Nikki’s Panty Mission

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It was Friday, four weeks into my freshman year of college. I was in my last class for the day and my friend, Katie, was sitting in front of me. She had a new boyfriend she had hooked up with over the summer. He was seated on the other side of me.

Right in the middle of class, Katie dropped her pencil that rolled to the next row over. She got up and bent over to pick it up. That’s when I discovered she had really obvious ugly panty lines and her underwear waistband peeked above her pants exposing a pair of white Hanes panties with a small rip in the cotton material. I looked over at her boyfriend who showed he was a bit embarrassed at what she was exposing by putting his hand over his face. I knew at that moment that I had a new mission for the weekend, I had to help Katie pick out new panties. After class I asked Katie if she was open to meeting at her house on Saturday. Then, we’d go shopping at the mall, she happily agreed.

Saturday came, I drove over to Katie’s house. She answered the door after I rang the bell and invited me inside.

“How’s it going Nikki!” Katie said.

“Great! Hey, do you want to hang out in your room before we head out?” I asked her.

“Sure, sounds good. I actually need to go to the bathroom really fast. Why don’t you go up and I’ll be right there,” Katie replied.

‘Perfect’, I thought, this way I could see what Katie’s underwear drawer looked like on my own. I made my way in and closed the door. I looked around and noticed a dresser across from her bed. I decided to begin my search for her underwear at the top. First drawer was socks and the next drawer over was her underwear. Sure enough just like I suspected all she had were white briefs loaded in her drawer.

“Goodness,” I whispered. “Did her mom buy all her underwear or something?”

I started throwing all of her underwear in the trash when Katie walked in.

“What’s going on?!” She remarked.

“This!” I said as I pointed to a stained white pair of underwear. “This is ugly and disgusting, I’m taking you panty shopping and we’re replacing it all!”

“Ahh, I see what you mean. I suppose you’re right. Sounds like fun!” replied Katie.

One thing to keep in mind about Katie. She had a pretty sheltered life so far so I don’t think she realized all the different styles and fabrics that underwear comes in now days. For all I know, she thought we were just getting cleaner white underwear again.

We hopped in the car and went over to the mall. We went straight to Victoria’s Secret. Kate couldn’t keep her mouth shut because she was in awe of all the risky sexy lingerie. I figured I’d start off with the basics and then expand from there. I found 2 different bikini cut pieces, one had lace on the edges and the other was a no show smooth microfiber panty.

“If you go with a basic style like this, these are some good options. Both reduce your chances of having really bad panty lines and they look cute,” I explained.

We searched through the drawers and picked out 10 flirty colors of assorted styles: briefs, bikini, string bikini, and hip huggers. She thought the string bikini was a bit daring. I couldn’t wait to show her a thong and really blow her mind.

“Now, I’d like you to try a few of each style of underwear they have here. You may discover that you’ll like some. Let’s start with boy shorts,” I said as I pointed to a mannequin which sported a red, lace pair of boy shorts.

They showed just a little butt cheek at the bottom. Katie’s eyes got big and remarked “those look so sexy!”

“Pick a cotton one and a full lace one,” I said.

We dug around and found a black cotton pair with the word “sexy” written on the back. We also found the same red lace panties that the mannequin was wearing.

“Next, I want to introduce a newer style called cheekies,” I held up a pair of lace ones and showed the backside, “these I’m sure your boyfriend will love because they’ll compliment your ass well with the lace exposing half of your butt cheeks.”

Katie grabbed the pair from me and studied it “yeah these look hot! Let’s get a few.”

We picked out a few colors in lace.

“Now, for the grand finale we’re going to get you a bunch of thongs and g-strings!” I exclaimed.

I walked over to a drawer and started picking a few out when Katie commented, “are these actually comfortable? Do a lot of girls wear them?”

I looked back at her “oh yes, a lot do and once you find the right kind you’ll get used to them and love how sexy you’ll feel in them. This is also a good way to get rid of those horrible panty lines you’ve been showing,” I smiled as I scolded her.

Katie blushed a little, and then I thought of our friend Cass.

“I know Cass wears thongs. Let’s have a sleep over tonight and show off our panties!” I said.

“Ooo, that sounds scandalous!” She said, and continued. “My parents are gone for the weekend too!”

We ended up having a lot of fun going through all the different kinds of thongs. We ended up getting her a bright green v-string, a black bahçelievler escort lace thong, a hot pink cotton thong, a nude color no show microfiber thong, a silk black and bright blue striped thong, an orange Brazilian pair, and a cheetah triple string g-string. We also bought a few matching bras and spandex pants to add to the collection. We confirmed our plans with Cass, I couldn’t wait for the night to begin. I dropped off Katie and ran home to throw all of my panties into a suitcase, along with a few sets of clothes. I changed into a tiny white micro t-string and white spandex pants in order to show how hot my ass can look without big panty lines going down the sides of my butt. I drove back to Katie’s and she answered the door after I rang her bell. I walked in and I led her up to her room.

She smacked my ass while we were going up the stairs “Lookin sexy Nikki!”

“Thanks. I’m glad you noticed,” I replied.

“How could I not!” Katie exclaimed.

Cass showed up soon thereafter. All of us were giddy right from the start of the evening.

Cass started off, “so, Katie what did you end up getting today? I wanna see you model everything! What styles have you worn before?”

“Just briefs, so almost everything is new to me,” Katie said.

“Oh my gosh, this is going to be so exciting!” Replied Cass.

Katie took her big Victoria’s Secret bag into her walk in closet to change. After a minute she came out in a smooth teal push-up bra and matching teal no show bikini panty. Both Cass and I “ooo’d” and “ahh’d” at her stunning body.

She felt her ass and remarked “these are super soft and comfy. I love them!”

Katie went back in the closet and showed us a few basic styles like hipsters, cotton boy shorts, and her string bikini. She said she loved the feeling of just a string on the front half of her waist. The next panty she came out with was her red lace boy shorts. She came right over to me, turned around, gave me a small dance and started grinding me. I put my hands right on her ass and loved how sexy it felt. We all laughed as she danced back to her closet. Next, she came out in her lace cheekies.

“Wow you look amazing, what do you think?” said Cass.

Katie looked at her ass in the mirror.

“Yeah, these feel really sexy! I’ll probably notice these during the day, but it’ll just remind me that I have a naughty secret under my pants,” Katie blushed and smiled.

We all laughed again. Cass and I looked at each other and knew it was time. We started to chant “thong time thong time thong time!”

Katie rolled her eyes, “ok here I go. My first thong experience coming up.”

Katie decided to try her hot pink cotton thong first. She spun around and flashed her sexy ass. “Wow these are so different! This might take some getting used to.”

Both Cass and I commented, “yeah it typically does, but you look amazing!”

“Awe thanks guys. I’m gonna go try another one,” Katie explained.

We waited another minute until she came out in her bright green v-string.

“These are cute. The string in my butt is a little less noticeable than the red thong,” she remarked.

For fun, she pulled the waistband up really high like a stripper and wrapped her leg around the closet door and pretended to grind it like a stripper pole. I could tell she was enjoying this. She tried the rest of her thongs and saved her cheetah triple string g-string until the end. She blasted out of her closet door and stretched her arms and legs until they reached both sides of the door way.

“Oh my word!” Cass remarked.

Katie was wearing a matching cheetah bra with black lace edges.

“Fuck, that’s hot!” I blurted out as soon as I took in her body.

Katie came over to both of us and started taking off our shirts, “I think it’s time to see what you guys are wearing,” she said.

I looked over and discovered Cass was wearing a lace sky blue bra. Katie revealed my white lace bra. She then pulled off my white pants to reveal my skinny micro t-string that barely covered my pussy.

“Goodness, that’s a small pair,” she remarked as she stared at my pussy.

“Thanks, it’s one of the smallest pairs I own. Even when I wear tight pants it’s tough to notice that I’m wearing anything underneath,” I explained.

I noticed Katie was still staring “I can tell you like how my pussy looks in these.”

Katie snapped out of her trance and looked up at me with red embarrassed cheeks “sorry, I just can’t get over how small these are.”

“We’ll have to get some for you to try out next time.”

Katie nodded and moved on to Cass to see what she was hiding under her pants. Cass was wearing jeans and unzipped her pants to reveal a matching light blue cotton thong with white stripes and a scalloped edge waistband that had shiny ‘Victoria’s Secret’ lettering.

“Very nice!” remarked Katie.

“Yeah these are some of my everyday pairs. Let me dig out something else.” Cass took her whole suit case bahçeşehir escort into Katie’s closet and remarked “I may be a minute.”

Katie’s eyes lit up in anticipation when she heard that.

“While we wait do you want to see some of my panties?” I asked.

“Yeah! Show me what you got!” replied Katie.

I unzipped my suitcase and flipped open the top to reveal all of my panties filling the whole suit case.

“Holy cow!” Katie said in amazement.

She started pulling out pairs and holding them up.

“So many colors and fabrics! This is so hot… speaking of hot,” she found my cotton fire thong with red sparkles outlining the fire marks.

“Yeah, that’s when I’m feeling devilish,” we both laughed lightly from my corny joke.

She searched around and held up all kinds of pairs like my orange and black t-string, my rainbow double string thong, my collection of Victoria’s Secret polka dot t-strings, signature thongs and v-strings. Then she discovered my silver silk high waist cheeky panties with a sparkly lace waistband.

“Ooo, these are stunning.”

“Oh yeah those are amazing. I bought a matching bra with that one. I’ll have to show that one off to you guys,” as I winked at Katie.

“Oh ladies!” remarked Cass from behind us. We both turned around and our mouths dropped. Cass was wearing a burgundy red lace teddy with garter straps that attached to mesh stockings.

“Cass you look fucking incredible,” I remarked.

“What do you think of the back?” As she turned around to reveal a criss cross strapped back and a thong cut bottom.

“That’s such an erotic piece, where did you get it?” Katie asked.

“I found it online. It was on sale and I thought it would be fun to wear.”

“I’ve got an idea,” I perked up. “I’m getting kind of hungry. How about we order pizza and answer the door in our naughty panties and lingerie sets!”

“What! I could never do that,” said Katie.

“Come on. It’s not like you’ll ever see him again. It’ll be fun!”

Cass jumped in “don’t worry, we’ll all do it together.”

“I’m going for it!” I yelled as I picked up my phone.

Katie had both hands on her cheeks in disbelief that we were actually going to do this. “Why don’t you guys go get something to drink. I’ll order it up and change into that silver set you found Katie.”

They went into the kitchen while I ordered everything up and then grabbed my panties and bra. I slipped off my small, slightly wet t-string and slowly stepped into my cool soft silky panties with lace that hugged my waist perfectly. I couldn’t help but rub my pussy through that magical fabric. My finger fit perfectly between the outlines of my pussy lips. I shivered a bit at the teasing I was causing myself. I reached back with my other hand and slowly felt the silk over half of my butt cheek. God they felt so sexy! I realized they might get suspicious of how long I was taking so I regrouped and joined the other girls.

“Ooh la la girl! You look great!” commented Katie. I spun around and showed off the back. “I like the high waist combo with the cheeky style. Very sexy,” remarked Cass.

I sat down and Cass suggested we play truth or dare while we waited for the pizza man. I agreed and requested to ask Katie something first. She decided on truth so I asked “so do you like thongs and can you see yourself wearing them more often?”

“Hey! That’s 2 questions… but I’ll answer anyways… yeah I absolutely like them. I’m definitely gonna give them a shot and really find out what I like best. I feel really sexy in them.”

“Aww I’m so glad. You’re gonna love how sexy they’ll make you feel throughout the day,” I replied.

“Ok my turn for Cass,” Katie said.

“Truth or dare?”


“Have you ever worn this lingerie set for a boy?”

Cass smiled and was a bit embarrassed.

“Well no… but I did for another girl.”

Both Katie & I were in shock. “Wait. Do you like girls?”

“Well… I like both.”

“Oh my! How far have you gone?” I asked

“Hey isn’t it my turn to ask you now?” Cass said.

“Ugh, I suppose. Ok… Dare.”

Cass grinned “kiss me.”

I was caught off guard… but had to admit she looked pretty sexy. I figured why not, so I went for it. I put my hand on her neck and she put hers on mine. We both leaned in and kissed for 2 or 3 seconds. Cass started pulling away but I thought it was extremely hot so I pulled her neck toward me and started french kissing her. After 5 or 6 more seconds Katie broke us up “alright alright that’s enough, you guys are gonna have to get a room if you keep going.” We both laughed. “That was fun,” I remarked. Cass bit her lip showing how turned on she was.

It was my turn to ask Katie “truth or dare, Katie”


“I want you to kiss Cass and cup her breast with your hand.”

I think Katie surprised us because she went for it right away. Maybe us kissing got her turned on. I never thought I would bakırköy escort think this but there was nothing more sexy than seeing two girls is lingerie kissing each other. Katie leaned Cass back until she was laying on top of her. She even got bolder and started rubbing Cass’ pussy through her lace. That’s when the door bell rang.

It looked like we were both disappointed to stop but we all got up and made our way to the door. I put my hand on the door knob and looked back at the girls. “You ladies ready?” They both nodded with excitement. I slowly opened it up and the girls discovered that Katie’s boyfriend was at the door with pizza.

“Blake? Oh my God!” Katie screamed as she closed the door. I put my hand on hers. “Relax, I called him and set this up. Let’s have some more fun,” I said.

At that moment I opened the door again and invited Blake in.

“You ladies look fabulous,” as he stepped in the door.

Blake’s a pretty cool guy. He’s laid back and open with everyone he meets. He didn’t seem nervous at all.

He set the pizza on the counter as I asked him “So Blake, what do you think of your girls new underwear?!”

“They look fantastic, I’m glad you invited me over to take a look.”

We all grabbed a slice of pizza and sat in the living room to eat. After our first slice Katie remarked “Blake! Are you hard?!”

“How could I not. You ladies look great and I’ve been meaning to ask you to change up your underwear style. I think a sexy pair of panties can compliment a girl well.”

“What style do you like to see on a girl?” I asked.

Blake paused for a moment to think. “I think it’s hot when a girl wears a thong under tight pants and shows a thong line.”

“Well I can do that now,” said Katie as her hand rubbed his upper thigh. You could see his cock show through more and more as we talked. Something came over me and my boldness kicked in “do you like girl on girl action too? Because Katie can show you that too.” Katie looked at me a bit stunned and Blake looked at Katie a bit stunned too.

“Is that so?” Blake asked

“As a matter of fact I do like that. Show me honey.”

Katie smiled and looked at Cass.

“I did enjoy it…” Katie went over by Cass and started kissing. “Fuck,” Blake remarked.

“Someone looks a bit trapped,” I said as I started unbuckling him. He helped me along and pulled down his jeans to show off a pair of Calvin Klein Steel boxer briefs. I didn’t want to over step my boundaries, after all he is Katie’s boyfriend, so I went over by the girls and started sharing kisses with both of them. It was super hot. We french kissed each other and started feeling each other’s breasts. Cass started moaning which encouraged us to start moaning too. I glanced over at Blake and he was rubbing his cock through his underwear. I commented to Katie “I think he needs some attention.” She grinned, crawled over to him, pulled out his cock, and started giving him a blow job. It turned me on so much that I started rubbing Cass’ pussy through her teddy while I started to suck her neck. Her hands were all over me. Eventually she took off my bra and started to suck my breasts while I moved the crotch of her teddy to the side and slipped a finger in.

Blake was having fun looking between his girl and us that he couldn’t wait any longer to start fucking Katie. He had her sit on top of him cowgirl style. She pulled the crotch of her g-string to the side and slowly put him inside her. She slowly went up and down on him. Katie grabbed the sides of her triple string thong and pulled them up as high as they would go. This only turned me on more so I flipped and laid on top of Cass in the 69 position and started eating her out while she started to eat me out. Our pussy’s were so wet and she tasted amazing.

I could hear Katie’s ass start to slam on Blake’s body. He started to cheer her on “oh yeah, fuck me babe, you look amazing!” Katie used one hand to rub her clit as she continued to ride Blake.

Thinking back on this moment, I can’t help but remember Kates beautiful silk straight hair swaying back and forth behind her back. I replay that moment as if it was a slow motion scene in a movie. Not to mention Blake had his shirt off by now and was showing off his tan 6 pack abs. I remember thinking that they’re such a hot couple to watch fuck.

Kate slammed him a few more times and then said “let’s change positions.” She got off him and crawled over to me and started taking turns sucking on Cass’ pussy. She asked Blake, “come on over and fuck me some more. I need your cock back inside me!” Blake got up and came up behind her and inserted his cock in her. I could tell he loved the view of us licking pussy because he started pounding her really hard. After a minute or so Katie had to stop licking Cass because she couldn’t stop her moaning. “Oh babe! Fuck, that feels so good. Cum on me. Cum on my thong.” We could tell he was getting close because he was moaning pretty loud. I grabbed Katie’s hair and gave her the biggest dirtiest kiss I had and instantly Blake’s cum shot on her back and thong as his cock pulsed over and over. “Move up, I want to lick his cum off your back,” I said. Katie laid in front of me as I licked and sucked cum off her. I grabbed the top of her thong with my teeth and pulled to give her a slight wedge. His cum tasted great. Once I got the last drop, Katie got up and ran to her bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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