Natalie’s Paris Adventure Ch. 01

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Gabby dipped her head down and tousled her hair then tossed her head back and flipped her hair so it fell over her shoulders in a careless mussed up way. She picked and brushed back a few loose ends and gazed approvingly in the mirror. A few brushes of blush on her cheeks and a careful touch up of her lip gloss and she smiled, tugged her blouse once or twice to give it a loose drape over her breasts and stepped from her bathroom.

Natalie stood as Gabrielle entered the living room and was amazed at the transformation. Gabby had only moments ago been wearing jeans and a tight t-shirt and now she looked stunning in a white cotton men’s wear blouse and a short black skirt. She’d had her hair pulled back before and now it was a casual and almost messy blonde mane. Natalie was imagining again what it would be like to have sex with this woman when Gabrielle slipped up beside her and took her hand in hers.

“Natalie, I’m ready to go are you?” Her voice like rose petals melted Natalie’s heart with that soft French accent.

“Yes, sure I am let’s… …by the way that was quick and you look so amazing!” Natalie managed between the thundering beats of her heart.

“Oh that is so sweet, merci but I’m a model and we’re used to quick changes, but you know that.” She said smiling and giving Nat’s hand a long gentle squeeze.

“Now let’s go, I want us to go along the Seine so you can see the Eifel Tower with all its lights.” Gabby said as they left her apartment.

Nat was quiet in the elevator. It was one of those tiny cage like Parisian elevators just large enough for two if they stand very close together. She could feel Gabby’s breast brush her arm as she stepped in beside her beyoğlu escort and she put her arm around Nat’s waist. She looked over at her and Gabby turned and smiled. The elevator moved slowly down the center of the spiral staircase and they could hear someone coming up the stair by the sound of their shoes on the marble stairs. Gabby smiled as their eyes met again, and turned toward Nat and pulled her close. Their breasts smashed together and Nat’s lips parted with a little intake of breath as their lips met. Gabby was very feminine but also had a gentle forcefulness about her as her hands moved over Nat’s round bottom and squeezed and pulled her hips against her.

It seemed like she was floating. Gabby’s kiss made her light headed and giddy. Oh my I’ve dreamed of this from the first time we met she was thinking. The steps grew closer. Nat pulled back and murmured nervously that they’d be seen, that you can see right inside the elevator. Gabby only smiled and said that it really didn’t matter and her lips came forward and closed over Nat’s and the kiss became more urgent and passionate. Gabby also slipped her hands under Nat’s short skirt and began massaging her bottom and along her inner thighs. Nat moaned and relaxed and melted forward against Gabby’s body.

As they stepped out onto the sidewalk Nat said, “I wanted that to go on forever, god you’re a great kisser.” “I wasn’t sure you were interested in me like that, and I was having such a hard time trying to find a way to find out you know?”

“That is so sweet, Natalie why do you think I invited you to stay with me when you came to Paris this time? Said Gabby with a big smile as the driver opened the limo door for them.

Gabby sarıyer escort still holding Nat’s hand slipped onto the seat and swung her long beautiful legs inside. There was just a fleeting moment when Nat was sure she noticed that Gabby was wearing no panties under her skirt and she got such a thrill. Gabby smiled as though she noticed and knew exactly what Nat had been thinking as she urged her to join her. The driver closed the door and they moved closer together. Gabby’s legs were apart and as her hand slipped up over Nat’s shoulder and around her neck to guide her mouth to her mouth, and they kissed again, her other hand gently gripped Nat’s wrist and guided her hand under her skirt.

Gabby pulled back from their kiss for only a moment and whispered, “Natalie, I’ve been thinking about your first touch all day.” “Feel how wet I am for you ma cherie?”

Nat gasped as Gabby guided her fingers inside her luscious wet lips. She moaned as Gabby was kissing her again. Oh my God she was so wet and her sweet pussy is burning up thought Nat as she wriggled her finger inside Gabby and she moaned and her hips rocked up rhythmically with each little movement of Nat’s fingers. Nat was leaning toward Gabby kind of on her side close to Gabby’s body with one leg between Gabby’s legs. Gabby was moaning quietly and constantly as Nat expertly probed deep inside her pussy and slipped in a long wet caress up inside her lips and rolled over her clit after a few deep thrusts. Over and over she continued while Gabby moved her hand down between Nat’s legs and under her skirt. Oh yes Nat thought as her delicate fingers began stroking Nat’s little flower thru her lace panties.

They parted only briefly and maslak escort with great urgency. Nat arched her back and slipped her thong off in a quick motion and then they were back together in a flash. Gabby’s fingers pushed forcefully inside Nat’s pouting lips and immediately one slipped deep inside. With a gasp Nat thrust her hips forward aching to feel Gabby deeper inside her. Gabby began to steadily work in and out of Nat’s grasping pussy, over and over as Nat continued to rub her two fingers up inside Gabby and to rub her clit with her thumb.

Nat could feel the pressure building inside her. Her breasts suddenly flushed as her nipples grew very hard and sensitive. The weren’t kissing anymore but gazing into each others eyes, both were dreamy and far away as their bodies pressed close. Gabby felt Nat’s hips and hers meet every time they thrust against one another and Nat’s fingers were now rolling very quickly back and forth over her clit.

“Oui ma cherie, Oui!” Gabby gasped suddenly, “Oui, J’arrive, j’arrive ma cherie!”

Gabby’s slick wet fingers were now pressed firmly over Nat’s throbbing clit and moving quickly side to side as they both shuddered with their orgasms and pressed closer together. For quite a while they lay pressing close, kissing, while their slippery, sticky fingers gently explored each other. Sweet little tremors caused them to smile and giggle together and then they sat up. Nat was just slipping her panties over her ankles when Gabby’s hand stopped her and she suggested that Nat might just want to slip them in her purse.

“I must know that your sweet little pussy is ready for me Natalie.” Gabby insisted, “And it makes me so excited to think you have nothing on under your skirt ma cherie.”

They’d missed seeing the Eifel Tower, but Nat was sure they’d had much more fun, and now they were pulling up in front of the club.

–more soon on Natalie’s Paris adventure

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