One Little Moan

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Taylor woke to the rhythmic rocking of her bunk bed as it swayed slightly. For a moment she thought it was an earthquake, but then she realized it was even worse than that: her roommate Sara had brought her boyfriend back to their dorm room to fuck. Taylor was mortified as she connected those dots. For half a minute she lay there silently, hoping they would come to their senses and stop, or finish or whatever. They didn’t though. They just kept thrusting and breathing heavily as whatever guy was in her bed with Sara, used her body and hammered it against the mattress.

It was kind of impressive that he was making the bed move at all, she reflected. It was bolted to the wall and she’d never felt it move at all before tonight. They were doing their very best to be quiet, but as the fucking continued, She heard Sara moan soflty underneath the assault of her current boyfriend, or whoever it was she’d brought home tonight. “That’s right baby, cum for daddy,” someone growled, just quiet enough that she could hear the words but quiet enough that she couldn’t recognize the voice.

“Shhhh,” Sara whispered, “Mmmmy roommate is… oh fuck… she’s sleeping. You have to…have to… Ohhhh.” Before she could moan so loudly that someone in the hallway could hear her cum, her lover very thoughtfully covered her mouth to mute the sound.

“That’s right slut,” he gloated quietly. “You just cum a couple more times and get addicted to this dick and then I’ll give you what you need…” Taylor wanted to do something, anything, to stop the lovers and interrupt their little sex session, but any idea she had always ended up the same way: with her dealing with a very awkward roommate situation for the rest of the year. Taylor just didn’t have it in her for that sort of confrontation. She could barely tell pan handlers no afterall – she was hopeless, and this was entirely out of her wheelhouse.

As she lay there indecisively worrying about consequences an even bigger problem made itself known to her: she was getting turned on. It was bad enough that she was having to deal with something so unspeakably rude, but for her body to betray her like this while it was happening? It was too much. As she lay there Taylor’s nipples hardened and her labia moistened uncomfortably as she struggled with the feeling of butterflies welling up deep inside her. She was a good girl. Even as a twenty year old sophomore she didn’t watch porn or date guys that wanted to do more than a little kissing. Why was the lewd and vulgar act of her roommate fucking just a few feet underneath her turning on her virgin body like this??

Slowly, and almost against her will, Taylor’s hand drifted down to her white cotton panties. She couldn’t help herself. Something about the situation was making her vagina ache, and even though she knew she shouldn’t do this, her hand ended up in her panties, with her fingertips making small circles around her clit in time to the desperate fucking going on beneath her. What was wrong with her, she chastised herself as she spread her legs wider and began moving a little faster. What sort of woman would get turned by this? The answer unfortunately was, her. She lay there conflicted, imagining what it would be like to be fucked by this nameless stranger while she played with her soaking slit. In the morning she could feel guilty about it she decided, but it felt too good to stop tonight.

All three of them were lost in their own private heaven for another minute or two before Sara’s lover finally groaned, “here it is bitch. You’re going to take my cum now whether you like it or not.” Sara didn’t say no or try to stop him, instead she just whimpered while he blew his load inside of her. It was that image that pushed her over the edge. Taylor rarely masturbated, especially since she’d lost most of her privacy by moving into the dorms, but something about the image of being flooded by a stranger’s semen like that – something that was happening so close to her that she could practically smell it… It was too much. With a tiny little moan that squeaked out of her throat before she could bite down on her knuckle, the best orgasm of her young life washed over her.

Taylor’s body went rigid and her hips spasmed twice, but except for that one little moan she was perfectly silent. Even when it was over and she was laying there in an afterglow riddled with guilt she managed to control her breathing while the lovers in the bed below her gasped and kissed.

“God I love your dick,” Sara panted.

“I know you do.” he gloated, “All sluts love a dick this good.”

“Hehe,” Sara laughed, “Can I keep it?”

“We’ll see slut,” he answered drowsily, “we’ll see.”

The lovers fell asleep after that leaving Taylor alone with her shame. She lay there for twenty minutes reflecting on everything that had happened. That she’d been right next to other people while they had sex, that it had turned her on, and that she’d masturbated with other people in the room. bursa yabancı escort The orgasm had felt amazing, but now she just wanted to cry. She couldn’t though, because if she made any noise they’d know what she did, and she’d never live it down. Even that little squeak she’d made had been bad enough; thank god they hadn’t heard that or she would have killed herself on the spot. Instead she lay there quietly, worrying herself in circles until she fell back asleep.

Her sleep was restless and though she didn’t remember them when she woke up, she definitely had sex dreams the rest of the night. When Taylor woke up, it was to a bright and empty room. The best things about Thursdays were that Sara had classes all day and so Taylor had the room all to herself as much as she wanted. She was so turned on that she considered playing with herself again. A spike of judgment and shame shot through her at the urge though. If she did that, she’d have to acknowledge that last night really happened – that she’d really done what she did. Instead of pretending that was just a bout of temporary madness, she’d have to admit that listening to her roommate getting fucked had turned her on enough to act like that.

She balled up her fists in defiance and sat up. The last thing she needed right now was another orgasm she decided as she sat up. What she needed was a cold shower and some sober reflection on what had happened if she didn’t want to end up a complete slut like her Sara. Taylor got out of bed and started down the ladder, wearing only a baggy t-shirt and her plain panties. She was going to put on some sweats, go take a shower, and then find the least sexy way she could think of to spend her morning, which probably meant math homework. At least that was the plan until halfway down the ladder she suddenly heard a voice that wasn’t supposed to be there.

“Damn girl.” he said, “Sara told me she had a roommate. She didn’t say that roommate was a hottie though.” Taylor took the last two steps on the ladder so she could see, and there was the mystery man still in Sara’s bunk. Taylor blushed as hard as she ever had in her life as she realized she was practically naked in front of a man for the first time in her life. Not just a stranger either – a well muscled half naked man lounging around in his boxers. Taylor swallowed hard, unable to turn away for a moment as his indecent image burned its way into her mind. He was tall, and slim with dark hair. He was definitely some kind of athlete. He was just shy of a six pack with no tan lines to speak of, and… That was when she realized she was staring, and turned away, blushing a little harder, if that was possible.

“What- what are you doing… You’re not supposed to be…” Taylor stammered.

This only made the stranger laugh. “Relax babe. You’re Taylor right? I’m Kevin, but you can call me Kev.”

“Kevin? Why are you in my room?” She asked, almost choking on the words as she looked studiously away from him. Kevin responded by standing up and taking a step towards her.

“Well -” he started, obviously enjoying how uncomfortable it made her for him to stand so closely. “I told Tara–“

“Sara,” Taylor, corrected him, suddenly angry at the idea that he couldn’t even remember the name of the woman he’d had sex with last night, as she looked up to glare at him.

“Yeah, Sara – that’s what I meant,” he grinned, taking another step towards her only to watch her take another step away, towards the door. “I told Sara that I wanted to get a little more sleep, but that wasn’t the whole truth.”

“Can you keep a secret?” he asked conspiratorially, “I stayed because I wanted to meet you.”

“M-me?” she stammered, taking another step back, suddenly finding herself against the door to her dorm room, trapped between it and a man less than three feet from her wearing only his boxers and a particularly sexy smile…

“That’s right. I wanted to meet the slut that came to the sound of me fucking her roommate.” He smiled as the look of dawning horror spread across her face.

“Noooo,” she breathed. “I couldn’t, I wouldn’t.”

“You see, your roommate described you as an uptight prude,” Kevin continued, ignoring her denials, “but when i was fucking her like the dirty little slut she was, I distinctly heard you moan while I was cumming in her tight little pussy.”

“And those two facts together… a frigid prude who cums to the sound of other people fucking…” He took one more step towards her until he was practically touching her. For a moment she thought he was going to kiss her, and was deeply conflicted about it as she stood there frozen, but instead he leaned over to whisper in her ear, “I knew I just had to meet a walking contradiction like that…”

“Ummmm,” Taylor squirmed, desperately trying to figure out how to get out of this awful situation. Kevin just watched her squirm until she finally managed to ask “what do you want?”

“Isn’t bursa sınırsız escort it obvious?” he asked, a little surprised, “I want you.” That was when he kissed her hard, invading her mouth with his tongue. The kiss started out with her frozen in shock, but she quickly melted into his arms at the sensation. She hadn’t let a guy kiss her since her senior prom, and it had felt nothing like this. She knew she couldn’t do this, but then she reminded herself that she hadn’t – he had. She’d done nothing wrong – after all, there was no way she could overpower someone like this.

The kiss lingered, but eventually it ended and part of her was sorry for its loss. “It feels like you want me too,” he said, flashing her another brilliant smile.

“You had your fun,” Taylor breathed once her pounding heart calmed down a bit. “You should go now.”

“Oh, should I?” he asked, amused.

“If you go now, I won’t tell your girlfriend what you did. We can pretend that this never happened–” she said.

“Sara isn’t my girlfriend.” he taunted, “She’s just the girl I’m fucking right now. That could change. I might find a girl I like more. Someone like you…” While the statement hung there, he reached up and started to grope her tiny breasts through her shirt. They weren’t even a real handful in her hands, and in his they basically disappeared.

“Nooo… mmmmm.” she moaned, as she feebly pushed him away. “You-you can’t do that… I’mmmmm not that sort of girl…”

“How about I make you a deal instead,” Kevin said smoothly, tweaking one of her nipples to make her gasp. “You let me taste this body of yours and I won’t tell your roommate that you played with your pussy while we fucked and tried to seduce me this morning. Hmmmm?”

“Nooo, I can’t, I wouldn’t… Nhhhhh…” she moaned, dizzy with the way he was making her feel. Why didn’t it feel this good when Michael had kissed her, or when Thomas had felt her up at the movies?

“You weren’t that sort of girl,” he whispered, “but you are now.” Kevin leaned in to kiss her, and while she was busy coming to grips with that idea, his hands moved down to the hem of her shirt and pulled it up in one smooth motion as he broke off the kiss for a moment. Taylor wanted to stop him, but faced with this onslaught of emotions she could barely move let alone think.

As soon as her shirt was out of the way, Kevin moved his mouth down to attack her left breast while his hand twisted the nipple on her right. “Ahhhh,” she gasped. “Please – please don’t…” but he didn’t listen. After weakly trying to push him off of her, Taylor covered her face in her hands. This couldn’t be happening. It had to be a nightmare, a punishment for doing something so naughty just before bed, But a nightmare couldn’t feel like this… When he reached into her panties and his fingertips brushed against the hood of her clitoris, her knees gave out and she suddenly collapsed on the floor in front of Kevin. Looking up she could see him smirking; he didn’t have to say a word. This had to be real because it was too pathetic… she was too pathetic for it to be anything else.

“I -” she started, unsure of what to say exactly. “No one has ever… you know… touched me there.”

“Never?” he asked, incredulously. “So my perverse little ice queen is a virgin? Well then I’ll definitely have to help you with that – but not today. We’re going to want to take our time with that, and I’ve got class in twenty minutes, so you’re going to have to find some other way to help me out with my little problem.”

Taylor looked down from his eyes to his boxers which were pretty much as eye level as he began to pull the waistband down. Nothing about the bulge that they were hiding looked little to her, but her eyes widened as his thick shaft burst into view, almost slapping her across the face. He gave her a moment to admire it in wide eyed amazement, but eventually he added, “Come on baby – that dick isn’t going to suck itself.”

“Suck?” she asked. “But I’ve never…”

“We’ll there’s a first time for everything,” Kevin encouraged her, trying to keep the annoyance out of his voice, but when she still just sat there he added, “Listen Taylor, you can make this difficult and I can fuck your pretty little face against your will and then send video to your friends as punishment for making this hard, or you can do what I tell you and we can keep this our little secret.”

That got her moving. She reached up and cautiously grabbed the thick cock by the base as she moved her mouth closer to it, smelling the masculine musk and other scents she didn’t recognize. She opened her mouth and cautiously gave the head a lick. Not even just because of his threats either. Part of her, some tiny terrible part of her that made her play with her pussy last night wanted this. Just seeing a real-life penis for the first time was making her sex tingle and ache in ways she didn’t really understand and had never felt before. görükle escort She moved very slowly not because she didn’t want to taste his dick, but because she had no idea what she was doing.

Eventually she managed to get his glans in her mouth and sucked it like a lollipop, but his frustration was becoming more plain by the minute. “Wow, this really must be your first time at this. You really suck at sucking.”

Taylor didn’t stop sucking, but she did look up at him and nod, sure he was disappointed in her.

“Usually girls that stay virgins until university keep the boys happy by becoming killer cocksuckers, but not you huh? It’s okay, I can help you with that too.” as he spoke he reached down and grabbed a handful of her thick brown hair and then pinned her head against the door behind her. Once her head was immobilized he started to force the first half of his cock in her mouth whether she wanted it or not.

“See Taylor,” he sighed in pleasure even as she struggled and started to panic, “That’s how you do it. You move your mouth up and down my dick in long slow strokes just like this.” Now that he had his dick in her mouth he continued to force it deeper inside her eventually making her gag as the head bounced off the back of her throat. “Easy there slut – if you puke on your dorm floor I don’t know how you’re going to explain that to Sara.”

She moved her hands to try to keep him from going so deep, but she couldn’t do anything to stop him, and stroke by stroke the speed built up as he pumped in and out of her thin lips and fucked her pretty face. If she wasn’t still in shock at all of this, or at the way it was making her body thrum with barely restrained pleasure she would have cried that this is how her first time was turning out. She didn’t cry though… She just gazed into Kevin’s eyes as he used her like she was a thing, and she enjoyed it more than she’d ever admit.

“Here it cums slut,” he groaned finally, as her jaw began to ache from the awkward position. “Make sure you swallow it. Make sure you swallow every fucking drop.” For a moment she thought that he was going to shove his dick as deep as he could until she couldn’t even breathe, but instead he did the opposite, withdrawing it almost all the way, so that when he started to shoot his load in shot after sticky shot, it all landed on her tongue. In retrospect it would have been a blessing for him to have choked her with his dick instead, because his cum tasted horrible. Taylor started to choke, and Kevin admonished her, “You swallow every drop or I’ll make you wish you had, little girl.” With that threat hanging over her head she forced herself to swallow the vile stuff, feeling her stomach churning at the very idea.

When it was done he looked down at her and laughed. “Aren’t you an interesting little toy. Tell me slut – how did you like your first time sucking cock?” As he asked her he pulled up his boxers and walked back towards the bed, where he started to get dressed.

“I-” Taylor opened her mouth, but she couldn’t summon any words to express herself. She felt dirty and defiled, but she could also feel her pussy throbbing to the racing beat of her heart. “You… I didn’t want it but…”

“Calm down princess,” he added, zipping up his pants. “Look on the bright side. You got to taste your first dick and pussy today. How’s that? Two for the price of one.”

For a moment she wondered what the hell he was talking about, but then she suddenly covered her mouth in horror as she figured it out. He hadn’t left the room to take a shower, so the taste of her roommate’s sex was still on the dick that he’d forced into her mouth. Her head spun at the idea and the implications. “How could you,” she whimpered finally.

When Kevin looked up and he saw that she’d started to cry he sighed and sat down. “Come here,” he said, patting the lower bunk next to him. “You’re going to make me late for class, but I can’t leave you like this.”

Reluctantly Taylor got up, and with one arm covering her tits, she walked over to him and sat down where he’d gestured. She wasn’t sure what she should do next – so his orders were as good as anything. When she did he hugged her, kissed her on the forehead, and then held her close for a minute in silence before he spoke next.

“It’s normal you know,” he said finally. “To be confused after something like this. That will get better in time though. After next time you’ll–“

“Next time?” Taylor interrupted, suddenly angry, “Next time?! This can never happen again. You can never come here again. If you do I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” He sneered as she trailed off. “You’ll tell your roommate you tried to fuck her new man? You’ll tell the faculty that we didn’t have sex and you didn’t like it?” Kevin laughed, his eyes going cold. “If you do that, then who will deal with your needy little pussy?”

“What are you talking about?” she asked, before following his eyes down to her panties. She flushed in shame hard as she realized the wet spot that he’d inspired was so large and dark it was easily visible. “That doesn’t–” she answered defensively, but she was interrupted almost immediately as he forced her back down on the bed with one hand while the other hand slipped between her panties and her thighs.

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