Operation Market garden

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She huddled under the table as the guns roared. The
invasion had come and she was terrified. The Angels
from the sky had come to liberate her small Dutch
town, but she was frightened. After so many years of
German occupation, the gleaming hope of liberation was
fast fading in the waning light.
It was the fourth day when it happened. The door
crashed down and in fell a young American paratrooper,
wounded in the battle and looking for a place of
refuge. He crawled into the other room, blood trailing
from his wounded leg.
She cowered under the table, afraid to speak, afraid
to make a noise in case he heard her, or worse, the
Germans came to finish him…
It seemed like forever since he came crashing thru the
door. The sounds of battle diminished and night was
beginning to fall. The young soldier was dressing his
wound, but was having trouble. The wound was on his
upper thigh, and he was grunting trying to get the
wound packet open and the sulfa powder out. He took
off his helmet and in the waning light she saw his
face. Even with the blood, dirt and grime she could
see he was handsome, so handsome in fact, she let out
a little gasp.
The sound caught his ear and he looked over at the
table. She tried to cower back but he saw her and
“Hello, dont be afraid, I am here to help. Please could
you sit me up so I can dress my leg?”
She was terrified. She was worried that the Germans
would be there any second, and if they caught her
helping him, they would shoot her like they did her
parents many years before.
The young soldier asked her again, and there was
something in his voice that made all her fears
She crawled over to him and pulled him out of the
kitchen into the back room. There was a small dresser
there and she leaned him against it. Just by touching
him, she could tell he was strong and well built, and
she felt a stirring deep inside.
After propping him up against the dresser, she walked
into the kitchen, grabbed a bucket and pail and
started to clean up the blood from his wounds.
After she was satisfied with her work, she went back
into the room to check on him.
The young soldier was passed out from the loss of
blood and exhaustion, but she could see that he had
the wound dressed and had stopped the bleeding.
She moved closer to get a better look at her rescuer.
He has tall, 6ft or so, with dark brown hair and about
four days growth on his chin. He had a kind face, and
upon looking further she realized he was older than
she first thought as he had wrinkle lines around his
eyes. They were kind eyes, she noticed, with a kind of
smile to them. He had a slight downward turn to his
nose and a square jaw. His lips looked soft and
inviting, and she resisted the temptation of kissing
them, but only barely.
He had long arms and strong, sure hands. She could
tell he was well muscled, and her gaze wondered down
to his legs and wondered what they looked like.
A sudden urge grabbed her and she crept closer to him
and gently lifted up where the wound had tattered his
pants, hoping for a quick glimpse.
When she pulled the pants back, he woke up and looked
at her, anger in his eyes.
“What the hell do you think you are doing?” He growled.
“I was going to look at your wound, my mother was a
nurse and I wanted to see if it was dressed properly.”
She stammered obviously embarrassed, but he didn’t know
about what.
“I’m sure its fine, tell me, who are you?”
He looked at her with an appraising eye, one that made
her hunger like an animal, she wanted to have him then
and there, strangers be damned, and a warm smell of
musk began to rise deep from within her…
The young girl was embarrassed for she was sure he
could smell the dampness coming from her pussy. It had
been so long since she had even thought about sex, she
couldn’t believe her body was reacting this strongly,
this quickly to a complete stranger.
She was right, the paratrooper could smell her pussy.
He first wondered what that smell was, then he
realized he could look down her skirt from the way she
was kneeling and saw the damp spot growing in her
underwear, he knew right away what it was. Their eyes
connected and he smiled at her. A soft gentle smile
that told her all she needed to know.She leaned
forward and gently kissed him on the lips and she put
her hand on his swelling cock. She drew back and
gasped. His cock was HUGE. She couldn’t believe that a
man could be hung that way. She had known some men
before, but they were all medium sized or small, and
left her with very little satisfaction. She knew
instantly that this would not be the case this
time.She leaned forward and kissed him harder this
time. Her tongue probing his mouth gently at first,
then harder and harder as his cock grew to its full
length. She couldn’t wait to get at it and gently
pulled off his belt and unbuttoned his pants. He
reached for her ample breasts and gently started to
rub them thru her shirt. Her nipples perked up and
began to harden as her hands pulled his cock out his
pants. She sat back and looked at his throbbing penis.
He smiled at her again as he bent forward and put the
tip of cock in her mouth. It tasted salty from the
sweat but she was beyond caring. She wanted this
monster and nothing was going to stop her. She lowered
her head even further and took more of his cock in her
mouth. He leaned his head back and moaned as the
warmth of her mouth spread farther and farther down
his penis. She pulled up when she started to gag as he
reached the back of her throat. He smiled and said
“that’s OK, take your time.”
She pulled her hair back and started to lick up and
down his glistening shaft. Her tongue gently caressed
his cock up and and he seemed to get even harder, if
that was possible. She sucked on one of his testicles,
then the other, the warmth of her mouth sending
shivers up and down his spine.She slowly made her way back
to the head of his cock and kissed the tip. Suddenly
she gulped down his cock in its entirety. She fought
off the gag reflex and started to bob up and down on
his cock. She opened and closed her throat,
alternately squeezing and relaxing. His hands were
working furiously on her breasts and her nipples were
taught against her blouse. She slid her fingers down
into her panties and started to work her sopping
pussy, alternately rubbing back and forth, top to
bottom. In her mind she fantasized about his huge cock
filling her up, but first she wanted to taste his cum.
She worked furiously on his cock, bobbing up and down
at an ever increasing pace while her fingers furiously
worked her pussy. He started to moan and his orgasm
was building up and she could feel him tense up right
before a flood of cum came pouring down her throat.
Her fingers plunged deep into her pussy and she came
and she sprayed her juices all over her panties and
his legs.
She swallowed gulp after gulp of his warm cum and she
wondered at first if it was ever going to end.
Finally, the flow stopped and she swallowed every
drop. Not wanting to waste any of him, she licked his
fading cock clean and looked up at him and smiled…
The night passed uneventfully after that. The soldier
passed out from sheer exhaustion after the incredible
blow job, and her panties were still wringing wet from
her masturbation exercise.
She gently undressed the paratrooper, redressed his
wound and put him to bed. She gently kissed him on the
forehead and disposed of his bloody uniform pants. She
hid the rest of his equipment, including his weapons
in a bolt hole in the floor the Germans hadn’t found,
even after several searches of the house.
She sat at the table, and memories started to wash
over her. She remembered a spring day in 1940. She was
16 then, just developing into herself and her body.
She lost her virginity to a young Dutch soldier who
promised to take care of her forever. That forever
ended shortly when the Germans came. He was killed
during the first few days of fighting and she cried
for him for months. She decided then that she would
help canlı bahis the Orange any way she could. She ran messages
and took Intel from German officers at her job, where
she would flash her smile and charm the Germans, with
flirtatious promises that she would never full fill. It
all came crashing down in the autumn of 1942. Her
mother, father and older brother, all members of the
Orange, were caught trying to sabotage a radio station
in support of the Dieppe raid on the French coast.
They were all summarily shot and just like that, her
life was irrevocably changed. She could no longer work
with the Germans and was no good as an operative for
the Orange because she was tightly watched. So she got
a job teaching English and lived a quiet unassuming
life. The Germans stopped watching her as they focused
on the coming Normandy invasion and now of course they
were dealing with the current situation. She felt she
was safe as long as she kept him indoors and out of
Suddenly, she woke with a start. The door to the back
room opened and there he stood, naked except for his
pair of underwear and a confused look on his face.
“Where am I? ” He asked.
“You are in my house in Eindhoven.You invaded 5 days
ago and you were wounded and fell into my house. You
are safe as long as you stay out of sight.”
“Where are my clothes, I have to get out of here!”
“You cant leave!” she cried desperately, not wanting him
to go, he had not fulfilled her yet. “There are Germans
everywhere and you are wounded and alone. The invasion
goes badly for the Allies.”
He could tell by the tone in her voice that she was
telling the truth. He also remembered what had
happened the night before.
He looked at her with renewed interest. She was
shorter than he, around 5 6. She had flowing brown
hair and deep blue eyes that he could get lost in. Her
ample bosom was straining at her shirt and he could
see the faint outline of her aerolas thru the flimsy
white shirt. His cock started to harden at the thought
of what had happened and he turned quickly around so
she wouldn’t see it. He turned his head to look at her
and asked, “where can I clean up?”
She smiled at him,noticing that his cock was again
growing and she wanted it.
” The bathroom is back there.
I will boil some water and bring it in to you. We can
clean and redress your wound, we wouldn’t want it to
get infected now would we?”
“No, I guess we wouldn’t.” He said slyly.
He knew she wanted him, and he also knew she knew his
cock was hard. He walked into the bathroom and took
off his underwear. He stood there, naked and erect as
she walked into the bathroom with the water. She
smiled and drew a breath as she saw him standing there
in the full light. He was even bigger in the daylight
and his magnificent cock hung there eagerly awaiting
some attention. She poured the water into the tub and
said, “it is too hot for you to get into now, let me
look at the wound and see what needs to be done. Sit
down in the chair.”
He dutifully sat down and with his manhood pointing
straight up, she pulled off the bandage and inspected
the wound.
“Well, its not infected, the wound powder is healing it
well. The bleeding has stopped and you need some
stitches, but other than that, you should be OK. Let me
get my sewing kit and I will take care of it. “
She smiled as she got up and looked down at his still
engorged cock and sighed. She disappeared into the
other room and got a needle and thread and sat next to
a very bewildered paratrooper.
“Now this is going to hurt, so I am going to give you
something to bite on” she said as she pulled a leather
strap from her sewing bag.
“Ill be alright, just get sewing.” He said gruffly,
wondering what the hell was going on.
She burn the needle to sterilize it and threaded the
“Are you sure you don’t want the strap?”
“Positive, just get on with it.”
She carefully jabbed him with the needle. He grunted,
but otherwise made no sound. She stitched him up
shortly and bent down to bite the string. As she did,
he cheek brushed his now flaccid penis and it burst to
erection. She stopped on the way back up and gently
kissed the tip. He pulled her up to him and gave her a
passionate kiss. She returned the kiss, running her
fingers thru his still dirty hair. She straddled him
and felt his hard cock push against her wet
panties. She pulled off her shirt and her bosoms hung
there free in front of his face. He eagerly started to
nibble on her erect nipples and gently caressed her
breasts with his rough hands. She threw her head back
and moaned in pleasure. Her back arched and pushed his
breasts into his face. He squeezed them together and
started to tongue her nipples and aerolas. She moaned
with pleasure as she started to grind her hips against
his rigid cock. She abruptly stood up, dropping her
skirt and panties to the floor. She stood in front of
him naked and he took her all in. Her shoulder length
brown hair was curly at the ends and her breasts were
full. Her legs were long and toned, due to all the
walking and her pussy was hairy but neat. He looked
hungrily at her breasts and pulled her close. She sat
back on him and his cock was rubbing her clitoris as
his hands stroked her breasts as they kissed. She was
grinding his cock hard and was kissing him harder.
When she finally couldn’t stand it anymore, she reached
between her legs, grabbed his huge member and slid it
into her dripping pussy. She let out a yell as all 10
inches penetrated her pussy.
“Dear god, its magnificent. ” She said.
She rode his cock as hard as she could. It was painful
at first, but she wanted all of it. He kept kissing and
suckling her breasts and nipples as she rode his hard
“Oh god oh god oh god” she yelled “fill me with your cum,
fill me full.”
He strained hard not to come, but it was no use, on
her final hard down stroke she squeezed her legs around
his chest and pulled him deeper than he had ever been
before. Her hips were grinding into his and he
released torrents of come into her waiting pussy. Jet
after jet of warm cum filled up her cunt as she held
him tight and screamed,releasing torrents of her own
come all over his cock, still buried deep in her
pussy. Her whole body shivered as wave after wave of
pleasure rolled thru her body like the tide. After
several quiet minutes, she gently stood up and his
limp cock slid out of her. She felt empty as she
walked away, dripping with his and her cum. She turned
to him and said,” I think your bath is ready…”
The next day brought more fighting, but no news. The
German presence in the streets intensified and they
began a search of the area looking for lost and
wounded Allied troops.
He woke with a start when he heard gunfire a few doors
down. He bolted to the front room to see her standing
there, busily making preparations to hide him. She was
going to hide him in plain sight. Her time with the
Orange, along with her parents work gave her access to
all sorts of fake documents and visas. While he had
slept, she had filled out an emergency set with a fake
name, address and the like. The only thing it didn’t
have was a picture, which hopefully they wouldn’t
need.She told him his cover was he was a friend of her
dead brother who had come from the country to the city
to look for work. He was deaf/mute so finding work was
tough and he was staying here.
He asked “is this going to work?”
She smiled at him coyly, patted his groin and
said,”don’t worry, ill keep this safe, I am not through
with it yet.”
He smiled at her and kissed her forehead and said “as
you wish”
The rest of the day passed without incident and they
stayed up and chatted all thru the evening.
He found out about her family and she found out about
his. They held hands and talked all thru the night and
fell asleep in each others arms.
They each awoke with a start when a bang on the door
announced a patrols presence.
She gingerly opened the door and 2 soldiers burst thru
with 4 more in the small yard.
“Ve are looking for Americans, have you bahis siteleri seen any?”
“No, just the ones on the first few days, but I haven’t
seen any since then.”She replied.
“I think you are lying…who is this?” The German asked
as he came into the room where the paratrooper was.
“He is my brothers friend. He came from Antwerp 2 weeks
ago to look for work.”
“What is your name?” The German asked.
He looked at the German blankly and she explained..”.He
is deaf/mute, that’s why he is here, he cant find any
work back in Antwerp so he came Holland to find
work. He is with me because he cant find anything and
needs a place to stay.”
“Papers.” He said simply.
She pulled her papers from her breast pocket and that
caught the Germans eye. He lustily took the Id from
her hands and gave her the once over.
“Everything here seems to be in order, but I am going
to need more convincing if you expect me to believe
your story” he smiled wickedly and grabbed her hand and
moved it to is crotch much more convincing…
A loud explosion rocked the small house. The 2 krauts
went down in a spray on blood. He turned as the two
outdoor guards came running into the house. Just as
quickly, he dispatched those two.
She screamed in terror and looked at him with wide
eyes, blood on her face and clothes.
“Get cleaned up, Ill pack.” He growled.
She moved stiffly to the bathroom and started to wipe
the blood off of her face. She took off her shirt and
turned around and saw him standing there.
“I’m sorry I had to do that, I just couldn’t stand by and
do nothing. “He said quietly.
“I understand, but now we are in a world of trouble
with nowhere to go.”
“Just get cleaned up, Ill take care of the rest.”
He changed back into his uniform and got his gear on,
packing his musette with her needs and toiletries. She
came out of the bathroom topless and walked over to
him as he was getting dressed. Without a word she
hugged him from behind, pressing her bare breasts into
his back. He half turned and put his arm around her.
She gave him another squeeze, kissed him softly on the
lips and buried her face into his chest and started
shaking. He fully turned and gave her a strong hug, to
let her know she was safe.
They disengaged and looked at each other for a long
time in each others eyes.
She walked into the other room to get dressed and he
finished packing.
She came out wearing a silk shirt with a heavy woolen
jacket and pants and jack boots. She carried her own
small knapsack.
He looked outside thru the window and scanned the
street carefully. It was getting dark and he knew the
patrol would soon be missed. He carefully opened the
door and stepped out into the street.
She waited a half second then followed him out the
She didn’t know where he was going, she just knew she
didn’t want to be without him.
They walk off into the night, each one wondering what
the next day would bring….
They moved quickly through the night. He wanted to get
back to his own lines as soon as possible, after that,
he had no idea what to do. He obviously couldn’t have
her come along. He was fighting a war, not exactly the
type of environment for dating, or whatever it was
they were doing. He really had no clue. All he knew
was that she wanted his dick and he liked fucking her.
Plus, it was his only piece in a while.
She was thinking along similar lines. She had no clue
where they were going, and she knew that wherever they
ended up, they probably wouldn’t end up together. But
with all that, she really didn’t care. She knew she
didn’t love him, but knew that she could if the
circumstances were different, plus, she wasn’t quite
finished with that massive cock. It was easily
the biggest she had ever had, and just thinking about
is girth, length and the large head made her wet. She
couldn’t believe it, here she was, pitch black, on the
run from the Germans and all she could think about was
sucking on his dick and fucking his brains out. Her
nipples started to harden at the thought of his gentle
lips caressing her breasts with his tongue gently
caressing her nipples. She imagined his face slowly
sinking down her stomach to her pussy, glistening and
wet in the evening light. She felt his mouth touch her
softly on her lips while his tongue gently probed her
sopping pussy. She imagined his fingers gently rubbing
her clit while he continued to suck on her hard knob.
She imagined his fingers slowly tracing around her
mounds while he nibbled and sucked on her pussy. She
felt herself surge toward orgasm just thinking of his
rock hard cock landing softly between her tits.
Pushing his cock back in forth between her huge tits,
head inches from her mouth. She imagined the rhythmic
gyrations of his pelvis on her chest as she leaned
forward and took the tip of his pulsing cock into her
mouth. She felt herself start to tremble as she
imagined the warm salty taste of his cum shooting in
spurts into her mouth and onto her chest, huge gobs
that smeared all over her chest and face as he wildy
gyrated his cock in orgasm.
She came softly, just a steady squirt of juices
flowing down her leg as she walked. She shuddered
suddenly and it was over.
He turned to her and said,
“I think we will lay up here, its getting light and
we still have a ways to go.”
She nodded OK and they hid in an abandoned shed that
was behind a shattered building, as she lay down with
her head on his chest, she wondered what adventure the
day would bring…
Night fell quietly. He stood watch during the day and
noted increased activity moving south. He figured that
was where the lines were headed but knew that
increased patrol activity and checkpoints would be the
His only option was to head north, toward Arnhem.
His only hope was that the British assault was
He woke her gently as dusk turned to night. She looked
at him with confusion at first, then smiled.
Her smile was warm and inviting, and he leaned forward
and kissed her gently. She hugged him and he said
“Its time to move out. We are going to head North to
Arnhem and hopefully we will meet up with the Brits.”
She nodded agreement and they headed out.
Moving quietly thru the side streets, they made their
way out of town without incident.
They walked a couple of miles out of town and stopped
for a break.
He pulled out some rations and handed her a kit.
“Put those away, I have something better. We can save
those for when we need them. “
She reached into her knapsack and pulled out a loaf of
bread, some sausage and a small tin of butter.
“I was saving the butter, but we can have it now.”
They ate quietly and he kept watch.
“I don’t know your name” she asked “or where you are from.”
“I’m from Ohio originally, but lived in Pa before I
enlisted.” He replied.
“I am from here, I have lived here all my life.”
“Do you know the quickest way to Arnhem?” He asked.
“No, I only know the main road, I have never traveled
there cross country. My parents used to do it all the
time, but they cant help us now.”
He didn’t ask why they couldn’t help, he could tell by
the tone of her voice what had happened.
“Its getting light out, well find a place to hole up
and lay low.”
They walked another half mile and found a dell that
was hidden from view from all sides.
They hunkered down and huddled together.
She didn’t know why, but she only felt safe in his
She looked around to see if the coast was clear,
turned to face him, grabbed his cock and smiled…

He grinned as she grabbed his cock. It really wasn’t the time or place, but he had to have her again.
She stroked his cock through his pants and felt it grow larger and larger. When she felt it was as full, she unbuttoned his pants and pulled it out. The swollen head was inviting and she slowly slid down and suckled on the tip. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Then she surprised him by nibbling, just a little on the tip. Not hard enough to hurt, but firm enough that he felt it. It was a new sensation and it drove him wild. He grabbed her head and forced bahis şirketleri his cock down her throat. She gagged on his engorged member as he forcefully throat fucked her. It kept going deeper and deeper into her throat. Tears welled in her eyes as she was surprised at the force of his dick.
He stopped fucking her throat and with a guttural growl mumbled,
“turn around”
She complied and he slid her pants down and tore off her panties. He slid his now raging cock between her lips but didn’t enter her pussy. She slid back and forth on his cock, with the head rubbing against her clit and the shaft getting nice and moist from the juices of her pussy lips rubbing against it.
He slowly stuck his finger in her mouth and told her to suck on it and get it good and wet. She suckled on his finger and got it wet. He then withdrew his finger from her mouth and put it up against her pussy. Withdrawing his sopping wet finger, he slowly moved toward her ass and began to rub his wet finger around her asshole. It began to pucker in anticipation.
She was nervous “What are you doing?
“Just be quiet” he said “trust me, you ll love it.”
He slowly worked his wet finger into her waiting anus. Slowly sliding it in up to his first knuckle, she let out a whimper of pain and pleasure. Her pussy was working his shaft wildly. He then stuck his finger in up to the knuckle and she moaned in pleasure.
“Oh God, that feels so good” she moaned.
He slowly worked his knuckle in and around her ass, slowly going in wider circles until her ass puckered and was ready.
He slowly slid his shaft away from her pussy and slowly worked his dick into her ass.
The bulbous head sent shock waves thru her body and she muttered a
‘Wait, don’t, its too much.” But he ignored her,. He knew the pain was temporary and soon she would be filled with pleasure.
He spit on her ass and rubbed it into her anus, wetting it even more.
As he slid his dick deeper into her ass, she began to finger her pussy.
She let out low moans and gasped for breath as he began to stroke in and out of her ass. Slowly at first, but he began to stroke faster as she began to masturbate furiously with her fingers.
She let out loader and loader moans, and he gasped as she came all over herself. Her ass tightened up with the orgasm and she began to flex her anus around his cock as wave after wave of pleasure rode over her. He bucked wildly as her ass gyrated on his dick and cum exploded forth in a torrent.
He came more and more as she squeezed every last drop from his balls with her tightened ass.
He gasped at the force of her orgasm, and his. He slowly pulled his dick out and in the soft moonlight, could see torrents of his cum oozing out her ass.
She lay in a heap on the ground, ass swollen and sore, but she had never felt more gratified.
A short time later she rolled over and saw him asleep.
She gently kissed his cum covered cock and stood watch.
Wondering what the next day would bring…
Night fell quietly. The noise of combat continued to
diminish as the day progressed. He had woken up with a
start a few hours after fucking her ass and found her
standing watch. He rose up, looked around and told her
to rest up. He noticed that his cock was still hanging
out of his pants. He went to tuck it away but she
stopped him.
Ill do it she smiled. She tugged on it and bent down
to kiss his head. He excitedly started to get hard and
she looked up at him.
“My ass is killing me, but thank you, that was the best
fucking I have ever had.”
She gently kissed his head, suckling a little on the
tip and nibbled his head. She then dove on his cock.
His whole cock disappeared down her throat and he
grunted heavily. She closed her throat around his cock
and pulled her head back. His eyes closed and his head
fell back. He moaned “oh my god…suck my cock…take
it all. I’m gonna fuck your throat.”
She breathed heavily thru her nose as he started to
pull his cock from her clenched throat. He grabbed the
back of her head and held it in place. She gasped as
his cock slammed in and out of her mouth. He thrusted
harder and harder with each push. Spit flew out of her
mouth as he pulled his cock out. He looked her right
in the eye and she opened her mouth to let his cock
“Open your throat, I’m going all the way in…”
She tilted her head back eagerly and he rammed his
cock down her throat. He hit the back of her throat
and kept going. Her gag reflex kicked in but he held
her there. Her head bucked wildly on his cock as he
pushed deeper into her mouth. Tears were streaming
down her face as she grabbed his ass in her hands and
started pulling his dick deeper than ever into her
He clenched his ass cheeks as torrents of hot cum shot
into her mouth. She continued to buck wildly as the
hot cum flew down her throat. He pulled out and she
grabbed his still spewing cock and tugged it toward
her face. Cum came dripping down her face and nose and
some came dripping out of her mouth.
She smiled, took her finger, scooped it off her face
and swallowed it down.
She licked his cock clean and gently tucked it back
into his pants.
She wiped off her face and got cleaned up and ready to
They looked out and slowly cleared the area and headed
toward Arnhem.
They held hands as they walked thru the woods. Little
did they know they were heading into a disaster…

It was slow going because her ass hurt so much. She still couldn’t believe that something that hurt so much now could have felt so good. It opened a whole new world of possibilities that she was eager to explore. They walked thru the darkened Dutch countryside, heading toward Arnhem. It had been 6 days since he had crashed thru her door, and they did not know that Arnhem was a disaster and that the whole plan had collapsed on itself. She just knew that she had friends in Arnhem that could hide them until the Allies came. They first noticed signs of trouble on the outskirts of the city. The sound of heavy gunfire and tanks were coming from the bridge over the Rhine.
“That’s a problem” he said. “we don’t have tanks here yet, that must be the Krauts.”

He looked over at her as she went slightly pale. She began to think furiously at what they were going to do. Her friends lived near the bridge. There was no way she could sneak him past the krauts to the bridge.

Just then, a door swung open on the street and to her amazement, a man signaled for them to get inside. She was even more amazed when she recognized the man.

“What are you doing here!!” she squealed as she gave him a hug once they were inside.

“We came here when the fighting began on the bridge. Our old house was destroyed in the second day of fighting. We were coming back from the store when a shell blew up our house. Luckily, we had this property and we have been here ever since.” He replied. “Who is your friend?”
He looked over at him and gave him the once over. Even thru the dirt and grime and dried blood, he could make out the uniform.
“He saved me” she replied and looked at him, “many times in many ways. He stays here with me.”

Just then another person joined the room. She was shorter and had darker features. She was still pretty, but more robust. She looked at the para as if to appraise him, then looked over at her friend. “Come, we will get you cleaned up. Get water for the bath while I help dress his wounds.”

“I’m fine” he replied,” just give me a place to clean up.”
“nonsense” the friend replied, ” we can get you cleaned up. Come in to the other room while Bert fixes things.”

The friends went into the room with the para. He slowly stripped off the dirty uniform and he noticed the friend looking at him.
“He is handsome” she told her friend in Dutch so he wouldn’t understand.
“That is nothing,” she replied,” just wait and see.”
He slowly took his pants off and winced as the bandage pulled on his leg.
“Here,” replied the friend, eying the bulge in his pants. “Let me look at that.”

She pulled the bandage off and he gasped. She quietly left the room and came back with some Mercurochrome. She poured some onto a towel and dabbed at his leg. It burned, but he didn’t make a sound. He just gritted his teeth and waited for the pain to pass.
The friend eyed the bulge and looked over at her and smiled. She smiled back.
“Now” the friend said, “let’s get you ready for a bath.”

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