My New Boss Pt. 06

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After I ran Suky to the airport, I headed in to work. I thought that Tim might be pissed that I showed up late to the office, but he was stoked to see me.

“Hey buddy!” he said enthusiastically. “Great night, last night. Thanks for the hook-up.”

“No worries bro,” I said, venturing into the overly casual banter with my boss. I wasn’t sure how Tim would react to my informality, but about an hour later I was summoned to the Human Resources Manager’s Office.

Twenty minutes later, I left the HR office with a five thousand dollar a month raise and a prestigious corner office. Clearly, I had found some common ground with my new boss.

I guess it is a testament to my feelings for Suky, that she was the first person I wanted to tell about my pay raise. As soon as I left HR, I went to text her. When I looked at my phone I noticed three texts from her already, and I smiled as I realized that she missed me too.

Each text had a photo attachment, and I opened up the first one immediately. Apparently, Suky had wasted no time satisfying her itch. She had included a picture of her bent over the bathroom counter, presumably somewhere in the airport. Reflected in the ceiling to countertop mirror, was the image of a guy stood behind her, buried balls-deep. He had removed his suit jacket, and by the look of things Suky’s panties, as they both hung over the hook on the back of the door.

Suky’s white tennis skirt was hiked up over her ass, the hem of it visible against the guy’s stomach as he fucked her tight pussy. I assume she still had her white pumps on, as the two of them appeared to be about the same height, at least from the waist down. Her beautifully toned and slender forearms rested on the countertop, providing her some support, and showcasing her health through their vascularity.

I could tell she was pushing back into him to enable him to more deeply penetrate her. Her deltoid muscles, clearly visible as she was wearing her pale blue camisole, were flexing, and appeared striated, from her efforts. She was a spectacular specimen, a truly beautiful and in-shape young girl, and right now another man was owning her.

My first reaction was one of disgust, but this was replaced very quickly by desire, and I felt my cock stiffen involuntarily. My hands were trembling as I opened the second text.

“I found someone to take care of me!” the text read. “This should have been you. Maybe next time, if you ever decide to grow a pair.”

I was breathing hard now, aroused by her overt cuckolding of me. I opened the attachment of this text, and was excited to see it was another photo. Her new lover had taken this one, standing as he was in front of the mirror that dominated the opulent bathroom. Suky was kneeling before him tucking his flaccid cock back into his suit pants. She had a smile on her face, and there were traces of his semen visible across her lips and chin. She also had a look of serenity and calm on her face, and I knew she had achieved orgasm with her new lover.

“Someone is very grateful that I am dating a total fucking pussy,” the text read.

My heart was pounding in my chest at her last comment. It was a mixture of excitement, at the fact that Suky had used the word dating to describe our unorthodox relationship, and jealousy, that she and her new lover had collectively referred to me as a pussy.

The third text, again accompanied by a photo, read simply, “Can you help me find my panties?”

In the photo they were both fully clothed, and Suky knelt before her new lover, as if begging him not to leave her. Her panties were no longer hanging on the door hook, but I had no clue why she needed help finding them, within the confines of the bathroom.

I decided to jerk off to that sordid first photo, but before I could make my way to the Executive Washroom, to which I was a select key holder, my phone dinged again.

“Just boarding, switching my phone off. Don’t even fucking think about jerking off until I get home. See you in three weeks.”

Suky’s text was the reality check that I needed, and I headed back to my desk to get stuck into my work.

I am not sure if it was the fact that I blew my load twice that morning before work, or if it was the excitement at seeing Suky getting railed in the bathroom, but I was blessed with a clarity of thought that day, which resulted in some truly excellent work. I finished up a couple of marketing campaigns that I had been struggling to find the vision to complete. I made several very productive phone calls and cleared my email folder out completely. I was in the zone.

A little later in the afternoon I revisited the photos that Suky had sent me from the airport bathroom. I took my phone upstairs into the Executive conference room, connected it to the huge monitor that hung on the wall, and asked the receptionist to make sure I was not disturbed. As the joint second highest ranking employee in the company, only my direct boss, Tim, would have disturbed me and he was at a offsite meeting, so I was free from interruptions.

Once ankara olgun escort the first picture was displayed on the eighty-inch wall monitor, I began to notice additional details. First of all, Suky’s lover was a very handsome man. He was well groomed, had sophisticated looking grey hair, and appeared to be in his mid-fifties. He was wearing a very nice bespoke suit, although he had removed his jacket, as he fucked my girlfriend over the bathroom countertop. The jacket, visible in the huge bathroom mirror, hung on a hook on the back of the door, which was presumably locked. Suky’s pale blue panties also hung from the hook, the tiny g-string having been the only item of clothing of my girlfriend’s to have been removed.

It occurred to me that modern day technology was both a blessing and a curse, as the clarity of the 4K resolution photo enabled me to zoom in with remarkable focus. My initial attention was on Suky’s panties, and as I zoomed in on them, I could see that the crotch was wet. For a brief second, I smiled as I imagined that she had self-lubricated as we fooled around on the way to the airport. Then, as the reality of the situation set in, I realized that the vaginal secretions visible in her panties were undoubtedly due to the aggression shown by the Alpha Male, as he signaled his intent to fuck her.

I wondered if it was Suky or her lover that had taken her panties off. Judging by the way that they were hung neatly over the door hook, Suky had removed them herself. Her lover would have ripped them from her and discarded them on the bathroom floor, before he slid inside her tight pussy. A tinge of excitement entered my loins, as I realized that my girlfriend had carefully positioned her panties on the hook, so that the wet crotch was visible. She knew that I would scrutinize the photos she sent me, in search of the details that I needed, in order to paint myself the complete picture of their sordid bathroom encounter.

I zoomed in on the expensive looking suit jacket and managed to catch a glimpse of the label. It appeared to read, Kiton, a brand with which I was not familiar. I did recognize the label on his fitted silk shirt, Brioni, knowing this brand to be out of my budget.

Apparently, Suky’s new lover was wealthy as well as handsome. For some reason, this bothered me. If she had got fucked by a ski-instructor or a lifeguard, the fact that I could more capably provide for her, would have mitigated some of the sting. However, as I googled “Kiton Suits” and was shocked at the price of the custom made garments, I realized that he was very rich.

I opened the second photo of Suky on her knees in front of this mystery man. They had already fucked, and she was putting his flaccid cock back into his Versace underwear. As she knelt before him, I noticed that Suky had added a lace and silk hair bow to her outfit. As always, it was the perfect accessory, instantly feminizing her and highlighting her youth and availability. It was the sort of bow that only a schoolgirl, cheerleader or bridesmaid could pull off, coquettish as it was. It would have looked completely out of place on anyone that had fully made the transition from girl to woman.

Suky had perfected the art of selecting accessories that could turn a sexy playful outfit, into the alluring attire of a total fucktoy. Sometimes it was a barely visible garter protruding from beneath the hem of an improbably short skirt, an invitation to her suitor to hike her skirt up, and fuck her in her garter belt and stockings. Other times a perfectly placed decoration on one of her youthful cheeks, with an invitation to use it as target practice for a facial cum-shot.

Whatever her accessory of choice, Suky made men weak at the knees with lust, and her anonymous bathroom lover had been no exception. As I zoomed in slightly on the sordid photo, in addition to traces of semen on her lips and chin, I also noticed that he had soiled her hair bow, and there were globs of his ejaculate matting in her hair. Suky had a smile on her face, and a glaze in her eyes, as if being this older man’s plaything was the most satisfying thing in the world to her.

I am sure as a wealthy, distinguished looking, in-shape gentleman, he had no shortage of young playthings. As I scanned the photo, more clues to his financial well-being were evident, as I noticed his belt buckle was Tom Ford and he was wearing a Patek Philippe watch.

Six months ago, the Patek Philippe brand meant nothing to me. However, we had done a recent marketing campaign for the world-renowned watch maker, and the underlying message was that this watch was a panty-dropper. We used classy verbiage and famous upscale landmarks to film the campaign, but the message was indisputable, random sexual opportunities abound if you wear this watch. We didn’t film anything as crude as an airport bathroom encounter, but our lucky guy got offered as much ass as he could ever desire, as he roamed around Paris and Zurich with his Patek Philippe watch on. One thing was evident to me, Suky’s ankara ucuz escort lover was a baller!

I selected the third photo that Suky had sent me, and streamed it to the massive wall monitor. My girlfriend’s lover had put his jacket back on, and his zipper was closed. She remained on her knees at his feet, apparently enjoying his continued domination of her. Her lips were resting against the bulge in his suit pants, and she was staring up at him with adoration. I imagined that she was probably offering him another release before he boarded his flight. This handsome, wealthy guy didn’t strike me as the kind of man who fucked anybody twice. He had enjoyed the conquest and was moving on.

I averted my gaze from the lewd visual of Suky kneeling before this guy, as she signaled her complete availability to him. Moving up his muscular torso, I noticed his pocket square emerging from his top pocket of his jacket. The silk accessory was pale blue, an almost identical shade to Suky’s panties. As I zoomed in to verify this unlikely coincidence, I saw that his pocket accessory was actually Suky’s panties. That slut had offered him her panties as a souvenir of their brief encounter, and wanted me to be the one to notice where they were. To make matters worse, that arrogant prick was going to board his first-class flight, with my girlfriend’s underwear protruding from his pocket, which was sure to invite questions.

Lastly, I noticed he was wearing a wedding ring. A seemingly innocuous detail, until I realized that it diminished, and thus cheapened, his sexual encounter with my girlfriend. I planned to get the full details from her later, but on the surface it appeared that this older, wealthy, first-class traveler had just been in the right place at the right time. As he relaxed in the opulence of the first-class lounge, he ran into Suky, who never had a problem bullshitting her way into private areas, and had been left high and dry by me, as I ejaculated prematurely into my underwear.

Suky, as a skilled courtesan, knew how to turn on the charm, and after a few moments of small talk, I imagined she asked him to accompany her to the restroom, under the pretense of helping her with her zipper that was stuck. Or her necklace that was caught in her hair. Or her strapless bra that had come unfastened and needed a gentle squeeze on the clasp. Suky was a master at this, and this guy was just the next mark, someone for her to get her rocks off on.

I assume Suky got her rocks off. She certainly looked very relaxed, as she knelt before her lover with his semen on her face and hair. I wondered if they had exchanged phone numbers or business cards, and then I remembered Suky was a masseuse at a seedy massage parlor, not an educated businesswoman. I felt confident that he had blown his load inside her tight young pussy, and then boarded his first-class seat to flirt with the airline hostesses, never giving the love of my life a second thought. He probably discarded my girlfriend’s panties with his empty water bottle, the first time the flight attendants collected the trash.

I returned to work after a protracted viewing of Suky’s photos. I had a raging hard-on but knew better than to disobey a direct order from her. For this reason, I tried my best to ignore it.

Tim showed up later in the afternoon, and we made plans to hit the massage parlor that night. That became our normal routine. In fact, after that first night at Joy’s massage parlor, Tim and I were inseparable. We would brainstorm all day, and collectively create some truly excellent marketing campaigns. The whole marketing department was thriving under Tim’s tutelage, and my creative juices were really flowing. We attracted many new clients, and our revenues soared.

Tim openly gave credit to all of his contributing subordinates, and when he submitted successful marketing campaigns, they often bore the names of the primary contributors. This was highly unusual in the corporate world, where most of the time, the boss took all of the credit. I mentioned it to him one day.

“Loyalty is everything to me,” he said. “If you do good work, I will make sure you get credit for it. I hope in exchange I would have your loyalty.”

“Of course,” I said, feeling profoundly disloyal that I was attempting to hide Suky from my boss.

After work, Tim and I would head to the bar. After a few drinks, we would go to Joy’s place, and Tim would pick a couple of the girls to get him off. I would sit in Joy’s office drinking coffee as my boss blew his wad. Tim had a voracious appetite for sex, and sometimes I would hang out with Joy for several hours, as he got his rocks off multiple times.

Three weeks later, with my balls full of semen, and an erect cock, I kept looking at the clock as I paced around my living room. Time was moving so slowly it felt like it had stopped. Suky was arriving home from her vacation in Malaysia today, and I could not wait to see her. It had been the longest three weeks of my life.

Suky was arriving on a very ankara yabancı escort late flight, and had decided to spend the night at my place, so as not to disturb her Auntie Joy, after midnight. I was out of my mind with desire and very much in need of an orgasm after three weeks of abstinence.

I knew I was not allowed to orgasm while she was out of the country, but I could never have imagined how frustrating it would be. When it was time to leave for the airport, I had to change my underwear. I had been hard for so long, I had leaked copious amounts of pre-cum into them. I got there early and Suky emerged from the airport looking radiant and relaxed. We hugged and she told me that she needed to go and freshen up.

Suky asked me to take her suitcases to the car and then to pick her up in front of the terminal in ten minutes. I loaded her suitcases into the back of my Suburban, and after a few minutes drove to her terminal exit.

When I saw her come out of the terminal, I almost came in my pants. She was wearing the exact same clothes that she had on, when she offered to suck me off three weeks ago. The same outfit that her mystery lover had violated her in! For modesty, she had added a blazer to cover the pale blue camisole. However, she had on the white tennis skirt, pale blue thigh highs and white pumps. Surprisingly, she still wore the color-coordinated hair bow, even though it was evident to all that there was semen splattered across its silk and lace construction.

As she approached the passenger door, I noticed that she was wearing the pink lipgloss that I had selected for my blowjob. She climbed onto her end of the bench seat, and slid over to the middle of it, so that she was right next to me. She knew I was crazy with desire for her, and wasted no time messing with me.

Suky had just applied my favorite perfume, and her scent was driving me wild.

She was nibbling my ear as she whispered, “Did you miss me?”

She had her hand on my upper thigh, right next to my erect cock. I am sure she could feel it twitching in my shorts.

“This is going to be a very uncomfortable drive for you unless you loosen your shorts,” she said with a laugh.

Suky did not wait for my response, but grabbed my shorts at the waistband and loosened the fastenings.

“Lift your ass up,” she ordered, once she had them undone.

I complied and she removed them from me. Suky had learned that the more aggressive she became, the more passive I was. If she wanted something, she simply took it. With a giggle, she tossed my shorts over her shoulder on to the back seat. Then she removed the blazer she was wearing. I loved the look of her in that camisole with her shoulders and taut midriff exposed. Even though I had changed my underwear before driving to the airport, they were already wet with pre-cum.

Suky nuzzled up against me, placing her head on my shoulder, and inadvertently positioning her soiled hair bow right under my eyes. If I didn’t know her better, I could have assumed she was trying to rub my nose in her infidelity, literally!

As I tried to ignore the semen-splattered hair accessory, Suky started telling me about her vacation. As she spoke she lazily rubbed her nails up and down my stiff cock through my underwear. She told me how much everyone loved the outfits I had picked out for her. I laughed as I recalled the fashion show she put on for me three weeks ago. I had been a passive participant in the outfit selection. She had barely looked at my face as she tried on her sexy outfits.

She had made her selection based solely on the reaction of my cock. As we drove out of the airport, she continued to stroke me and gently squeeze my nuts. I tried to focus on driving but it was very difficult to ignore the attention she was giving me.

“We have some unfinished business,” Suky said seductively. “Hopefully you won’t come so quickly this time.”

She was being kind. In actuality I had ejaculated prematurely twice before taking her to the airport, three weeks ago. The first time before her pink lips had even made contact with my cock! The second in my underwear as she invited me to fuck her in the airport bathroom.

I could not believe Suky was going to suck me off on the drive home. I was beside myself with excitement. I had been fantasizing about her soft glossed lips on my cock for months. She continued to tell me about her vacation but as we drove she was talking less and less and it seemed like she was getting sleepy. Finally she let out a yawn and lowered her head to my lap. She wriggled around in my lap trying to find a comfortable position. This stimulation of my cock combined with the visual I was getting was going to make me come.

I gritted my teeth and tried to prevent my orgasm. It would be so embarrassing to come in my underwear again. She finally settled down and fell asleep. As I drove I could not stop admiring her, although that disgustingly stained hair bow was starting to make me jealous. She had kicked off her heels and was sprawled across the front seat with her head in my lap. Her little skirt had ridden up over her thighs exposing the top of her stockings. Her hair was draped all over my crotch and upper thighs and felt like silk. This was the third time that her lips had been this close to my cock. At least this time I hadn’t blown my load prematurely!

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