My Office Crush

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Halloween was always my favorite time of the year, mostly for the slutty costumes the girls in the office would wear on our annual party. (Our boss wasn’t much for Christmas really so he made up for it on Halloween). This year was special, our company had just had an amazing sales year so our boss had booked a party at a lake cabin and would have the option of sleeping over, partners were even allowed to come for a change too.

I looked forward to showing off my costume, I’d been working out pretty hard and had got a ‘Roman God’ costume, pretty much a loin cloth, belt and fake sword to show off the muscles I’d been building for a few years. We all agreed to wear masks too, I hoped it would be enough to hide my embarrassment when I made my move on Carol, my office crush.

The night of the party I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t help feeling proud. I’d gone from a slightly tubby guy complete with double chin to a buff, chiseled guy I hoped would be enough to impress Carol. She was my dream girl, tall, dark hair, great breasts and curves in all the right places. She was funny, smart and had the same dark sense of humor I had, I could never understand why she was single though.

I arrived at the cabin, grabbed myself a room, got dressed in my costume and found the rest of my co-workers, they had all started drinking in the main lounge area, a large open room accented by the bar, a huge viewing window to the lake and dj station.

“Wow, that’s a bold costume, you certainly have the body to pull it off.” Said Jessica Rabbit (but with lower cleavage). I recognized her as one of the secretaries.

“Thanks, I’ve been working out a lot.” I replied.

“You should change your voice sweetie, nobody will have a clue who you are, seriously.” She said quietly in my ear then wandered off.

I had a few more drinks, mingled quite a bit hoping to spot Carol, was pretty sad when I did, she’d brought her long time boyfriend nobody knew about. I joined the group that was talking to them.

“Wait, so you guys have been together for six years?” Said her boss Clara.

“Yes, he has a government job that we’re not allowed to talk about so was easier not to talk about him at all.” She said.

Disappointed that my dream girl was already taken I sat at the bar and ordered another drink, the room was getting pretty full so I enjoyed a moment of solitude as I got over losing a woman I never had. That solitude was interrupted however, a blonde in pigtails, each end colored black and the sexiest costume I’d seen all night. She even put on the seductive, gravelly voice.

“Aww, somebody’s down in the dumps, did someone steal your bowl of cream sweetie?” She said, I had no idea who she was.

“Something like that Miss Kyle.” I replied in an almost Batman voice.

“Well, Mr Greek adonis, how about you come slow dance with me and I’ll help you forget about her.” She said.

I was drunk enough to accept her offer and after a couple of dances we sat together with another drink. I told her about Carol but she didn’t say much about herself.

“So, you’re sexy as hell if you don’t mind me saying but I don’t recognize you at all from the office.” I said.

“Well, can I tell you a secret.” She said, smiling.


“I’m here with my boyfriend, he um, he likes to watch and said I can pick one of his co-workers to fuck me.” She said in my ear and bit my lobe for emphasis.

“Oh, I thought girls like you were only in sex stories I read online.” I replied, she laughed.

“Nope, I exist and I’ve chosen you, what do you say, wanna forget the bitch that broke your heart and take it out on my pussy.” She said, I could feel my cock stir.

“Like I’m going to turn that down.” I said, grinning.

“We will stay in costume though, I’ll get my tits out for you to play with but masks stay on.”

I agreed and discreetly followed her to her room, she had me wait in the bathroom while she set the room up, presumably pushing the boyfriend into the closet to watch but when she came back all she was wearing was her mask and a stockings and suspenders set. She gave me a passionate kiss, pressing her gorgeous breasts into my chest as she pulled my loin cloth off then led me by the hand to the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the halkalı escort bed and took my already hard cock into her mouth then slowly stroked me.

“I just have a few little rules but I promise we’ll have fun. My phone stays on, I may get texted instructions or requests from my voyeur, don’t worry, it won’t be to stop, just if we get in a position where he can’t see or something. Also, no marks of any kind on either of us, I know you’re not married but I might be and don’t want bite marks or something on my shoulder okay?” She said.

“I’m fine with that.” I said.

I got a brief ‘good’ then she carried on sucking my cock, she was really good and before I wanted I felt myself getting close, I warned her.

“Oh I’ll get you hard again honey.” She said then continued.

I groaned in pleasure as she worked my cock again and shuddered as she sucked harder when I exploded down her throat, she didn’t stop until she had every drop.

“Now I hope you like to eat pussy.” She said, getting into position on the bed.

It had been a while for me but I followed the queues from her moans and brought her to a very verbal and enjoyable orgasm. I had gotten hard from licking her, her pussy was as sexy as the rest of her and her moans really turned me on. I climbed up her body and placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy then slowly pushed inside her, she gave a very guttural moan then wrapped her legs round my waist as I fucked her. Her phone buzzed by the bed, I kept thrusting into her as she read her message. She kissed me then had me stop a second.

“I’ve always wanted to try double penetration, your cock is filling me up nicely so I want you to stay in my pussy. Can I ride you and let my boyfriend fuck my ass at the same time?” She said.

“Uh, sure.” I replied.

We rolled over and Catwoman ground her hips on my cock, her boyfriend came out of the closet wearing a Batman mask but was otherwise naked. He was already hard but pretty small, he got a bottle of lube and coated his cock before getting on the bed behind Catwoman but between my legs. I could feel him when he pushed inside her, we built up a rhythm and were soon alternating thrusts between her ass and pussy. After only a few minutes he groaned and came in her ass, Catwoman stopped riding me as he thrust a few more times then pulled out. She sternly sent him back to the closet and carried on riding me, sitting up and pulling my hands up to fondle her breasts. I’m not sure how many times she came but having already cum I lasted a while. She had me take her from behind which I loved, I held her hips and slammed my cock into her and as she came again I too climaxed and pushed in deep as I sprayed her pussy with cum. We collapsed on the bed together in a heap, she held my face and kissed me.

“That was the best fuck I’ve ever had, thank you. You have to go now though, the boy in the closet has to eat your cum from me before it dribbles out.” She said.

I didn’t argue and got dressed into my costume before slinking into my own room. The party was still going, I freshened up and grabbed another drink and went out to the deck. To my surprise, Carol was out there alone, she’d taken her mask off and looked like she’d been crying.

“Are you okay Carol?” I said to her as I took off my mask.

“Marcus, hi, sorry I had something in my eyes.” She said, looking away.

“Well that I don’t believe, can I get you a drink?”

“No, I’ve had enough, thank you. You may not want to be seen with me though, I’m such an idiot. I’m surprised you didn’t hear.” She said.

“Hear what, I’ve not been in the party for a while.”

“That my boyfriend was fake, he got drunk and tried to stick his tongue down Ambers throat, her husband dragged him to me and he blurted it out, he was an escort.”

“Why would you need an escort, you’re gorgeous!” I said, forgetting my usual filter.

“No I’m not.” She said.

She took some convincing but she eventually believed I was telling the truth, I took her arm and led her back inside with me. We were met with comments of ‘about time’ directed at me, Carol’s earlier facade all but forgotten.

We stayed up talking that night until 4am but eventually i crashed out smiling with her in my arms. Carol and harbiye escort I began dating and were pretty happy, we had so much in common and she was even as kinky as in was in bed. I told her about the night at the party, she laughed and just said if she was with me no other man could have her.

One weekend, my mom asked me to visit home, my sister was there when I arrived, she was hiding her face from me, when I held her and brushed the hair from her eyes i seen why, she had a black eye.

“I’ll kick his fucking ass!” I said angrily.

“Your father already did, please go bail him out.” Said my mom.

“No need honey, they let me out, dipshit isn’t pressing charges.” Said my dad as he walked in the door.

My parents fussed over Alison for a while, she invited herself to stay with me for peace and quiet. I helped load her bags into the car then we set out on the hour drive to my house.

“What happened Alison?” I said to her when we were alone in the car.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone.” She said. I nodded.

“Jack couldn’t get it up, was drunk all the time and well, I love sex, I love being fucked and needed cock so I cheated.” She said.

“Jeez sis, TMI?” I replied.

“Oh whatever, I’ve seen your porn remember.” She said.

“Fair point, how did he find out?”

“I found a guy who I thought was cute but he had a tiny dick, well, I made him watch while I fucked a real man, he got off on it and I let him fuck my ass but he recorded it, Jack caught me masturbating while I watched the video and went nuts.” She said with a smile.

“Holy crap sis, who was the guy?” I asked.

“Fucking me? Some chiseled Adonis with an amazing cock, guy in the closet was called Brett, poor tiny dick Brett.”

“Chiseled Adonis? Thats kind of specific is it not.” I said.

“Well he was, Literally, was at some corporate halloween party at a log cabin lakehouse.” She said, I felt my face go white.

“Brett Anderson?” I said.

“Oh shit, you know him?” That’s too funny.

We pulled into my driveway at that point, the conversation was almost forgotten until I remembered I had a picture from the party of Carol and I in costume pretty prominently displayed on my fireplace. We both had our masks off in it but the rest of my costume was intact. Alison spotted it right away and froze.

“No fucking way. You… you’re tubby, not fat but you’ve always been tubby, that’s not you.” She said. I pulled off my top. Alison just gasped.

“You’ve never been blonde, there was no way I could know it was you.” I said.

“It was a wig silly.”

“What do we do?” I said.

“Well I’m staying on the pill for starters.” Replied Alison, she was smiling. “I’ve had a really long and shitty day, I’m going to bed, we can talk about it later.” She said then left the room.

I showered then climbed into bed but my mind was racing. I thought about the night at the party, how amazing the sex was and knowing that I had been fucking my younger sister didn’t change how I felt about it even though I knew it should have. I thought about it too long and found I was hard, it wasn’t going away so I decided to just jerk off then roll over and try to sleep. Before I could get more than three strokes in though, Alison came into my room. I quickly covered myself up.

“I can’t sleep, can I stay with you tonight?” She said.

“I uh, are you sure that’s a good idea, knowing what we know now?” I said.

“Jeez, always thinking with your dick, you’re worse than me. I just need to be held Marcus.” She said and climbed into my bed. “Well shit, no wonder you didn’t want me in here, were you thinking about me.” She said, grasping my cock through the sheet.

“As a matter of fact I was. Do you not think I’m a disgusting pervert for fucking my little sister?” I said.

“Oh come on, we’re both adults and I just remember it as the best I’ve ever had.” She said then kissed me.

Alison pulled the sheet back and rolled on top of me, I could have stopped her, I really should have but when she pulled her panties to the side and slid herself onto my now achingly hard cock, any thought of resistance was gone. I pulled the t-shirt she was wearing over her head and groaned as she rode me. I flipped her onto ikitelli escort her back and pushed into her hard, we kissed with passion and when she came I couldn’t hold on and pushed deep into her, spraying my hot seed deep inside her. Alison cuddled into me and fell asleep, my mind was racing but I eventually nodded off. We had sex again when we woke, we didn’t talk, just pulled each other until I was inside her, kissing and touching until we both came. As Alison caught her breath laying on my chest I spoke.

“I’ll have to break up with Carol, I can’t do this to her.” I said.

“Is she coming here?”

“Yea, she’s coming over for lunch.”

“Okay, I’ll wash the sheets and I won’t be here.”

Carol could tell something was wrong as soon as she seen my face, I held her but I was shaking.

“What’s wrong?” She said when we sat facing each other on the couch.

“Remember I told you about the girl at the party?” I said, trying to find the words.

“Yes, I still think about how hot that was when you make love to me.” She said.

“I… I found out who she is. She’s my sister. I didn’t know, I’m really sorry, I don’t know what you’ll think of me but I betrayed you and I have slept with her again. I know…” I was rambling but Carol was smiling and stopped me with a finger on my lips.

“I knew I was right to give you a chance. Every other man I’ve been with until now wouldn’t understand but I knew you were different. First off, if that’s the only reason you’re breaking up with me then I won’t allow it. Yes I’m a little ticked you don’t have a full load to give me but I hope it means you’ll last longer. Second, I’m falling in love with you and there’s something you need to know too. I had a very specific reason I stayed single but lied to everyone about it, my I had the twins staying with me, they’re my older brother and sister. One summer when we were younger I walked in on them having sex and instead of running away screaming I joined in and we’ve all been making love ever since. They moved in with me to save up to buy a house in North Dakota, they’re in a town where nobody gives a shit and they can be private all they want.” She said, pausing to see my reaction.

“You had sex with you sister too?” I asked, I could feel my cock stirring again.

“Oh yes, I’d never thought about girls before but one of the first times I had sex with James she clamped her mouth on my pussy and licked me to the most mind blowing orgasm I’ve ever had. The more she did it the more I loved it and she taught me how to please women too. I lost count of how many times we ate our brothers cum from each other after he fucked us.”

“I am so turned on right now.” I said, still amazed by what she had told me.

“Is Alison just out because you were expecting to break up with me?” Asked Carol.

“Yes, was her idea to make herself scarce.”

“Text her to come back, I want to be here when you tell her it’s okay. I’ll hide in the kitchen.” She said then kissed me.

Alison was back within ten minutes, she went to the park at the end of my block and sat on the bench. I told her what Carol told me to tell her.

“No fucking way, you picked the one girl who’s totally cool with us fucking, has been doing similar herself for years? This is awesome! You said there’s more?”

“Yes, have you ever been with another woman?” I asked.

“Remember I told you I was kind of a sex addict? Before I decided to get a boyfriend I slept with women, worked better with my guilt about cheating on that fuckface I married. You’d be surprised how many soccer mom’s out there love having lesbian sex with a sexy young brunette while hubby is at work.” She said.

“Well that’s good because I have a pretty voracious appetite too and was worried your brother wouldn’t be enough.” Said Carol as she came out of the kitchen.

Carol didn’t tell me she would come out naked.

“Holy fuck Marcus, did you hit the jackpot with this one, you’re stunning Carol.” Said Alison.

“Well I say lets work out the details later but I’m so happy right now. How about we both take your brother upstairs and fuck his brains out, when he’s done we can finish each other off.” Said Carol.

“Best idea I’ve heard all week.” Said Alison as she pulled me to my feet.

Most people see our household as strange, sister living with a newly married couple but if only they knew. Carol and Alison keep me pretty worn out too, I get as much sex as my poor overworked cock can handle and when I can’t, I get to watch as they take each other. Life, is pretty awesome…

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