Orgasm Under Color of Authority

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True Confession: Orgasm under color of authority

When I moved to southern California from the Midwest I started to enjoy some of the benefits of the more open lifestyle. And one of those were the regular pride parades in the area. In this parade there was a contingent of “out” law enforcement workers. Hmmmm….funny when you write it that way. Can you say double entendre? Exactly. I was totally turned on by a group of butch Highway Patrol Officers. I couldn’t stop coming during my masturbation session from thinking about them that night.

The thought of being pulled over in the desert late at night. A tight pair of service trousers approaching from the rear view mirror, with that imposing and arousing night stick gently swaying back and forth on the hip. I just get gushing wet thinking about it.

“Do you know why I’m pulling you over, Miss?”

“Uh, no, casino oyna but if you could put your fingers between my legs right now you’d know what I’m thinking!”

Anyway, I made my mind up to try and find a partner to fulfill my fantasy. I tried searching through some online personals and messaging sites. And though I found some hot prospects many of them were upstate in the San Francisco Bay Area and outside of my location. One non-consent fantasy was pretty hair raising.

So instead of searching I decided to start visiting a club that I hadn’t been to before but had heard some things about and look for the right person there. Or should I say the right wrong person? I did find somebody and we did some dating and one night I felt it was time to mention what I had in mind. She was quite interested, quite turned on and willing to oblige. She was compatible, dominant ,well-built canlı casino and creative. Next stop the uniform store!

We went shopping and found a police uniform with a thick black leather belt and all. Tight doubleknit slacks and most importantly a well functioning zipper. I told her to come over that night and I’d have a loosely written script for her to peruse while we were having drinks.

We both changed. She into her suit and me into a low cut top and skirt with high quality 100% air constructed panties underneath.

Using the bed as a convertible I had her pull me over. “License and registration, please.”

“Is there a problem, officer?” as I ran my finger nervously over my buttons, lips pursed.

“No, license plate light, I’m going to have to write you a ticket.”

Now I was really getting wet, while she was “running” my license she would surely kaçak casino find a warrant out for me on an unpaid parking ticket.

“We’ve got a problem here, I see there’s a bench warrant out on you. You’re going to have to step out of the car.”

The thought of being on a bench with her on top of me was the only thing my imagination was warranting.

“Maybe we could solve that here.” I stammered. “Couldn’t you just give me a field test?”

“Field tests are for DUI’s.” she replied sternly.

I slowly got down on my knees and ran my hands over her pants and told her the field test I had in mind involved my tongue.

Mmmmmm. There’s something magical about having a hand pulling on your hair and a waiting pussy on the other side of a zipper with which my teeth were locked around.. My oral fantasy was coming true. After lowering her pants I began to frame her unshaven heaven with my tongue.

It was unbelievable. I was completely drenched while I mined for clit. I couldn’t stop coming and enjoyed it to no end.

Who says “crime” doesn’t pay?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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