and easy for over an hour. I came so many times I lost count. Finally I gasped “Uncle Ned, I want you to cum in me before I pass out. I don’t think I can handle any more orgasms. He smiled at me and put his big hands under my ass and began to fuck me faster and harder. The harder he slammed into me the more I came. I was screaming at him, “Oh Uncle Ned, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” and he did. I could feel his ball sack slamming into my ass. He pulled me tight against him and I could feel his dick penetrate my uterus and like my Father let his full load explode directly into my open cervix. I screamed, “Ahhhhhh, Oh my god I can’t stop cumming ahhhhhhhhhh and my cum came poring out the edges of my pussy and my Uncles cock. It took me about fifteen minuets to come down from my high. If my Uncle who was still in me moved I would cum again. Finally he allowed his limp cock to slide out of me. Even soft he looked to be almost seven inches. As I laid there I thought, who else would I have to fuck this night. As it turned out no one else only my Dad and Uncle. I rested for about a half hour when my Dad came back into the bedroom and fucked me again. My Dad and Uncle took turns fucking me until about three in the morning. They were very gentle with me. Each one would fuck me upwards of an hour, and then let me rest for about a half hour. I was astonished at how many times they could make me cum. I never got sore and I would wait in anticipation of my next session with them. I think I liked my Uncle Ned the best because he kissed me and played with me. My Father would just fuck me. I finally fell asleep and didn’t wake up until one that afternoon. I felt wonderful but my pussy looked like two balloons on each side of it. I was having trouble walking when I got up to pee. My Mom came into the bedroom and put a towel full of ice on my swollen pussy. There was cum still dripping out of me and two great big wet spots on the sheet. She smiled and said “ how do you feel” “Oh Mommy, I feel wonderful. I never new it could be so fantastic”

That night, after a hot bath and a warm douche Paulie came into my bedroom. I said “I don’t think I can handle anyone touching my pussy tonight.” I was still pretty swollen. He said, “That’s Ok, I only came in to see how you were.” “In all the times and years you have been coming to my room eating my pussy why did you not try to fuck me” I asked. Paulie said that there was a rule in the family that only the Father of a female child could be the first to fuck her and take her maidenhead. The penalty for violating that was severe.

“It all started with your Great, Great, Great, Grandfather.” He said, “he owned the whole valley, most of it in cotton. He had over four hundred slaves. Some said the original family fortune was made by his father who was a pirate. Any way before he got married he started fucking all the good looking female older slaves between the ages of 17 and 30 when he was a teenager. After he had fucked all the older women, some 100 or so, he change. For some reason he started fucking only the young girls when they turned thirteen. If they were not a virgin they were punished. It became an honor amongst the slaves to be selected by the Master. He had over sixty five children from slaves, some of the descendents are still in the valley. They have bred with a lot of whites over the years to the point you could not tell what they were white or black. Most of the females became house servants and did not have to work in the fields. When their children became of age he would fuck them too. However, when some of those children had children some turned out to be mongoloid. So he made it a rule not to fuck any 2nd generation child of his. He would select one of the biggest and strongest of his bucks to breed her. In that way he felt it did not weaken the line.

When he married he had five children by his first wife. Three were boys and two were girls. When each of his daughters became thirteen he took their virginity. One got pregnant and it so outraged bahis siteleri his wife that she tried to leave him. He got so mad that he took her by the hair and dragged her out to where the male slaves were and made thirty of the biggest bucks fuck her one after the other. Some of those buck were so big they split her pussy wide open. She almost bled to death. When she discovered later that she was pregnant she killed herself from shame. His second wife bore him nine children, six were girls and each one got there virginity taken when they reached thirteen. Two of them got pregnant by him. The strange thing was he never fucked any of them after he took their virginity including the slave’s. Each of his son’s carried on the same tradition and so on down the line until today.” I said “Oh Paulie I am feeling so good and I wanted you to feel the same” I unbuttoned his pants and took his cock out and got on my knees and sucked his cock until he shot his cum into my mouth and down my throat. I like Paulie’s cock because I could put all of him inside my mouth and when he would cum I could swallow all of it to the last drop.

Two days later when Paulie came to my bed I asked him to make love to me. He looked at me and said “I can’t compete with Dad or Uncle Ned. Their cocks are almost twice my size.” “I don’t care Paulie, I know you love me in a way that is different from that of Dad and Uncle Ned.” Paulie began to run his hands over my arms and legs using his finger tips. Then he would do the same to my stomach and breasts. He began to kiss me all over, from my forehead to my toes. He ran his tongue into my ears, belly button, and down to my toes. I was tingling all over. He french kissed me for the longest time, close to twenty minutes I think. He took his tongue and ran it from my lips down my chin my neck and then circled each one of my nipples, as he gently sucked each of my breasts and lightly bit my nipples which stood out about three quarter of an inch. He than ran his tongue down my stomach to the top of my vagina. He flicked my clit before proceeding to lick and kiss the inside of my leg down to my knee and then up the other side until he reached my outer pussy. I was so turned on I could hardly stand it. My pussy was secreting gobs of my juice’s, some of which ran down my leg. Paulie licked every bit of it. When his tongue enter my pussy I just let go, cum came oozing out of my pussy like a stream. Paulie just kept licking and sucking it all into his mouth. I said “Oh Paulie fuck me please, fuck me now. He brought his head up and gave me a kiss and his tongue explored my mouth as he slipped his shaft into my burning cunt. He positioned himself so as his cock went in and out of me it also rubbed against my clit. He wasn’t as big as my Father or Uncle, but Oh how he made up for it in technique. I said “Oh Paulie you make me cum so much and feel so good. Where did you learn to fuck like this” He said, “From Mother, she taught me what a women likes.” “How long have you been fucking Mom” I asked. Oh about five years. Mom decided when our oldest brother was thirteen that if it was alright for Dad to bust all his daughters cherry than it was Ok for her do her sons in the same way.” “Do you mean each one of our brothers have fucked Mom?” “Yes, she still fucks each one on their birthday if they want her too. She’s pregnant again you know. Can you keep a secret?” “Of course” I said. “Mom told me that this one was mine. She wouldn’t let anyone touch her for awhile and when she was sure she was ovulating she came into my room and fucked me twice a night for five straight nights. She said she loved me and wanted my baby.” I just laid there wide eyed and thought what kind of a family are we?

Before I got too big all my brothers except Josh who was in the Army came to my room and fucked me. It was a family tradition they said. After that they could only fuck me if I asked them to. While I did enjoy them it was not the same as with Paulie. I have never allowed any of my brothers to come back. I did think I might try Josh when he got out of the army though. As I got further and further along and my stomach got bigger and bigger My Father stopped coming to see me and my Uncle’s slowed down the number of times they fucked me. When I reached my seventh month they stopped all together. I was so glad that Paulie didn’t stop. He would come in to see me three or four times a week and eat and fuck my eager pussy. I would get so wet the moment he entered my room.

One night when Mom came into my room and got in bed with me and started to go down and eat my pussy I said “Mom I want to do you” “You do” She said in a surprised voice. I said “Yes” and I began to french kiss her and squeeze her huge breasts. I reached over and began sucking on them. They were so big I could hardly get my mouth over them. I was surprised at the size of her nipples; big purple red in color and they popped out over an inch, I swear. As I sucked those nipples Mom began to groan. “Oh honey that feels so good. I slid down between her legs and she had this massive amount of hair covering her pubic area. I pulled her lips apart and this very large hole opened up and I put my face into it. She was so wet my face was immediately covered with her juices. I shoved my tongue into her and ran it up to her clit. Her clit was huge, as big around as a pencil. I guess when you are almost six feet tall everything is big. My mom was 5’11 ½ inches tall with dark black hair beginning to have streaks of gray. Her breasts were large double d’s and did not sag hardly at all. Her skin was a beautiful light brown.

I buried my face between those big pussy lips. They closed around my cheek bones as I lapped at her juices. I almost couldn’t breath, because my nose and mouth were inside her pussy. When I came up for air and started sucking her clit, it was like sucking a miniature dick, Mom began to moan and mumble “Oh baby, oh god that feels so good, your making your mommy cum, yes, oh god yessssssssssssss.” And she let lose all over my face. I was licking and swallowing her love juice’s as fast as I could, but there was just to much. I put two, then three fingers into her and started pushing in and out. Suddenly I was able to put my whole hand inside her. I doubled my fist and started pumping it into her. I went in up to my forearm. I began pumping her like a piston. She started screaming, “ Oh honey, Yes, fuck me with your fist, that’s right, Oh yes harder baby harder, Oh baby I can’t stop cumming, Oh christ Oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” and fainted. I kept pumping my arm and fist in and out of her, and when she regained here senses she cried “Oh baby stop I can’t take any more. I removed my fist from her sopping swollen pussy and we laid there belly to belly, to pregnant women kissing and enjoying each other. She was still panting when she said, “when I get my breath it’s my turn to reciprocate, and she did.

I feel very lucky that my twins turned out healthy, especially since one came from my Father and one from my Uncle Ned. Like a cat that has a litter with different kinds of kittens because she was screwed by several different kinds of cat’s while in heat. Looking at my twins I am certain that they come from different fathers. That first night, when I was Thirteen and both my Father and Uncle came in me within an hour of each other plus the fact the twins are so different makes me believe that. I think a DNA test would Verify that also. Since my Mother and Father are brother and Sister I am exceedingly fortunate. I hope the one in my womb will turn out alright too. I’m not sure but I think Paulie could be the father because after the Twins were born I did not let anyone touch me for three months. I told Mom I didn’t want to get pregnant again and what could I do. She took me to the Doctor in town and had me fitted for a diaphragm. I began to let Paulie back into my bedroom. He was always so gentle when he fucked me and ate my horny pussy. One night he came in while I was sleeping and began to play with my breasts, kissing and sucking them. I was half awake and half asleep when I let him have his way with me. I forgot to put my diaphragm in.

My Dad worked at the coal mine on the other side of the mountain. One morning I came in from working in our huge garden. I had to pee and needed a drink of water. As I started past my Mom and Dad’s room I heard my Mom moaning and crying “Oh Ned that feel so good” I opened the door and I couldn’t believe what I saw. There was my Mom with her ass facing me, her legs stretched wide open and over her head. My Uncle Ned was driving that huge shaft in and out of her pussy. I could see her ass hole pucker as he kept up a steady rhythm in and out her. Her pussy juice’s were running down the crack of her ass as he continued to pound her pussy. I was at first fascinated watching his massive shaft slide in and out of Mothers pussy. I started to get horny but I came to my senses and yelled “For christ sake Mother, what are you doing? They both froze. Mom with her legs still wide open and Ned with his cock buried deep in my Mom’s massive pussy. Mom said “Please honey, don’t say anything to your Dad. Ned and I have loved each other for a long time. I still love your Father but I love Ned too.” Jesus Mom, Ned is your brother too. What kind of a degenerate family are we? Fathers fucking their daughters, Mothers fucking their brothers and sons. Every one in the family seems to be fucking each other. It’s just plain sick.”

Ned said “hush child, your no different than the rest of us” You love to fuck and so far it has been with anyone that comes to your bed.” I hung my head because I new what he said was true. Mom said, “come here honey and sit on my face and let me eat that sweet pussy of yours while Uncle Ned finishes fucking me. Ned began to fuck her again as if I wasn’t there. I could hardly bahis şirketleri take my eye’s off his cock as it slid once again in and out of her cunt. My pussy started to get wet so I walked over and got up on the bed and straddled Moms face and eased my pussy onto her eager mouth. Her tongue darted in and out of my pussy and she took hold of my clit with her teeth and lips and began to suck and bite it. My Mom and I came together at the same time. I rested my head on the pillow above Mom’s head. Ned lifted me up off Mom’s mouth and pulled my ass back toward him and shoved that massive shaft of his deep in my pussy. He spread my legs and pulled me to the edge of Mom’s pubic hair. He fucked me like that until I came and then he pulled out of me and jammed it into Mother. He fucked her until she came and then he came back into me. He kept that up for almost two hours. First one, than they other. Finally he rolled me over to the side of the bed as soon as I had another orgasm and lifted Mother’s ass up higher and jammed his clock up her ass. She grunted and said “Oh Ned be careful, that hurt. He fucked her up the ass for about a minutes before his load shot deep into her anal canal. I got up and went to my room and cried. I felt ashamed at what I was doing but I also loved being fucked by all of them.

Most of my Uncles were married and had children of there own. I was visiting Uncle Jonas, my Dad’s middle brother, one after noon. I was in my cousin’s Lisa’s bedroom and we were talking. She was a year younger than me and only average looking. I asked her if her Father had fucked her on her thirteenth birthday. She blushed and said “Oh yes. He fucked her four times that night.” I said, “how did you like it?” She said, “it hurt like hell the first two times, but after that I really enjoyed it. I had my first orgasm with a man and not my finger.” I said, “who have you been with since then?” She said, “her two brothers fucked her the second night. The youngest Tony did me nine times before dawn, he never seemed to go soft. Uncle Pete has been fucking me almost every night since, but my dad has not tried to fuck me since that first night.” I said, “did your Mom or any female make love to you?” “No, well my sister and I use to play with each other and once in awhile we made each other cum with our fingers.” She asked me, “Have you ever had your pussy eaten by a female?” “Yes” I said. “How about you?” “No, but I often have wondered what it would be like” I said, how would you like me to eat your pussy right now.” “Oh would you? I think I would like that.”

She walked over and looked out the door and then came back and laid down on the bed. I lifted her dress and removed her panties. I looked at her pussy and her pubic hair was a light red. It barley covered her pussy. I leaned over and frenched kissed her. She responded with so much enthusiasm, her tongue darted in and out of my mouth. I reached over and squeezed her breast. She sat up and pulled her dress over her head and laid back down. Her breasts were the size of an small orange’s. The nipples were pink and her skin was very light. She had dark red hair and freckles all over her chest and arms. I began to suck on her nipples and they popped out about a quarter of an inch. I moved down between her legs and kissed the top of her pussy. I don’t think she had showered or bathed that day because she had a strong odor and there was a little cheese in the upper part of her slit. I wiped it off with my finger and stuck my tongue inside her. She began to moan or whimper would be a better word. I ran my tongue up to her little clit. It was really small. I licked and sucked her clit for about ten minutes before she came the first time. As I continued she seemed to cum more often until she was moaning and groaning saying “Oh Betty Jo, you are the best pussy eater in the world. You are making me cum so often my pussy is on fire. Suddenly I felt some one grab my hips lifting me up and pulling my panties down and then ramming a cock into my wet pussy. I could not see who it was but Lisa said, “ Uncle Pete, what are you doing?” “Fucking this lesbian slut what do you think I’m doing.” She screamed at him “She’s not a lesbian and I asked her to do it.” She said. By this time I was enjoying Pete’s action. I said, “never mind Pete just keep fucking me, you feel wonderful in me.” He hesitated, and then began to plunge his cock in and out of me and his balls kept slapping against the cheeks of my ass. It didn’t take long before he pulled my ass tight against him and shot his load into my hungry pussy. We laid there on Betty Jo’s bed for awhile. Betty Jo leaned over and took Her Uncle Pete’s cock in her mouth and began to suck on it. She pulled it out and said she could taste my juices on his cock. “I want to get fucked too,” She said. When he got hard he entered her and began to fuck her. I got up facing him and squatted down on her face and she began to lick my pussy. Pete was playing and sucking my nipples as he fucked her. Betty Jo pushed me up a little and suddenly started licking my ass. I jumped a little because I had never had anyone do that to me before. My ass hole kept twitching every time she ran her tongue over my hole. Then she took the tip and inserted it into my opening. I pushed down on her tongue and almost smothered her. She took one of her fingers and shoved it up into my ass hole. She started shoving it in and out of my ass, and then she put two fingers in and twister them around trying to loosen my sphincter muscle. She got her two fingers clear up to her knuckle and was moving in and out of me with them. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I positioned my pussy over her mouth and came all over her. At the same moment Betty Jo reared her ass and came. And just four strokes behind us Uncle Pete grabbed Betty Jo by the ass and said “OH yessssss, and let lose his load into her. I could feel her cum again as she felt his hot cum shoot into her pussy canal. We all collapsed on the bed and just laid there too spent for any of us to move.

Back home at super I told Paulie I wanted to see him tonight. I took a bath and douched both my pussy and ass. The ass douche caused me to go to the toilet so I gave myself another enema. I then took some baby oil and rubbed it on my anus. When Paulie arrived I told him I wanted him to fuck me in the ass. “Are you sure” he asked me. “I’m sure, but first I want you to eat my pussy before you fuck me.

Paulie like always kissed me all over my body and his finger began fucking my ass as I played with his cock. I placed him in my mouth and began to suck. When I felt him get hard I turned around and kneeled at the edge of the bed. Paulie came up be hind me and at first shoved his cock into my pussy. I was really wet from anticipation of what was to come. After a few short strokes he placed the head of his dick into the entrance of my ass hole. He slipped in about three inches. I cried “wait Paulie you’re hurting me.” When he entered me I felt a pain shoot up my spine. He stopped and just stood there with his cock inside my ass. Finally the pain went away and I could feel my sphincter muscle loosen. I said, “OK, do it nice and slow.” Paulie was very patient and slowly withdrew his cock out of me an inch before inserting it about another three more inches. I suddenly realized Paulie had grown some more, as I looked in the mirror I could see he still had at least two inches more before he was fully into my anal canal. He began to move in and out of my ass and then plunged it all the way inside me. My ass hole felt as stretched as my pussy had when Dad fucked me that first time. Paulie kept a steady in and out motion and I began to relax and let that sensation of having my ass fucked for the first time began to overwhelm me. I had my first ass orgasm deep in my pussy. It felt strange to cum that way but yet it felt good. I said, “Faster Paulie, fuck me harder>” Paulie began to slam his cock into my ass, faster and faster he went until it felt like I had seen our dogs fucking. I came again just as he grabbed me around the waste and pushed his shaft as far as he could up my anal canal and let lose a torrent of hot cum deep into my ass. I came again and he fell on top of me and we slept.

Since I was now beginning my eight month I decided I would not let anyone except Paulie fuck me. Because he was always so gentle and he wouldn’t hurt the baby his way. Of course I did not mean I wouldn’t let anyone eat my pussy if they wanted too. However I was out hanging up the wash one early morning when my grandfather who was 68 stoped to say hello. He always took a early morning walk. He said, ” good morning Betty Jo how are you feeling?” I said just fine gandpa. I bent over and picked up a pair of my panties to hang on the line. I kept bending over to pick up pieces of laundry to hang when all of a sudden While I was bent open grandpa grabbed me and suck his huge peace of meat into my pussy. I had stopped wearing underware a long time ago. I was fortunate that but because of his age he couldn’t get it real hard. Even so He was bigger around than even my father. I thought I had been stretched to the limits of my pussy with dad, but my god, I thought my pussy would burst it was stretched so tight as granddad shoved it in and out. I felt my pussy tear and I screemed in pain. “No grandpa, you’ll hurt the baby” I tried to get away from him but I was impaled on his enormous cock. He just kept on fucking me doggy style. In spite of the pain I began to cum. He just kept fucking driving his engorged cock in and out of me and I just kept cuming I was moaning from both pain and ecstasy. Finally after about thirty minuets he just collapsed and fell over in a dead faint. At first I thought he had had a heart attack, but as it turned out he collapsed from exhaustion. I looked down at that huge old wrinkled peace of meat sticking out of his pants and thought, “how the hell were you at your age able to get enough blood flowing to get it up?”
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