Opening New Doors

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Richard and I got married a month after graduating college. We struggled financially at first. He was working as a technician for a medium sized security company. His days were spent installing security systems in homes and businesses.

I landed a job with a small accounting firm. I worked mostly on commercial accounts, data entry and helping prepare for audits. We saved our money religiously, but we just didn’t seem to be getting ahead. We were falling well short of our goals, both short term and long term.

Still, we were madly in love . . . and lust. Our sex life was as fresh and exciting as the day we were married. We both worked hard at keeping it that way. We expended the mental effort to think of new ways to surprise each other with various sexual situations.

I remember coming home after a particularly difficult and stressful day at work. Richard knew it well in advance because I’d sent him several texts telling him I’d be late and that I would be exhausted when I got home. He simply asked me to let him know when I was leaving the office. I did, telling him not to worry about supper for me—that we’d ordered in at the office.

When I walked in the door of our small rental house, he met me just inside. After welcoming me with a wonderful hug and kiss, he began undressing me, right there. It was then I noticed a trail of rose petals leading toward the master bedroom. I remember thinking “Oh damn, he wants sex and I’m exhausted.”

When I was totally naked, he led me along the path. In the master bathroom, the tub was filled with water and bubble bath. There were several candles flickering about, eliminating the need to turn on the light. When I was submerged in the hot water, he gave me a soft kiss on the lips, and then he left, closing the door behind him.

I lost track of time, but I think it must have been somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty minutes, he returned, helped me out of the tub, and dried me thoroughly with a warm towel that must have just been taken out of the dryer.

After drying and brushing my shoulder length black hair, he wrapped a fresh towel around me and led me into the living room. I stopped in my tracks when I saw a rather large black man standing in the middle of the room. He was wearing a white t-shirt with some kind of logo, and white shorts. Behind him was a massage table.

Realizing what it was and why he was there, I didn’t resist when Richard led me over to the table, removed my towel, and helped me onto the table. I was more than a little embarrassed to be naked in front of this strange man in my home, but I’d had massages before, so I got over it quickly.

Again, my husband gave me a tender kiss, “When you’re done, I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom.” And then he left the room. After a wonderful thirty minute, very relaxing massage, I resisted the urge to cover up while letting Brandon out. After all, it wasn’t like he hadn’t seen and touched almost every inch of me already, still, I found it very erotic to be off the table and totally naked in front of this man.

Just as he’d told me, Richard was waiting in the bedroom. He was lying on the bed in his heavy dark blue robe, his arms behind his head, his ankles crossed, and a wide smile on his face. Once again, there were several candles flickering about.

“Do you think you can sleep now?” He asked me as I approached the bed.

“Yes”, I said with a wide stretch and yawn, “right after you make passionate love to me.” I added with a silly giggle.

He raised an eyebrow, “Oh, did the massage get you going?”

I shook my head as I slowly crawled onto the bed toward him, “No, it was wonderful, but it was you that got me going.”

It wasn’t long before I was on top of him, his cock buried deep inside me, and his hands roughly kneading my c cup breasts. When I came, I was half afraid the neighbors could hear me. Afterward, Richard teased me by loudly howling like a wolf into the air.

* * *

My husband wasn’t the only one who went over and above to keep things exciting between us. I knew he was having a tough week, so I encouraged him to play golf on Saturday with his buddies. “Call me when you’re on your way home” which was not an unusual request from either of us.

I was ready when he called. I had everything planned out. Fortunately, we weren’t heavily invested in the neighborhood. We didn’t really even know our neighbors. The neighborhood didn’t have parties, or picnics or anything like that, so I wasn’t too worried about what they might think of me.

When the garage door opened, I was waiting inside. I walked out straight in front of his car so he couldn’t pull inside. I was wearing a small waitress apron that covered my lower half—in front. I had a serving tray balanced on my hand with a glass of Jack and Coke—his favorite drink.

When he shut off the engine, I opened his door and helped him out. He was glancing around nervously, but I was oblivious to everything and everyone but him. I handed him the drink. “Are your clubs in the trunk?”

“Uh, yeah.” He stammered.

“I’ll escort ataşehir get them.” And I took the keys from his hand. He just stood there and watched as I opened the trunk. I struggled to retrieve the heavy bag, but I managed. When I walked past him, I said, “You can go inside if you like. I’ll put these away and then pull your car inside.”

He followed me into the garage and watched me store his golf bag in its usual place, and then he watched intently as I slowly walked back out, closed the trunk and then got in the car. He stepped aside as I pulled it inside.

Once inside the house, I didn’t even have time to close the garage door before he grabbed me. After a passionate kiss he said in a deep voice, “I need a shower.”

“No, you’re fine. You smell manly.”

And with that, he lifted me onto the kitchen table, dropped his golf pants, and began fucking me with a furry. All in all, I knew my little exhibitionism had served its purpose.

* * *

Eight years into our marriage, something major happened. Richard had been becoming very frustrated with the lack of potential for upward mobility in his job. Even though it made me extremely nervous, I supported his decision to quit his job and take one with a small construction company that offered him a much lower salary, but commissions that had the potential to earn him much more.

Richard did very well in his new position, and three years later, we were able to buy a beautiful home on a cul-de-sac in a very nice neighborhood. It had four bedrooms, three and a half baths, a formal dining room, a huge master bedroom, and best of all, a nice pool.

Four years after that, my husband was doing so well, I was able to quit my job and stay home full time. It was a mutual decision from the start not to have children. It wasn’t that we had anything against them, but neither of us felt the need. We were happy with our life the way it was.

* * *

A tree grows slowly. One can’t see the difference from one day to the next, but at some point, you realize “Damn, it was so small when we planted it, and look at it now.” Well, it can be the same in a relationship. One day I just woke up and realized that our sex life had faded to practically nothing. Our love hadn’t faded at all, just our physical expression of it. We’d been married for twenty two years by then.

We were very normal people physically. I’d let my body go to a degree, my hips and thighs, my tummy, the tight tone replaced by flab in all the wrong places. Richard was balding a little, and he had a substantial beer belly. He simply wasn’t fit at all. I hate to admit it, but I knew those things had more than a little to do with our barely existent sex life.

I decided to do something about it. I cleaned out one of the spare bedrooms and turned it into an exercise room. It had a universal weight machine, a tread mill, a stair climber, and mirrors covering every wall.

At first, Richard blew off my dedication to getting in shape. I still cooked him his favorite meals, but I tried to make them a little healthier without him noticing. I went totally healthy with my own meals, cutting down the portions, more fruits and veggies—but still enough protein to help me build the muscle I knew would digest fat and provide me with energy. I got the recipes straight out of Larry North’s book, “Living Lean”.

It took a lot of encouragement and a little blackmail before he finally gave in and began working out a little. When he started seeing some difference in me, he finally got more serious about it. Six months later, we were both looking and feeling a lot better. Our sex life also improved, I think because we had more energy, but it was still a fraction of what it had once been—and what I longed to experience again.

* * *

The best laid plans of mice and men are sometimes no match for fate. Richard came home from work one day and laid a bombshell on me. “My sister called today. She’s in a really bad place and needs some help pulling herself out of it.”

I’d only met Jana a few times—at our wedding, at the funerals of each of his parents, and at one family reunion. She was a lot younger than him—twelve years younger.

“What does she need?’

He shrugged, “A place to stay for starters.”


He looked deflated, “We could give her money, but it might just go up her nose.”

“What did you tell her?”

“That I’d have to talk to you.”

I could see in his eyes that he wanted to help her, and he wanted my blessing. “I won’t stand for any drugs in our home.”

“I know that, Hun, and so does she. She’ll be getting out of rehab in a week and doesn’t know where else to turn.”

“Not permanently, right?”

“No, no, just until she finds a job and gets on her feet.”

I didn’t like the idea at all, but then again, I didn’t really like Jana either. I had always considered her a free-wheeling brat with no regard for the consequences of her actions. I could see that it was important to Richard though, so I reluctantly agreed.

* * kadıköy escort bayan *

From the minute Richard brought his sister home, she seemed different—nicer, very appreciative of our generosity, and very contrite about her past decisions and behavior. I was impressed, but guardedly so.

I was struck by how young she looked. She was only thirty-three, but she looked even younger than that. Every time I’d seen her in the past, she’d looked much older than her years—presumably due to the drugs and a poor lifestyle in general.

As I appraised her over supper that night, after she’d gotten settled in to her new room and after a refreshing shower, I realized how pretty she was.

“Oh my gawd! I can’t tell you how wonderful that shower is.”

We did have great water pressure and a quick recovery water heater that provided an endless supply of hot water. “I love the water pressure too.” I told her.

“Oh gawd yes. It’s wonderful, but it’s not just that. I was actually in there alone without a bunch of old women gawking at me.”

Richard spoke up, “Oh, you didn’t have private showers?”

Jana chuckled, “Yeah right, like ten of us in there at a time. It reminded me of High School, showering with ten other girls. The only difference being they were all my age back then . . . and they weren’t looking for a way to score with me—or at least if they were, they weren’t so obvious about it.”

“Oh” I said with a half gasp, “I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

My sister-in-law looked me right in the eyes, “No reason for you to be sorry. I brought it on myself. You didn’t put me in there.”

I could feel my attitude toward her soften instantly, “Well, you have your own bedroom and shower now.”

All of a sudden, her eyes got puffy and tears began running down her face. “I’m . . . I’m sorry.” And she got up and ran out of the room.

I looked at my husband, questioning him with my expression. He just shrugged and finally said, “We might have to get used to some of that. She’s been through a lot.”

I started to get up, “I’ll go talk to her.”

Richard grabbed my arm and pulled me back into my chair, “No, she has to learn to deal with her demons and emotions. The best thing we can do is pretend it didn’t happen.”

“Reluctantly, I agreed and finished my supper.”

* * *

“How are things between you and Richard?”

Jana’s question took me by surprise. We were enjoying an afternoon swim after she returned from a job interview. “What do you mean?”

She looked right at me, “He’s not cheating, is he?”

I was totally shocked, “NO! Why would you ask something like that?”

Treading water a couple of feet in front of me, she said in a very mater of fact tone, “You’re working out two or three times a day, working your ass off—sweating your ass off to get in shape, there must be a reason, and if it’s not to win him back from some younger woman, then why?”

I let her words soak in for a few moments, and then I answered, “Because I love him . . . and because our sex life has taken a little dip, and I’m hoping to get it back. There is no way he’s cheating.”

“Okay. I’m not saying he is. I think you look great for your age. I was just curious.”

“For my age?” I asked, more than a little indignant.

Okay, at 45, I wasn’t a “hard body” anymore. I knew that. But especially over the last few months, I’d managed to get some of my figure back. I’d managed to tone my arms and legs and butt. I couldn’t do anything about my breasts sagging some—not terribly, but more than pleased me.

I had to dye my hair and use a lot of skin creams, but appraising myself in the mirror, I knew I was looking better. Richard was trimming down too. His chest was growing thicker, his belly getting smaller, and his legs more toned and less flabby. I was very proud of him. Still, something was missing. I just wasn’t sure what.

“Jana, my hope for you is that one day you will understand what we’re going though. Before you can feel that, you have to find someone you can love as much as I love your brother.”

That said, she came to me and we shared a loving hug.

* * *

The following morning, after a quick trip to the bathroom, I went downstairs, started some coffee, and took some things out for breakfast. Before I started cooking, I sensed that Jana was already up. I peeked out the patio door and saw her floating in the pool.

“Jana!” I screeched upon realizing she was totally naked, “The neighbors! And Richard can see you on his IPhone.” I said, pointing to the security cameras.

She acted as if my concerns were of no consequence whatsoever. “Have you started breakfast? If you have, I’ll be right in to help.”

“Just starting it now.”

“Okay, I’ll be right there.”

What the hell was she thinking? All of the houses in our neighborhood were 2-stories, and they could all see over our fence from their upstairs windows. It wasn’t like our previous neighborhood. We owned this place. We knew all of the other people in the neighborhood escort bostancı . . . and they knew us.

She entered the kitchen with a towel around her body and acting like nothing had happened. It was only after we were sitting across from each other eating our eggs and toast that I questioned her, “You know the neighbors can see over our fence, don’t you?”

My sister-in-law looked right at me, “Hey, their husbands are working, bringing home the bacon, their kids are in school, and the wives are home alone. They don’t care to watch.”

“Richard can watch everything on his IPhone”

“My brother?” She laughed out loud. “Like he wants to see me naked.”

“He might” I answered honestly.

She laughed again, “If he does, just enjoy the results.”

Perhaps I was being naïve, but I didn’t get her meaning, “What?”

She looked me hard in the eyes again, “If seeing his baby sister naked gets him all hot and bothered, would that be such a bad thing for you?”

I considered her question for awhile, and then I had to admit, “Maybe not”

* * *

That night, and after a particularly hot sexual romp-especially for what we’d experience for the last several years, I asked him, “Wow, what caused all of that?”

He shrugged off my question, “Nothing, why?”

“Uh, I’m not sure. It just seemed like you were a little more . . . inspired tonight.”

Again, he shrugged it off, “I’m not sure. I guess I was just a little horny today.”

“Okay”, I said, pretending to accept his answer.

* * *

It was two days later when I finally got a chance to talk privately with my sister in law. We were in the pool. She was naked again. I wasn’t. “We need to talk about something.”

She swam over closer to me, “Okay, what would you like to talk about?”

I steeled myself, “You were right the other day, he came home all horned up. I don’t know if it was seeing you on the cameras, but I can’t think of any other reason.”

She winked at me with a naughty grin, “Glad I could help.”

I became a little defensive, “I don’t know. It could have been anything, but I just don’t know.”

She moved within inches of me, “If it was me, would that be a big problem for you?”

I couldn’t answer, so I just shook my head slightly.

“Okay” she said as she turned away and swam off. And then, from across the pool, she said in a low, reverent tone, “Gail, I don’t really even know him. He’s just another guy to me.”

* * *

Jana and I were in the kitchen getting things for supper when I heard the garage door begin to open. I looked out just in time to see Richard turning into the driveway. “That’s odd.” I said to my sister-in-law, “He’s early. I can’t remember the last time he came home this early.”

She let out a chuckle and bumped hips with me. “Maybe you should go up and wait in the bedroom.”

“No, you don’t think . . . do you? Really?”

She laughed out loud and bumped hips with me again. “Go on. I can handle dinner tonight.”

I pulled off my apron and hurried upstairs. I pretended to be rearranging some things in the closet when I felt my husband’s hands slide around me and cup my breasts. He kissed me on the neck.

“Wow! You’re home early.” I said without looking around.

He didn’t say anything. He just turned me around and began kissing me passionately. When we broke that kiss, I showed him a questioning look. He grinned and began tugging my t-shirt over my head.

Seconds later, I was totally naked, lying on my back on the bed, my knees in the air, and my horny husband eagerly eating my pussy. Way too soon, he stood up and began removing his clothes. His cock was already fully hard and waving in the air.

I wanted very much to get my mouth on him, but before I could make a move in that direction, he was between my legs and guiding his throbbing cock into me. That wasn’t at all like him. He was always a slow and patient lover.

A short five minutes and one fantastic orgasm later, we were lying side by side and gasping for air. When I could, I said, “Whew! That was intense.”

Without responding he slid to his feet and helped me out of bed. Minutes later, we were in the shower. I wanted to ask him what had caused him to be so horny, but I was fairly certain I already knew. I wasn’t quite sure how I was supposed to feel about that. I finally decided I didn’t care what caused it as long as I reaped the benefit.

Later, during dinner, Richard seemed to be oblivious to the slight grins and winks shared between me and his sister. I could tell it was taking all of her restraint not to burst out laughing.

* * *

I was having my coffee when Jana came into the kitchen the next morning. Richard had just left for work. She was still pouring her coffee when she said with a chuckle, “It sounded like you two had some more fun last night.”

I gasped, “You . . . you could hear us?”

She laughed as she was taking her seat across from me, “Not really—at least not until I put my ear to your door.”

I was shocked, “Wh . . . what?”

“Don’t be mad. You two went to bed very early. I just wanted to confirm that I was reading the mood right. I only listened for a few seconds.” And then she turned more serious, “Gail, does it bother you that I might be the reason he’s more . . . attentive?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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