Navel Sacrifice

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I’m home, waiting for you to walk in the door. You’re a belly dancer at a local club. You come in the door, crying and I can’t see what you’re crying about. You’re still in your skimpy tummy-showing belly dancing outfit. When, you uncover your navel – and show me the dagger that’s inside your navel.

You cry helplessly as I see your tummy shuddering – and you say “See what those evil men in the alley did to me!!!!” “Kiss your baby’s hurt navie, daddy and stab me right!!!” “Stab your little baby’s poor little tummy and navie correctly and make me yours!”

I pick you up in my arms as I tenderly carry you to our bed and place you in it – and slowly undress you completely – kissing your baby feet. I gaze at your little hurt tummy as I watch you hold your baby sides and pull your tummy so very erotically in as you arch up!

“Please, kiss your baby’s tummy and navel and make my tummy feel good!” “Stab my tummy right, daddy!”

I gently pull the dagger out as your tummy shudders and you arch up. I watch your little tummy jerk with the knife. You moan in pain/pleasure.

And than, I kiss your little bleeding navel, kissing it softly and brushing my lips on your little “hurt” navel stating, “I LOVE your sweet tummy, and your sweet navie wine!” as I push my tongue into your little tummy. “You’re right, they stabbed my baby’s tummy/navie wrong!”

And, I take the knife and touch it to your little navel as you hold your tummy and lift it up to me saying “See, daddy!!!! I lift my little navie to your mouth and give it to kurtköy escort you so you can do it right!”

I slowly kiss over your sweet little shivering “belly” as you dance and give your tummy to me – as I watch your soft little navie wiggling – as I stroke my fingers into your sweet little pussy. Stroking slowly and deeply into your pussy, I lick tenderly into your little navel, then deeper!

“Stab your baby’s navie right, daddy!” you whimper, as I touch the dagger into your navel as I kiss your tummy – and slowly push it in, as you cry out hard and lift your navel to my dagger – as I watch it slowly slide into your little tummy. You belly dance, crying, yet happy, as the knife goes deeply into your little “belly/navel”. You hold your little tummy, pulling it in deeply, then thrusting it out into the dagger as I watch it sink and convulse in and out with your panting. “OHHHH, my Sweet Tummy/Navie dancer!” I cry, as you press your little navie on my mouth.

“Drink me, daddy, drink your baby’s navie wine!!!!” you softly cry as you roll over and press your stabbed navel into my mouth! “Let me dance your tummy dances for my tummy-daddy!” as you gyrate, your whole body in fluid motion, your sweet “belly” wiggling and gyrating and undulating erotically as you rub your stabbed navel into my mouth.

“I LOVE my beautiful Stabbie-tummy baby!” I whisper, as I pull your tummy deeply into my mouth as I suck hard on you! Sucking your navel against my mouth and drinking you as you erotically levent escort belly dance! *sigh*!

Ruby blood flows into my mouth as I slowly kiss all over your sweet, beautiful, so sexy belly and your sweet, erotic stabbed navel as you totally drive me insane! You press your tummy/belly so hard into my face it surrounds my face as you caress my face with your soft “belly”.

I so TASTE all over your soft belly! I drink you, licking deeply in your navel, fucking your navel with my tongue as you bleed into me and as you orgasm against my hand, as you orgasm over, and over, and over in the wildest orgasms you have NEVER conceived of!

And then, you slide down, kissing my body as you slide your little “belly” all over my body – as you find my penis – then slowly wiggle your navel on it as it slowly “stabs” into your navel as you belly dance on my “lap”.

Belly dancing your navel HARD into my penis, you cry and sigh and scream in erotic need, your tummy/navel wildly spasming hard into my penis as I stab you with my penis. Stroking in your navel as I stab your tummy over and over and over with my “dagger”.

Fucking your navel with my wet “dagger” as you cry and hold my body to your soft little “belly”. You cry out hard as you orgasm for about the 4th time, the most ultimate orgasm you have ever felt as it feels like a lightning bolt has hit you right in your navel – as you cry out and nearly break your back from arching and pushing your navel into my “dagger”. I fill you as I have never mahmutbey escort orgasmed before!!!! Filling your little belly with my “wine”.

As you feel my warm cum fill your little tummy/navel, warming and soothing your whole little tummy/belly as I fill you and kiss you insanely, aching deep inside me, I scream out, “I WANT YOU!!!!”

Your wine, and my wine streams stream down my sides as our bodies become drenched in sweet, clean sweat as we make love – as I make love to you and your beautiful belly.

Then, your tummy/body still trembling – I close my eyes as I begin kissing slowly over your little “stabbed” tummy as you feel the deep warmth flow into your navel – as I watch your little wounds heal – my magic doing its work.

Your little navel closing and again, becoming perfect as you feel this unimaginable warmth flowing in your little “belly” through your sweet navel. You sigh deeply, your little tummy still quivering as I watch it gasping and pushing violently in and out – your belly, dancing! Your whole body quivering uncontrollably, your little tummy shuddering hard, you lay curled in my arms as you bask in the most wonderful orgasm you could EVER imagine!

I hold my little “belly” baby – my very SWEET navie-sacrifice as you lay in my arms, softly brushing your lips on my bare navel and causing me to shudder and gasp.

You move up and lay your soft body on my body – kissing my navel with your soft little perfect navel, kissing my whole body with yours and your mouth on mine as I drink your sweet tongue.

I feel your soft little “Belly’ shuddering and softly “dancing” on my shuddering tummy as I pull the blankets over us and we sleep, with my little, hot “bellydancer” in my arms.

How I LOVE my hott little Navel-Sacrifice, BellyDancer!

Now, who is the master, and who is the slave?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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