My Mom and Aunt Pt. 02

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All characters engaging in sex are 18 years or older. This is a work of FICTION. Any resemblance to real persons is coincidental. This story will contain masturbation, lesbian sex acts, and incest. If you like this story, please vote, comment, and let me know what you liked, and what you look forward to in future stories from me.

My hand was tangled in my aunt’s long blonde hair, gripping the back of her had as she worked the length of my cock in her throat. My mom was running her hand along my aunt’s ass while running her tongue down my washboard abs. The feel of my aunt’s throat on my cock had me in a daze, and she wasn’t there long before I was ready to explode.

“Oh my god, Aunt Bridget, I’m gonna cu…”

My alarm rang out, destroying my dream in an instant. I lifted the sheets and stared down at the raging morning wood the dream had brought on.

“What the fuck…?” I said in a little more than a whisper.

It had been three days since I had witnessed my mom and my aunt satisfying each other. Three days since I’d blown my load all over my parent’s bedroom door while watching my aunt and my mom satisfy each other, and I still had not been able to figure out if they’d seen me or not.

I thought for sure they had seen me, and I’ve been tip-toeing around the house trying not to act differently, but having literally watched my mom and aunt eat each other out, it was next to impossible to not think of it every single time I saw them together. What was worse was that I couldn’t decide what bothered me more… That I witnessed my mom and aunt in the middle of an incestuous act they had CLEARLY engaged in before, or that thinking about it, even three days later gave me an almost instant hard-on.

I got out of bed and threw some shorts on. My morning wood had subsided and I needed to get in my morning workout. Grabbing a shirt off the chair by my bedroom door, I headed downstairs.

In the kitchen, my dad was sitting at the table drinking his coffee and scrolling through the morning paper while mom made him breakfast. It was at that moment a thought hit me. Did my dad know? Did he know that his wife licked his sister-in-law’s pussy? Has he ever witnessed it? Shit, has he ever joined in?! My cock jumped in my shorts a bit as I tried to shake that last thought off. I mean what the hell is wrong with me? In almost 20 years I’d never looked at my mom this way. In almost 20 years I’ve never looked at my aunt this way. Ok, I might have snuck a few peeks at my aunt here and there, but give me a break, I was just trying to see some boobs, I’ve never dreamed about driving my cock down her throat.

“Good morning hun.” my mom said, looking up from the stove. She was wearing her bathrobe, and every time she moved around it opened slightly and I could see enough to know that while she might have been wearing panties, there was no bra.

“Good morning mom.” I replied.

“Would you like some breakfast?” she asked.

“No thank you mom, I’ll just make something when I get back, gotta get this workout in.”

“Ok, have fun!” she called out as I closed the front door behind me.

As I stepped off the porch I started to jog, and by the time I hit the main street, I was warmed up and picked up the pace. I needed this run, a chance to try and get my mind right. I was completely confused about this. There was no way they didn’t hear me, because they reacted, but I could almost swear there was no way they didn’t see me, or at the very least, the evidence I left behind. But neither of them were reacting like they had seen me. Nothing was off, it was like they were completely normal, like they were when I didn’t know they took turns tongue fucking each other.

By the time I got back to the house, I’d gotten about four miles in and been gone for about an hour. I usually get back sooner, but I had stopped in the park to do some calisthenics. I felt good, really good, and for a moment I had pushed those thoughts out of my mind. Of course, stepping on to my porch, they all rushed back queenbet yeni giriş in. Walking into the house, everything was quiet. Dad would have left for the office about 30 minutes ago, but I wasn’t aware if my mom or Aunt Bridget had anything planned. I walked around the house a bit looking for anyone. The back deck was empty so I checked the garage. Both mom’s car and dad’s car were gone. Aunt Bridget’s car was still in the driveway but as quiet as the house was, I assumed she must have gone somewhere with my mom.

I headed upstairs to take a shower. As I stepped under the water I closed my eyes, and there before me laid the image of my mom and aunt. My mom, running her tongue up my aunt’s thigh, my aunt, gripping my mom’s hair and begging her to bury her tongue back into her aching pussy. It was beautiful, and before I realized it, I was stroking my rock hard cock. In my mind, they switched positions. Now, I stared at the gorgeous rear view of my aunt. Her beautiful athletic frame, strong toned legs, amazing ass, and her beautiful shaved pussy, while she tongued my mom’s sweet hole. The images became too much, and I blew my load all over the shower curtain.

“Damn…” I thought. How can something so wrong seem so fucking hot? I finished my shower and headed towards my room. I got just about to my door when my aunt came up the stairs.

“Jake?!” she said, sort of surprised.

“He.. Hey Aunt Bridget!” I said, also surprised. As if by automatic response, my hand reached up and gripped the towel to keep it closed.

“Did your mom happen to tell you where she was going?”

“No, her and dad were here when I went for my run, but their cars were gone when I got back. I thought everyone was gone.”

“Oh.” Aunt Bridget replied. “I was outback on the hammock, must have fallen asleep reading my book.” She placed her hands at the top of her hips and arched her back to stretch, which put her large rack on full display in the tight white t-shirt she was wearing.

“I must have slept weird on the hammock though, cause my back is killing me, any chance I can get you to rub my back for me just a bit?”

“Ummm… Yeah, just let me get dressed.” I said, trying to escape to my room.

“Don’t be silly, it’ll only take a second.” she said, turning to face the wall.

“Ummm… I just think I should throw some pants on real quick you know.” I replied in a stuttering mumble.

“Oh nonsense, you’re just rubbing my back.”

So there I stood, in a towel that wasn’t quite long enough to do much moving in, next to my aunt who was now facing the wall, arms stretched up over her head, double D’s pressed firmly into the wall, back arched, ass popped back, wearing a pair of very tight fitting yellow shorts.

“Ok.” I said, reluctantly moving towards her. I aimed for the middle of the arch in her back, which seemed like the “safest” place to lay my hands, and I slowly started rubbing.

“Oh, god Jake, that feels amazing.” she cooed. “Go just a little bit higher please.”

I moved my hands a bit higher, now working between the middle of the arch in her back and the bottom of… Well, where the bottom of her bra strap should have been, if she’d been wearing one. She moaned softly, and while I was doing everything to block it out, it appeared that my manhood heard every bit of it. I looked down and there, just a few inches away from my aunt’s tight ass, separated by only a few layers of thin fabric was my swollen member.

“Dead puppies, dead puppies.” I repeated in my head trying to remain calm. No luck.

“Can you go a little bit high hun?” Aunt Bridget broke my concentration. I moved my hands higher on this pass, and when my right hand brushed against her breast, both my heart and my cock jumped.

“Oh my god Aunt Bridget!” I stuttered, stepping back. “I’m very sorry about that.”

“Nothing to worry about Jake, it happens. How about a bit more pressure?”

Cautiously, I stepped back in and put a bit more pressure behind it, leaning in at an queenbet giriş angle to add a few more inches between my aunt’s ass and my dick.

“Come on Jake, really get in there, and go a bit higher.”

I stepped in closer still and now I was one wrong move away from poking my aunt in the ass with my towel straining member.

“Mmmmm…. That feels great Jake” my aunt cooed.

“Oh wow… This feels amazing…” she continued.

“I’m.. I’m glad you like it Aunt Bridget” I stuttered.

“Oh yeah, it feels great.” she cooed again “can you work the lower back now?”

I paused for a whole second. “Lower?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s really feeling tight down there.”

Almost by instinct my eyes darted to her beautiful ass. Shaking my head back to reality I lowered my hands to just above her hips and started rubbing her lower back. The more I rubbed the more her hips moved. At one point, her hips were moving like she was humping the wall. As her hips moved in and out, I tried to slow my rhythm a bit but I was too late. As her hips moved back, my cock made direct contact with the crack of her ass.


My heart stopped.

My hands stopped.

My aunt’s hips stopped.

“Jake, what was that?”

“I….” was all I could get out.

I stood there, frozen stiff, as Aunt Bridget turned slowly. Our eyes locked for a moment, and then I watched as her gaze drifted down my face, down my chest, down my stomach, to my towel wrapped hard cock.

“Ummm… Jake?” she said, pointing towards my manhood straining against the towel towards her. I lowered my head, trying to hide the shame I felt, but that’s when I noticed the wet spot on her shorts. My jaw dropped open and my head got all dizzy. I had made her pussy wet. As the seconds ticked by like hours my mind swirled with the possibilities of what could happen next. My Aunt’s naked body flashed in my mind. Forever passed as the two of us, lost in silence, just staring at each other.

Were we both waiting for the other to make the first move?

Should I make my first move?

What should my first move be?

Whether an act of courage, or just pure lust, I made the first move, and yanked at the wrap in my towel, letting it fall to the floor, revealing to my aunt, for the first time, the hard cock that has been aching for her for the last three days.

“Jake?! What are you doing?!” she said in a panicked pitch.

As confidently as I could, I replied “I noticed the wet spot on your shorts, I figured I’d offer you a solution.”

“Jake, you’re my nephew, we can’t do that!”

Panic started to settle in a little. Was this the wrong move? Did they really not know I’d seen them? What the hell was I doing? As my cock struggled to take control of my entire body, my brain wrestled with what I’d just done and what I should do next. Taking a deep breath, I reached down and, grabbing my cock, started stroking it. My aunt’s gaze moved down to my cock and she watched as I continued to stroke it. Slowly, while I stood there stroking my meat, my aunt’s hand moved to her stomach, and then down towards her waistline, and then into her shorts. We both stood in the hallway working ourselves up towards an orgasm. I really wanted more, to see my aunt’s naked body laid out before me, to run my hands all over her body.

No. I didn’t want more, I NEEDED more.

As my aunt worked towards her orgasm, she closed her eyes. I stepped forward, which caused my cock to press against her fast moving hand. Shocked, she froze and opened her eyes.

“Jake?” she said.

I reached out and, grabbing the top of her shorts, yanked them down. They fell all the way to her ankles, leaving her standing there with her hand covering her pussy and two fingers buried inside. I grabbed her hand and pulled her two fingers to my mouth, running my tongue over them to taste her sweet juices.

“Oh my god Jake?!!”

“MMMMmmmm.” I replied. “You taste amazing, Aunt Bridget”.

“Jake! We can’t do this, it’s wrong!”

“Come queenbet güvenilirmi on Aunt Bridget, you didn’t tell my mom to stop”. A bold move to make on my part, clearly, as her jaw dropped.

“You heard us?!” she said, startled.

“Oh, I did more than hear you… And now, I want to really taste you”.

I dropped to my knees in front of my beautiful aunt and, grabbing her shapely ass, I pressed my lips to her wet pussy lips. Starting with my tongue, flat against her lovebox, I licked her lower lips slowly up and down.. Her moans told me I was on the right track. I removed one hand from her ass, parted her lips and worked the tip of my tongue up, down, and around her engorged clit. Her hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in. I laid a kiss on her clit, then moved lower and drove my tongue into her sweet hole. I grabbed her right leg and lifted it up to my shoulder, then her left. I now had her sitting on my shoulders, back against the wall, hands wrapped around my head as I devoured her sweet pussy. It wasn’t long before she started bucking her hips.

“Oh Jake! Keep going! I’m going to cum!!”

I gripped her ass harder and drove my tongue as deep as I could and licked for all I was worth while she rocked her hips into my face faster and faster.

“Ohhhh! I’m cummming!!!” she screamed.

I continued to lick as hard as I could as her juices flooded my face and down my chin. I continued to lick as she continued to buck, and when her hips slowed, I pulled my face away and set her down. I looked up at her, her face flushed, and her eyes locked on her nephew who now had her juices dripping down his chin.

I stood, and stepped towards her, wrapping my arms around her, and pressed my lips against hers. As she worked to taste herself from my lips, I could feel my cock pressed hard against her stomach. It was time to take this all the way. I reached down grabbed her ass again, and lifted her to just above my waist pressing her against the wall, still locked in a kiss, and then pressed my cock against the entrance of her love hole. She broke away from the kiss.

“Jake, we really sho…”

I didn’t give her a chance to finish, and as I lowered her down onto my flesh rod, she squealed. I pulled her away from the wall and at a slow rhythm, started working her up and down my shaft. I could feel her grip tighten onto my back, and then felt her nails start to dig in. I increased my rhythm. Her moans were loud and erotic as I hammered away at her love box.

“Jake… I’m going to cum on your cock.” she said, biting onto my shoulder as her second orgasm began to rip through her. Hearing her say that made my balls tighten, and I felt like it wouldn’t be long before I blew my load too.

“Jake, I’m cumming!!!” she said as she wrapped her legs around me tight and started propelling herself up and down my shaft.

Her rhythm began to slow and her grip loosened as she collapsed into me. It was then that I heard the one thing I wasn’t ready to hear at that moment, the garage door.

“Oh my god Jake, put me down!” my aunt said in a panic. I lifted her off of my shaft and brought her back to her feet.

“Fuck.” I thought to myself. I’d come so close to blowing my load inside my aunt and now here I was having to stop. I reached down to grab my towel, Aunt Bridget pulled her shorts back on, and we both ran to my room.

“What do we do now?! I said quickly, closing my door behind us.

“Get dressed fast!” she said, quickly checking herself over in the mirror on my dresser, and heading back out of my bedroom, closing the door quietly behind her. I wiped my aunt’s pussy juices off of my now limp cock and put some clothes on. As I opened my door to head towards the bathroom to quickly wash my face, I could hear my aunt and mom talking downstairs. I washed up quickly and headed downstairs.

“Hey hunny, how was your workout?” my mom asked.

“It was actually a really great workout mom.” I said looking towards Aunt Bridget with a smile.

“Did you make it to the gym?” my mom asked, oblivious to the redness of my aunt’s face.

“I didn’t make it to the gym, but I got a chance to throw some weight around.” I replied.

“Did you get some breakfast?”

“I had a little something to eat a bit ago.” I replied.

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