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Author’s note: This is becoming at least a novella…with another sub-plot that would be more violence and a little additional back-story but little sex. Part of the reason I’m posting a “nub” now is….just a yeah or nay as to whether I should flesh those out at some point or just “gloss them over” rather quickly…. Other constructive commentary would be also be appreciated…. /////

My wife Mary at my side and the kids sleeping down the hall, I remember going to sleep in my room and losing consciousness normally before I slept. Vaguely I also remember snapping awake to the sound of a door opening and whooshing sounds like that of an air rifle or dart gun….and then losing consciousness again, but for a different reason.

I came to again and….something was different. By the pain in my back I could tell that the bed that I was in (if you could call it that) was not ours at home. More like a board or a flat rock of granite, but I was flat on my back and relaxed other than that. My second and blatantly obvious revelation was that I was naked. My face began to itch and without thinking I scratched it at my jaw– and I felt at least a week-old stubble where there wasn’t one before.

.oO(This hurts. Fuck this.)Oo. And I sat up on the edge of the “bed”. Suddenly, overhead lights came on and through painful eyes I could see that I was sitting in a hallway of all white panels and flooring. To my left on the far wall, there was a light gray adult-sized rectangle that could be a sliding door in a science-fiction movie. Beyond that at the end of the hall there was a similar rectangle but that one contained a cylindrical shape with two lights at the top, one red, the other green. Both were off. To my right on that end of the chamber, there was a similar door with a vestibule and two lights, one red, the other green. The green one being lit appeared an obvious invitation to step inside. Looking away from the ominous exits, I hadn’t even noticed the waist high tiny kiosk before me inset into the wall. In it contained a monitor and a keyboard. The monitor was dark.

.oO(This is a baaaaaad dream. That’s what this is…..)Oo.

Even a nightmare would have been better than this….and nothing happened as I waited. I could only begin to wonder where I was….and more importantly….how to get back to my wife and kids…. Gently swinging my legs to and fro as I was….I waited again. Nothing changed– light, sound, or smell– other than a sinking need to find my wife and kids again. Hopping up off the platform I stood and took a step over to the monitor to turn it on and maybe figure out what was going on. No ON button, no visible speakers of any kind, no hardware at all other than the monitor and a keyboard. There were only wires going back into the wall to places unseen. Nothing new when wearing clothes but my balls itched as they did from time to time and without thinking I went to scratch them– and the sensation was also unreal. Some asshole had shaved my balls clean!

Moving on to the science-fiction door, it had no other controls as well. There was only a flat panel at waist height that would obviously be used in conjunction with some sort of card key or badge. Nothing there either. Looking up, the ceiling was too high for consideration and even then there were nothing more than rows of white LED lights.

Back to the ominous door….the only possible exit remaining in a lighting that was almost sterile in nature. “Door” was a loose term…it was more of a rectangular larger than man-sized inset in the wall that had a light gray man-sized alcove in its cylinder with a large green arrow on the floor pointing inward….but no exit. There was just an alcove and no keypad or entry lock next to it on the wall. Scratching my jaw again, all I could think about was:

.oO(If someone were going to kill me….they would have done it before now.)Oo.

It wasn’t a very comforting thought, but it was the only rationalization to go on other than: .oO(Do I need a gold plated invitation? Or am I going to step inside now and get this over with?)Oo. After taking a deep breath, I did so and waited.

Slowly the entire alcove rotated in place and as the previous room left my view, I knocked onto the wall on the way by. It seemed to be made out of solid concrete. What was transpiring before me in the next room was almost indescribable…..

More clinically white light– and the sounds of dozens of people moaning and groaning issued through the expanding slit of the next area as my portal was turning in place. It would have sounded like a chamber of horrors until I then heard someone grinding out an orgasm. And then a female someone….and then another someone. In shock I waited until the alcove stopped turning and in front of me was a large room with benches, chairs, tables and stools filled with people either scantily clad or fully nude completely oblivious to me engaging in a full-blown orgy.

.oO(This is a chamber of horrors. And I am paying alimony for three lifetimes!)Oo.

Taking one step forward to keep from going back into the room with no exit, I stood there dumb- founded at what I had gotten myself into when a blonde woman began to approach me wearing knee-high white leather pumps, white leather gloves to the elbows, and a frilly white leather corset that accentuated a pair of what looked like M cup bare breasts. She appeared to be a slightly older woman but carried her age well and she stared at me with a slight sneer…as if she were in charge and anything but “Yes.” was unacceptable in her eyes. If my Johnson wasn’t fully erect at the sound continuous moaning and orgasms in the room, it became more so just watching this ravishing creature and her strut taking an interest in me out of everyone else around. If I didn’t know better…it was almost as if she was sizing me up like one inspects a steak. Married or otherwise, it felt good– intoxicating even…. Remembering my single days, as she strode up closer to me I knew that I was only get one chance at this and I had to go for it– and she was that attractive that I figured that I could get away with it. Before she could open her mouth I looked into her eyes and said:

“Helen of Troy….pales…in comparison….to you.” She paused in her stride and a crooked smile passed over her face before the sneer of command and control returned. As she took the last step in to within touching distance and replied:

“You seem like an intelligent man…not like these undisciplined brutes that they keep sending me. Hold me.” She then held her arms up high in the air and waited. Just by her tone I could tell that this was not a request.

Other than her breasts being bare, there was nothing wrong with it as far as I saw. Did I want even the slightest disapproval from this woman? Obviously not….and certainly not yet. I knelt down to match her height and then reached under her arms and up to the base of her neck and held her in a full-body hug. Her response was to lay her arms over mine and return the embrace. I then took a deep breath and exhaled….

.oO(I accept you as you are…not what others would have you be….)Oo.

Behind me I could hear that alcove rotating again and all I could think about was: .oO(I’m alone, and until I get outta here….I’m fucked.)Oo. Meanwhile, it was a pain in the ass ignoring a raging erection pressed flat against what my eligible bachelor days would fully consider such a hot older gal but I held her for a very long time amidst the sounds of overindulgence in the room….until she was the first to let go. Both of us standing erect again, she paused, thinking….and then responded:

“I like you intelligent man– you may have even broken the record for getting through that door in the shortest amount of time. And now that you’ve done me a good turn, I’m going to do you a good turn…. You see…I prefer a certain amount of….control….over my men and I don’t ask for it, I insist on it. Period. But like I said…you did me a good turn and you are new here. What I’m going to do is I am going to coach you on how to live your life for the next few days and if you don’t do as I say….I won’t spank you.” She flipped her hair over the front of her shoulder and revealed a mane that would go down to the middle of her back. Taking the end of it from behind herself, she began to have an oral fixation with it as she gazed at me coyly. “I don’t need to really….. If you don’t do as I say then this place will chew you up and spit you out…. This is a *one*-time offer.”

.oO(I AM new here…I haven’t even been a bachelor in years….I have zero clue as to where the fuck I am….and this is a ‘one-time’ offer…I’m going to need a friend…at least somebody….to help me…..)Oo. I nodded quickly and then she said:

“Take my hand and come with me.” I complied and as much as I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted to be fully under the thumb of this woman, at the same time it felt surreal being married with children and walking with a sensuous dominating woman hand in hand fully naked with an erect penis past a canlı bahis full-blown sexfest with the accompanying cacophony of grunting, groaning, and intermittent orgasms. Leading me down the edge of the room eventually we entered another room with a more traditional open archway filled with furniture inside. She stopped at a trio of seats that were side by side of each other, but the middle one was opposing the other two. Vaguely I remember more of these in the main room, some of them in use. After taking the middle seat, she said: “Sit.” and I obeyed. These chairs appeared much better than the previous room– they had a white plush velvet cushion to them and were much more comfortable. She then took the opposing chair and reaching around my head, she said: “Scoot” meaning that I should move my head and mouth to the position of her areola.

Up until this point these were simple requests that I probably would have done anyway even with a relatively plain woman if used with a “please” and “thank you”– especially if everyone had their clothes back on– but this was too much. I was married– so I still believed anyway….

“I can’t do this– I have a wife and kids to think about.” Briefly that air of command and control over me– and all other males for all I knew– softened.

“I’m sorry to hear that smart guy. I know that you will miss them….really I do….but if you are going to survive here…you need to forget that now. That revolving door you can through is probably made of solid granite. You are not going to be leaving here anytime soon…and neither are they going to find you…no one does…..” The look of authority returned. “…I don’t have much time. We call this place Nirvana. You may know where we are but I’ve been here for…years I can only guess…and still I do not. Unless you really can walk through walls, there is no escape from here. Really there is not. The last ones to try all died by gunfire—and not those stun darts that they use on us more frequently. They wheeled their mutilated bodies around the rooms for all of us to see. All the fucking in the room came to a complete stop.” I wasn’t quite sure to make of that.

Even if you did escape smart man…I like the sound of that….by then your wife and children, even your life as you know it will have passed you by. There are no clocks here…none. Time as you know it does not exist. You don’t see it that way yet but there is only pleasure here in Nirvana. Always remember that.” I said nothing– I was reeling from the wave of information that she was feeding me. And true or false– it was a lot to take in as I was struggling to figure out a way out of this place. She continued:

“I doubt you will but if you want your wife back some day, you can rescue her later. To do that though, for now you’re going to have to make a happy place in your head. A happy place is… a beautiful song, a sumptuous meal that you ate once….it can even be the greatest orgasm you ever had. It’s a place you can go in your memories to allow you to do things that you would normally never do even if paid to do so…. I do not exaggerate here smart guy….stay a smart guy and do this for me now not because I’m a control freak, but because I’ve been here a lot longer than you have and if you don’t, the only difference will be that I’ll have to wait for another smart guy to talk to.”

.oO(Who the fuck does she think that she is???)Oo.

No answer came, let alone anything to refute her observations, so I continued to obey. Pulling my mouth fully up to her half-dollar sized areola, she whispered: “Nurse.” I began to suckle her breast and then she became a little stern. “No, not that way. First your lower jaw must push up against my breast, then your upper lip second. It hurts less. There you go….now suck.” After a moment or two, she continued. “Do you taste my milk?” She released her gentle grip on the back of my head and after disengaging I replied:

“Yes.” then as I suspected I should, I resumed nursing as before.

“Good. Now you want to swallow as much of my milk as you can. This is your new diet from now on.” Not that I objected her milk but now I was getting confused as I sucked. “You will be offered vials of liquid that contain nutrients to support life. Spit them out if you have to…but do not drink them. Once you start you can never truly go back….. It may be nothing….but us girls have our doubts about the liquids they give us. You want to keep everything in your body natural. No synthetics.” She paused. “Much better….smart guy. You also want to learn how to nurse properly like you are doing now and be good at it. You don’t want a reputation among us girls of being a nipple biter.” My soldier was standing at attention even more proudly than before. “While I’m nursing you now, you can masturbate if you want– as long as you do it into my hand.” I pulled away from her bosom.

“Why into your hand?” I asked.

“That’s another thing. No questions. Not from you– you haven’t been here long enough yet. The wrong questions here in Nirvana will get you killed.” I was confused again, but she was answering other questions I hadn’t asked yet, so I went back to nursing. I JUST needed to figure this place out. “There are some things that we just don’t talk about here…. Your life here will be that much easier for it if you don’t.” and I thought that I was confused before the ‘no questions’ rule. The word ”easier” started making my head hurt…. I took hold of my wee-wee and began to stroke it to get some relief as the low auditory of regular orgasming still continued from the other room. “It’s not like I’m going to tell you anything you won’t know soon enough. Everything is recorded and dissected…probably even videotaped. We try to accept it and not think about it too much. We don’t talk about the others that much either but…we call them either ‘they’ or….’the others’.” I started to disconnect and she gripped the back of my head harder. “Be patient….you will meet them soon enough…just hope that it’s not anytime soon…..” Another pause.

“They usually come at night– or darkness if you prefer. There are no clocks here so we never know what time it is. We can only assume that darkness is night and light is day. In the end it doesn’t matter really. When they come rushing in, do not fight them. Again…if they choose to they will kill you.” She said flatly and without drama, pausing while I continued to suck. I could feel her formula sliding down my trachea and all the way down into my belly….revitalizing me….recharging me. Over the sounds of my feeding, I could still hear the moans from the other room. “More saliva…” she ordered, “….typically we like a wet sucker better than a dry one.” Stopping to lick my lips and liberally lick her nipple area, I found myself going at it as never before. “That’s better….

When they come, the best that you can hope for is to walk or run off to the edge of the room and wait. Let them do what they do, and pray that they didn’t decide to come for you…..” Her milk, while nourishing, very well could become addicting.

“There is no escape here smart man. Really there is not. Those that were found trying without leaving us have been taken way. Sometimes the people that are taken away come back….often they do not. We never see them again. Just be grateful that it wasn’t you that they came for.” Another pause. “Hope that they are not coming for you.” she repeated. “Remember this….to them,….you and I are literally cattle left to graze and nothing more.” It was almost as if she were trying to emphasize this as the most important part of the whole conversation. “The sooner you accept that, the easier your life will become.”

There was that word again….”easier”….. I had been slowly stroking myself faster and faster and now I was almost at a fever pitch. “Cum in my hand as hard as you can….” she advised, “…anything else is offensive to us.” After nursing the breast of such a beautiful woman, egomaniac or otherwise, I was so close to popping that it didn’t take much more than a few moments of jerking myself and the feel of her leather grip on my head to have me ejaculating into the palm of her glove.

When I was done I disengaged from her breast and watched in relative silence. I had to know what she was going to do with my “children”. I’ve never heard of them needing sperm, but she then opened her mouth wide and lewdly used the flat of her tongue to lick my cum from her palm as if she were a vampire….then suckled the remainder of my goop from her fingers thoughtfully…lovingly even. “Thank you. I needed that.”

.oO(Strange.)Oo. ….but I got what I wanted so I resumed nursing her breast to keep her talking.

“We feed each other. That is the simplest way that I can explain it.” Another pause as I nursed. The more I swallowed, the more my drive slowly returned. “The girls and I don’t fully understand the process but we nurse you with our breasts and our vaginas, and our milk and juices nourish you. Conversely, the girls and I suck men’s penises…you get the idea. Intercourse bahis siteleri in the twat and up the ass helps…but it’s not the same as swallowing. That completes the cycle. For now, this here and our pussy juices are your diet.” Still another pause and for the first time….she gently stroked my hair as I sucked. It was the first evidence of real softness and nurturing that I had received from her since we had met. She had always been in such a control mode over me I had to wonder if she was even aware that she was doing it. “Whatever you do…keep your diet natural. We can only guess that the synthetics haven’t been finished yet. You would figure that out sooner or later as well. You really don’t want to know smart guy….you’ll learn all too soon enough why you want natural….don’t forget that either.

Good….you’re getting even better at it. Know this….it makes us horny.” Understandable, but a rather entertaining thought. And at the same time my member was getting bigger again while the soft groans and orgasms from the main room didn’t seem to ever cease. “Now….switch.” After a moment I realized what she wanted and I moved to the other chair. After I carefully pushed the bottom of my mouth in first, then the top second, she continued: “…I like you smart guy. You pay attention. You may yet get through this with me…. Most men don’t.” That was a terrifying statement. Without knowing what else do to, I sucked a little harder to get more of her formula and gently placed one hand on the side of her bosom, caressing it as might a newborn. Without comment, she reached over and took full hold of my prick. “First, your sexual stamina and libido will go through the roof. Soon after that….this….will get larger.” She then leaned over with the same hand and cupped my balls. “And so will these. They’re supposed to. If you do it right, it’s not just that you’ll be able to screw all night…more so even…you will need to come to orgasm all the time.” At that moment, all I could think about was:

.oO(And getting bigger is any sort of problem how?????)Oo.

“As time goes on….your arms and legs will become more muscular as well….everything about you really. That comes a little later.” Yet another pause as I nursed. I could only assume that she was thinking as her breathing started getting a little more pronounced. “As a hard and fast rule, we don’t talk about anything outside of this place. When we have to, we refer to is as….”away”…. You are not speak of such things…at all…and certainly not yet…. That will also get you killed by the others if you let it. Everything is recorded…everything…..

‘Away’ does not exist for us here. It cannot…. It must not…. It makes us remember who we were before we were brought here. Nondescript. Plain. Nobodies. Nothings….. Here we have bodies that we prefer and a state of constant pleasure….the others want it that way….. And always remember that too….they want it that way….” I sure as hell didn’t think of myself as a nothing or a nobody, but, whatever. Pleasure was fine by me no matter how you sliced it. “Where was I? Yes…. There are no fake boobs here. The more we swallow, the bigger they grow. In other words…the bigger a woman’s chest…the more likely she is to enjoy fellatio. The smaller the chest, the more she has to ‘do what she has to do’ to stay alive. Once they grow to their full size, each of us girls has to keep swallowing to maintain her stature, or lack of it. If we do not, soon our breasts begin to hurt as they grow smaller. At the same time….if we are not nursed….our boobs become bloated and hurt as well. So you see…we are properly motivated to consume a man’s semen and give him our breast milk. Like I said, the penalty for the woman can become excruciating as her boobs become smaller again. To refuse a woman your cum is as offensive to us as it would be for a lighter complected individual to use the ‘N’ word at a darker completed person. It’s just simply not done. To make an analogy… just don’t do that unless you are in a bar with a black person and want to pick a fight.

.oO(…and I wouldn’t want my dick sucked??? This woman is on drugs. That’s it.)Oo.

Conversely, the same is true for men. To not have sex and drink of our fluids will become painful, then agony, then worse. You want to suck as much breast milk as you possibly can over the next several days until you get acclimated and into a routine. And you want to bed as many different women as you can. Breastfeeding and pussy licking as a routine you will have to figure out for yourself later….what works for you and what doesn’t.” Why a guy in general wouldn’t want to suckle a woman’s breast was beyond me, but not doing so did sound to be a rather unpleasant thought. “And that’s another thing…” she continued with almost a hint of sadness, “As a concept….there is no love in this place. The others forbid it….and that will also get you killed. You want to fuck and suck as many women as you can in the next day or two. It will help…them….feel that you haven’t fallen for any one of us.” I disengaged.

“No love???” It seemed an unfathomable idea in such a place as this. I then felt a flick of her finger on my skull.

“That…would have gotten you a swat on the ass.” There was a pause as she pulled me back into her breast and she added almost philosophically: “You’re new here….I forgive you.” She then gently pushed my face away from her breast, looked deep in my eyes and said: “Do not try my patience again tonight.”

“Yes ma’am.” and I resumed my nursing. It was all that I could think of to do. There was silence between us…so much so that I was wondering what she was doing.

“That’s better….I do like you smart guy….you are a quick study. And I do like to take care of my men…they fare better that way. I am not the vindictive type like the other doms here in Nirvana. That’s what we call this place here….” The “they fare better that way” was a somewhat annoying if not terrifying thought. “When we next meet again, this is how this works….My name is Mistress Selena. You may also call me ‘ma’am’ as you have been doing as well. You behave like a good little slave? I will have complete control of your bodily functions– and I give you pleasure when I see fit depending on your behavior. You misbehave? Depending on the nature of the offense?” She pulled my face off her breast and a wicked smile crossed her face and there was a gleam in her eyes: “I spank. Got it?”

“Yes ma’am.” I was losing my confidence in the situation at this point, but I was willing to go with it for the moment. Even if someday I couldn’t consider her a friend, at least she was giving me the one thing that I needed most right now…..information.

“Good. Like I said….you just might make it here…. Next. You will need to make a happy place. A happy place may be the memory of your greatest orgasm ever, a happy time in your life, or possibly even something else truly happy….away….even though you would never speak of that here in Nirvana. The reason why you will need a happy place to go to in your head is that….they….will force you to do things that you really don’t want to do. It’s not a question of if, it’s only a question of when.” My dick was so hard again it was starting to annoy me, so I started whacking it, partly for something to do.

As much as you will want to use the main room while you’re adjusting to this new life, it can become tiresome after awhile listening to all the moaning and groaning. That’s what rooms like these are for– separation and relative silence. Never enter a room like this when there are people in it unless you know the occupants and are certain that it would be okay to interrupt them. We have little enough privacy here in Nirvana smart guy. Because you are new here…everyone knows to leave us alone right now. Interrupting a room like this would be rude.” I nodded as I nursed. It made sense.

There are exceptions occasionally but as a general rule, men do not interact with men here. Us girls like to keep it that way. When men aren’t fucking, they like to fight, and we cannot allow that here. The others rarely come in the light but fighting is a great way to make that happen. And they come in with their dart guns blazing.” By now I was rubbing myself as fast as I could and she wrapped her hand around my foreskin again….waiting until I spazmmed uncontrollably….and then lewdly licked her glove clean as before. “Switch.” Disengaging again, I stood up and as I walked around the trio of chairs, this time she had left her legs spread wide and was pointing between her legs at the bottom of her corset.. “Lick.” Without question, I continued around to the middle chair, knelt down, and wrapped my legs around her thighs putting my face at the door to her holiest of holys, covered by her clothing. Lightly, I began kissing the leather door. After a moment or two….hands appeared at my head directing me to look at her again. One was at the base of my skull, the other was stroking my hair. Her pussy was already dripping and begging bahis şirketleri for attention, but at the same time on her face was a sneer that demanded satisfaction:

“Make me cum good and hard. I like it better that way…. You take care of me? I take care of you.” and she then pulled me back into her crotch. “Now where was I again?”

“Men like to fight, madam….” I muffled in between kisses of her quim.

“Yessss…..and especially over us women here in Nirvana….us girls try to keep it from happening as much as possible but sometimes….men will be stupid. And that will get you killed as well….sometimes in hours of daylight if you’re brazen enough about it.” As her breathing slowly quickened, I increased the tempo of my kisses and gave her a lick with the flat of my tongue somewhat focusing on the area where her clitoris would be, but never actually venturing beyond the leather of her corset. By the same token, the more she talked, the more I would learn….I didn’t want her to come too soon either. “….once a man and woman begin pleasuring each other, it’s like dancing in a ball room. You don’t ‘cut in’ unless

you know the woman in question– or you happen to be Don Juan Himself. Even then, Don Juan will have created an enemy here. You never want enemies in Nirvana smart guy…this place is dangerous enough as it is without them.” At this point I had already learned from contact with the fabric that at the base of the clothing there was a slit to allow for easier access to the vagina and I took advantage of it– carefully but firmly thrusting my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could and then back out. “Selena”, or whatever her name was, inhaled reflexively and arched her back because of it. “That’s better smart guy….I’m waiting to cum….never make me wait.” she hissed at me through labored breathing. Disengaging I quickly jumped up to my knees and frantically began unstrapping her suspenders. Numbly my dominatrix began pulling down her leather panties amid pointed breaths. When we were done, I immediately went back at it but this time planted warm, wet, and loving kisses directly on her pussy lips with quick flicks inside.

“Yes ma’am.” I acknowledged. Again I was getting hard. In some ways, this was getting annoying.

“There are no names here either. No real ones anyway. We hide behind fake ones. You will need to pick a new first name….. I don’t care which one but you will need a new one soon and you will have to stick to it for as long as you stay here….. Switching first names will only get the rest of us confused and you don’t want that either….”

“….Stephen.” It was all I could think of.

“Good….. There are no STDs here. You must have been checked before you came in the door and we women are all checked at least weekly. We are also force fed contraceptives in the food that we are given at night. Also at night, we will slip off in the darkness in shifts….and all of us return before the lights come on again at the latest. If a man picks a fight with you at night, run away.” She pushed my face away from her twat and stared at me through a veil of labored breathing and lustful desire. “Run, away….they don’t shoot the ones that are avoiding the fight.” she hissed, then ground my face back into her pussy deeply. Honoring her “request” I pulled myself in harder with my arms and thrust my tongue in as far as it would go. “Yesssss.” she hissed again. “Drink of my pusssssyyyyy.”

“Yes ma’am.” I was referring to running away at night if necessary. I could only assume that she took it as to the way that I was giving pleasure.

“Swallllow iiiiit….” she groaned. Now, I never actually swallowed a woman’s juices deliberately, but given the situation, it seemed fair enough. “….do you taste it?”

“Yes ma’am.” and it was nourishing…I could feel it energizing me as her breast milk did all the way down to the pit of my stomach. As much as I was enjoying the action before me…..I felt guilty about my wife…. I also knew that I had to come to grips with that and fast…..

.oO(I’m here….I’m alone….and I don’t even know where I am….

I choose to live.

It really is that simple)Oo. Guilty or not….I kept eating her pussy for several minutes as my dick kept getting harder and harder.

“Look at me…” she said hoarsely and I obeyed. She then looked me in the eyes and grunted out: “Now Fuck me.” Further encouragement was unnecessary! Jumping up I grabbed my shlong and groaned it into her whoo-whoo. “Look at me!” she commanded as I moved my hips in and out, then I looked into her eyes….trying to peer into her soul…..and lust was all I saw there…pure lust for the forbidden and the taboo. I was getting close and I knew it: “Do not cum before me smart guy!” she grunted through her teeth. “….I spank!!!”

.oO(Ah piss! Really???)Oo.

I kept screwing her to obey her every command, trying to hold off and prolong the moment, partly because I had too many questions and not enough answers. As much as I wanted to bust a nut with this sex goddess, I couldn’t afford to be on her bad side right now either. Gratefully, finally she began grinding out a first rate orgasm….then I let go of one myself right after that.

“Mmmmmmnnnn…I DO like you smart guy….” she whispered. “You do know how to behave….now just keep it that way and you and I will get along fiiiiine.” she purred.

“Yes ma’am.” was all I could think of….in the afterflow of lovemaking, if I were to get the advantage back again….then was the time. “Stay there.” I whispered and then quickly I got up and stepped around to the back of the furniture behind her. Next I gently massaged her temples from behind. “Just relax madam, I exist only to serve you. And I am trying to create good memories….the ones that you suggested I will need at some point.” Without comment….I moved to working my fingers through her mane and down to her scalp…gently but firmly making small circles from the top of her forehead and moving back toward the base of her skull.

“Remember…you are to bed and exchange bodily fluids with as many women as you can like I suggested….you don’t have much time….but continue as you are for now.” Questions kept rolling through my mind…all of them seemed stupid or waste of my little ploy.

“Yes ma’am.” At the top of her neck I switched to using the ends of my thumbs, giving simultaneous pressures from the middle outward, working from top to bottom. “You deserve nothing less Mistress Selena.” Normally I would remove the corset and continue down her back, but with her seated in the chair that seemed impractical at best. I then sprinted around to the front again and sat before her feet, seductively removing one of her shoes. “So beautiful…..” I said referring to her foot. The flat of my hand massaging up and down her instep, I pressed my other thumb in circles around the ball of her foot for awhile. “Just relax.” I whispered. “You’ve had a hard day.” Holding her instep was helping me put deliberate but soothing pressure in more circles as I worked up the arch of her foot and on toward the ball. She was still purring…so I continued up to the bottom of her toes in a similar fashion. “To better serve you madam….why am I to be with so many women so fast?” I uttered. Selena paused before answering…..

“To make your genitals as big as possible.” And without stopping….I moved to her other foot…removing the other pump style shoe with an almost deliberate seduction.

“If I am to be your fuck toy– is it a sense of stature among us? Large genitalia I mean?”


“Then it will be done.” Did I mind giving her pleasure? No…but questions were “forbidden” and I was also testing our boundaries…I needed more information. The obvious next question was about the computer terminals…but that didn’t seem a “safe” subject. She wasn’t spanking me– not yet at least– so I continued massaging her. “….until I leave this place….I prefer to see myself as your dildo…a human toy at your beck and call whenever you wish….willingly….” I had to pause– to think about that statement. Was I lying? In that context, I wasn’t really sure. If Selena were right….I wouldn’t be able to escape for quite some time. As a concept, fidelity seemed impractical if not life-threatening in this place….and damn if she wasn’t actually drop-dead gorgeous. “….but how will the others out there on the floor know that I must drop whatever I am doing should you need me at any time of day or night?” By now I was starting to massage my way up her calf.

“You needn’t worry about that….but when– and if– I select you….I will show you what to do.”

“Yes ma’am.” I was about to turn up the heat a little and I wanted her to let down her guard if I could, both palms firmly on her shin and each five fingers carefully digging into her calf from the back and pulling outward, massaging the meat of her muscle. “Of everyone out there on the floor– who is in charge?”

“I am.” The gravity of that answer blew my mind considering that there were other dominatrix in this place and she was not the meanest one among them. Reaching the back of her knee, I switched legs, working from the bottom up as before.

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