Navy A-School Tryst

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Years ago, I served in the Navy and for numerous reasons I found that I was lucky to have my rating (job) specific training at a multi branch school in California. With how active and moderately intense basic training was, I wasn’t expecting the bizarre combination of the Island of Misfit Toys mixed with Melrose Place and Cougar Town with a little bit of Hedonism Resorts. Looking back on it, I think it was the collective sexual deprivation of everyone there.

The “barracks” or living quarters, depending on your terminology, were essentially something in between college dorms and low end extended stay hotel rooms. Supposedly the Air Force had nicer accommodations, but I can’t say for sure, they usually denied it. The barracks in the central part of the base had very strict rules that were stringently enforced since they were also the command buildings for each of the branches, although that didn’t seem to stop the Amazonian female marines from flashing you and giving you a show from their windows in the early morning hours.

The barracks in other parts of the base that were closer to the different school houses and classrooms were an entirely different story. Senior leadership would come through to inspect once a month, but everyone knew in advance. Except for drugs and alcohol, pretty much any thing went. Typically, the buildings would be divided with one half for males and the other half for females, but as long as you had a keycard you could go anywhere in the building.

It became fairly normal for me to go over to the female side of the building to visit my female classmates to go over homework assignments, meet up with friends to go out to town or over to the bar on base, pick up a date, and of course for sex. The same could was true with women coming over to the male side of the building.

I was in my early 20s, fairly decent looking, albeit on the slimmer side, with dark brown hair cut very short, hazel eyes, 5’8, and about 150 lbs with a nice bulge and bubble butt, and it seemed fairly easy for me to make friends and find sex partners. Well at least women. I kept my bisexuality on the down low, despite all the very very openly gay guys on the base. I won’t deny that I wasn’t tempted.

In the midst of military duties, long days of classwork, and delicious debauchery, I found myself in a love, (well lust) triangle of sorts with two of my classmates, Lucy and Joe.

The three of us were all a couple years older then most of the other military students and we had similar interests and backgrounds. Lucy was an athletic and petite 5’4, with jet black hair cut short in an almost punk rock style that barely passed regulations, stunningly green eyes, perky handful b-cups, a tight curvy ass, muscular thighs and a slight olive complexion I found very alluring. Joe had washed out from BUD/S, the training course for Navy SEALS and explosive ordnance disposal specialists. This granted him a very athletic body that he maintained with rigorous physical training. He was an extremely decent specimen at a lean six feet tall, with short sandy hair, dark eyes, a squared off jawline, with a nice ass and big package that was hidden in the loose basketball shorts he usually wore.

I became very close with Lucy after we discovered that we had both worked as recording engineers in the music industry prior to joining up. We traded stories of our experiences which led to a kind of competition over who had the more fucked up stories about the people we had worked with and everyone we fucked. We found out we were both considered sexual deviants, ‘freaks,’ and found a fellow traveler if not kindred spirit in each other. She also became the first one in the Navy I opened up to about being bisexual, and she confessed that she was at least bi-curious.

I became friendlier with Joe after he had talked me into working out with him after class since I had voiced my concerns about passing the next physical fitness test. I was reluctant because I knew how serious he was about working out, from targeting specific muscle groups on certain days to having a complex formula for how he prepared stuff like protein shakes and supplements. Honestly, I’m not convinced he ever slept. I joined him in his routine and at least tried to keep up. The more I worked out with him, the more I examined his physical features. Before I knew it, his body became my incentive for trying to keep up with him, especially when we went on runs.

On one of these runs, we decided to run off base and into town. We ran all the way down a steep hill to a beach and ran along the beach in the sand. We stopped to take a break and rehydrate with our CamelBaks.

From out of nowhere Lucy came running up to us, clearly also on a run with her tight shirt and very short shorts that were straining on her glistening thighs. I almost spat out my water as I hadn’t seen her out of uniform before. “Hey guys! If you’re heading back, can I join you?”

I tried to regain composure and catch my breath “Yeah … sure!” I glanced ikitelli escort over at Joe for confirmation and he just shrugged his shoulders. I imagine he probably wasn’t ready to head back yet, but I know he could see the state I was in. The jog back to base, despite being uphill, was still a nice cooldown. Lucy used it as opportunity to catch up with me as Joe maintained a quicker pace ahead of us.

“Rob, I saw you guys running on the beach. You were TOTALLY checking Joe out!”

“I think you’re mistaken, Luce. I was maintaining pace and focused on my form.”

“Bullshit. You were focused, but it wasn’t on your form!”

“Okay okay. Fuck, you got me. Can you blame me though? Can you REALLY blame me? You know how much I love thighs! Those calves! And who would say no to that ass?” I nodded towards Joe ahead as his hips shifted weight from to side to side as he made his way up the hill.

She exhaled a very noticeable dreamy sigh. “Yeah. I can see what you mean. He can run away from me anytime.” She could tell I was making a face looked over at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Luce, do you like Joe?”

“No. Okay well maybe. I don’t know.”

“I think ya do because that ain’t sweat getting your shorts wet.”

“Shut up. At least I’m not drooling with a tent pitched between my legs.”

“Touché.” I looked down and realized I was sporting a half chub. Both of them aroused me though, and that moment I think Lucy was who I was getting hard for. “You should ask him out, Luce.”

“No way dude. I figured you wanted to take a crack at him.”

“I appreciate that, but you know me, I’m not going to call dibs on anyone. Joe is like window shopping for me. Something to fantasize about later. Plus, it’s not like I don’t already have dates lined up this weekend with Megan.”


“Yeah.” I responded sheepishly. Megan was in a different class than us but came to the base at about the same time and went through the command indoctrination with me and we became friends. She was popular not only from being well endowed and very pretty, but also because she notoriously selective about who she went out on a date with. “Come on. You KNOW I can get dates!”

“I just didn’t think she was your type.”

“Well to be fair she asked me out and she’s intrigued by me because I didn’t chase after her like every other guy here.”

“So, what all are you two lovebirds going to do on your date?”

“I guess she got tickets to the Jazz and Blues festival. So … feel free, in fact feel encouraged to take a ride on that stallion”

I guess I said that last part a little loud because Joe turned to look back at us with a “What the fuck?” kind of expression on his face. Lucy and I simply grinned at each other.

After we made it back to our barracks building, Lucy said goodnight and headed to her room. Joe pulled me aside. “Yo Rob. So … uh … are you and Lucy … you know .. a thing?” I couldn’t tell if it was embarrassment or the heat from exercising and simply being outside, but his face was bright red.

“Lucy and I are just friends.”

“It’s just the way you two were talking back there I thought that maybe -“

I cocked an eyebrow. “Why are you asking Joe?” I had never seen such big burly guy look so small.

“So, she’s not seeing anyone right?”

“Not that I know of.”

“And you wouldn’t mind if I asked her out?” It suddenly felt like everyone had to ask me permission about everybody else, even though deep down I knew they were just respecting our friendship.

“She’s her own person, brother. So yeah you can ask her, but I’m just not sure you really know what you’re in for.” Joe looked suddenly worried. “See ya later, Joe.”

I spent the next few days in a weird kind of haze. I felt like my body was on autopilot while my mind was replaying that late afternoon run and sorting out my feelings about it all. Megan grabbing my ass at least pulled me out of my fugue state temporarily.

“Thanks for coming with me, Rob. I know you actually have an appreciation for music and know some of the acts playing this year.”

I was walking around the Jazz and Blues Festival with Megan. I don’t actively remember even getting in the cab with her. We stopped at one of the stages and listened to a band performing Jimi Hendrix covers. During a rendition of “1983 A Merman I Should Turn To Be” she stuck her tongue down the inside of my ear and aggressively grabbed my crotch. Her breasts pressed up against my shoulder. To say that this woke me up and turned me on would be an understatement. She licked her lips and I could feel her hot breath on my ear and down my spine. “Mmm. I heard you had a circus down there. Mama wants to play.” Normally something like that wouldn’t work as pickup line for me, but my blood wasn’t exactly in the right spot.

The rest of the night was a blur. I know we had craft beer at the festival, but I also know neither of us was drunk let alone buzzed. istanbul escort We were able to pick up a cab right outside the festival grounds and on the way back to base Megan was like an unhinged feral cat in heat. Like a switch she turned it off at the gate and summoned up poise as she fished through her purse for her ID and my wallet. When did she get my wallet? The cab took us to her barracks building which was on the opposite side of the base from mine. We paid our fare and as soon the cab left her tongue was down my throat and all over my face and neck. She stepped back and dragged me by the hand as she scanned her card in the door lock. We mad our way down the hall and the ladies watching a movie in the common room giggled as we passed through.

She unlocked the door to her room and turned on the desk lamp. “My roommate graduated so I have this room to myself for now.” She said as she laid her purse on the desk and began taking her shoes off. “So we don’t have to worry about anyone walking in on us” she announced as she started removing her skirt and her stockings.

I was drinking her in and processing what was happening. I snapped out of it and started removing my own clothes. As I was removing my pants I gained an appreciation for the woman in front of me in the dim light of the desk lamp. Megan was about my height with shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and adorable freckles decorating her milky alabaster skin. When only her underwear was left I admired her wide hips and large round ass that was split with a red lacy thong. She had a matching bra and years of frequenting Victoria’s Secret with girlfriends told me that she was at least a 34DDD.

My moment of admiration caused me to struggle to keep up with Megan’s state of undress and she decided to take matters into her own hands. She pulled my shirt up over my head and practically ripped my pants off my legs. We both stood there in our underwear. She kissed my neck and worked her way down my chest, she licked my belly button and pulled my grey boxer briefs down my legs. All seven inches of my cut cock sprung out to greet her. We pulled each other close in an aggressive embrace. I kissed down the side of neck as she reached for my cock and slowly stroked it. I reached around and unclasped her bra and moved my hands down the small of her back, through the waist band of her thong and cupped her ass with my hands.

She took a step back and teasingly let the straps of her bra slink down her shoulders slowly releasing her voluptuous breasts. The bra fell to the floor and her breasts bounced a little. I brought her close and parted her lips with my own, engaging in a duel with our tongues. I kissed up the side of her face as she gripped my bare ass, I nibbled on her ear lobe and licked into her ear as she did to me earlier. I made my way back down the other side of her neck, stopping to suck and lightly bite, leaving my mark.

Her breathing became more rapid as I held her breasts in my hands, pushing them up to meet my waiting mouth. The areolas of her breasts were a bright pink, about three inches in diameter, and puffed out. I took as much as I could of one of her breasts in my mouth while teasing the other one with my thumb and index finger. I created a strong suction tracing the outline of her areola with my tongue while softly running her erect nipple between my teeth. After several moments I alternated to her other breast.

This became too much for her and she playfully pushed me back onto her bed. I could see how wet she had become with the growing dark stain on the crimson sliver of fabric of her thong. She got down on her knees between my legs and began to lick up and down the shaft of my cock. Whenever she reached the head, she would pop the tip into her mouth and lick the precum from the slit.

“I think you’re hard enough” she said as she stood up and moved to the small nightstand by the bed. She bent over as she opened the drawer making sure I had an exquisite view of her twin porcelain globes engulfing that struggling soaking wet lacey thong. She looked back at me to make sure I was watching the show and she took her time removing the thong revealing her moist shaven pussy and swollen clit between those sexy thighs. I could hear the familiar crinkling of foil material as she opened a condom wrapper.

Thinking I was being gentlemanly I offered to put the condom on myself.

“No. No. No. Allow me … “she said with a wicked grin and devious glint in her eyes. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I started putting it together when she put the condom in her mouth as she returned to her previous position between my legs. She firmly gripped my cock with both hands at its base along with my balls as she lowered her mouth to my cock head still dribbling precum. I felt the condom on the tip of my cock head and she meticulously continued down the shaft, using her tongue to help unroll the condom until her nose was buried in my pubic bush and her tongue kadıköy escort could just barely reach my sack. She took a deep breath through her nose, absorbing my musk, before she pulled back with her lips wrapped around my cock and her tongue following the vein on the bottom of my shaft until my cock head popped out of her lips.

“That … was different” was all I could get out. I adjusted myself, so I was laying flat on the small bed. Megan straddled my hips and reached between her legs to guide my cock to her pussy. She lowered herself all the way with a deep moan, her head back and eyes closed. She stayed there for a minute and I could feel her grip me like a warm velvety hand as if she was taking the time to feel all the details of my cock, from the wide head to the veins in the shaft to the hilt where my sack my softly pressing back against her perineum.

Almost simultaneously we both started to rock our hips and she started pushing back against my thrusts. I rubbed the small of her back with my hands, moving towards grabbing her ass while I tried to time my movements so that I thrusted deep as she made it back down to my balls. She leaned forward pushed her chest towards my face. At this point we didn’t even need to speak, even if we could form coherent words. I opened my mouth and let her puffy nipple in. I used one hand to hold her breast steady and use the other to continue exploring the vast continents of her backside. My hand made it to the cleft between her cheeks dove deep. I discovered her rosebud and unceremoniously started to probe it with my middle finger. She squealed in delight and pulled me upright in a sitting position to kiss her. We exchanged saliva and my face was soon buried in her breasts. The way she gripped me, I could tell she was close to climax, and I was closer. I slowed down my thrusts and tried to regain control of myself. I sucked on her breast, I grabbed her ass with both hands, and I engaged in slower but more forceful and deliberate pumps. She responded in kind and moved to kiss me. As I sucked on her tongue I felt the familiar tightening of my whole body and the slight expanding of my cock as I exploded. The climactic swelling of my cock sent Megan the rest of the way over the edge and she held on to my cock like a vice grip, moaning softly into my mouth, gradually relaxing with little jolts of orgasmic aftershocks.

Anticipating some kind of respite, I let my head fall back against the pillows. I closed my eyes, waiting for my blood to recirculate. I wasn’t surprised by Megan’s dismount, or even taken a back by her removing the condom. I was however a little shocked to be brought back to Earth and quickly sent to the next closest star by Megan grinding her pussy on my face while taking my entire softening cock into her mouth. The scent of her mound was intoxicating. I ran my tongue along her labia and rubbed my thumb on her clitoris, gently pushing the hood back. My efforts were rewarded with my balls being sucked on while she stroked my cock back to full size.

Recalling her reaction when I probed her ass, I held her hips and moved to reposition ourselves, so I could have a better angle at her puckering pink hole. I’m not sure she was fully aware of what I was doing, but she certainly didn’t seem to mind as I ran my tongue over her anus. She took my cock into her mouth again, gagging slightly as I hit the back of her mouth. As her head bobbed up and down on my cock she worked on overcoming her gag reflex and relaxed her throat. I started pushing her sphincter open with my tongue which elicited soft moans around my rod.

I ran my fingers across her labia and briefly fingered her. This was just a pit stop and I was looking for some natural lube. I rubbed her juices around her and inside her anus. She squealed and winced as I spread her ring open with one finger, then two, and three.

“You want this cock in your ass?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“We’re going to have change positions baby.” I got the impression I didn’t have to give her any further directions. This clearly wasn’t her first rodeo. She rolled off me onto her stomach and pulled a pillow up to her chest under her head. She brought her knees underneath her and pointed her ass up at me. I maneuvered behind her on my knees and stroked my cock, taking in the view. It always felt like a treat to me to indulge in my anal fixation. Her slightly gaping hole seemed to be quivering in anticipation as it was exposed to the air and shimmered with the layer of pussy juices.

I used one hand to brace myself on the small of her back for balance and I used my other hand to guide my cock to her. I ran my cock between her legs and along her slit nudging her clit with the head of my cock. She cooed a little at that. I guided my cock up between her cheeks and over her anus teasingly. She moaned and wiggled her hips in response. Feeling like I was teasing myself at that point I positioned my cock head at her ring. She moaned into her pillow as the head pushed the sphincter apart. I let her adjust to the sensation and pushed in deeper. She started pushing her hips back into me in frustration and impatience. At that I pushed my hips forward as hard as I could until I was balls deep in her backdoor. The scream that emanated from her seemed to be in both pleasure and pain.

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