Next Time I’ll Remember

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Whew. I was bushed, and I wasn’t hesitant to say so after dinner. It’s not that I don’t help with the little chores around the house in the evening before TV time, but this particular night I was convinced I’d done my part for king and country, and had earned some self-serving, self-centered and somewhat selfish time in the recliner. I wasn’t mean spirited or angry. But I did make my announcement without waiting for a reply as I scooted my chair back, put my napkin beside my now empty plate, and stood up, walking away from the table and out of the dining room. I didn’t hear a word from my lady as I did, and as I sat down on my La-Z-Boy the sound of dishes being cleared from the table, rinsed and put into the dishwasher was heard in the background. Good. I’ll do them tomorrow I thought.

Putting up the footrest, I sat my still full glass of sweet tea on the table beside me. I was kind of proud of myself that I remembered to use a coaster. That would help with points later. Who knows, might even help me get laid. Thinking about it a bit, I decided that with a peaceful exit of the work area I’d better not push my luck too much. The door closed on the dishwasher and it began to make it’s nightly washing sounds. The light went off in the kitchen, and I heard our bedroom door close, and soon could hear the sound of the shower harmonizing with the draining of the first phase of the dishes’ journey back to the cabinet.

Reaching for the remote, I soon found a ball game on ESPN to my liking, and sat it back down within easy reach. One at a time, I flipped off my loafers letting them land where they would.

As the pitcher worked and the commentators made conversation I heard the door open, and turning my head saw the light vanish as our bedroom light was flicked off. Footsteps followed, and the kitchen light flipped on. I heard her open the refrigerator and the clink of glass. She’d retrieved the half bottle of Chablis we’d cracked the night before last. I almost called out for her to bring me a beer, but thought better of it. So far, things were going too well on my night off, and some things just don’t need to be piled up. Besides, with two outs and the count full I was pretty sure I’d take a break in a minute during the commercial and go grab one myself. The refrigerator opened again and then closed. What was that? I turned my head and kaçak iddaa tilted it, my ear pointed toward the sound I’d just heard. To an observer, I’d have looked a lot like our beagle when he tilts his head upon recognizing a word or name. Only my ears couldn’t perk up like his. It was the sound of a can opening. A beer can. Could it be? Be still my heart!

I decided it would be good for me to feign not hearing anything and appear to be watching the game when she came in so she could enjoy “surprising” me with the little gift. I took one last puff, and turned to put the pipe back in its holder when I felt a hand on my shoulder. She’d walked around to the other side of the kitchen to approach me from behind. She reached around and sat a full glass of beer down (on a napkin for a coaster… my tea was still fairly full on the brass one with the leather insert). There was a perfect head of foam on it, and the little bubbles danced in the light from the lamp beside me.

Then I felt it. Her hand slipped over my shoulder and down the open collar of my shirt while her other hand slipped through my hair and massaged my head nicely. OK. That’s it. Baby’s horny. I think maybe I have enough stamina left to enjoy a bit of loving. After all, she has let me rest up so far. Smiling, I thought it would be good for me to even kiss her a bit, nuzzle her neck, and get her all fired up. After all, she had indeed earned a good orgasm. I’d be less than a good man if I didn’t take care of her.

Looking up to smile, my eyebrows raised with a start. She’d donned a wonderful, silky black little negligee. Oh my. Momma wants a good fucking. I suddenly knew it was gonna’ be one great night.

“You like?”, she asked playfully.

“Oh yeah, baby. I like. I really, really like.”

With that she stepped around in front of me and swung one leg over my legs, recliner rest and all. Her little black gown-lette slipped up over her full thighs as her legs spread wide, her dark pussy fur fully exposed and touching my knees as she put her hands on my shoulders and leaned over, putting her open mouth on mine. A wet and wonderful tongue kiss followed, and soon she was aggressively thrusting her tongue deep, over and over. My hands instinctively reached around her hips as I stroked the small of her back with my fingertips, the silky nightie moving over her soft skin. I kaçak bahis felt her ample round ass flex as she began to slowly hump my legs, slipping her pussy over my knees. A long, deep, sexy moan came from deep inside her.

The kiss ended, and she raised her head. Her face was inches from mine as she licked her lips and then shook her hair back over her shoulder. Steadying herself carefully, she gripped my shoulder harder with one hand as the other slipped up to her own neck. Slowly, holding my gaze, her fingertips slipped down her neck and continued down between her full breasts, swaying seductively under the thin black lace. Slipping her hand under one of them she pulled it free, and raising it, she looked down at it, rubbing her middle finger up over the tip of her hard nipple while her other fingers sunk deeply into the creamy flesh. As her hair slipped off her shoulders, she lifted it, lowering her head and slipping her tongue out, and I watched her lick around her large dark areola, teasing me with her sexy show. She licked her lips again as she looked back into my eyes.

“Want some, honey?”

Without waiting for the obvious answer, she leaned forward, holding her breast, the black lace under it, offering the gorgeous nipple surrounded by puckered flesh to me. My mouth opened to receive the generous gift, and soon I was licking and sucking with abandon. Again, her moans filled the room with wonderful effect. I had the hardest boner under my slacks that I’d had in months. In a few minutes she pushed my shoulder, and raised herself up, slipping her leg back up and over the recliner, standing now beside me.

“Put it down”, she said, tapping my knee as she lifted up and set her other breast free. I complied and watched her slip down to her knees, and slowly unzipped my fly. Once and awhile, being less than wonderfully endowed does work to one’s advantage as soon she fished my hard-on out and began to slowly stroke it. With her free hand she stroked her hair on one side back over her ear to give me an unobstructed view. Looking up again, she grinned, and then she leaned down and I watched (and felt!) the tip of her tongue lick up the underside of my cock, playfully stopping and wiggling against that little spot just under it’s head. I leaned my head back and got comfortable. Her mouth opened and slowly sank over the now swollen head illegal bahis of my prick, her hand at its base slowly stroking and squeezing it. I reached down with one hand and slipped my fingers through her soft hair, still a bit damp from her shower.

“Mmmmmmm”, she said, her mouth still full.

She popped the head out and stroked its full length, looking at it, and then looking up and smiling as she kept slowly stroking.

“Feel good, does it baby?”, she teased in a seductive, breathy voice.

“Uh huh.”

I was too turned on to articulate much more.

“Good”, she moaned as I felt her grip tighten. She opened her mouth wide and slowly took my cock into it. I felt her hot breath as she reached the base, and then her mouth closed and with one suck her lips tightened around it, slowly pulling up, and then opening her mouth at the head repeated it, again and again.

I felt myself starting to move, slowly holding her head and beginning to fuck her wet, hot mouth. She moaned again, and her moan felt soooooo good with my hard cock in her pretty face.

She slipped it out again and looked up, smiling. “You wanna’, don’t you baby? Would you like to feel your cum shoot in my mouth? Bet you’d like to see part of your load running down my chin and dropping over my tits, wouldn’t you? Tell me, baby. Tell me what you’d like.”

I was blown away (pun intended) by her aggressive and slutty voice. It wasn’t like her at all, but I loved it. I don’t care what she’d been reading to put these thoughts into her brain. Hell, I’d buy her more of it if she was like this more often.

“Oh yeah, darlin’. I like all of it. You just keep doin’ what you’re doin’.”

She giggled, and then put her hands on my thighs and pushed, getting up off her knees and was again standing beside me. She put her tits slowly back, pulling the silk lace up over each one. I started to get up.

“Oh no, baby. You just sit there.”

I smiled and complied.

“What do you have in mind, baby?” I asked, trying to match the seduction in my own voice with that in hers. She leaned down and shook her hair back again, and I felt her soft lips touch my ears, her hot breath putting her whispered words deep into me.

“I’ll bet next time you’ll know better than to just leave the table like a selfish bastard, won’t you?

I felt an instant deflation of my hard on, still out of my fly and glistening with the wetness of her mouth.

She turned quickly and marched out of the room, down the hall, and I heard the bedroom door close.

“Oh shit.”

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