Orgasm-Of-War Pt. 01

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Disclaimer: This story is purely fictitious and not suitable for anyone that is below the legal age in their country to view pornographic material. All characters involved in the story are over the age of eighteen and belong to me. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. Reader discretion is advised.

Jennifer and Sam had first met freshman year of college. They were both running a bit behind to their first classes and bumped into each other in the same psychology class. As this was a generic class for all majors, they had 300 over classmates, forcing the two of them to desperately find the final seats. Each considered their options, but both sat next to each other in the very back corner of the room, both with terrible views of the teacher and the blackboard.

Jennifer plopped down and was already scribbling notes about the syllabus and testing schedules. On the other hand, Sam was unable to take his eyes off this beautiful goddess sitting next to him. She was your classic bombshell with her slim figure at 5’6″, bright emerald green eyes, beach blonde hair, and carried around massive C cups that looked even larger on her small frame. He on the other hand wasn’t anything special but stood at 6′, brown eyes and hair, and kept lean with sports and working out hard over the summer.

In-between her note-taking she felt like she was being watched, and caught the gentleman sitting next to her staring at her.

“Excuse me, can I help you?” She asked in an irritated tone.

“Oh sorry, I wasn’t sure what you were writing about so I was just taking a quick look,” he blurted out, thinking that was the lamest excuse he could’ve ever come up with.

Jennifer took a few moments to ponder things over and figured it was better to have a study buddy for these types of classes than go at it alone. She decided to give the guy a chance and they decided to grab lunch together after class. The rest of the class was uneventful, but Sam was both joyous and nervous about their lunch afterward.

The two decided to eat at the college cafeteria and found out that they were both pretty similar. Sam was ecstatic that this hot chick was even talking to him, let alone having so much in common. As they chatted they found out that they went to neighboring high schools, enjoyed participating in occasional sports, and both were more on the introverted side as they both enjoyed staying home and watching tv.

Realizing that their next classes were quickly approaching, Jennifer handed Sam her phone number and claimed it was only for studying for their new class. That turned out to be quite the lie, as they both met each other every chance they could, becoming close friends. The semester flew by and by the end of their class, they became besties.

They tried hanging out between classes but it was becoming more difficult as they had picked drastically different majors, hers being psychology and his finance. Quickly semesters passed as they both became increasingly busy as they had picked up part-time jobs to help pay bills. She worked at a clothing store at the mall and he was working at a local fast-food restaurant. They both had daily complaints about their jobs, but both felt a small joy of being able to say that they’re making it work.

During junior year of college, they had moved in together, to save money on housing and to reconnect with each other. After living with each other for a little while they realized that they were indeed perfect for each other, and decided to give dating a try. They had both just turned 21 and loved to go out and drink at some of the local college bars, maybe a little too much.

It was the Thursday before Spring break and Jen was having a rough day. Jennifer just got home from a long day at work.

“Hey Sam, I’m going to take off tomorrow, my legs are killing me from standing on my feet all day and my professor just emailed the class saying that our class tomorrow was canceled and to enjoy our week off.”

Sam was playing some video games when she walked in. He shrugged and mentioned, “Ok, just don’t forget that tomorrow is payday and it’s your turn to pick up dinner.”

Jennifer beamed, she never thought Sam would let her take off. He was always on her case about taking days off because she usually just ended up wandering around the mall and spending way too much on things that didn’t help pay the bills.

Sam reminded her, “Maybe if you’re feeling up to it you can hit up the mall and pick up some new clothes, you were mentioning that you’re starting to outgrow your clothes from high school.”

She looked herself over, she had to admit, getting a fresh wardrobe was a bit overdue. She kept putting it off because clothing shopping was always so expensive, but her shirts were starting to fade and her jeans were getting tighter. A sad reminder that her youthful metabolism was starting to slow, between her getting older and her iskenderun seks hikayeleri regular drinking. She reluctantly agreed with Sam and made plans to go to her job tomorrow since she received 50% off discounts, the main reason she wanted to stay at her job.

The next day Jennifer woke up to the smell of breakfast. She wandered into the kitchen and saw Sam finishing up an egg and bagel sandwich for two.

“Hey sleepyhead, figured I’d make breakfast for your relaxation day,” he said while still assembling the sandwiches.

“Sam, for someone who works at a restaurant, you still seem to struggle with cooking,” she said while glancing around at the tornado of a mess he made of the kitchen.

“You got that right, that’s why I don’t plan on working there forever. I still have my fingers crossed that some of my stock and crypto investments strike gold!” He handed her the sandwich and mentioned, “I have a few classes this morning and have a shift that gets off at 6, so I’ll see you around 6:30 for dinner?”

She looked at the abomination in front of her and smiled, “It’s a date, I’ll make sure to get some pizza and beers, anything is better than this.”

“Hey, it’s not that bad!” and playfully punched her on the arm and laughed.

“Ow! I’m not as strong as you,” she said while giggling.

They exchanged a quick kiss goodbye and off went Sam. Jennifer began to absentmindedly eat the breakfast he had made her and scrolled through her phone trying to see what else to do today. After coming up empty, she decided to throw on a crop top that was two sizes too small for her large chest, a pair of booty shorts, and some sandals, thinking that they’d help make the transition of changing into new clothes easier than shoes.

She always loved wearing these crop tops in front of Sam cause he’d always try to take sneak peeks at her chest, trying to avoid detection from her. She always knew, we girls may play innocent, but we know how to play the game. Knowing he was a huge boob guy, she’d tease him with her big jugs when they were just having fun, but knew she could control her boyfriend whenever she wanted. The power of controlling men with her body was always exciting. She was grateful that after graduating high school, her boobs had continued to grow. Since she hadn’t purchased new clothes in a while, she made a mental note to check her measurements while she was out clothes shopping later.

Doing one final check in the mirror she found that her clothes did look a bit odd on her. Here she was a junior in college and wearing a crop top that her boobs were pushing to the limit. Large amounts of cleavage were billowing out at the top and the sides. The parts of her white bra that were visible were slightly faded and small tears were seen throughout.

She turned her attention south, she looked at her bright red booty shorts in disappointment. She turned halfway around and stared at the legs, starting from her ankles. The long hours of walking around at her job and to school helped tone up her legs finding that she had some definition in her calves. Slowly her gaze moved further upwards to her thighs, which she figured were rather average looking as they weren’t overly thin or thick. Finally traveling her eyes upwards for the last time, her gaze looked upon her butt if she could even call it that. Jennifer always cursed the gods for giving her such a small butt. She glanced at her bottom through the mirror and just shook her head in disappointment, there was nothing there but bone.

She counted her blessings that Sam was a boob guy or she feared that she never would’ve gotten his attention. Figuring that she couldn’t win the lottery in both departments she liked to wear her super tight booty shorts to at least give the allusion that she’s got something back there. With one final look over she grabbed her keys and headed out the door.

Her drive over to the mall was uneventful and was somewhat shocked to see that the mall parking lot was rather deserted. She quickly made her way to her job and found herself rather enjoying the shopping experience. Jennifer found some tape to measure herself in the back of the store and found that she had grown to a 38D-28-30. After excitedly bouncing up and down over the fact that her boobs had grown a few sizes, she decided it was time to do some damage to her wallet.

After a few hours of picking and trying on clothes, she did need a whole new wardrobe, after all, she was leaving with arms full of bags. It was then that she realized that she was a bit thirsty and decided to stop by the Wetzel Pretzel to get a drink before heading home and vegging on the couch. As she was walking, however, a store she never saw before caught her eye. She was unable to see what kind of store it was as the front sign was blocked out and it looked like the store was closing. As she searched the store to find a name she saw on the front door, they claimed they were open.

With her discount, she managed to spend quite a bit less than she was expecting on her clothes, even getting a few sexy outfits to spice things up with Sam, and decided she could spend a few bucks without feeling guilty and decided to walk in.

Jennifer was blown away by how vibrant and alive the store looked on the inside. The first thing she noticed was how the store was overwhelming with the smell of lavender. It wasn’t an unpleasant smell, but she knew it was going to take her nose a few minutes before she was able to ignore it. The walls were lined with red paint and had paintings full of oriental things like The Great Wall and dragons. She saw rows and rows of empty shelves and wasn’t able to see any employees. She was thinking that the store wasn’t open yet and as she was turning to leave she heard a small voice of an old woman.

“Hello dearie, welcome to Madam Smith’s Toys and Fun shop. I’m Madam Smith, is there anything I can help you with?” Jennifer was taken aback as she had no idea where this old decrepit woman came from but was not trying to show her surprise.

“Oh hello! I was just walking by and just wanted to pop my head in and see what kind of store this was.”

“Well we were a fun store for all walks of Earth,” the old woman said hastily.

Jennifer a little puzzled responded, “I’m sorry, you said were? I thought this was a new store, are you already closing?”

Madam Smith replying with a slightly irritated tone, “You heard me correctly dearie not many folks come to the mall anymore and those that do have no time for fun and games, so today is my last day that I’m open.”

Jennifer looked suspiciously at the older woman, “This isn’t a joke? I feel like I’m being punked, I’ve been working at the mall for a few years and I’ve never seen this place.”

The older woman just ignored her and asked, “So are you interested in any games? I’ve packed up most of the merchandise in here, but if you find anything that you like it’ll be half off. Having some sales are better than nothing, just let me know if you have any questions.”

Jennifer began apologizing for coming off so strongly and agreed to let the older woman know if she had any inquiries. She began perusing the few items that were left on the shelf and came to the conclusion that fun and games also included mature items. Jennifer was walking around and found numerous dildos and fuzzy handcuffs alongside board games meant for little kids.

She kept roaming around until her eyes narrowed in on a particular pair of dice. The packaging that they were attached to depicted two lovers that were both extremely altered. The woman on the box was massive with a set of tits that must’ve been four times the size of her head. Her gaze looked towards the man on the box and determined that he must have been half the woman’s size.

Wanting to investigate further Jennifer picked up the box and turned it over trying to see if there was a name or any instructions attached. She looked curiously as she saw that the silly dice game was called “Orgasm-of-war”. The instructions below were simple enough and stated that the two participants roll their respective die (one for the male and one for the female) and whatever they land on the players will change through orgasms. She laughed, there’s no way that this game could be real, but thought it’d make for a fun drunk game tonight with Sam. She asked the older woman how much.

“Oh, dearie I see you like to have a fun time! This used to be my favorite game.”

Jennifer was again puzzled, “Why is it not your favorite game now?”

The old woman chuckled and said, “You haven’t realized my height yet have you, let me get off this chair.” The old woman got up and walked around the counter. Jennifer’s mouth just fell open, Madam Smith must’ve only been 4ft tall.

“Yes dearie, this game is magical and very real, but just because your face is so priceless and managed to give me a good laugh, I’m going to give it to you for free. I must warn you though if you don’t like the outcome of the game you and your partner must both say the phrase ‘Raw-fo-msagro’ or the name of the game backward and it’ll reset everyone the next morning.”

Jennifer wasn’t sure what to think of this but asked, “Then why are you still so small, or was this your original size?”

Madam Smith just shook her head, “Because the guy I was playing with got a foot-long penis and refused to give it up. Please be sure to play this only with people you trust.”

Jennifer just nodded and was on her way out of the store. She didn’t know if she believed Madam Smith, but that didn’t stop her from getting excited and a little horny. The gears were already turning and she was coming up with a plan for the evening. As she was planning she couldn’t contain the wide smile on her face the whole way home. Jennifer glanced at the time in her car and it was already 5:00. She decided to make this evening special and stopped by the liquor store on the way home and picked up their favorite drinks, a Four Loko and six packs for each of them and a bottle of vodka they hadn’t tried before. Afterward, she decided to grab some expensive pizza, she got the game for free, so why not live a little.

She pulled up to the apartment at 6:15 and rushed to get everything put away and to hide her new game. Sam arrived home, 6:30 on the dot and was greeted by the delicious smell of his favorite pizza, and the sight of booze sitting on the coffee table.

“Wow Jen, that smells amazing! I think we can both agree it’s a much better surprise than what I made this morning,” he said.

She got off the couch to give him a quick kiss on the cheek and returned to the living room while reaching and grabbing the first slice, “You got that right, I’ve been starving and I’ve been trying to keep my appetite at bay waiting for you to come through the door.”

The two of them put on some top 10 Netflix movies and they both were digging into the treats that she had bought earlier. Halfway done with the entire pizza and a few beers in, the couple began to snuggle into each other. Jennifer got under his awaiting arm and warmed herself into his chest. She looked up at him and thought everything was perfect. Sam took his attention off the movie and glanced down at his beautiful girlfriend.

“What? Do I have something in my teeth?” Sam asked.

“No, just wondering how this night could get any better.” She paused for a few seconds and blushed.

“Sorry,” she apologized, “That was even cheesier than the pizza.”

They both laughed and started making out in earnest, the movie was completely forgotten. Their tongues danced together and the taste of their beers mixing was intoxicating. Jennifer was starting to get a cramp in her neck so she shifted herself into sitting in his lap without ever losing contact with their kiss.

“Mmm, babe you seem a little more excited than usual tonight. I love it,” he said in a sultry whisper.

“Mhm!” She moaned in his mouth.

Just then she remembered all the clothing and the game she purchased earlier.

“Oh shit…Wait! I have a secret gift for you, I need you to stay here and keep drinking for a second, don’t drink too much though, I need that dick tonight and you’re not allowed to get whiskey dick. I’ll be right back.” She said while hurriedly leaving the room.

“Uh, ok,” he said while cracking open his Four Loko. He figured he was going to need the energy, so if he got a little tipsier, it would be worth the risk.

Jennifer changed into the salmon-pink lingerie set that she had bought earlier in the day. The set was essentially see-through but she liked the flowery designs. She quickly shimmied the bra into place, she purposefully bought this bra a size too small to push her tits higher and make them look larger. Next, she grabbed the matching bottoms, which was a thong with a little print surrounding the main string. She checked herself out in the bedroom mirror and fixed her hair. She thought she looked really good and just checking her out got her loins stirring. She grabbed the game and maneuvered it so that the game was wedged between her butt and the thong. Taking one last look in the mirror, she took a deep breath and went back into the living room.

“Hey babe, you missed this awesome scen…” Sam stopped mid-sentence. He couldn’t believe the goddess standing in front of him was his amazing girlfriend. He was about to say how fantastic she looked but she didn’t give any time and jumped into his lap, straddling her man.

Their make-out session began again and their arousals were soaring. Jennifer couldn’t help herself and started grinding into his crouch, knowing full well that his 7-inch dick was trying its hardest to break through his pants. She was on fire, every inch of her body was screaming for her to ride his dick until she couldn’t walk for days. However, something in the back of her mind was itching to know if Madam Smith’s game was the real deal. After basically ripping Sam’s shirt and pants off, she stood up and pulled the game out of her thong.

“I found this fun fantasy sex game today while I was out shopping and I want to try it before we go any further,” she inquired with a sexy smile.

“Oh, uh, that sounds fun,” Sam said with a bit of trouble as the drinks he had earlier were starting to catch up to him.

Jennifer quickly explained the instructions she had read earlier in the store and ripped the package. Neither of them saw that there was a small instruction book that fell out of the package. She hastily handed him the die that was labeled for men. Sam looked at it like this whole thing was a joke, but he didn’t want to ruin the evening.

He read each side of the die, height, muscles, penis, weight, hair, and mind. Jennifer was reading her die at the same time: height, weight, muscles, boobs, butt, and everything.

“Ok, who goes first?” asked Sam.

“We both go at the same time, and whatever it lands on is supposed to alter our bodies while we have sex. I know it’ll take some imagination, but it seems like a fun-spirited game,” she chided back.

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