Old Friends

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Michelle was frustrated. Her husband was overseas on business, leaving her to roam their big house alone.

James had been gone a month, and wouldn’t return for another month. She loved her husband, or thought she did, but she was getting antsy and unsure of things. Their sex life had been declining lately, supposedly because of the demands of his work, and now this separation was leaving her lonely and unfulfilled. Michelle suspected that James wasn’t going without sex while he was in London, but she lived a pretty isolated life in their secluded suburb. She didn’t work, so her opportunities to meet people were limited, and the few men she did encounter failed to do anything for her.

In her husband’s absence, she had made liberal use of her vibrator. While that helped, she craved a human touch. She couldn’t understand why James had begun to turn away from her, but he certainly had. She wasn’t bad looking at all. In fact, she had always been complimented on her looks, but she had never considered herself sexy, perhaps because she’d always been shy and very insecure around men. She had lucked into her relationship with James, and had been stunned when he’d asked her to marry him. All of her friends at college had marveled over the fact that she’d landed such a go-getter, a fact that he was using against her more and more.

Michelle found herself in her bedroom, where she happened to pass the full-length mirror that hung on her closet door. She stopped for a moment to assess her looks. She was in her early 30s, with a tall, slender build. She kept her dark brunette hair cut very short, the better to frame her large blue eyes, which contrasted notably with the olive complexion she had inherited from her mother, who was a full-blooded Italian. Her breasts were small, but sat up high and proud without much support.

At that moment, her reverie was interrupted by the ringing of the telephone. “Hey good looking, what are you up to,” said the voice at the other end of the line. Michelle felt a thrill run over her. It was her old friend Allison from college. They had been roommates for two years at their sorority, and best friends before that, and they had stayed in touch ever since. They had been extremely close as coeds, and, in fact, it had been Allison who had introduced her to James.

“Hey girl, I’m doing just fine. What about you?” Michelle answered. “To what to I owe the pleasure of this call?”

“I’m in town on business, I’ve got some free time, and I’d really like to see you guys,” Allison said.

“Well, James is overseas for a couple of months, but I’d love to,” Michelle said.

Allison grinned lustfully at this news as she kicked back in the chair in her hotel room. How perfect. She was done with her business for the day, and she wanted to see her old roomie, catch up on old times and maybe, just maybe, make the move she’d been hesitant to make back in their college days.

After a little small talk, they agreed to meet at the hotel bar where Allison was staying. Michelle hung up the phone and tried to get a handle on her tumultuous feelings. She had often fantasized about having sex with another woman, and most of the time Allison had been the subject of those fantasies, and why not? Allison just oozed sex appeal. She was nearly as tall as she was, a couple of inches under six feet, with long wavy blonde hair and a curvy body that could stop traffic.

Moreover, Allison had always encouraged Michelle and had always gone out of her way to boost her self-esteem. Under Allison’s influence, Michelle had become more positive about herself and more self-assured. Still, Michelle had often envied Allison for her sexiness and the ease with which she attracted men. In fact, she had often been vaguely jealous of the attention men paid to her roommate, and had decided long after they had gone their separate ways that if Allison had ever made a pass at her, she wouldn’t have turned her away. But she never had, despite their obvious mutual attraction.

Now, however, Allison had invited her to come into the city for drinks and dinner that evening, and Michelle wasn’t sure what would happen, or what she wanted to happen. Would Allison try to seduce her? And if she did, how would she respond? What would happen if Allison didn’t make an attempt? Would she be even more frustrated? Or was she letting her imagination go too far?

Michelle decided to let events take their course, and see how it flowed. As the time drew near, she drew a bath to relax and prepare for the evening. As the warm water covered her body, she felt herself getting hot between her legs. She’d gone too long without sex, and it was getting to her. Sex hadn’t been a big motivator in her life as a youth, but once she’d gotten used to it and learned to enjoy it, she found she missed it when she went a significant period of time without it.

On impulse, she decided to shave her pussy. She’d done it once before, and James’ reaction casino siteleri had been very favorable. Indeed, he’d fucked her twice in succession right there in the bathtub after she did it. But it had been a pain to keep it shaved, and she’d eventually let her hair grow back. Sitting upon the side of the tub, she soaped herself and bladed the dark pubes until she was naked as a schoolgirl between her legs.

The feeling was so intense that she had to frig herself right then. Lying back in the tub, she spread her legs and began to rub her clit with her fingers, then she pulled her pussy open and began to finger her cunt. She plunged two fingers into her steamy hole, while rolling her swollen, throbbing clit with the index finger of her other hand. Faster and faster she went, and as she did the mental image of Allison floated in her mind. That brought her ever closer to a welcome orgasm. Arching her back, she lifted her crotch out of the water and came hard on her hands.

Surprisingly, she felt invigorated by her climax, and found herself ready for more. She knew then that she would be very disappointed if she didn’t end up in Allison’s bed that night. Climbing out of the water, she dried off and selected her attire for the evening. She decided on a two-piece pinstriped outfit, with a tight miniskirt that hung low on her hips and a matching top that fit tightly around her torso and fit around her neck like a halter-top. The outfit left just enough of her midriff exposed in a very sexy manner, and was tight enough to support her small tits without need for a bra. She wore a thin pair of black bikini panties and her favorite pair of black sandals.

Allison, too, had chosen her outfit with care. She wore a short, tight blue skirt with a matching jacket, thin silk blouse, very business-like. Underneath, she had selected a matched set. Her bra was thin, just enough to keep her pendulous breasts from flopping too much when she walked, and clasped in front. She had decided on a pair of stockings with a garter belt and thin, g-string panties. She had no doubt about how she wanted this night to end, with her old roommate splayed across her bed in sexual ecstasy. Allison had always been attracted to women, and had been introduced to lesbian sex by a colleague at her first job. She had taken to pussy like a fish to water, and had always regretted that she’d never acted on her desire for Michelle, who she had always thought was one of the sexiest women she’d ever met, even if Michelle herself never realized it.

She still occasionally enjoyed men, but had really come to prefer women, and that was one reason why she’d never married. So she had jumped at the opportunity to make this business trip, and was gratified to find that Michelle would be visiting her alone. She had talked enough with her old friend over the years to know that Michelle was increasingly unhappy in her marriage, and she had found out why. Her company had business dealings with James’ company, and she had made a few discrete inquiries about James, learning, as she had suspected, that he ran around on Michelle pretty openly. That knowledge had made her extremely angry, and regretful that she’d hooked them up. Michelle deserved better, and Allison was hoping to take advantage of the situation.

Allison was sipping a glass of wine at the bar when Michelle arrived. She felt her stomach do a back flip when she saw her friend, and the outfit she was wearing. “You look great,” Allison said. “You look better than you ever did in school. What’s your secret?” Michelle blushed at the compliment, and told Allison that she looked good as well. They ordered a round of drinks and spent the next hour or so catching up on old times. It was like the years just fell away as they relaxed in each other’s company.

Soon, they moved to the restaurant, where they sat across from each other, each eying the other in a flirtatious manner, but neither one making a blatant move. After dinner, they ordered a second bottle of wine and sat back in their seats. It’s now or never, Allison thought to herself. She had taken her jacket off, the better to entice Michelle with her wonderful breasts. Her stiffening nipples poked through the front of her bra, which was visible as a dim blue stripe through the white silk blouse. For her part, Michelle could hardly keep from pulling her skirt up and fingering her wet pussy at the sight and presence of her sexy friend. Her thin panties were already soaked with the juice of her arousal.

Nervously, Allison took the plunge. “So, how’s your sex life?” she asked. “It’s not so good at home, but things might be looking up,” Michelle answered pointedly, giving Allison an even stare. Allison was floored. She’d been worried about finding the right opening, about possibly turning her friend away, and now Michelle – shy, insecure Michelle – had all but made the first move.

And Michelle wasn’t done. The wine had made her bold, and now she said canlı casino what had been on her mind for years. “You know, I’ve thought about you a lot over the years,” said Michelle. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about burying my face in your tits, about eating your pussy and making you come. I’ve always thought you were the sexiest person in the world, and now I want to act on those feelings. We’ll never have a better opportunity than right now.”

Allison couldn’t believe it. Excitement coursed through her body, and she ran a stocking-clad toe up Michelle’s bare leg under the tablecloth, until she reached Michelle’s crotch. She arched her eyebrows as she felt the wetness of Michelle’s panties. “I’ve wanted you for a long time,” Allison whispered. “I want to teach you everything there is to know about female love. I’m going to make you feel like you’ve never felt. C’mon, let’s go.”

The two women were in a daze as they left the restaurant with their half-empty bottle of wine and headed for the elevators. As soon as the doors closed on the elevator and they were alone, Allison pulled Michelle to her in a long-awaited embrace. Their lips met and they kissed with rising passion. Their two tongues grappled together, their breathing quickened and their hands roamed over each other’s body.

At the 11th floor, they got out of the elevator and walked hand-in-hand to Allison’s suite. As the door closed, the two women embraced again, kissing passionately. Allison ran her snake-like tongue down Michelle’s neck and thrilled at the moan of desire that escaped Michelle’s lips. She ran her hands over Michelle’s breasts, then reached behind her and slowly unbuttoned the top. She stepped back as Michelle’s tits came into view, then filled her hands with the hot swollen flesh. She took one nipple between her thumb and index finger and was delighted when the dark nipple swiftly grew erect.

Michelle reached down and began to knead Allison’s silk-covered tits with both hands, squeezing them in rhythmic fashion. Their mouths met again and they kissed as they began removing the rest of their clothes. Michelle quickly unbuttoned and removed Allison’s blouse, while Allison unzipped Michelle’s skirt, letting it fall to the floor.

“God, you are so sexy,” Allison breathed as she drank in the sight of her friend, naked except for her panties. She ran her hands over Michelle’s small firm tits, then lowered her head and sucked one of the brown nipples into her mouth, kissing and licking the hard little button. Michelle groaned as Allison took her other tit into her mouth and gave it the same treatment as the first one. Back and forth Allison went between the two mounds as Michelle groaned in mounting lust. As she did, Allison slipped her left hand between Michelle’s legs and rubbed her pussy through her soaking wet panties.

Allison’s skirt quickly joined the growing pile of clothes on the floor, then Michelle reached up and unhooked Allison’s bra. As she did, Allison’s breasts flowed out into Michelle’s hands, the large pink nipples hard and erect. Michelle knew just what to do, and she bent down to lick those gorgeous tits, each in turn. A low moan escaped Allison’s lips as Michelle sucked on her nipples. She was pleasantly surprised at how quickly her friend caught on to lesbian sex. She felt a gripping orgasm building in her loins, and she wanted to draw this out, so she reluctantly pulled Michelle’s mouth from her tits.

Allison’s tits gleamed wetly in the lamplight, and she took them in her hands and rubbed them over Michelle’s smaller tits. The feeling nearly drove Michelle insane with lust as their aroused nipples met and they kissed yet again. This time, it was Michelle who snaked a hand up Allison’s stocking covered legs, up to the hot pussy that lay between them. Michelle fingered Allison’s crotch for a few minutes before Allison pulled away. Walking to the king-sized bed, Allison pulled back the covers and maneuvered Michelle back onto it. Michelle lay back with her legs spread, lust etched on her face. She had never been so hot in her life; certainly James had never made her feel so good.

Gazing down at Michelle, Allison gasped when she felt the bare pussy through the wet, transparent panties. “I did that just for you,” Michelle whispered. “I didn’t want anything getting in the way.”

“You have a beautiful pussy,” Allison said softly as she ran her palm over the wet material. “I want to make you come in your panties.” Taking the first two fingers of her right hand, she pressed them to the silky panties and rubbed Michelle’s clit in a circular motion. Michelle cried out in pleasure at the feeling of the wet silk on her throbbing bud, then she gasped when Allison pulled the gusset of her panties tight and sawed the material between her juicy lips. Faster and faster, Allison rubbed Michelle’s pussy, and it took almost no time for a spectacular orgasm to rip through her cunt. Michelle thrust her hips kaçak casino upward as she cried out and her pussy convulsed, filling Allison’s hand with a liquid flow.

Allison stepped back long enough to pull her own drenched panties off, then climbed back on the bed, onto her knees beside Michelle. Her cunt dripped with her arousal and her blonde pubic bush was soaked as well. Michelle reached up and ran her hands between Allison’s legs, finding her friend’s swollen clit. “Yesssss!” Allison hissed as Michelle began to finger her pussy in earnest. “You’re a natural.”

Michelle glowed with the praise from this woman who had been her friend and was now her lover. Allison had made her come like she’d never come before, and she wanted more. She wanted to do everything there was to do between two women, and she wanted to do it now. She knew how she liked to stroke herself, and she knew instinctively how to stroke another woman. She spread Allison’s pussy lips with her fingers and penetrated the slick cunt with two fingers, while stroking her clit with her thumb.

Allison rode Michelle’s hand with abandon, her tits swaying as she did. She had been close to cumming for hours at the thought of making love with her friend, and even as the thought crossed her mind, she felt the long-delayed orgasm sweep over her in successive waves. Allison panted and moaned as her climax roared through her, until finally the waves subsided and she fell onto the bed next to her new lover.

Michelle gave Allison a wicked grin as she took her fingers and lasciviously licked off the collected juices. Allison grunted in surprise. “You really are a wicked little wench,” Allison said with a laugh. “I always knew you had a sexy streak buried under that shy exterior. I guess you just needed the right environment to bring it out.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” Michelle answered breathlessly. “I’m a long way from being done with you. It’s time to really get down to business.”

Allison didn’t need a road map to know what that meant, so she crawled between Michelle’s legs, reached under her butt and pulled the wet panties away from her pussy. She bent down and inhaled the aroma of female arousal as she saw her friend’s fully naked cunt for the first time. Michelle lifted her legs in the air as Allison rolled the panties off her pussy and over her thighs. Allison ran her long tongue up the inside of Michelle’s thighs, teasing the dripping wet cunt below. Now they had each had an orgasm, they could play and build slowly to another climax, and Allison wanted to play with this woman all night, if possible.

After pulling the panties past her knees and tossing them to the floor, Allison was rewarded when Michelle spread her legs in open invitation and ran her fingers between her bubbling twat to open herself up for her friend’s inspection. Allison took the hint, lowering her head to Michelle’s crotch until her face was level with Michelle’s pussy. She opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and swiped it along the sweltering slit in front of her. She did this twice more, then captured Michelle’s trembling clit between her lips and sucked it, while plowing two fingers in her twat.

Michelle groaned as Allison began to eat her pussy with licks, kisses and sucks. Allison’s mouth was everywhere, licking her clit, tongue-fucking her pussy, sucking her wet lips, and Michelle could feel another huge climax building in her groin. But Allison knew just how to bring her to a boil then back off, stoking her fires ever higher. It was so different from James’ fumbling attempts at oral sex. She realized that only a woman truly knew just how to eat another woman’s pussy; it was so delicate, yet forceful.

Allison put her hands under Michelle’s butt and lifted her hips up to her ravening mouth to get more of the juicy pussy to her mouth, pulling herself up onto her knees as she did. A snake-like feeling of utter abandon ran up and down her spine as she feasted on her friend’s hot pussy. She had had plenty of women, but Michelle had one of the tastiest twats she’d ever gotten her mouth on, a juicy, bubbly cunt that knew what it wanted.

Gasping, Michelle pleaded with Allison to swing around so she could do the same thing to Allison. Again, Allison didn’t need to be asked twice. Momentarily taking her mouth from Michelle’s crotch, she swiveled around, straddled Michelle’s head, and using her fingers to open up her pink pussy, lowered herself onto Michelle’s waiting mouth. Michelle reached up with her hands to pull Allison’s hips toward her face as she took her first taste of pussy. It was divine, and she eagerly lapped at Allison’s blonde-framed cunt with abandon.

Allison rolled her hips around to get more of her lover’s darting tongue and sucking lips, then bent over to resume sucking Michelle’s pussy in a red-hot 69. Gasping and moaning, squealing, laughing and crying out in pleasure, they fed on each other’s cunt, each giving the same to the other in a dance of lust. Through her lustful haze, Allison marveled at her friend. Michelle may not have been as experienced as some lovers she’d had, but she was a fast learner, and her enthusiasm more than made up for any lack of experience.

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