Opening up of the the Cowers

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Adriana Chechik

Julie Cowers — nineteen years old — returned home after her freshman year in college. Her mom, Sara Cowers — in her late forties, worked at the county’s hospital in the emergency care unit as a nurse. Ever since her dad died in the car accident when Julie was eleven, she had to grown up fast and be mature to support her mom to run the house. She worked hard to get multiple scholarships for her college.

Sara felt guilty that Julie was not having a normal teen life, being interested in boys and dating, and going out to do things. She saw her buried in her books and focused on her academics. At the same time, she was proud of her little girl’s progress. She wanted her to have the best of everything in life.

The first year of college was tough. Julie felt she was ahead of her peers. She had no friends, avoided parties, and felt like a loner. Her confidence in herself waned. She could not wait to get home to her loving and dotting mother.

Sara and Julie were of the same height and had similar build. Standing together, they were five feet four inches each with similar curvy bodies. They could pass of as sisters, if it weren’t for Sara’s mature face. Her daughter was a younger image of her.

That summer the Cowers had a new neighbor. Ryan, in his early twenties, moved from Europe as a foreign student in pursuit of his Masters program. Sara left home early for her morning shifts at the hospital. Julie noticed him running often. He was athletically built, six feet four in height, and muscular. She was drawn to him.

July was probably the hottest month on record.

Sara took few days off to spend with Julie before she headed back to college. She wanted to play cupid for her daughter. She invited Ryan over for dinner. He accepted the invite immediately as he was eager to make American friends.

He rang the door bell at 7 pm. Sara saw her daughter glide across the room to open the door. She stood in front of him in her light pink shirt and blue skirt. He, in his black jeans and white T-shirt, bend down to kiss her on her cheeks and handed her the flowers. He walked in confidently handing the wine to Sara.

“It’s sweet to finally socialize with you. It’s been lonely for the past month.” He spoke with a distinct accent.

“It’s good to have you over Ryan.”

Sara saw her daughter glow as Julie interacted with their guest.

Soon, Julie lead him to show him the house and her room. Sara smiled at her daughter’s naiveite.

“He must be amused by her.” She thought.

Sara went about laying the table on the deck for the three of them.

When they finally joined Sara on the deck, Ryan exclaimed, “Wow, fantastic view. Didn’t know you canlı bahis had a pool. Love to take a dive into it.”

Before Sara could respond, she heard Julie, “Lets do it. Go get your swimwear.”

He laughed, “I like to skinny dip.”

Julie looked puzzled; she did not understand what he meant.

“As a nurse, I have seen it all. We don’t mind if you do dive in.”

Julie and Sara saw him drop his clothes on the deck, pulling down his blue underwear. They both sighed together as he hurriedly walked down the deck’s steps and caught a glimpse of his European package as he dived into the deep end of the pool. It was few seconds before his head appeared out of the water.

“The water temperature is just right.”

Sara smiled. She did not notice Julie undressing.

“Oh! you look like a goddess, all natural.”

She saw her daughter walking towards the pool, stark naked. Her pubic hair was thick and dark, her breasts with large nipples bounced as she moved towards him. She did not stop her from joining him naked in the pool.

Leaving them together, Sara went inside. She heard water splashing, giggles, and some talk. About thirty minutes or so later, Sara felt the noises quieten down. She looked through the bay window to see him holding Julie and their lips locked in a wet kiss. Sara felt a tingle in between her legs.

She discreetly walked them as they explored each other with their hands. He saw her lift Julie and sit her down on the pool’s deck and his fingers began to explore the unshaved pubic hair. Julie parted her legs in anticipation. Sara saw her daughter guide his fingers into her spot. His thick fingers disappeared into her pussy. She heard her moan. His other hand reached for her mouth to muffle her loud scream.

Sara smiled, “Give it to her Ryan, Give it her.”

His fingers pressed on, Julie hands pressed onto the pool’s deck and lifted her ass above the ground to encourage his fingers to probe her deeper. His thumbs rested on her clit. Julie’s eyes were closed and she was moaning aloud.

Ryan pulled her gently into the water and he continued to finger fuck her tight cunt. She was in ecstasy. She could only fit in one of his thick fingers. Pushing the second one in was hard. Sara saw her body turn towards his and press her hairy cunt into his palms as she shook into a loud orgasm. Her pussy squirted, mixing with the chlorinated pool water.

Sara saw her hugging him and kissing him passionately. She looked like his girl-toy in his massive athletic frame. Sara walked out with the main dish.

“If you guys are done playing, come on up and have dinner.”

It was getting dark, the pool lights automatically turned bahis siteleri on. Julie walked out of the pool with a satisfied look. She did not bother to dry herself. She sat down at the table dripping with the pool water. She looked at Sara and mouthed a silent, “Wow! Thank You.”

Sara stared at Ryan’s frame. His erection was long and thick. It moved as he dried himself. Julie saw her mom staring shamelessly as he sat down next to her. Sara, enviously, watched her daughter’s hand reach for his cock and she was stroking it gently.

She winked at her mom and whispered something into his ear. His face expression turned serious. He turned to Sara, “Mrs Cowers, can we skip dinner or maybe put it away for few hours?”

“Yeah mom, lets.”

Sara was taken aback. Ryan took control of the evening. He rose to his feet, his cock in Julie’s hands and looking at Sara, he reached for Julie’s head and drew it close to his erection. Julie did not know what was expected of her. His circumcised cock brushed her lips.

Sara felt her cunt twitch and her panties wet. She stared as her daughter’s mouth open and draw his hard, thick cock move in with a ‘Slurp’.

Sara tried to move away to give them privacy. She heard her name being called out.

“Mrs. Cowers.”

She looked back to see Ryan gently face fucking her daughter. Julie was choking and gagging on his thick dick. Her panties were dripping wet. Sara stood as she marveled on his thick cock down her daughter’s throat.

Ryan was grunting. He was on the edge of exploding his sacs. Sara could tell he was going to cum any second now. Julie was unaware of his pending ejaculation. She had him deep down her throat. Sara had to save her. She moved quick. She gripped the base of his cock tightly and gently pulled it out of Julie’s mouth. Ryan was groaning. He looked down to see two women on their knees paying attention to his erection.

Julie looked at Sara. She saw her hand furiously move up and down his shaft. His cock’s head was red, hard, and sensitive. Sara turned away from Julie’s face and towards hers. Her tongue flicked across his cock’s head and Julie saw a thick blob of his cum splash her mother’s face. Ryan was loud as a beast as he continued to give Sara a facial.

Julie watched white cum drip down on her mother’s face. Sara smiled as Julie looked on. Ryan bend down and putting his strong arms under Sara’s body lifted her, cradling her, carried her inside and put her on the couch. Julie followed them and sat next to her mother. Ryan stood as the two Cowers girls looked on.

He handed Sara the kitchen towel. As she wiped her face, Ryan pulled down her lounge pants trying to position his cock bahis şirketleri in between her legs. Sara quickly closed her legs.

“We get to chose what you do with us.”

She sat up and cupped his balls in her hands. She stuck her tongue out and placing it under his cock’s exposed head drew him in into her mouth. Julie put her hands on her breasts and squeezed her nipples in excitement. Sara was sucking hard. Ryan was throbbing once again.

Ryan hands reached for Julie’s cunt again. His fingers found her clit through her pubic hair. He played her. His tapping and pressing were synchronized with her sighs and moans. Her hips raised again. Julie was Cumming again. Her cunt released a squirt and the stream hit the white rug on the floor.

“Now, may I fuck you? Mrs. Cowers.”

With his cock in her mouth, Sara shook her head sideways to give a negative reply. She took control back from Ryan. She released his thick hard wet cock from her mouth as she turned to Julie —

“Your virginity deserves this cock. Today, we just masturbate. Go get my toy from the night stand next to my bed.”

Julie hurriedly left the room as Sara’s mouth swallowed his thick shaft again. Ryan saw Julie return with a thick black sheep skinned vibrator. Sara’s head was bopping on his cock. As Julie handed the toy to her, Sara released his cock from her mouth and had lay down on the wet white rub on the floor. She stood up and stepped down of her lounge pants.

In his thick accent, “You Cowers girls don’t shave.”

Sara positioned herself on his face and pressed down her pussy on his lips and reached for his cock. She began to milk it hard as his tongue snaked into her cunt. Julie looked on. Ryan was grunting and gasping for breath at the same time. Sara was feeling the build up in her and could sense Ryan was edging too. She slipped down, moving her cunt away from his face. Her focus was on massaging his thick phallus.

The was a buzzing sound. Sara felt the vibrator penetrating her wet cunt. Julie assumed the position to press her cunt on Ryan’s face. The three over-sexed partners were grunting, moaning, and screaming as they climaxed one after the other.

Ryan once again shot out on Sara’s face. Julie had Ryan’s nose in between her vaginal lips as she squirted down on his face. Sara shook uncomfortably as the vibrator buzzed her into violent orgasm.

“Oh Fuck. What an evening.”

Sara laid next to him, “Its been so long. You have no idea.”

Julie asked him innocently, “Can you tell I am a virgin?”

He kissed her and hugged her, “Not for long, Not for long.”

Three of them laughed aloud at the same time as they heard the vibrator continued to move deep in Sara. Julie reached to give his balls a squeeze, as her mom moved closer to their new lover. He playfully hugged both the Cowers girls, “I was looking for an American girl friend. Didn’t expect to find a family of two.”

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