My First Time

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September 29. A day that will live in infamy. At least for me it will. That was the first time we shared ourselves with one another. I remember that very clearly.

He had driven to see me, and it was obvious that we were both nervous. We sat on the sofa together, talking and touching, snuggling up and kissing. He has these eyes. Big, dark, velvety brown eyes that just melt the clothes right off your body…

We had been smooching and making out for a while, but then the whole atmosphere changed, became a little more urgent. He lay me down on the sofa, and lay on top of me, an obvious bulge in his jeans, and settled between my legs while he cupped my breasts through my shirt, kissing my neck. His hands were gentle and loving, touching my body. His kisses were delicate at first, soft and teasing, but the longer this went on, the more intense they became. His tongue lapped at my lips, dancing with mine, foreshadowing a new experience to come for me…or for me to come from…

He sat up and took my hands, and we walked to my bedroom. He slowly pulled my blouse up to reveal my soft, white brassiere. He leaned in and kissed me softly, while he worked his magic on the closure. Then he gently pulled the straps off my shoulders, removed it and dropped it to the floor. I unbuckled his belt and untucked his shirt, carefully pulling it over his head and discarding it aside. He reached out to me and pulled me close to him, placing his hands around my face and kissed me. His breath was hot on my neck, and I could feel my sex cevizli escort changing, preparing for what was about to take place, getting wet and hot, anticipating his hard, hot cock. He lay me on the bed, my legs hanging on the foot, and then proceeded to remove my most favorite pair of Levi’s. He knelt on the floor and then began to kiss and lick my nipples, nibbling on them, grazing them with is teeth just enough to elicit serious pleasure from a tiny bit of pain.

He moved slowly down my belly, inhaling, kissing, licking, touching. Then he reached under my hips and slid my panties down, removing them and then it happened. He gently spread my legs, and worked his way from my knees inward. I have never experienced anyone going down on me, so this was a true first. His breath was hot against my pussy, and then he flicked his tongue on my swollen clit. Just one quick flick, and I could not believe the sensation. I moaned and he did it again, and again. He very gently opened the lips and buried himself in me. His tongue lapping my clit up, moving all around my mound, circling the entrance to my vagina, gently darting in and out the very entrance…wow. It was a great experience for me. This continued for a few minutes, and then the orgasm hit. It was different than when I would masturbate, not as intense, but highly satisfying.

He then stood, unzipped his pants and took them and his boxers off. His penis was beautiful- firm, erect, swollen- and then he began erenköy escort to open the condom wrapper. I watched him carefully roll it all the way down, relishing in the fact that it was not quite long enough. It was good protection, but his penis is a very good size, so it was nice to watch. He knelt between my legs and then his facial expressions changed. His eye contact was intense and unyielding. He nestled up to my waiting vagina, touching me gently and softly. His left fingers spread my swollen lips as his right hand guided his cock to my pussy. He placed the tip of his cock just against the opening of my vagina, he looked into my eyes and asked me if it was okay to continue. I nodded, and told him that all I wanted was him inside of me.

He held his cock in his right hand and very slowly started to push it into my waiting body. He was so hard, and it was large enough that it almost hurt going in the first time. He moved slowly and carefully, just pushing in bit by bit, and then pulling almost completely out, and then doing it again. Each time he pushed that beautiful cock in a little farther, and again, until he was buried, hip to hip within me. He lay down on me, bending his knees up a little bit in front of his body, just under my thighs. Then he moved almost all the way out, and pushed in all the way in one fluid motion- then he stopped. Those gorgeous eyes never left mine. He pulled almost all the way out again, then pushed in a little harder the second esenyurt escort time. He asked me if I was ok, and I told him yes, that it felt wonderful.

He seemed to relax a little bit, and then began to move a little faster inside me. I could feel his cock, stretching me out. It had been a very long time since I had sex last- I had not met anyone I really wanted to share that with, and so it was a renewal of my physical awareness in a way. He moved faster now, making a point to thrust in deeply and then almost completely pull out, teasing me with what would come with each new penetration. That is when he shifted a bit. He propped himself up, and then rode his hips higher up on mine. I felt the base of his penis hit my clitoris, and it sent a spark through my body.

He began to move faster, thrusting deeply into my body. His new position was hitting that little nerve bundle of mine, striking it again and again. That was when the first wave of pleasure hit me hard. I could feel his cock beginning to change inside of me. It was getting thicker and harder. He moaned and smiled at me, still looking deeply into my eyes. I lifted my legs and pulled them closer to my chest to feel him deeper in me, and that was when I saw the indicator- that little sign that he was about to cum. He closed his eyes and was moving very quickly now. Whoever said the missionary position was boring obviously never had a good round with it… That focused look on his face began to melt and he cried out, thrusting deep and hard into my body, his cum pulsating out of his cock.

My orgasm throbbed, my pussy pulsating around his cock rhythmically…he would pull out almost completely and then push back in, out and then in again, and then finally he stopped, his cock still inside of me. He propped himself up on his forearms, kissed me sweetly and continued to look at me with those amazing eyes…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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