New Girl Down the Hall

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She was a BBW (or,Big Beautiful Woman), fine and classy, and tasty. You talk about a woman who knew how to be fine and then add some zesty taste to just who she was, man this girl was FINE. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Time for a little slow down, a lil’ rewind.

I’d been in the apartment for about 4 years. Rare anymore to be in the same apartment for so long. The longest any person stayed in the apartment I was in was 1 year. So, for me to be there for so long..yeah, I got to know the new people fairly quick. So, when this fine looking woman came walking up the hallway, titties bouncing, ass doing a gentle wave, I just KNEW. If she didn’t HAVE a man, she was going to GET a man. If she played hard to get, well..that just made it sweeter when I’d get to show her that I’m ‘hard to pound’.

I’m pretty sure that the glances she gave me were along the lines of “What’s this white man doing in an all black neighborhood?” “Why’s that white man looking at me like I’m new meat?” “What does a white man have that a black man don’t?” Well, shit. I don’t really give a flying clustermuck what a black brother has that this white brother may or may not have. I’ve lived among my peeps for so long, they know I’m just a black brother stuck in a white man’s body.

She had walked past my apartment several times, carrying her belongings in..when my eyes finally stopped clicking mental pictures for my brain to say, “Yo! Feet and arms, get to moving. If she wants your help, you gotta start making it available.” Quick as I could, I followed her down the steps to where the moving van was. And I was surprised! There was twice as much stuff in my apartment room than what she was unloading. I really got to wondering whether she’d ever slept on a bed because there was only a fold-out couch. I almost began to pity this fine soul.

“Hi, my name is Tweeds.” I said it as easygoing as I could.

“Tweeds? What kind of name is that?” She looked me up and down as I tried my hardest to not let her see that I already had a boner.

“Well, I’m actually Dutch, but the name is Scottish for “jacket”. I just wanna show you how I can be your jacket and be a comfortable one at that. It’s not my real name, but “tweeds” is just easier to say and actually sounds like a ‘hood name.” I woulda told her my name was 88Fingers, but who feels up a woman with all 88 fingers?

“Ok Tweeds..or whatever your name is. My name is Ty, or “Tyra”. You can call me either or. And if you keep looking at me like you’re going to eat me, you’d better prepare yourself. I don’t want you nibbling ANY part of me unless you plan on using something like Jaws of Life. I got a tough exterior and I’m not about to let just any cracker butter me up for another waste of time.”

I got the message, loud and clear. This woman had to be worked up the right way or there would be no way that I would be able to use a woody on her. The rest of the moving was done in mostly silence. I was probably the only brother in the apartment that wasn’t stoned or drunk. If there were any that weren’t either of that, they were napping.

I made sure to grab the last box, even though it was light enough that she could’ve picked it up. “After you,” I said with a smile. It seemed that her tough exterior was wearing off because she smiled and it reached her eyes as well. I followed her and DAMN, I was enjoying the view. An ass that swayed and sashayed..almost as though she was inviting me to ‘tap that.’

I placed the box on the floor and surveyed the area. Ty had brought herself some liquids, but with her appliances not being turned on till later, she’d have to rely on somewhere else or somebody else for water. I turned to see her reaching for her small purse and opening it up.

“What do I owe you?” She asked with a “darn, now he has to leave” tone of voice. Without looking at her money, I knew she was a woman of means. But, I was not the kind of man to bounce in on a woman with means..especially if she used them just to move around.

“Look,” I reached forward and put my hand over her open purse. “By you paying me, I’d feel like a moving company person. I live her, I’m not about to get extra dough just for helping another person move in. So, I’ll tell you what. Since you let me help you with your moving, come on down to my apartment for a chance to use the facilities. I mean, your porcelain throne ain’t gonna be flushing within a day you might as well use mine. And REALLY, I don’t mind. Not like I ain’t seen a thing or two in my young lifetime.”

She opened her mouth to protest, but I could see the idea working already in her mind. Without saying a word, she closed her mouth again and gave me a grin. “Maybe I could bahis siteleri use a bit of freshening up. I keep forgetting how nice it is to have a bathroom that works right when you get to a spot. And you’re right, I am a woman of means. Which means..”she threw me a flirty wink, “that I might be more willing to let you get a bit friendly with me.”

I raised my left eyebrow in fake shock and she just chuckled. I waited till she had locked her door. This time, I led to my apartment and I heard her follow. Unlocking and opening my door, I was glad that I’d cleaned up the place and put in some new air fresheners. Even though I have no sense of smell, I know most women DO. I’d taken a shower a night ago, but the warm air and the job of moving boxes had made me sweat a bit. I just hoped it wouldn’t be too much to be stinky.

“Could you close and lock the door, please? Around here, I don’t like just anybody walking in on my business even if it’s during the day. People got no manners around her, you feel me?” I wanted to be truthful. Truth was, I didn’t have much of a business to walk in on, but setting some sort of standard for a locked door seemed like a necessity.

She turned around and once again, I got a good look at her ass. Now, I wouldn’t call her ‘huge’, but there is something to be appreciated of big hips. I knew from being with a white BBW, those cheeks were BOUND to be warm..maybe a tad sweaty..and definitely edible. Along with the added heat benefit of a BBW, I knew her pussy lips would be succulent and soft..and I could hardly wait to see what hers looked and tasted like.

I watched as her eyes found the deadbold and the slide lock. The deadbolt slid home and as she lifted her hands to the slide lock, I stepped up behind her and let her buttocks get to know my groin..and my package. She did not resist and actually moaned a bit when my hands slipped from her lucious tummy, upwards and across her nipples..which i discovered were almost as hard as my cock.

She took two steps back..and I simply enjoyed the feeling of all-woman moving right up close and personal with me. With a quickness I didn’t expect, but thoroughly enjoyed, she bent at the waist. Now, her butt cheeks were just though waiting for me to ACTUALLY tap her. I stepped back for a full view and then stepped forward. It was then that I realized that something was very wrong. Her right hand slipped down into the boots she was wearing and before I had any idea what was happening, it returned with a small object. Just as I was stepping up to push my caged cock against her ass again, I was subjected to 6000 volts of electricity. Her taser zapped and crackled as I was suddenly and painfully subjected to a punishing wave of energy. With a yelp of pain and surprise, I stumbled backwards and landed flat on my back on my carpeted floor.

Through eyes that were quickly filling with pain from the sudden electrical attack, I saw her replace the taser and stand back up. I was beginning to think I should call the cops on this girl. I had severely underestimated what she could do and now I was beginning to see her hard exterior once again. Then she spoke.

“Hun, did you really think that I was just going to let you feel me up, stuff something in me somewhere and then somehow think that was the best thing that you could do for me? Don’t you know you gotta frisk a person before you let them into your apartment?” A hardness in her eyes was slowly going away replaced by some pity as she saw me in my pain.

I opened my mouth to speak, but my voice wasn’t working. The pain in my groin was dissipating slowly replaced by a tingling sensation. I was still on my back and could barely pick up my head. She walked over to me and bent at the waist again. I blinked away tears and was simply awed by the sight of her eyes..her beautifully shaped mouth..elegant neck..and HOT DAMN! I could see she was wearing a bra, but her breasts were hanging there like coconuts..and I struggled to get a boner, but it just hurt too much. She noticed my gaze had lingered on her breasts, so she brought a hand to her shirt and slowly pulled it off.

I was in shock for real this time. Through her white underwear, I could see dark chocolate nipples and they were erect. I licked my lips at the thought of nibbling on them. It must’ve been the right thing to do because she reached around her back and soon the bra followed the shirt. Now, she was naked from the waist up and here I was still recovering from a taser. My shock was replaced by arousal as she slowly undid my pants, tenderly pulled my underwear away..and then slowly lowered her mouth down on me. Her tongue began to massage my limp dick and the pain faded even faster. canlı bahis siteleri Through the tingling sensation, I could feel her tongue slowly swirling around and around my cock.

I opened my mouth and this time my voice worked. “Ty, promise me you’re not making my cock wet just so you can shock it again. I mean, I’d have a heart attack for real. Me getting tasered for humping your ass is understandable..but then you going down on me afterward is just weird.

A chuckle vibrated from within her and I felt it on my cock. Slowly she lifted her head off of my now semi-hard cock and said, “Man, I just wanted to show you how a woman of means can make you grow. Besides, the shock and awe treatment is something I give to every man who thinks he can get fresh with me without asking. All you had to do was ask, but this is what you get for not asking.” Then, she lowered her head and began sucking on my lollipop again.

I lay my head back on the carpet and simply enjoyed it. Never in my lifetime would I ever have thought getting tasered would be such a rewarding experience. Already, my cock was tingling less and waking up more. The pain was almost completely gone and I flexed the muscles within my shaft so that I bounced in her mouth. She chuckled again and then tightened her lips around my shaft and began to bob.

I woulda sworn she either used to be a professional at blow jobs..or..she just really enjoyed giving them. Either way, she knew just how to swirl her tongue around my head and then dip it into the hole. Each time she did this, another wave of energy (positive energy this time) moved through me. Finally, I could not hold still and began to thrust into her mouth.

“Baby, why you moving like this?” She had lifted up and off of me and had a frown.

“Ty, didn’t you know? Before you can ride the bronco, sometimes you gotta tame him before you can ride him.” Those were the only words I could think of, so that’s what I said.

“But, what if I didn’t come here to ride the bronco,” she asked.

“Well, then just suck the life outta him,” I replied with a grin and a wink. She winked back and then resumed her sensual assault. With new vigor, she tightned her lips around my cock and began to bob faster. This time instead of swirling her tongue around my cock head, she focused entirely on simply licking at the top as though it were a quickly melting ice cream cone. The new sensation and change of pace had me soon panting for breath. She just chuckled for knowing what to do and kept going.

“Ty,” I half whispered, half spoke. “I gotta warn you..sometimes the horse has a lot to give before it gives out. I just don’t want you to be too surprised. You do swallow, right?”

For the first time, I felt her teeth and they clamped almost painfully on me before she slowly raised her head again. “Brother-man..I got a good idea what I’m doing down here. You want me to bite you off or suck you off?”

“Suck it, sugar. Just suck and do what you do best.” I said quickly. I didn’t want another electrical shock.

Suck she did. But as she felt my balls tightening, she put an index finger at the base of my shaft and I grinned. This woman DEFINITELY knew how to make a guy happy with an orgasm. Few women knew the secret of slowing the ejaculation by holding off the source hose. But, even though she had her finger there, I soon couldn’t hold back the flow. With a groan that shook my body and curled my toes, I released into her mouth. Ty frenchkissed my cock and swallowed every bit of my juice.

After I had exerted all that I had into her, she raised her head and gave me a smile. “Baby, you tasted sweet and salty and a hint of peppermint. What do you eat?”

“Well,” I answered with a smile. “I eat a lot of fruits, I stay away from certain greens, definitely stay away from meat..and I let you have the meat. But, I got a question for you. Were you just going to tease me with your lucious boobies or were you going to let me get them? And could I get them with me not on the bed is just around the corner.”

She smiled and reached a hand my way to help me off the floor. Not that I minded being on the floor for what I’d gotten.

“Pull your pants up, sugar. I don’t mind sucking you off, but you’re not about to add your crackers to my soup unless you can prove you’re more than just another crumb.” Her words just flowed like a waterbrook, her voice musical as water over rocks. I gave her directions where my room was and then told her to stop right at the door.

“I ain’t gonna fuck you, Ty because you asked me not to. But, I wanna do one thing that always heats things up.” With those words spoken, I bent slightly and kissed my way up her canlı bahis backbone. Sure enough, with each kiss, her skin broke out in places with goose pimples. I slowly blew on several spots and watched as the shivers went through her body. Then, I put my hand on her back and gave her a firm push. She stepped through the doorway, turned, and plopped her goose-pimpled-back onto my bed. Her breasts bounced and shook and until everything stopped moving, I just stood there and watched in amusement.

Then, I walked forward and climbed onto the bed. Slowly..almost tortuously slow, I bent and kissed all around her bellybutton. I traced a circle around with my tongue and I heard her sigh. I french kissed her button and then sucked lightly on it. Another sigh. With an impish grin, I made sure she was quite relaxed and then I pressed my mouth firmly onto her stomach and quickly exhaled. With a shriek and a jerk, she was suddenly laughing and I knew I had her on her good side.

Continuing my ticklish journey, I made my way up the valley between her breasts. Both of them were so temping..I finally settled on the left one. Kissing my way along the edges of her swell, I could feel the energy going through her body. My pattern was a spiral circle that would eventually reach her nipple. When I was more or less on top of her, I alternated between kissing and licking. When I reached the left areola, the nipple was erect as a small tower. I used my teeth to gently roll her nipple between them before I slowly sucked as much of her into my mouth as I could fit.

“Oooh DAMN!” It came out in a rush and I looked into her eyes. They were hot with I changed from my slow attack to my fast one.

Instead of doing the spiral, I pulled away from her left nip to the succulent twin on the right. I sucked it into my mouth like the first one and was rewarded with a second “DAMMMNNN!”

Surrepticiously, I slid one arm down her stomach..past her stomach. By the time she realized what I was doing, my hands were past her waisband. I discovered a neatly trimmed pussy and…and discovered that she was much wetter than she had let on.

Then her purse began to ring.

“Fuuuuuck,” was all she said as I quickly stopped what I was doing. She sat up, retrieved her purse, and took out the ringing phone. “Hello?” Oh yeah, hi. Yeah, I remember our plans for tonight. Yeah, I still wanna go with you. No, I’m not doing anything at the moment.” She quickly looked in my direction and her eyes warned me to not say a word. “What time is it now? Ok, let’s meet in 2 hours. Where are we meeting?…Ok, I’ll see you then. Bye.”

“I’m sorry, Tweeds, but I gotta go. That was my girlfriend from highschool. I promised I’d meet up with her when I got moved in. What you were doing was so HOT, but I don’t break promises to old friends. Tell you what, there’s this chat room that I started. My name on there is the same as what I call myself. You can use whatever screen name you want, but it’s free and I’d like to introduce you to some friends. And maybe..just maybe..I’ll let you come to my apartment soon and I’ll give you a better idea of what I like to do without a taser. Deal?”

I thought about it for a moment and then made a daring move. I pushed her back down onto the bed, straddled myself over top of her, and kissed her firmly on the lips. Closed lips at first, but I felt her tongue on the outside of my lips, so I opened my mouth. Our tongues dueled and I began to get hard all over again.

With a frustrated expulsion of air, she broke the kiss and was breathing hard. “Daayyuum, dude. With a tongue like that, I’ve already felt what you can do on my nipples, my back, my stomach. I’m looking forward to seeing and feeling what you can do down south, but if you keep pressing your luck, you’re going to see how strong I really am. Besides, I really don’t wanna turn your delicious pink cock into a black matter how white the rest of you is.”

“Ty, that was a ‘thank you’ kiss. I never woulda expected to get this much pleasure from a woman that carries a taser. That was also a “I’m looking forward to next time” kiss. And really, if you think about it, we could make quite a pair.” She looked at me with some confusion. “Our names, Ty & Tweeds. Well, you take the first letters of both names. T & T. That’s some explosive shit.

Her eyes lit up and she grinned at the comparison. With a glance down at my cock, she quickly kissed my lips again and then said, “If I am late to my appointment with my girlfriend, she’s going to grill me till she gets all the juicy details. The quicker I get outta here, the less I gotta tell. You going to let me go, or what?”

I let her go. But, I had my hand firmly on her ass as she was walking to the door. As she opened the door, I held her arm. She looked at me in question, so I answered and said, “Ty..I’d doubletap that.” She just laughed again and walked out of the apartment.

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