Oscar and Irene Pt. 01

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I really love my wife, and after nearly twenty years together, there is nothing I wouldn’t have done for her. We first met in High School, and even though we didn’t start dating until we were about thirty, I knew from early on that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this woman.

In addition to a strong physical attraction to her, I also loved everything about her personality. She was honest, a good communicator, we shared the same sense of humor, and we had great chemistry in bed. I really loved having sex with my wife, and for the most part, she seemed pretty satisfied too. Our sex life was a little vanilla, mainly because Irene hadn’t experienced other partners, prior to us getting married. I was very happy to marry a virgin, considering her virtue to be a positive thing, although I did occasionally wonder if she might be a little more open sexually, had she enjoyed a few more sexual partners.

That said, it was a fair trade-off, my wife’s innocence, in exchange for her lack of interest in oral sex, or any of the many things she considered taboo. I had received a few blowjobs in prior relationships, and while the act is very enjoyable, I didn’t find it necessary in order to have a fulfilling sex life with my wife. I got as much sex as I needed, and we maintained a strong intimate connection through hugging, kissing and touching each other, when the kids weren’t around.

I always assumed that Irene was completely satisfied too, although she didn’t have the frame of reference that I had, seeing as I was her one and only lover.

When we got into our late forties, our sex life began to diminish, as the demands of Irene’s busy work and home life took its toll, and made her less receptive to my constant advances. I still wanted sex every day, but we ended up adopting Irene’s preferred schedule, and making love once or twice a month.

Irene blossomed as she got older, and I noticed that more and more men would pay attention to her. At first it was subtle, maybe a younger man holding the door open for her, and admiring her from behind as she passed through it. Or a parent from our daughters’ school, casually remarking how good she looked. She basically ignored it, but it made me realize that I was married to a very desirable woman, and that she had options available to her, if she ever felt like some variety.

She must have had some questions, having only been with one man her whole life. However, she managed to suppress them for the good of our marriage, and I respected her for that. I did notice a slight change in her behavior, the first time a man actually asked her out. She was picking up her dry-cleaning after work, dressed in a very nice suit, that flattered and accentuated her curves. A man in his late-thirties was in line behind her, and as she paid for her items, he complimented her hair.

Irene has very beautiful hair, and has always taken the time to have it professionally cut and styled, so this wasn’t the first time that a man had taken notice. As she turned to thank him for the compliment, she was pleasantly surprised to see a tall, dark, very handsome man, with a great smile, and a very disarming demeanor. My wife rarely loses her composure, but she found him very attractive, and his forward nature had surprised her. They exchanged pleasantries and he introduced himself as Brandon. Then, to her astonishment, he asked her if she wanted to grab a cup of coffee sometime. She declined him politely, telling him that she was married, but it was a real boost to her ego to be asked out by a younger man.

When she told me the story that night, after we were in bed under the covers, it was clear that Brandon had ignited a fire within her, and I was the lucky beneficiary of her desire. We made love twice that night before bed, an exceptionally protracted and intimate session, in which she came several times, and I ejaculated twice inside her tight pussy. It had been years since I came twice in short succession. However, after my first cum-shot, as we lay co-joined in the missionary position, basking in our post-orgasmic bliss, Irene moved her lips to me ear, and began to whisper sweet nothings in it.

Her talk soon turned to her encounter with the young man, and as she described him in excruciating detail, I involuntarily stiffened inside her. Irene is not known for her memory, but she remembered every single physical attribute of Brandon, and as my cock hardened, she self-lubricated without any other stimulation from me. A few minutes after I had ejaculated inside her, we were slowly rocking, kissing and making love, even though my refractory period was typically well in excess of an hour.

“Do you like hearing about my new boyfriend, Oscar?” she teased, as I increased my tempo.

Even though the primary emotion that was surfacing was jealousy, and the thought of another man chatting up my wife, infuriated me, my body responded favorably, and I felt my nuts tighten as my wife taunted me.

“I’ll keçiören escort take that as a yes,” Irene whispered, raking her nails across my shoulders as she nibbled and sucked my earlobe.

A few seconds later, my body seemingly having a mind of its own, and before I could ensure that she was satisfied, I erupted inside her. It was a much more vocal and voluminous orgasm than I normally experienced, especially as it was my second one of the evening, and it did not go unnoticed by my wife.

“Wow, somebody got all hot and bothered,” she said seductively. “I didn’t even get to finish.”

I prided myself on always making sure Irene was completely satisfied, before I allowed myself to orgasm, but all of her talk about this young man had weakened my resolve, and made me ejaculate prematurely. I started to apologize, but Irene wanted action, not words.

“Oscar,” she cooed, “don’t be selfish. You can’t leave me high and dry.”

Our sex life was fairly conservative, but Irene did have a favorite vibrator that we would use occasionally, to bring her to climax. I suggested that we get it from the bedside drawer, but, emboldened by her new sense of desirability, Irene had other ideas. She had never given me a blowjob before, considering fellatio to be a dirty act, and one which was unbecoming for a lady. However, we both enjoyed me going down on her, and I could occasionally bring her to a climax this way, if I took my time.

To my surprise, and for the first time in our relationship, Irene took charge and after indicating to me that she wanted more than the vibrator, she grabbed me very gently by my ears, and slowed pulled down on them. I had just enjoyed two very fulfilling orgasms, and was feeling very benevolent towards her, so I moved slowly down her body, and started to lick and nibble her breasts.

Irene responded favorably to my tender attention, and was soon moaning and arching her back with pleasure. After I had teased her boobs for a while, I moved down to her stomach, licking kissing and nibbling her, until she put her hands in my hair and guided me towards her sex. I resisted a little at first, especially as I had just come inside her. However, after she offered me some tender words of encouragement, I relented and before long my tongue was grazing her clitoris.

“Oh yeah, Oscar, right there,” she instructed me. “That feels good, baby.”

I am not a big fan of going down on my wife after I have come inside her, but as soon as my tongue entered her sex, and she began her inevitable journey towards orgasm, I began to loosen up and enjoy it. Irene, for her part, was fantasizing that I was licking another man’s semen from her, and as she got closer to release, she began to share her fantasy with me.

“Does my boyfriend taste good, baby?” she teased. “I let him bareback me for the first time today. Normally he always wears a condom.”

Irene was uncharacteristically vocal as she approached her orgasm, and, to my astonishment, as she taunted me about her fictitious boyfriend, I got hard again. This third erection was unprecedented in my forties, in fact it had been over ten years since I came three times in a row. My wife was hitting all of my hot buttons, and I was really looking forward to getting back inside her, and busting a nut. However, I knew that her needs were the current priority, so I focused on pleasing her. She had two more orgasms on my face, before she pushed me away from her sex.

After she came, I wiped my face off with a wash cloth and returned to her, still sporting an erection. I slipped under the covers, and we kissed tenderly for a few moments. As we made out, my cock was dancing between my legs, in anticipation of getting balls-deep in my wife. However, she had other plans, and crossed her legs to prevent me from easing back inside her.

“Baby, I am still horny,” I said, trying to appeal to her sense of fairness. “Let’s make love again.”

“I am satisfied, baby,” she said with a giggle, enjoying the control she had over me. “Go to bed.”

I tried to persuade her to no avail, and for the first time in our marriage, Irene put her foot down and made me go to bed with a hard-on. I had a fitful night’s sleep, tossing and turning, as Irene slept peacefully next to me. In the morning, over breakfast, we chatted amicably, until the subject of Irene’s boyfriend reared its ugly head.

“You seemed pretty excited last night, baby,” she teased. “Are you encouraging me to have a lover on the side?”

“Hell no, Irene,” I answered reflexively, before I realized that my cock was stiffening at her suggestion.

I didn’t share my involuntary erection with Irene, but it made me question the boundaries of our marriage, particularly as it pertained to her infidelity. I tried to suppress my desire to be cuckolded, and the subject never came up, until several months later, when Irene got a new boss.

She never mentioned him to me, although there kızılay escort were subtle signs that I probably should have noticed. Irene began to spend much more time at work, and often had late night, work-related phone calls. She was paying more attention to her physical appearance, getting her hair done more frequently, and making sure that she looked her best every time she left the house. Irene and I still made love, but it followed a predictable pattern. As soon as I climbed on top of her, she would start talking about Brandon, and I would orgasm soon afterwards, before she experienced any release.

Irene would then take her pleasure, laying on her back, as I ate my ejaculate from her. This act of submission on my part, seemed to turn her on immensely and she would enjoy numerous orgasms, before pushing my face away from her. We were both getting our needs met, and other than Irene’s excessive workload, things seemed good.

As I mentioned, there were subtle clues that collectively pointed to possible infidelity, but I trusted my wife implicitly, and because I wasn’t looking for evidence of her cheating on me, I never put two and two together. I went to pick up her dry-cleaning once, because I happened to be in the area, and when the bill seemed excessive, I questioned it. I was quite surprised when the counter assistant told me that Irene had altered most of her suits, specifically by shortening the length of her skirts.

The following morning, as she got ready for work, I did observe that her skirts were noticeably shorter, but she was also wearing higher-heeled shoes. The transformation was dramatic, the stiletto heels showcasing her calves, and making her legs look longer and more defined. I never said anything to her, as it was still not indicative of her doing anything other than taking pride in her appearance. However, I started to pay closer attention to her work attire, and soon discovered she was wearing lingerie, stockings, and a garter-belt, to work every day.

We still made love regularly, although by the time I got to see her, she had rid herself of any sexy underwear, and was typically naked or in her nightgown. After I came inside her, she would guide me down to her pussy, and she would enjoy several vocal orgasms, as I ate her out. Her pubic hair, which she allowed to fluctuate between its natural state and short-medium trimmed, was groomed much more regularly and uniformly, as if she was exposing it to another man. At the time, it seemed like nothing more than circumstantial evidence, nothing concrete to suggest that she was being intimate with anyone else, so I didn’t press her for the details.

However, a few months after she got a new boss, Irene informed me that she had to go on a business trip with him.

“We are heading to New York and will be gone for three nights,” she informed me. “I think my boss is going to put the moves on me,” she added with a giggle.

“What makes you say that, Irene?” I asked, nervously.

“Well,” she began, “we have been flirting since he joined my company, and I think we are ready to take the next step.”

“Next step?” I said incredulously, “what have you guys done so far?”

Over the next few hours, Irene and I had a heart to heart about our relationship, our future and our unfulfilled desires. As she outlined the extent of her relationship with her boss, I alternated between rage, jealousy and unbridled arousal.

It began innocently enough, a few days after her new boss joined the company. As with all relationships, first impressions are important, and Irene and her new boss, Matt, felt the chemistry the second they shook hands. My wife admitted to me that she found her boss extremely attractive, and that her eyes went reflexively to his left hand, to see if he was wearing a wedding ring. As soon as she realized that he wasn’t wearing a ring, she felt the weight of hers, and removed it at the first distraction.

It was a kick in the nuts when Irene shared that with me, but I pressed her for more details. Apparently, she was tasked with introducing Matt to the staff at her company, and as pleasantries were exchanged, the reactions from the female staff confirmed her initial assessment that her new boss was hot. According to Irene, Matt is six feet tall, very good looking, with jet black hair and dark eyes. He is in great physical shape as he surfs regularly, and also is on a rowing team. She thought he was in his late thirties, but his extensive educational qualifications, and the depth of his resume, suggested that he could have been older.

Irene and Matt hit it off immediately, sharing a similar sense of humor and the same appreciation for good manners and other traits of a nice upbringing. Matt was very articulate and obviously well-educated, having graduated from Princeton, but he also valued the opinions of his subordinates, and was a great listener. As my wife described his physicality and personality, I could kolej escort tell that she was enamored with him, and I only hoped that he would treat her respectfully and professionally at work.

A few days after Matt joined the company, after a particularly grueling day at the office, he joined my wife in the conference room, to go over some reports. Their interactions so far had been very professional, although she did tell me that the more time she spent with him, the more attracted she was to him. After an extended examination of the documents, they declared that their work day was over, and remained in the conference room for several more minutes making small talk.

Irene learned that Matt was a widower, with two grown kids and was actually in his mid-forties. His wife died a few years ago after a protracted illness, and he never had the inclination to date anyone else, until his kids left home in their early twenties. When my wife pressed him for additional details, he admitted he hadn’t been intimate with a woman in almost seven years.

His admission made my wife like him more, and she placed her hand on his wrist and told him that when he was ready he would have no shortage of opportunities. They made eye contact and ended up maintaining it for several seconds, as they allowed their souls to connect. Irene told me that after that first evening, she decided that she wanted Matt in her life, in some capacity other than as her boss. They spent more and more time together, and he was a great sounding board for any issues that she was having, both professionally and personally.

As the two senior managers of the company, they would often end up being the last employees at the office, and one night as Irene slumped over her desk, trying to work the kinks out of her neck, Matt knocked on her door.

“Can I get you anything, Irene?” he asked, “I am going to Starbucks for a coffee.”

They ended up sharing a desert together, the decadent flavor of the Lime-frosted Coconut Bar, being the perfect antidote to a stressful day at work. Sharing late-night desserts became their thing, and as they bonded and got to each other better, they realized quite how much they had in common. The first time Matt laid his hands on my wife, was innocent enough, yet no less arousing for her, by her own admission.

Irene was resting her head on her hands, with her elbows on the desk, rotating her head side to side, to crack her neck. Matt appeared at her door, with two small Haagen-Dazs ice-cream containers, and admired her from afar. She sensed his presence, and turned around to greet him with a smile. Matt returned her smile and then waved the ice-cream in the air enthusiastically, drawing a contented giggle from her.

“Is your neck bothering you?” he asked innocently.

“Just normal work stress,” my wife answered, as she took the pro-offered treat.

As Irene started to enjoy her ice-cream, Matt moved behind her, and placed both of his masculine hands on her shoulders. Maintaining a semblance of professionalism, he began to massage my wife’s neck and shoulders, and as she freely admitted to me, she began to self-lubricate under his firm touch.

Chemistry is a very difficult thing to quantify, but it was certainly present in her office that night. As Matt continued to work the tension from her upper body, my wife leaked vaginal secretions into her panties, and occasionally let out a moan of pleasure. Matt massaged her for about thirty minutes, alternating between her shoulders, neck and scalp, the latter feeling particularly pleasurable.

When he was done, he leaned forward and kissed her tenderly on the top of her head, a demonstration of affection that was equal parts paternal and sexual, Matt choosing to err on the side of caution, lest his intentions be misunderstood, or worse, rebuffed. Irene stiffened involuntarily at his kiss, a lightning bolt of excitement flowing through her, now that he had finally made a move towards her. She felt her breathing quicken and her panties moisten, and looked up at him agreeably, as if to green-light any further advances, but he was already turning to leave her office.

“Good night, Irene,” he said politely, as he turned towards her in the doorway.

She could see that his face was flushed with excitement, and his erection was visible in the pants of his suit, so she knew he had felt the spark too.

“Good night, Matt,” my wife responded, her voice shaky by her own admission. “Thanks for the massage, I needed that.”

After that first night of physical contact, a pattern was established and Matt frequently massaged the kinks from my wife’s neck and shoulders. A few late night encounters later, as she sat at her desk, he offered her a foot-rub. Irene kicked off her high-heeled shoes and as Matt pulled up a chair, she extended her stockinged foot to him. To hear my wife tell it, as she relaxed and enjoyed her foot-rub, Matt developed an erection. Irene made no attempt to ignore it, which would have probably been the most professional thing to do. However, with the sexual tension having simmered between them for the last several weeks, Irene embraced his desire for her, and rubbed her foot in his crotch, to acknowledge his erection.

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