My Secret Desire Ch. 02

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“Linda?…this is Archie.”

“Oh Archie, I’m so glad you called.”

“How about lunch?” I asked.

“Archie that sounds great. You have my work address, right?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“Meet me in front of the building at 11:30. OK?” She asked.

“See you then.” I said.

It was a pleasant day, sunny but not too warm. I stood in front of the building watching the doors. Linda emerged, a vision of loveliness. She took my breath away. She had on a short light blue dress, pantyhose and flimsy little slides.

She took my arm as I offered it to her. “Hi.” She said. “I’m so glad you called. There’s a little deli up the street, we can just beat the lunch crowd.”

“Great… You look marvelous.” I said in my Fernando Lamas accent.

Linda giggled and said, “Thank you, Fernando.”

“You don’t know who he is, do you?” I asked.

“I watch a lot of old movies and late night TV.” She replied.

“Wow, we’re birds of a feather.” I said.

“More than you know my friend,” She said. “More than you know.”

We entered the deli, and she led us all the way to the back. We sat at a corner table opposite each other. I felt a stocking foot run up my leg, under my pants. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When I opened my eyes Linda was looking at me, and smiling.

“That’s your appetizer. What are you having for lunch?” She asked.

“I think I’ll have more of the same.” I said. And she did it again!

“If I was thirty years younger…,” I said.

“I told you, I’m not the marrying kind. You’ll see. I’m really quite a wicked girl. You’ll have the best of me without the burden of marriage.” She said.

“Wow, that’s quite a revelation.” I said, dumbfounded.

“Archie…I don’t know what it is, but I feel that I’ve known you all my life. And that you know all my secrets. And for the first time in my life I feel totally at ease and uninhibited to express my desires, and myself. And that you know and understand what those desires are. I think we will make a great pair.” She said.

“That’s quite a speech.” I said. “It’s true, I do know and understand your desires, but how did you know?” I asked.

“When we first met in the bus station…when I first looked at you, I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was like a dream. Your whole life flashed in my mind, and I instantly knew, and identified with everything about you.” She said.

“I had something like that happen to me once.” I said. “I was waiting in line at a drugstore to pick up a prescription. There was a young lady sitting on a bench with a child on her lap. I couldn’t help notice her because she had on a skirt, pantyhose, and loafers. Every once in a while she would lift her feet up on her toes, popping her shoes off. Then she would bounce the child on her knees all the while lifting her feet out of her shoes as she bounced. I don’t know if she noticed me or not, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her feet. Her husband was standing close to her all the time, almost like he was being over protective. Sometime later, I happened to be thinking about her, (those kinds of scenes are forever burned into my memory), and I realized I knew that she was leading a miserable life. I don’t know how I knew this, but her husband was extremely jealous and he was keeping her a virtual prisoner, by not letting her go out of the house alone. It was like a whole movie playing in my mind.”

The waitress came and took our orders.

“You see?” She said. “We are of like minds.”

Linda had her legs crossed and she kept brushing her foot on, and in between my legs, like a kid with a new toy. I was in nylon heaven.

“What are you thinking?” She asked.

“I’m thinking I died and went to nylon heaven.” I said, “But you knew that didn’t you?”

She sealed her lips in a grin, and just nodded her head.

“What is this all about?” She asked. “Have you given it much thought?”

“I’ve given it a great deal of thought.” I said. “Extra Sensory Perception. Those thoughts or scenes that we perceive outside of our normal senses. Everyone has this ability, but we’re not always aware of it, or we’re too busy to pay attention to it. Like the girl in the drugstore. I didn’t know that couple from Adam. How could I have known all that stuff about them? And it was years later that I thought about the girl, and all that stuff came to mind.”

“Could you have imagined it?” She asked.

“I suppose I could have imagined it.” I said. “But if we dismiss all of these things as imagination then how are we to discern perception when it occurs? We must keep an open mind and allow ourselves to accept the unexplained.”

“Wow, you are deep! I knew it.” She said. “I was only being devil’s ataşehir escort advocate.”

“That’s OK.” I said. “Challenging someone’s beliefs only serves to reinforce their conviction if those beliefs are genuine.”

“Can we continue this tonight?” She asked. “You are a fascinating man, and I would like to be ‘fascinated’ some more.”

“By all means. Your place or mine?” I Joked.

“Would you like to follow me back to work?” She joked back as we left the deli.

“With those shoes on, I would like to follow you everywhere.” I said.

Linda reached into her purse and produced another card. “This is my address and home phone number. Call me when you get near the building, and I’ll guide you to the right box.”

“What time?” I asked.

“Sevenish.” She said.

“What can I bring?” I asked. “What kind of wine do you like?”

“Cabernet.” She said. “No snacks, I never snack.”

“Me neither.” I said.

“See! What did I tell you? This is uncanny!”

“Weird.” I added.

“You just wait till tonight mister, you’re in for a real treat.” Then she put her lips to my ear and whispered. “I’m gonna blow your mind.”

Then she turned and walked to one of the many doors to her building. As usual I was watching her feet as she walked away. As she opened the door, she turned and winked at me and slowly entered the building.

“Why me?” I asked myself. “What did I ever do to deserve this?” I just couldn’t believe this was happening to me!


After I picked up a bottle of Cabernet, I stopped at a flower shop nearby, and purchased a bouquet of flowers.

I found a parking space near Linda’s apartment building. As I left the car, I dialed her number. She answered the phone and told me what button to press, and she buzzed me in.

Linda opened the door as I rang the bell. “Come in here mister.” She commanded.

She absolutely took my breath away. She wore a black ankle length dress with slits up both sides to the top of her thighs, black pantyhose, black satin mules, and a black velvet choker.

I entered holding the wine in front of me, and the flowers behind my back. “You’re right.” I said. “My mind is blown. You look ravishing.”

“Thank you.” She said, “And the party hasn’t even started yet.”

“Party?” I queried. “If I had known it was a party I would have brought more wine.” I said as I handed her the bottle of wine.

“No, no, not that kind of a party.” She said, and as she spied the flowers. “Oh, you sweet man. What a darling you are.” And she kissed my on the lips. “Let me put these in a vase. Make yourself at home.” She said as she scurried off to the kitchen with the wine and flowers.

I made myself comfortable on the sofa. Linda came in with two glasses of wine, and set them on the coffee table. She sat in a chair adjacent to the sofa, and crossed her legs. As she did so the slit in her dress exposed both of her black nylon clad gams. We lifted our glasses in a toast and took a sip. She rocked her foot until her mule dangled from her toes. She watched me as my eyes imbibed her stocking foot and legs.

“This is so erotic Archie, watching you get turned on by my stocking foot and legs. I’m getting turned on just watching you.” She said.

Then she let her slipper drop off and put her foot on the coffee table in front of me, followed by the other foot. I slid off the couch to my knees in front of the coffee table, and began fondling her feet. I picked up her feet as if to move her and the chair swiveled in my direction. I raised her feet to my face and the chair rocked back. I placed the soles of her feet on my face, and ran my hands up and down her legs.

She moaned, and I moaned, and I kept kissing, and licking her feet, and rubbing her legs. “You really know how to turn a Guy on.” I said, for lack of anything original to say. My brain just wasn’t capable of formulating thoughts or words at this point.

“You really know how to turn a Girl on.” She moaned.

“I’m glad you’re loving this as much as I am.” I said.

“Oh, I am, I am.” She whispered.

She pulled the flap in the front of her dress up to her waist and said. “Look what else I have for you, Archie.” Her crotch-less pantyhose exposed her glistening, hairless pussy.

I slowly worked my way up her silken legs, and planted a kiss on her pussy lips. “Oh my god, It’s purring.” I said.

“Yes it is.” She giggled. “And it’s calling your name.”

I proceeded to lick around the sides of her vulva. I kissed the pubic region above her clitoris, and down and around it. Then I said. “Tell me what you like.”

“I’d like you to beat it lightly with your tongue.” avcılar escort She moaned.

I moved around to the side of her, keeping my mouth over her, and rapidly wagged my tongue against her clit like a vibrator.

“Oh, oh, oh.” She moaned. “Finger.” She gasped.

So I slipped a finger into her vagina, and slowly pumped it in and out; then two fingers as I vibrated her clit with my tongue.

“Oh… oh…., Archie, I’m coming, I’m coming. Ahhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh.”

Her body bucked and bounced like a bucking bronco, but I stayed with her until she started to subside. Then I scooted down between her legs again, put my mouth over her pussy, and tongue fucked her vagina, and drank her delicious juices, as she spread her legs wide and rubbed my face and head with her beautiful stocking feet.

I stayed there for a long time slowly licking her pussy as she slowly massaged the sides of my face with her silken peds. I was in heaven.

I reached up and felt her breasts through her dress. Linda laughed and said. “You never did get that far did you?”

“No.” I said. “I never got past second base, but I think I hit a home run!”

“Oh, Archie. That was a grand slam and a touchdown all in the same game.” She said. “I thought I was going to blow your mind, and you blew mine. Come let me kiss you, mmmmmm.”

We both moaned and made noises as we necked.

“Unzip me so I can get this dress off.” Linda said. She slipped the dress off and stood there in just her pantyhose. Her breasts were gorgeous! Not too big, but firm and just a hand-full.

“Why don’t we sit and finish our wine.” I said. “You can sit on my lap while I taste these.”

“Why don’t you take off your pants so you can feel my pantyhose?’

So I took off my pants, and everything else too. Linda sat on my lap while I tasted her lovely tits, first one, then the other… then one, then the other. We sipped our wine and just cuddled for a while. I fondled her breasts, and kissed, and sucked. I rubbed my hands up and down her legs, and felt her feet, and she was totally enjoying the attention I was giving her.

The doorbell rang. “There’s the rest of the party I was telling you about.” Linda said, as she went to the door. “Sylvia.” She said, please come in.

“I see you started without me.” Sylvia said.

“I was just the opening act.” Linda offered.

I didn’t know what to do. Linda was naked except for her pantyhose; I was naked altogether…I was afraid to stand up!

“Sylvia, meet Archie.” Linda said as she led her over to the couch.

“Hi Sylvia, I’m afraid you have the advantage.” I said, and we all laughed.

“Literally, I might add.” She said. “This is an unexpected pleasure.”

“The pleasure is all mine. I’m an exhibitionist as well!” We laughed again.

Linda picked up the two empty wineglasses and padded out to the kitchen.

“Have you and Linda been friends for long?” I asked.

“I applied for a job at the modeling agency where Linda works, a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve been friends ever since.” Sylvia said.

“I thought you were model material.” I said. “You’re very beautiful.”

“Thank you, I appreciate someone who is not shy about expressing ones self and giving complements.” She said.

“I’m too old to be shy. As a matter of fact, Linda and I had a discussion about this very subject at lunch today.” I said.

“Have you known Linda long?” She asked.

“Several days.” I replied. “But today was our first lunch date.”

“How did you meet?” She inquired.

“I was foot watching at the bus terminal, and she was foot showing. And nature just took its course.” I replied.

Linda came back with a tray and three glasses of wine. “You’re still dressed.” She said to Sylvia.

“Oh, I’ll get there.” Sylvia said. “I was hoping to see your new dress.”

“Oh, I’ll slip it on.” Linda said. “It’s so freaking sexy I don’t think Archie would mind seeing me in it again.”

She slipped into the dress again, stepped into her satin mules, and modeled for Sylvia and me.

“Oh wow, that is sexy.” Sylvia mooned.

“I made it myself.” Linda said.

“You’re a seamstress?” Sylvia asked, incredulously.

“I attended Trapenhagen for fashion design.” Linda said.

“You’re a fashion designer!” Sylvia stated forcefully. “Why aren’t you designing clothes?”

“I am. I design all my own clothes.” She said. “I save a ton of money on designer fashions, and I’m about the same body type as many of the models, and they often ask to buy my designs. I even have my own label, see.” She bent down in front of Sylvia to let her look at the label in the back of her avrupa yakası escort dress. “By Linda” it read.

“So…why aren’t you in the business?” Sylvia asked.

“Oh, much too competitive. Too much back stabbing, and espionage. Besides, I have my own outlet at the agency. I often have girls up her going through my closets.” She said.

“Do you fuck them all?” Sylvia asked.

“As many as I can.” Linda laughed.

“I’ve got to go through your closets.” Sylvia said.

“Please do.” Said Linda. “More wine anyone?”

“She’s trying to get me feeling good so I can do to her again, what I did before.” I said.

“Oh…you’ve got to do that to Sylvia, but I’m getting a second helping before you leave here. Do you wear pantyhose Archie?” She asked as we all walked into her bedroom.

“I do at home.” I said.

“Here.” She tossed me a pair of crotch-less pantyhose from her dresser drawer. “We’re all friends here, and we’re not judgmental.”

The girls roared in laughter, watching me struggle into the pantyhose as I rolled on the floor, trying to keep my balance, and keeping my feet in the air at the same time.

“I don’t know how you ladies do it, but you see what a struggle it is for me.” I said.

“I’m going to have to show you how to do that sometime.” Linda said as she and Sylvia pulled the comforter off the bed exposing the satin sheets.

Sylvia started prancing and dancing around, doing a striptease for Linda and me as we accompanied her with syncopated hand clapping, and strains of music from “The Stripper”.

When she was down to her pantyhose, we got into a group hug, and flopped onto the bed.

“Archie, you start down there, and I’ll start up here.” Linda said as she and Sylvia necked and fondled each other.

“I immediately went to Sylvia’s stocking feet and started licking, kissing, sucking, and feeling. I slowly worked my way up her nylon stems to her honey pot. By this time, with both of us working on her, Sylvia’s hairless pussy was glistening. I gave her the same treatment as I did Linda. I licked up along both sides of her labia, and licked and kissed her pubic area above her clitoris, and place my mouth over her clit, and licked around the sides.

She was starting to squirm, so I moved around sideways, allowing Linda to rub her feet on my pantyhosed legs.

“Hang on sister, here it comes.” Linda said to Sylvia as I started to wag my tongue rapidly against her hooded clit, and I slipped two fingers into her vagina, and slowly pumped in and out.

“Oh…oh…oh!” Sylvia screamed as she started bucking and squirming. “Oh…I’m going to cum!” She breathed. “Mmmpff Oh…I’m losing control. I’m coming. I’ve got to scream. Oh…oh…oh aaaaaahhhhhh.” The bucking bronco again.

All the while Linda was furiously sucking on Sylvia’s tits and moaning, and kissing her. I maneuvered my way down in front of Sylvia again, and tongue fucked her vagina, and licked those wonderful juices.

I then scooted up to her face and kissed her to let her taste he juices, and the three of kissed and licked each other’s faces.

Linda scooted down to the foot of the bed, feeling and kissing Sylvia’s stocking feet and legs, and then pulling and sliding her down the satin sheets toward the foot of the bed. They laughed as she did so.

Sylvia’s legs were dangling off the bed, allowing Linda to lean over the front of the bed with her ass in the air so I could slip my stiff dick into her wet pussy as she ate out Sylvia.

I fucked Linda slowly and comfortably trying to make a good thing last. Her pussy was so silky and hot; I had all I could do to keep from blowing my wad. But when I did, I took Linda’s tits in my hands and squeezed her nipples at the same time. Linda made Sylvia come, Sylvia and I made Linda come, and Linda made me come. Whew! What an orgy!

We all lay on the bed in a heap and took a nap. In about an hour we started stirring. Linda grabbed my face in her hands and said. “You’re not going anywhere mister, until I get another Archie special.” And she mashed her lips into mine. We necked for a long time. I love necking.

Sylvia took a shower while I gave Linda another Archie special. Only this time I stayed a lot longer and made her explode a number of times.

Sylvia came out after drying off and got dressed. Linda and I just cuddled on the bed, too exhausted to move.

“Hey you Guys, when’s the next party?” Sylvia asked. “I like this stuff; I want some more.”

“I’ll call you.” Linda said.

Sylvia leaned over and kissed Linda. “Goodnight lover.” She said. Then she leaned over and kissed me and said. “I can’t wait for my next Archie special.”

“I’ll bring the music next time, and you can give us another striptease, you gorgeous creature.” I said.

“That’ll be my pleasure.” She said. “I love to show my body too!”

We all laughed, and Sylvia left.

“Stay here with me lover, and just cuddle me.” Linda said, as we rubbed our feet together and up and down each other’s legs.

What a night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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