Nancy Isn’t Nervous Anymore

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Note: All characters in this story are age 18 or over. This work is based on hearsay that was garnered years ago from a coworker. There can be no confirmation of any of this being true, but it does have a certain plausibility.

No Longer Nervous Nancy

In the story Nervous Nancy I told how as two high school seniors after considerable patience on my part, my girlfriend, Nancy, and I finally had sex on the night before our graduation. To put a damper on that life event we had had sex without protection and she was freaked out that she might be pregnant. When her period finally arrived we both breathed a sigh of relief and continued with our love live, but always with a supply of rubbers at the ready. While our preferred location for these adventures was the patio out by the pool at her parents’ house, but we started to think that we were testing fate so a new venue would be needed. In this continuation of the story we see how Nancy had transformed from being nervous to being insatiable.

“I’m afraid that mom is going to soon find out what we have been doing,” said Nancy with a serious frown.

“Yeah, you’re probably right, but does that mean that you don’t want to be doing this anymore?” I asked.

Nancy pursed her lips and looked up in a pensive way giving the outward appearance that she was giving my question a lot of thought, “Nahhhh!” she exclaimed.

“So what options do we have?”

“How about your dad’s Chrysler?” she asked.

“I don’t want any more visits from the sheriff. Besides what would happen if we got caught at just the right time? Or should I say wrong time?”

“I think I know a place where he wouldn’t go. Let’s take a ride.” At that the two went out to the driveway and got into Ed’s car. Nancy gave him directions and about 20 minutes later they were heading down Johnson Hollow Road and passed a sign that read “state line.”

“Where are we?”

“Johnson Hollow Road, silly. Just what the sign said.”

“I like the name. Besides my Johnson in your hollow has sort of an ironic ring to it,” I replied with a snicker.

“No, we just passed the state line and this is a dead end road. The sheriff stops at the state line and the police from the other state cannot easily get here. It’s a perfect place for us to not be disturbed.”

“You might have an idea. Besides, now that we’re here it would be a mistake to not try it out. What do you think?” I asked pulling the car off the road and into a small clearing underneath some tall pine casino siteleri trees.

“We can try it, but only if you brought rubbers. I’m not going through more than a week of worry ever again. No rubber means no nookie.”

“No problem. I wouldn’t think of leaving home without them,” I said bringing the car to a stop. If there was one thing about those Chryslers from the mid-1970s it was that they were huge. This one was a four-door sedan with a bench front seat and just to make certain that we had enough room for heated romance, I pressed the electric seat button and moved it back to its greatest extent. The expanse was so great that Nancy could easily stretch her legs out straight.

“Nice!” she exclaimed as she reached up under her pleated skirt, put her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slid them off in anticipation of what she hoped would soon follow.

While I had always liked going through the preliminaries I began by unbuttoning Nancy’s sleeveless blouse and running my hand up under the bra that held her modest breasts. In all honesty, Nancy might have had smaller than average boobs, but they were incredibly sensitive and for as long as I had been feeling her, I was convinced that her nipples were hardwired to her clit. Today was no different and at his first touch she felt that tingling between her legs and a sensation of wetness beginning. The two kissed passionately and my hand instinctively dropped from her breasts to her crotch where I immediately found her pussy. Although we’d been having sex for only a little more than a month, my technique had improved and so my middle finger went inside her vagina and my thumb teased her clit. Not surprisingly everything down there was nicely lubricated with Nancy’s natural juices.

“I think I’m ready so you better get a rubber out. It isn’t nice to keep a lady waiting.”

I opened one of the little foil packs and soon my latex encased phallus was ready for action. Nancy spread her legs and I moved on top of her, the expanse of front seat easily accommodating even the missionary position. I placed my manhood at her vaginal entry and with a slight push was soon inside. “That was sure easier than that first time we tried doing this!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, is it ever plus now it doesn’t hurt either,” snickered Nancy. “I think you have had something to do with it though.”

“You think?”

“I do. I even told mom that I wanted to go swimming this summer and bought myself a box of tampons. She wasn’t too pleased canlı casino and said she doubted that I’d be able to get one in, but I told her I’d have to just go and try it. I didn’t want her to even start to think that we’ve been doing this.”

All the while I had been moving myself gently in and out of her now slippery love canal. Between her natural lubrication and that which came on the rubber Nancy was experiencing no pain and just loved the feeling of me inside.

Even with the rubber decreasing the sensitivity, now the only thing Nancy wanted was for me to cum. She had learned that I always produced a prodigious quantity and was thankful that I would be filling the rubber instead of her. “Oh, Oh, please cum,” she begged and at that her fondest wish was granted. I began cumming, but then kept cumming even more. While I knew that a rubber could stretch to amazing proportions even I was starting to worry that it might just overflow and leak little swimmers into Nancy’s vagina. When I was finished we both were happy to notice that nothing had backed up in the rubber, still when withdrawing from Nancy, I was careful to hold the top to make certain that nothing was going to escape from the latex barrier.

I slipped the rubber off, knotted it, and placed it on the floor of the car. I glanced down at Nancy’s pussy and saw it still glistening from her feminine juices. Immediately, the thought came into my mind “I wonder what that tastes like?” I started by putting my finger back inside, withdrawing it, and then tasting it. My finger smelled like Nancy—no surprises there, but the taste was very mild, but yet it tasted good.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I just was curious what you tasted like.”


“You taste pretty good,” I said licking my fingers for more.

“You know that there is more what that came from?” asked Nancy not exactly certain what my reaction would be but giving a naughty giggle all the while.

She didn’t have long to wait when I dropped to my knees on the floor in front of her and put my nose right between her labia. Nancy might have been surprised, but she was hardly put off at the prospect of what could happen. She had heard her girlfriends talk about when their guys gave them oral and at the time thought it sounded a bit gross but on the other hand quite an intriguing prospect. But now here she was about to do it and she was looking forward to it big time.

I started by licking the full length of her pussy ending up at kaçak casino her clitoris, which I took some time to suckle. “Oh my gosh,” thought Nancy, “that feels so sensational that I think that I could immediately cum again.” And that was exactly what she did. Her vagina flowed with more juices and I got to taste them. I wasn’t certain that I would be doing this if he hadn’t used a rubber, but what the heck.

“Don’t stop!” implored Nancy. “Whatever you do, don’t stop!”

Obligingly, I kept sucking up the juices as Nancy was going wild with ecstasy. “Ed, this is driving me wild. I hope that you have another rubber because I want to have sex again.”

“No problem because we had a whole new box of them so we have eleven left,” I said taking a fresh packet from the box and tearing it open. Nancy helped me roll it down over my shaft but was convinced that despite this rubber being lubricated she wasn’t going to need that extra assistance.

“We have to try something different. Lie down on your back across the seat,” she instructed. I did so, my shaft pointing straight up. Nancy straddled my loins,, positioned my manhood at her pussy and gently lowered herself allowing it to penetrate the full length of her vagina.

“It feels like I’m really in deep,” I said.

“Oh, you are. It feels wonderful, too.”

“This would probably be a good position if we wanted to knock you up.”

“It probably would be, but don’t even think those thoughts,” she replied as she began moving her body up and down, her breathing quickening as she got even more excited. Then just as she reached her climax, so did I and another rubber filled with my second load of the day. The one hazard to having the woman being on top is that soon ejaculate begins to drain out of the rubber and onto me. It was messy and a search of the glove compartment yielded several paper napkins from Dairy Queen. Still they would do just fine and after several minutes we had both cleaned ourselves up.

“We do have to get rid of the evidence. This is my dad’s car and the last thing we need is to either leave the used rubbers or to have the inside smell like pussy.”

“Let’s stop at McDonald’s for a milkshake and we can toss that stuff into the waste can there,” noted Nancy.

“Good idea. We can also stop by the auto parts store and get one of those air fresheners. I think my dad will like pine scent.”

“You mean that is better than pussy scent?” said Nancy with a snicker.

“Not for me it isn’t.”

“Aren’t you glad that I really like doing doing it with you?”

“I am, but I think we’re turning into a couple of pros at this sex thing. What do you think?”

“And I’m no longer nervous Nancy?”

“Yeah, that too.”

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