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            Operation Angel Rescue

 by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 3 – Getting Settled In.

“Dakota, you don’t have to pay me back for anything.”  I knew what he meant, but I wasn’t about to act on it.

“Sure I do.  Nobody does nothin’ for free and I’ve had to pay others like this when they did something nice for me.  You can do whatever you want to me, or I can do it to you instead.  It’s up to you.” 

He looked at me as if he was waiting for instructions about what he should do next.  I sat frozen on my bed, gawking at his slender, naked body.  Even though I could count every rib beneath the pale skin on his chest, I was most impressed with the piece of meat dangling between his legs.  It was a couple inches soft, cut, and had a band of brown, curly hair growing above it.  It was absolutely gorgeous and almost made me fail to notice his narrow waist, his cute innie bellybutton, and his small, pink nipples.  At this point he started moving toward my bed.

“Dakota, I’m telling you that you don’t have to do anything for me.  I didn’t help you just to make you pay me back with sex.”  He looked confused.

“I know you want to.  I can see it on your face and in your eyes.  I saw how you looked at my body and how you almost drooled when you saw my cock.  I don’t mind.  I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Dakota, you’re not listening.  I told you there is nothing you have to do for me.”

“Don’t you like me?”  He looked very sad and seemed to think I was rejecting him as a person.

“Oh yes, I like you very much, but this isn’t necessary.”

“But I don’t mind.  You can do whatever you want to me.  I owe you big time for helping me like this.”

“You don’t owe me anything.  I’m doing this because I want to, not because I have to or because I want something from you.” 

“So you don’t want to have any kind of sex with me?”  He looked shocked.

“I didn’t say that.  All I said is that you don’t owe me anything, so you don’t have to do it for that reason.” 

He still looked confused.  “I don’t understand.”

“Look, I know you’re too young to legally consent to having sex, and I certainly won’t force you to do anything.” 

“But you’re not forcing me, I’m offering.”

“I also don’t want to have sex merely because you feel you owe it to me.  If we ever do anything, and I’m not saying we will, but if we do it will be because you WANT to do it, not because you feel you HAVE to do it.” 

I’m not sure if he understood what I was telling him, because he still looked hurt and dejected at this point.

“Can I just stay in here for a while with you then?  I’d really like some company.  I’ve been all alone a lot more than I wanted to be.”

“Sure, you can stay in here if you wish…”  I hadn’t even finished my response before he bolted over to my bed and jumped beside me on the mattress.  “Don’t you think you’d better put that shirt on before you do this?”  

“Nah, I’m fine like this.”  He then threw back the covers and slipped into bed beside me.  I wasn’t sure if I should make him get the shirt or allow him to be in bed with me like this, but he looked so happy that I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

“Whacha reading?”

“It’s just a mystery I picked up a few weeks ago.”

“Would you read it to me too?”  When I looked at him I could tell his eyes were pleading with me to do this.

“Well, I suppose I could,” I stated as I marked my place, “but I think you’ll enjoy it more if we start at the beginning.” 

I turned back to the first page and began to read, and soon I felt his body leaning against mine.  After I had read the first two chapters, I could see he was yawning, so I suggested we get some sleep.

“We’ll head into town after breakfast and get what we need, so we should be back here before dinnertime.  Why don’t you head over to your room now and we can both get some rest.”

“Do I have to?  Can’t I just stay in here with you?”

“But you don’t have any clothes on,”

“I know, but I like sleepin’ this way, ‘cept when I had to sleep outside.  I didn’t want anyone sneaking up on me while I was naked, so I slept with my clothes on all the time.  Can’t I just sleep in here with you like this?” 

His face was giving me one of those sad, puppy dog pleading expressions that always seemed to get to me.  I quickly considered what he was asking and made a decision.

“Ok, if it’s what you want to do, but we’re here to sleep and nothing else.”  He flashed me a quick smile and nodded to let me know he understood. 

I then removed the pillows from behind my back and put them where they belonged so we each had one, and then we slid into position to sleep.  I reached over to turn off the lamp, and since I prefer to sleep on my side, I remained lying with my back toward Dakota as I began to drift off to sleep.  Just before I slipped into dreamland, I felt a small body sidle up behind me as a small arm draped over my side and rested across my chest.  I pretended that I didn’t notice and allowed myself to doze off.

Sometime later I woke up because I needed to use the toilet, so I gently removed his arm and slipped away to the bathroom.  I don’t usually turn on the lights at night, seeing I have a night light in the bathroom so I can see well enough to use it.  However, I hadn’t even begun to relieve myself yet when I heard Dakota cry out. 

“Where are you?  Where’d you go?”

“It’s ok, Dakota, I’m in the bathroom.  I needed to pee, but I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Oh ok, and maybe I should go too.”  

I then recognized the patter of his footsteps as he ran to join me.  My stream had just started when he entered and walked up to the bowl beside me.  He glanced at my dick first and gave a little grin, and then lara türbanlı escort he began to pee into the bowl as well.  We actually finished up about the same time, so we washed our hands and went back to get into bed.

“Thank you for being so nice to me,” he said as he snuggled against me again.  “I like you, mister…”

“I like you too and my name is Eric.  You can call me that if you wish.”

“Ok, but what’s your last name?”

“It’s Schultz.” 

“I see.  Eric Schultz.  I like your name, and thank you for letting me stay here with you.”

“You’re welcome, Dakota, now get some sleep.”  He took the hint and before long I heard the gentle, even breathing that let me know he’d fallen back to sleep. 

When I awoke the next morning, Dakota was still cuddled up against me, and I could feel his morning wood pressed between our bodies.  I gently slid out of bed, threw on some sweats, and went downstairs to make breakfast.  It was only a few minutes later before I heard someone running around upstairs, and then he came tearing down the staircase, his morning wood bouncing in front of him.  He came to a screeching halt when he saw me in the kitchen.

“I couldn’t find you,” he told me, almost breathless.  “I checked in your bathroom and then the other ones but you weren’t there.  I thought you might have forgotten and left without me.”

“No, I’d never forget about you.  I just thought I’d have breakfast ready when you woke up.  However, now that you’re down here I can ask you a question.  Would you prefer pancakes or French toast?  I can fix either.” 

A smile spread across his face.  “I really like pancakes if you have syrup for them.”

“Oh, yes.  I have plenty of syrup.  Pancakes and French toast don’t taste as good without it.”  I winked to let him know that I agreed with his assessment.  “Would you like eggs and bacon too?” 

“Yeah, that sounds great.”

“Ok, so why don’t you run to the toilet, cuz it looks like you have to pee.”  I saw him glance down at his erection and grin.  “When you’re finished doing that you can take your clothes out of the dryer and get dressed before you come to the table.  We’ll leave right after we finish eating.” 

He nodded before racing to grab his things out of the dryer, and then he headed upstairs to pee and get dress.  I guess he must have forgotten about the half bath on the first floor, which was right next to the laundry room. 

He wasn’t gone for very long before he came bounding down the stairs again and raced over to the dining room table.  I had the pancakes stacked on a platter, and there was another one covered with fried eggs, and yet another one with very crispy bacon strips. 

“Dig in and take as much as you like.  The only rule I have is that you eat whatever you take, so don’t overdo it on the first helping.  If you want more, you can take it later, but I prefer that food isn’t wasted.”

“Ok and it all looks really good.”

He quickly helped himself to three pancakes, two eggs, and four strips of bacon.  After buttering the pancakes and adding syrup he began to eat, but it looked more like he was stoking the fire of a steam engine in order to build enough pressure to get the train going full tilt.  The knife and fork were almost a blur as they cut the food, and I swear I could see sparks as they brushed against one another, along with the plate, and then he crammed the food into his mouth.  In the end, it all disappeared and he merely sat back and grinned at me.

“Would you like some more?”

“Nah, I’m full.  It was really good, though.  Thanks.” 

Now, he merely sat and watched me as I finished my breakfast at less than warp speed.  We chatted while I ate and he told me where he had his things stashed, and then he explained that he’d run away from home about three weeks before, just after school had ended for the year.  I didn’t ask any questions, but chose instead to merely listen to what he had to offer.  I was afraid he might withdraw into a shell if he thought I was pressing him or getting too nosy. 

As soon as I finished eating, I carried the dishes out to the kitchen and began rinsing them off before placing them in the dishwasher.  Dakota hurriedly grabbed the remaining items and did the same, and when we finished I went up to my room to get dressed so we could leave.  I also made a quick phone call to make an appointment for him with my doctor, because I wanted him to have a physical to be certain he hadn’t contracted anything while he had been on his own.  I also remembered to grab the slip of paper from my dresser that I wanted to take with me before we headed out to the garage and slid into the SUV. 

As we drove into the city, a trip I didn’t take very often but one I found necessary to make both yesterday and today, I passed the time watching and enjoying the young man seated next to me.  Dakota was spending most of his time making mental notes of the route and the things we passed along the way, and he also commented about the areas he found interesting.  After a while, I decided to take a chance and ask him a question. 

“Dakota how were your grades in school?”

“They were ok, but will you stop calling me that.  Just call me Kota instead.” 

“If you insist, but I really like your first name.  Did you know that it was the name of a tribe of Native Americans that were part of the Sioux Nation?”

“Yeah, I know, but most people think of the states instead.”

“That’s because the Dakota tribe lived in that area, so the states were named in their honor.” 

“Yeah, that’s nice an all, but I got tired of people making fun of my name?”

“I know, and that’s one part of your story I didn’t really understand.  I don’t see why it would bother you so badly if they just compared you to the states.” 

“It wasn’t that as much as the other stuff they would say?” 

“Like what?” 

“Just other stuff.” 

“Like what you almost told me yesterday, before you put your hands over your mouth?” 

He blushed.  “Maybe.”

“Look, I’m not going to make fun of you if you tell me, but I really need to know these things lara ucuz escort if I’m going to be able to help you out.” 

“But it’s embarrassing.”

“I promise I won’t laugh or use it against you.”

He appeared to be considering my request, so we sat in total silence until he reached a decision.  “Ok, but I hope you don’t stop helpin’ me when you find out what it is.”

“I promise that I’ll help you just the same.” 

“K, the other kids would ask if it was top Dakota or bottom Dakota.”

“I don’t understand.  That doesn’t make any sense at all.”

“It does if you figure out that I’m gay.”

Why hadn’t I figured that out for myself, especially since I knew about his trying to have sex with the mall guard for money and then what he’d offered to do for me?  “Ok, I get it now, but you should know something about me too.  I’m also gay.”

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.”

“No, it’s the truth, although I’m glad if it also makes you feel better.”

His eyes suddenly lit up and his mouth dropped open.  “I knew it!  I thought you might be because of the way you were starin’ at me when I was naked, but then I thought maybe I was wrong.”

“You weren’t.”

“Wait.  Don’t you work at a school and the people there like and trust you?  Do they know you’re gay?” 

“Some of them do, but not everyone.”

“How ‘bout the cop?  Does he know you’re gay?”

“Yes, he does.  I think that’s why he asked me to help out, because he knew what you did when you got arrested.”

“Is he gay too?”

“No, not at all, but he’s one of the few cops I know who’s willing to accept people for who they are.” 

He had no response to my comment this time, so I let him sit and think about all he had just heard.  “But if you’re gay, then how come you didn’t want to do nothin’ with me last night?”

“Oh, I wanted to do something with you.  I just didn’t want you to offer because you felt you had to.” 

“So we can do stuff when we get back to your house?”

“We can talk about it later, but we’re just about to the city now, so I need you to tell me exactly where I have to go to pick up your belongings.”

“Ok, but I want to talk about this more on the ride back.” 

“Ok, we can do that as long as you’re willing to answer a few of my questions first.”

His smile seemed to dim slightly after I said this, but then he began to perk up again as he gave me directions on how to get to the place he’d stashed everything.  When we got there, he jumped out of the SUV and raced over to see if they were still there, and he seemed relieved to discover they were exactly where he’d left them.  He grabbed the backpack with everything he owned stuffed inside and headed back to join me.  When he jumped in the SUV again, he said he wanted to get away from there as soon as possible, so I assumed there must have been some bad memories associated with being here.

Now that he had everything, I drove directly to the mall, but I had him show me what was in the backpack before we got out.  Once I’d made a mental list of the things he owned, I then made a quick determination about what he still needed.  He obviously either hadn’t been able to take very much with him before he left or he didn’t have a lot in the first place, and the things he had weren’t in great shape, so he needed just about everything.  After I noted the labels on each item to determine the sizes, I had him pack it all into the backpack again. 

Once that had been taken care of, I took him inside to one of the better clothing stores and began to help him pick out the items he needed, but I asked him what his preferences were as I did so.  We began with the basics first, starting with the underwear, and I asked if he preferred boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs.  He merely looked at me and didn’t say a word, and I wasn’t sure why, but eventually he mumbled something. 

“I’m not sure,” I thought I’d heard him say, but just barely.

“Well what do you normally wear?”

“I don’t usually wear underwear.  My stepdad said it was a waste of money to buy clothes that you wear under other clothes, so I haven’t worn any since I was a little kid.”

I suddenly realized why I hadn’t seen a pair of underwear when I put his clothes in the washing machine.  At first I thought maybe he’d kept them out to use again after his shower, or possibly he had an accident and didn’t want me to know about it, but there hadn’t been any in his backpack either.  I don’t know why it hadn’t dawned on me before this, but at least now I knew.

“Ok then, why don’t we buy you a few pairs of each?  That way you can try them on when we get to the house and decide which you prefer before we have to buy you more.” 

Before I did that, however, I pulled out the slip of paper on which I’d jotted down the sizes of the various items when I was doing his laundry.  I started out by selecting a couple pairs of boxers for him, a package of colored briefs, and a package of boxer briefs.  Once we had those items, I helped him pick out some undershirts, and then we grabbed a few pairs of socks.  We were just about finished in that area when I heard a voice. 

“Dammit kid, what the hell are you doing back in the mall?  I thought they locked you up, because I can’t have you running around this place picking up more Johns.” 

He then reached out to grab ahold of Dakota, but I stepped in between them.  This was obviously the security guard whose report I had read previously. 

“If it’s any of your business, he’s with me.” 

“And who the fuck are you?” he demand as he pulled up short. 

“I’m a psychologist who runs a treatment center.  Sergeant Marshall released this boy into my custody and we stopped here to pick up a few things for him, seeing he didn’t have much when I met him at the police station.” 

“Ok, but don’t let that little cocksucker out of your sight.  I don’t want him trying to pick up any customers while he’s here.” 

“You don’t have to worry about that, and I would appreciate it if you’d watch your language around him, as well as keeping you voice üniversiteli escort down when addressing us.  I’d hate to have to make a formal complaint to your superiors about your actions toward us.”  

He seemed to be taken aback by my comment.  “Don’t worry, I won’t continue bothering you.  He’s all yours, but don’t let him out of your sight.” 

“I know my responsibilities, so I hope I don’t have to notify the store manager that we had to go somewhere else to shop because you wouldn’t stop harassing us.” 

“You don’t have to do that.  I’m going back to making my rounds.” 

Once he’d disappeared, I looked over at Dakota and he was white as a ghost.  “Don’t worry, he won’t bother us again.” 

“Thanks for sticking up for me, but everyone else could hear what he was sayin’ ‘bout me.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, because you probably won’t ever see any of these people again once we leave here.  I’m sure they’ll forget about it in a little while as well, so let’s just finish our shopping.”

As soon as he agreed and had calmed down a bit, we went over to pick out some pants next.  We started by selecting a few pairs of jeans, but I also had him select a couple pairs of dress slacks for when we went somewhere nice.  As soon as I felt we had a sufficient quantity of those items, I helped him choose some shirts, including some pullovers for everyday use to go with his jeans and a few dress shirts.  We followed that up with having him fitted for a pair of dress shoes and a pair of athletic shoes, but we weren’t done yet.  I also bought him some shorts and tee-shirts, a few sweatpants and sweatshirts, and a light jacket, because sometimes it gets cool at night, even during the summer. 

Once we had everything I thought he needed, I told him we should head to the checkout.  He looked at everything we had and started to object, saying I was buying way too much for him, but I told him this was only what I thought he needed for now.  It was possible that we might have to come back and purchase more items later, but for now this should do.  He still seemed uneasy about me spending so much money on him, but I didn’t listen to his protests and before long we were taking our packages out to the SUV.

Once we’d stored everything inside, I told him to follow me and we headed into the mall again.  I decided to take him to another store, one that sold electronic devices. 

“What are we doin’ here?”

“I’m going to buy you a computer so you’ll have something to occupy your time.  I don’t have very much at the house that someone your age would enjoy, except for the television, so this will give you something else to do.  You can pick out some games for it as well, along with some educational software to make sure you’re ready for school in the fall.”

“Are you sure you aren’t a teacher?”  I knew he was only teasing and being a little devilish, but then he continued.  “You don’t need to buy a computer for me.  If you have one at home then I can just use that one when you aren’t on it, and then you won’t hafta buy another one.”

“I’m not going to argue about this.  Just come inside with me and we’ll pick something out together, and then you can choose the games you want while I select some other software for you.”

“This will cost you way too much,” he protested.

“Let me be the judge of that, and I wouldn’t be doing this if I couldn’t afford it.  Besides, it will be good for you to have your own computer for multiple reasons.  This way we can both be doing something on the computer at the same time, and you can also be brushing up on your studies so you won’t be behind this fall.  I suspect the other problems you had previously might have interfered with how much you were actually able to absorb, so this should help to fill in the gaps.” 

He sighed and gave in, although I really didn’t have to twist his arm very hard, and we started looking at computers.  It wasn’t very long before a young salesperson came over to assist us. 

“May I help you select the best computer for your son?” he asked, and this caused Dakota to giggle and the other young man to blush.  “Was I mistaken in my assumption?”   

“No,” Dakota answered before I could.  “It’s just that I wasn’t sure if this was gonna be my computer or if it would be for my dad, and then I’d just get his old computer.”

“Oh, I see,” the young man responded, and I just stared at Dakota, wondering why he’d done that.  “Well, sir, will this computer be for you or your son then?”

“It will be for him,” I responded, still a little dazed, “and he’ll be playing games on it, so it will need a good graphics card and sufficient GPU and RAM.”

“I understand,” he responded, and then he went about showing us several choices and explained the advantages of each one as we went along.  We finally agreed on the model we were going to purchase, and then I let Dakota pick out some games while the salesperson helped me select the educational software.  When we had everything, I put it all on my debit card and we prepared to leave the store.  The salesperson also helped us load the various items on a heavy duty cart to take it out to the SUV, since the items were bulky.

“Wow, nice wheels,” the salesperson commented as I unlocked it so we could load everything inside. 

“Thanks.  It comes in handy with the various things I have to do.” 

After he left, we hopped into our seats and I couldn’t wait to ask Dakota what the hell he thought he was doing with his little interaction with the salesperson earlier.



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