Nurse Ann

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I been a while sense Pete moved in with Ann as her love slave. He had be controlled and under her wing ever sense. He was treated a kid and pet over there. He was intimidated by her and scared of her but he loved her. He loved being her slave. When he obeyed she was sweet and motherly. Her smile warm the coldest of heart. When he was naughty she would punish him with an intense spanking that would bring tears to the strongest. He was a young black male. Ann was much older

You see Ann was part of the MWC. It was the mature woman conquest group. There a group of women who lover overpowering and breaking people. Ann knew how to own people. She was a master in sex education and physiology. She was tall and had a pair of tits that were size of beach balls. They were all natural and over flowing with breast milk. She was also amazingly tone and stronger. Her hair were blond and her eyes deep blue. She also had a nice thick ass. Peter was sick today and laid in bed with a fever.

Ann walked in. She was wearing a silk blue robe that was nearly see through. She wore no bra so he could see her thick nipples fully erect. She had fish net stockings and black panties. She wore 12 inch heels and had her hair down. She had some lip stick on. Ann had come back from partying. She probably had just dominated some female or slaves. Ann towered over him now and sat down beside him. She looked down with a caring motherly look. She felt his head.

“Ohhh sweetie you burning up” Ann said

“You shouldn’t get to close. You may catch what I got”

“Sweetie I work out every day. My body is perfection. You not the first little baby slave who got sick on me. I never get sick. Now let see what under those covers” She said

“But I am all sweaty” He said.

She gave him and look that startled him.

“Sorry Auntie Ann”

“It ok” She said pinching his nose “I tolerate that little outburst cause your sick. Now take off the cover”

He was totally naked. She made all her men not wear clothes. She sucked her finger adding spit and ran her finger across him give him a little stroke. Her other hand played with her nipples while giving him a winning smile. She had big hands that silivri escort seem to dwarf him. All he could do is look up at her gigantic tits. Her nipples were dripping with milk and she was stroking and rubbing him with her strong hand. He became hard.

“That’s my boy” She said

She took him in her strong arms and was smothering him in her gigantic breast. She rocked him back and fourth he struggle to breath but then relax as rubbed his ass.

“My poor wittle baby. He so sick. I hate seeing him like this. Don’t worry mama going to make you all better” Ann said.

“Thank you Auntie Ann” He said

His body laid in her arms being carried as easy as baby. She grabbed his cock and took some lotion. She started stroking his cock turning it into puddy. She knew how to please a man. She knew every pressure point on a man’s cock. It was driving him crazy. He bit his lip as she was making him moan.

“Ok baby. Mamma going to get those nasty juices out of you” She said He body started to shake

“Going to cum for mama” He said.

“Ohhh yesss”

He shot his load. Cum sprayed on the walls.

“That’s my baby” She said “But you can get more then that out can you honey. For me”

She stroked him some more. She put her cock between her big biceps and rubbed it in. She flexed her muscles to stroke him. She knew he loved that. It got him real hard as she laid his body on her breast.

“You love strong women don’t you honey” Ann said

He nodded. He couldn’t even talk. She smiled and kiss a little tear coming down his eyes.

“So sweet” She said

He came again

“Mmmm that was a lot. You like being taking care of don’t you” She said

She pinch his cheeks. He blushed

“Yes” He giggled.

She ran her finger across his body tickling him. Ann laughed as she watch him squirm and laugh. She knew all men were like children in a way. They crave attention and were easily controlled. You just had to add a little discipline every now and then for there own good.

“Hmmm let me take you temperature honey” She said

She snapped her fingers. A female slave with a Collar şirinevler escort around her neck came in. The girl was black and about 6.2. Ann had female slaves that were considered above the men. The young girls use to be a stripper and hooker. Ann had her fall in love with her and took her off the streets and built her up. Ann gave her the best sex of her life. The girls name was Rochelle. Rochelle was 26 and been with Ann for a couple of years. Rochelle now had a stable of her own but love to serve Ann. She had Ann’s name tattooed on her ass. In Ann house all her slaves were called brother and sisters. Men were the baby brothers.

“Run your baby brother a bath will you. He sick. Put the oils in the blue cabinet mark medicine in it. Then put some milk bath oils and some of those special beads” Ann said.

“Yes mistress” Rochelle said

Ann bent him over. She took out a thermometer. A special kind. It was softer and plastic and had a phallic shape. It was also longer then need be. She stuck it deep in his ass and waited.

“It hurts” He said

“Shhhhh mama no best” Ann said

“Sorry for questioning yo…”

“Shhhh ok sweetie. You just a baby. Don’t know better let. I few reddening of your butt every now and then will teach you a lesson. But not today honey” She said

She stuffed it deeper in holding him down as he squirm. She pulled it out.

“It is high” She said

She took out her nipples and put it in her mouth.

“Now some warm milk. Drank a little something for you. Should help” She said

The nipple was force deep in him as she carried him around. Milk overflowed in his mouth. It was warm and sweet and relaxing. His arms went limp in her strong arms. She looked in the mirror.

“Look how small you are. So weak. So fragile. Look how easily I can bring you to tears by the pleasure of simply touching touch cock. See like this. Just a baby, That’s it take that arm milk. Suck on that fat nipples. Don’t choke out it slowly. Put you little hands around them. Mmmm your getting nice and filled up. You like you mama Ann doing this. You like seeing mama Ann muscles flex. Muscles that şişli escort could so easily crush your head between it biceps.”

“Yes mama” He whimpered

His body went limp as he came. It was an intense orgasm. It was a multiple one. He didn’t think that was possible till he met Ann. The milk had weaken him

“Bath ready mistress. How is baby” Rochelle

“He will be good soon after a bath and some nice soup. You can play and wrestle with him later.” Ann said

“Goodie” Rochelle smiled.

Ann took off her clothes and carried him over her shoulder. She place him in the hot bath slowly. The bath were big enough for 3 people. She took some soap and had him lay against her breast. She rubbed his body with soaps and oils. Her slipper finger ran around him making him moan. He squeeze as her moans of breast flesh and screamed as she was turning his cock into puddy. He didn’t know how much of this he could take. His body was filled with pleasure. He knew she had ways of making a man cum over and over again. She could do it as many times as she want. She said all men can cum like that. The dick is like a faucet or a heart. You just have to know how to use it.

“You nasty little cock still hard told…you I had to get all the juice out. Now quite being a baby and take it.” Ann said “shhhhh Shhhh. Relax sweetie”

Rochelle smiled looking at them

“You know kiddo. You lucky. That Ann going easy on you.” Rochelle said

“Yes. But I don’t want to give a kid a heat attack by giving him to much pleasure. Only strong slaves some of my ladies like you Rochelle can take it. Remember Rochelle that how you put your last two slaves in a coma for a while. You put 5 in the hospital” Ann said “In fact after I put baby to bed. I am going to show you what I really can do Rochelle”

“Yes. Your right I do get overzealous. Oh he loving this attention”

He blushed again

“Look at him. He about to pass out. Look at the smile on his face. Why you naughty little tramp.” Ann said.

The man came and passed out. He was nice and clean. She got him up and dried him up. She put him over the shoulder. Rochelle all ready had soup left out. She place him on the table and slapped him awake. She fed him some soup then jerked the last of his cum out. He gave him a long breath sucking kiss. Her tongue filled his mouth as he passed out from exhaustion.

She laid him in bed and kissed his forehead.

“Now for you” Ann growled

She grabbed Rochelle and slammed her in the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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