No Strings Attached Ch. 03

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One day later…

So I’m now a cocksucker. Penis worshiper. Dick boy. Cocksuckkkkerrrr.

And it wasn’t bad either. Surprised the hell out of me!

Of course I can’t tell anybody. That sucks.

Yeah, I can just imagine Tim walking in, ‘Hey dick boy…come suck this.’

Hell, he wouldn’t do that. I’m sure it would be more like, ‘Want some of this cocksucker…’

Maybe he just walks in with it hanging out.


People would freak if they knew what I was thinking about.


Three days later…

I wonder what he’s thinking. He’s got to be wondering the same shit I am.

How does this go?

Hell, for all I know it’s already over.

That’s cool. I sucked some cock, got to see what that’s like.

I was curious. Now I know.

I’m cool with that.

Two days later…

I wonder what Tina would say? I can’t tell her about this. She would go nuclear.

That’s fucking unfair.

If she did it with another chick I wouldn’t be pissed. Hell, I would want to watch.

Nobody has a problem with chicks doing it.

Uh oh…I feel a chubby coming on.

Let’s just get these pants off…

Man that feels good.

This should be Tim in here working this bad boy instead of my hand.

If Tina played her cards right…she could watch from right over there.

Tim would start doing that thing with his tongue…


Shit I’m close.

I bet she would be working that clit…. oh yeah… pinching her nipple

I would show her how Tim takes the whole load straight down…


Man that was powerful! Look at this shit. It’s everywhere.

I wonder if I taste like Tim.

Man that’s kinda hot sucking it off the finger. If that finger were about three times as thick it would be just kağıthane escort like ole Timmy.

I think I’ll do that again…

I don’t know. I can’t really remember what Tim tastes like.

I don’t understand why everyone says it tastes bad…

One day later…

I’d like to do it again. Just one more time maybe.

Just to see what it’s like.

I wasn’t really expecting it the first time. Wasn’t really prepared.

This time I’m ready.

I think this time I will just take my time.

I want to play with his balls too.

I didn’t even touch them last time.

And now I know all about cum too.

That was hot last time when his cock started squirting off in my mouth.

Fuck…I’m getting hard.

The next day…

“Hey man how was work?”

“Same shit, different day. Where have you been? I haven’t seen you around,” Tim said.

Missed me, huh? He’s probably been thinking about the other day. Probably horny. Probably wants me to suck his cock right now.

“Well…let’s see. I had a date with Tina a couple of days ago. Got home late. Shot hoops with Deacon and that group yesterday. Kicked their ass. That’s about it. You?”

Here we go. I bet he says something.

“I went over to Marty’s and played ‘Wicked Warriors.’ That game is awesome. Other than that…just work,” he said.

Hmm. Maybe not.

“So anything going for the weekend?”

Here’s your chance big boy… you want me to suck your cock, right? You want me to get down on my knees and suck that cock of yours like a little gay boy…

“Eh…not sure yet. I might grab a six pack and head back over to Marty’s,” he said nonchalantly. “By the way, kitchen looks good.”

Shit! Hey man we sucked each other’s dick. Don’t you want kartal escort bayan to talk about it?

“Yeah…I thought I would clean it before fungus broke out.”

“Good idea. Need a beer?” he asked.


“Here you go,” he said tossing me a beer.

“Man… there’s nothing like a cold beer.”

“And a hot cock…” he added.

What the fuck does that mean? You were the one that started it.

Wait a minute. Maybe that’s a compliment on my dick sucking skills.

“So uh…where are we with that?”

“Fuck…I’m ready. How about you?”

That’s not what I meant.

“Uh yeah…I guess.”

“Come over here and work for it. Let’s see what you got?” he said sitting on the couch spreading his legs.

Oh he thinks I’m just going to crawl over there…

Who made him boss? He looks kinda sexy spread out like that.

Why can’t chicks do that?

“Come on man. Undo my pants, pull it out. Do me up right.”

Well I did want to suck it again…

“You liked it last time…didn’t you?” he said watching me unzip his pants. “Sure you did. And why not? It’s fun man. Sucking cock is fun.”

I can’t believe I’m reaching into his zipper. This is so fucking hot.

There it is. Shit! He’s not hard yet.

“Pull that fucker out,” he commanded. “You know what to do.”

Man there’s not much to suck on when he’s soft.

Oh man…it feels completely different.

Oh wow. It’s growing. Hey I like that. That’s erotic as hell.

“That’s it man…make me hard.”

Fuck that is hot! A nice, stiff cock to play with. Yeah…

Man it’s just as good as I remembered.

I’m grabbing his balls. Wait. I need to get these pants off first.

“Take these fucking pants off.”

Look kurtköy escort bayan at that thing waving around. Sexy as hell. Man he’s horny.

I want to play with those balls.

“Oh yeah…that feels good,” he moaned. “Kiss them…use your tongue…do it.”

Fuck that’s hot. Never in a million years did I think…

“Lick them man…lick those balls.”

Listen to him moan. This is fucking hot.

“Suck my cock man. Put it in your mouth…and suck.”

He’s talking to me like I’m his little gay boy.

Well I did lick his balls.

“You’re a fucking natural man. You really know how to suck cock.”

Oh great. Now I am a natural cocksucker! Just what I wanted to hear. Shit!

Well, it is fun.

And I do like it.

Hell I licked his fucking balls.

Man…I just like the way that feels.

Big tube of warm flesh…

Against my tongue… lips. Who would have thought?

“Kiss it man. Kiss the tip of my cock. Come on…plant your lips right there on the end.”

OH shit. Giving my orders like that. I can’t do this. I can’t kiss his cock. That’s too much.

It is kinda of sexy though.

OK…I’ll do it. I’ll be his little gay boy…just this once. Oh man I going to kiss his cock!

“Nice, nice,” he said. “Look at me. That’s it. Now…do it again.”

Fuck! He wants me to look him in the eye while I kiss his cock?

That is so fucking gay.

“Kiss my cock man. You dig it. Kiss it. Let me see.”

He’s right. I shouldn’t like it this much.

What the hell. I’ll kiss it. I’ve already done it twice. What’s once more?

“That’s it, very nice.” Big smile. “See? It’s official. You love cock.”

Oh shit! Oh fuck! That can’t be right. I was just checking it out.

I was just doing what he said. Look at that fucking smile of his.

“It’s ok. Don’t freak out. I’m not going to tell anyone. We’re just playing around. But you do like it…I can tell. You like kissing my cock. Hey, do it again. I kinda like that.”

Oh man…

“Yeah…you dig it. Something tells me there’s going to be a lot of cocksucking going on around here.”

Yeah…he may be right about that.

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