My Special Lady

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Asian Sex

I had driven past her house several times, trying to get up the courage to knock on the door. It had been a week from hell and I needed someone to hold but she didn’t know that I was coming. Finally though, I parked a few doors down from her house and went to the door. I had no more tapped on the door than she was there, a smile on her face that took my troubles away.

“What a pleasant surprise,” she said, as she motioned me in. “I wasn’t expecting you until next weekend.”

“Are you upset?” I asked. “I should have called but I really didn’t plan on being here.”

We went into the kitchen and she poured me some coffee. As I drank it, she walked up behind me and took me in her arms and kissed my head. “You’re so tense,” she said, as she worked her fingers magically into my neck and shoulders. “If I’m going to take advantage of you, we’ve got to get you loosened up.”

I leaned into her and she bent to start opening the buttons of my shirt. I kissed her arms as her warm hand explored my chest and attached itself to one of my nipples. “Isn’t that what I’m supposed to be doing?” I asked. She slapped me up side of my head softly.

“There is plenty of time for that,” she said. “You have to earn that privilege.”

“And just exactly how does one get that privilege?” I asked.

“Well, you can start by giving me one of your special foot massages and don’t even think about going past my knees.”

“I’m sorry,” I replied, “I’m having trouble hearing you today. Did you say that I had to kiss her knees on the way to something else?”

“You heard me, lover,”she said. She pulled me to my feet and we went into the living room. She sat on the recliner and leaned back as I took off her shoes and kissed her toes. My fingers worked gently but firmly into her feet and ankles, as kaçak iddaa I stopped occasionally to taste her. I worked my way up to her calves and was brought to a quick halt when I went past her knees. “I think someone is being naughty.” she said.

“Do I get a spanking?” I asked.

“You wish,” she replied. She got up and I began undressing her. “Slow down, honey, you haven’t even kissed me yet.” I took steps to correct that omission as I continued stripping her. When I had her down to just her panties, she led me into the bedroom. I took her nipple into my mouth and suckled like a newborn, then moved to the other one. She lay down on the bed and I stripped quickly, my throbbing erection quick to show itself. She smiled as I lay next to her and moved to her breasts once more. I love the way she moans, soft little moans and mewls as I attack her breasts in the special way that she loves. Tenderly and gently at first, but then soft nibbles and long, firm sucking into my mouth. My tongue drew lazy circles around the nipple and down over the breast itself while my finger twisted and pulled the other nipple and kneaded the soft breast. She pushed me away after while and moved to take my hard cock in her hand. With a quick stroke, she drove the skin back and I moaned. I love it when she does that. Her hand cupped my balls and then moved over the shaft, sliding smoothly over the head and back down. Before I could take time to enjoy that, her tongue began to travel over and around the head, down and around the puffy base, before sliding on down the shaft. She licked my balls all the way back to just short of my anus and sucked on that special piece of flesh at the base of my balls.

I was pinned to the bed by my own body, my fingers digging into the bedding as she licked up the shaft and over kaçak bahis the knob before spreading the tip open and forcing the tip of her tongue into it. I gasped at what it was doing to me and then her lips slid over my knob and moved over it several times before she moved down on my shaft and surrounded me with her lips and mouth. I touched the back of her throat and she moved it back and forth, as my balls began to swell. I dug in and groaned, determined to hold back as long as I could, but then she sucked on me several times and I dug my fingers into her hair and with a loud grunt, filled her with my seed. I can’t remember ever having a climax as strong as that one. She didn’t let me go until she had pumped every last drop out of me and licked it clean. Then she came to me and we shared my cum.

Whatever stress and tension that had been in my body was gone and I was spent. She took a minute to catch her breath and then we lay next to each other, enjoying the afterglow as my hands explored her soft body. I knew that I would need time to recover. After all, I wasn’t a kid anymore. Therefore, I had no recourse but to taste her, feel her, touch her and make her come with nothing more than my lips and tongue.

She offered no resistance as I slipped between her legs and pulled her knees up. I cupped her sex in my hand and allowed my fingertips to move over her soft, moist lips. She was ready and so was I. I slipped a finger into her, getting a quick gasp as my reward, and began working the palm of my hand over her mons. Once I was reasonably sure that I had her little clit excited, I spread her open and sucked her clit into my lips. The cry that she made was more than enough for me to continue and after a couple more light sucks, I began flicking me tongue over her as I held her open. Her illegal bahis body was already trying to come off the bed as I licked deeper and deeper into her as my finger probed for that special spot. I didn’t want to touch it yet. I’d save that for later. I added a second finger and began moving it in and out of her as I sucked on whatever flesh I could find. She was coming close as her legs tensed and her stomach muscles began to quiver, announcing her orgasm. Her heels dug into my back and she began to fuck into my face as I sucked rapidly. She arched her back and my fingers turned and made a quick stroke over her g spot. She cried out loudly and came hard, her sweet nectar coating my lips and tongue, spilling into my mouth.

I sucked and lapped at her to get every drop as she slowly came down. At last, she sighed and her body slumped onto the bed. I wanted to make her come again, but my hard cock was sending me a strong message. I withdrew my fingers and slowly entered her as she whimpered with desire. When I was deep into her body, I began slow, smooth strokes until she began thrusting into me. She begged me to fuck her hard and I did the best that I could, driving into her hot pussy, seeking more depth, more speed. She came hard but I wasn’t ready yet so I drove into her some more until, with a final pussy smashing thrust, I came in her. A few more thrusts and I just pushed into her pelvis and ground my body into hers until she came again. I tried to maintain my erection, but it was no use and I slipped from her. We moved into a sixty- nine position and sucked and licked every drop of our pleasure from our bodies.

We fell asleep with our bodies locked together, our heart beats, pounding in unison. I whispered to her but she was already in peaceful slumber so I just smiled and snuggled into her soft warmth and placed my body at her mercy.

If you enjoy this story, please let me know and I may continue it. If not, let me know anyway. I welcome all responses and will reply if requested.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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