Paging Dr. Richards

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Elle was to be in her senior year of high school and had just turned eighteen over the summer. Fall was now rolling in and she was heading back class in roughly a week meaning there were lots of things to be done in preparation. She would be picking up her books, shopping for her new uniforms, and attending a plethora of doctor’s visits for routine check ups and vaccines. Anxiety pitched as the days drew nearer and she wondered if this year would be better than the last.

The girl in question was shy, but pretty in a non-threatening girl next door sort of way. Her body was sun kissed and berry brown from spending most of the summer at the beach with her family – all save the parts covered by her bikini which stood stark white in contrast. Her nose was graced with a scattering of freckles and soft green eyes stared out from beneath thick lashes that kissed the apples of her cheeks whenever she blinked. Golden brown hair hung in unruly curls that cascaded down the middle of her back. Her style was bookish and meek. Large glasses sat perched upon the button nose with round wire frames, white keds adorned her feet – the style of the day when not in school was frequently jeans and a t-shirt.

The last year had been rough for her, always something of a social outcast, more for the fact that she was quiet than anything else – yet she’d found herself the target of a few mean girls who teased her mercilessly for the fact that she was a late bloomer. Until junior year she’d been flat as a board and after that only a small A cup. Her public hair hadn’t filled in completely and was sparse and wispy across her mound; this matched with narrow hips and a small voice, but summer had been good to her. She’d gone up a whole cup size and was finding curves elsewhere as well. Still, she dreaded going back to school.

This day, in particular, was Monday a week out from the first day of school and the morning of her first Gyno appointment. “You’re filling out. It’s time you see him. You’ll love Dr. Richards, honey. I’ve been seeing him for as long as I can remember. You know, he’s the very same doctor that did your delivery?” And there was a wistful sigh as Elle’s Mom was clearly thick with nostalgia. “You were such a cute little thing…” and cold fingers would slide along Elle’s cheek to impart two small pats.

“Mom, come on… really?” A groan of the teenage variety – full of light rebellion and general agitation filtered past her lips as Elle leaned herself over the kitchen counter until her cheek was flush with the granite – arms sprawled out as though she were on the verge of giving up on life, “Please don’t make me go. It’s weird and gross…”

A laugh from Elle’s mother was followed with, “It isn’t. I want you to get that HPV vaccine, honey.”

“Mom…” Elle righted herself as her pink cheek drug across the counter were her fingers would find a place to settle upon the edge, “I haven’t even had sex. Ugh, I can’t talk to you about this…” Her bottom lip tucked between her teeth and she’d spin on the heel of one white ked and turned to march upstairs.

“Do you want me to drive you? It’s just up the street, honey. Make sure you shower first…” and there would be the sound of dishes filling the sink, the clink tink of porcelain knocking against itself and running water.

“Please no…” were the last words of Elle as she marched herself up to the bathroom and began stripping down. Her navy t-shirt was pulled over her head letting bounce free two pert little breasts that bounced like ripe peaches on a tree – no bra beneath. Fingers fiddled with the buttons of her jeans before she’d tug them south and kick off her sneakers as clothes collected in a puddle of her feet.

Finally, her thumbs hooked into the elastic of white cotton panties and they were shoved south to expose the ‘v’ between her thighs. For a long awkward minute Elle paused then to stare at her reflection in the mirror unsure if she liked what she saw. Some days it felt like she was looking in a funhouse mirror with all the changes she was going through. A hand drifted down her stomach to play through a light patch of pubic hair wondering if it was rude not to shave for the doctor. Would he care? Would he notice? Would not shaving make her seem unkempt? Her brows pinched together as she turned to twist the knob for the shower. Then there was a long few minutes she’d wait for it to heat up while continuing that deep inspection of every part of her body. Nipples were tweaked, her bottom was smoothed over with the flatness of her palm, her tummy was sucked in tight and then released with a heavy exhale.

For a fleeting moment she felt like she might cry – just the thought of going in alone for such a weirdly intimate exchange seemed overwhelming. She hadn’t even been fingered by a boy yet; just some over the clothes rubbing and making out. Stepping into the shower she was pelted with a thousand tiny droplets of hot water. Her hand trembled ever so slightly as she picked up a razor that casino siteleri she’d only ever used on her armpits and legs before and with a slathering of shave gel across her mound she’d begin scraping the hair off with long determined strokes, watching as it washed down the drain. By the time she finished she felt completely smooth between her slender thighs – a hand working between them to check for any small hairs she might have missed. There were none. She’d been efficient anyway. Hair was then washed, body sudsed up with cucumber melon body wash, and face scrubbed; Elle stepped from the shower and toweled herself off.

A short while later and she was dressed again in the same jeans but different panties, she’d worn a bra this time beneath a red t-shirt that read ‘Go Titans!’ Her school’s mascot. Her feet slipped back into her white sneakers and she meandered down stairs to snatch the car keys off the kitchen counter, “I’ll see you later, Mom… Love you.”

“Love you, honey! Be brave!” That familiar maternal voice sang from the kitchen as Elle charged out the door which swung shut behind her with a loud click.

Time spent in the waiting room only gave Elle more time to work up her anxiety. She’d met Dr. Richards several times; he almost felt like part of the family – like a distant uncle that you saw over holidays maybe. He was roughly around fifty years old and sported a thick chocolate beard. His hair was short and neat, cut closer on the sides – if anything he seemed kind of hip for his age. He wore sneakers with his scrubs, anyway. All in all he wasn’t a bad looking guy for being half a century old; about 6’2″ and brawny with well muscled limbs, thick digits, and a shock of chest hair that peaked through the ‘v’ of his collar. It was weird, to her, that she’d be seeing him now as her own doctor. In the past, any time she’d gone with her mother he’d had a lollipop for her and a pat on the head – now though, she was an adult and their relationship was shifting.

“Elle?” A woman’s voice called out and Elle lifted her head to see a nurse standing in an opened doorway beckoning her over with a warm smile, “Dr. Richards is ready for you, Elle.”

“Oh,” was all she could muster as she was taken into the back and weighed before having her vitals taken down – heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, oxygen levels – etc. All of that followed by a few standard questions.

“Elle, when was the date of your last period?” The nurse sat pivoted towards a computer as her fingers worked over the keys never looking back.

“Maybe two months ago?” She uttered with a shrug. She hadn’t really been keeping track. She only started getting her period in the middle of the last school year and it wasn’t what one would call regular yet.

“Is there any chance you could be pregnant? Are you sexually active, Elle?” The nurse kept typing, her tone unchanging as she posed questions that caused the patient to squirm in her seat.

“No…” she laughed nervously, “I’ve never done anything…” then fumbling over her words, “I mean, I’ve kissed boys. Is that what you mean? I haven’t like actually had sex or anything like that…” She felt like her mouth was going dry, heart starting to race as she heard footsteps move past the door.

There the nurse paused, swivelling around in her chair with a sympathetic expression, “Hey,” she leaned forward and settled a hand on Elle’s knee, “It’s ok. Why don’t you strip down and the doctor will be right in, ok? Everything comes off. Bra and Undies. You can put on that paper gown.” The woman gestured to a gown folded up on the examination table. “It closes in the front.”

“Oh, uhm, sure…” Elle climbed to her feet as the nurse vanished and began stripping down, all of her garments going into a neat pile on the counter. She hid her bra and panties inside of her shirt before balancing it on folded jeans which were then rested on her white keds. The tile floor felt cold on her feet and the paper gown left her feeling vulnerable as though she were wearing nothing at all. It was only once she was in it and sitting back on one of the plastic chairs that she realized how cold the room was; her small pink nipples stiffened as they were caressed by the scratchy thin sheet that wound about her torso. It felt like she sat there for an eternity which gave her far too much time to sit and wonder what would happen next. No one had clued her in as to how the appointment would go. Would he just look at her? Would he touch her? She thought of how her GP shined a light down her throat and wondered if it wouldn’t be a bit like that with the small opening of her vagina – maybe he just needed to peek inside…

Eventually, the door opened and Dr. Richards would breeze in throwing himself down on a small stool that glided around the room easily and allowed him to spin this way and that, “Elle, good to see you girl! You have grown up…” he patted the exam table then, “Hop on up and scoot towards the end.”

Elle canlı casino rose from her seat on legs that were starting to feel an awful lot like jelly as she watched Dr. Richards pull out a set of purple gloves and begin stuffing his oversized mitts into them, “Have I?” She uttered, her voice barely above a whisper as she moved to climb up on the edge of the table while trying to keep a hand to her bottom – a small effort to hold the paper gown down and keep her dignity intact.

“Oh, yeah, you’re a woman now! Look at you, what are you 35?” He teased before climbing from his seat and moving to the edge of the table where he’d clamp a hand to her shoulder and begin guiding her back, “We’re just going to ease you back now.” Her head ducked under a small metal bar that held a curtain which once pulled would separate the top and bottom half of the body, perhaps, giving the patient a bit more privacy or, at least, a sense of modesty as the doctor worked.

Elle felt her back come to settle against the table and watched as Dr. Richards closed the curtains with a whoosh. A small laugh tumbled from her lips, “Eighteen…” And she’d feel her thighs pulling together as he hovered over her.

“Time sure flies,” he uttered before vanishing towards the other side of the curtain, “Elle, I’m going to need you to loosen up for me and spread your thighs. Feet go in the stirrups.” And his hands would begin guiding her feet until the arches were resting against cold metal bars, “Wider. Just let them fall open if you can, Elle.”

If her heart had been racing before it was nothing compared to now. It felt as though there were a wild canary beating its wings against the inside of her rib cage. Elle took a tremulous breath and slowly spread her thighs; the cool air of the office washing across her labia as she felt her petals ease apart exposing the pinkness within. Dr. Richards had gone oddly quiet save the sound of snapping elastic, “Is that ok?” She’d finally ask, her voice timid.

“Just fine, Elle…” his demeanor shifted, the happy to lucky doctor from mere moments earlier now sounded strictly business. She heard something drop into the wastebasket – one item and then the other along with a soft rustling. Unbeknownst to Elle Dr. Richards had pulled off his gloves and was in the process of fishing his cell phone from his pocket as he took a few discreet photos.

“Oh, ok…” she uttered, her gaze moving from the blue curtain that divided them and drifting up towards the ceiling. Elle had never felt so exposed in her entire life, but she kept telling herself it was okay – a self soothing mantra of ‘It’s fine. He’s a doctor. He’s my Mom’s doctor. This is normal.’ Even as her legs would begin to creep closed again; the lithe thighs drawing together to obscure his view. It was an unconscious act though one that would draw a vaguely agitated sounded response from the doctor.

“Open…” Placing his cell phone on a small table along with his other instruments he’d move his hands to her thighs, curling his fingers to dimple into the flesh as he shoved them apart, “Stay like this.” his tone suddenly curt.

“Ow…” a tiny mewling whimper would escape the girl as she laid back in the stark bright whiteness of the exam room as an overhead neon light buzzed away. The very next thing she felt was his hand – his whole hand and the head of his palm cupping her mound, clamped over it in a way that seemed almost possessive.

“Sorry, Dr. Richards…” though this time there was no answer, just a deep exhale from somewhere behind the curtain before the warmth of his hand would leave her and then, what? Those thick digits curled back to her thighs pressing them further apart and she’d hear the doctor take a deep breath coupled with the curious sensation of cool air pulling across her folds before another hot exhale would wash her privates with the warmth of his breath. He was so close. She wondered if he needed to be that close?

What felt like minutes passed before she’d feel his warm, wet fingers slide long ways between her folds – all that she could not see behind the curtain involved him inhaling deeply of her scent before he pressed two digits into his mouth and slid them up and down along her petite pink slit. She didn’t dare say a word unable to shake the feeling that anything she might utter just could potentially upset him. Elle was a rabbit in headlights, her hands dropped to her sides as fingers curled around the edge of the exam table squeezing until her knuckles went white.

“Take a deep breath,” his voice taking on a more soothing tone as the doctor slid a single fat digit into her slight and as of yet unused hole causing Elle to squirm and make some small sounds of discomfort. “Mm, you’re a virgin, huh?” The question snaking from his lips and to her ears.

“I, uh,” her cheeks flushed crimson, “Yes…” she swallowed audibly as she felt that tiny hole begin to stretch around his finger – feeling as though it were reaching it’s very limits kaçak casino by the time he had fully sunk himself in to the first knuckle. The digit then flexed before slowly pumping in and out – her walls gripping it, pulling her pinkness right along with it as it was tugged from the strangling hold of her canal before being stuffed back inside. “Mmff,” Elle huffed as the doctor used the thumb of his other hand to push back her clitoral hood exposing her hidden nub. She felt something hot and wet splatter down on the exposed button, now way of knowing the doctor had just leaned forward to lubricate her with a healthy glob of spit. “That’s… warm…” she remarked, her voice wavering as the roughly textured pad of his thumb began working small tight circles over that small bundle of nerves.

“I’m going to need you to tell me how this feels, Elle. I just want to make sure everything is working properly.” His finger twisted to a different angle until he was performing a come hither motion within her constricting walls – the pad of his index finger massaging that tiny rough balloon of tissue within. “Does it feel good?”

“I…” she felt like her breathing was getting more shallow by the second as heat crept up the back of her cheek and a deep blush bloomed from the center of her chest creeping to engulf her from head to toe, “I don’t know.” The answer sounded mousy and maybe even a touch frightened. Elle tightened her grip along the edges of the table as her hips gave one quick involuntary jerk.

“Going to need you to relax. Just close your eyes and tell me how it feels, Elle. It’s ok… do you like it?” The ministrations of his thumbs picked up speed while pressure was increased, just barely. That tight hole kept it’s crushing grip around his knuckle which was teased in and out until the Doctor would see goosebumps lifting on her slender naked thighs.

“Uhnnfff,” she groaned as her eyes rolled partway into the back of her head, “It’s not bad, Dr. Richards. It tingles…” Elle’s body was now rocking on the table to and fro with the motion and power of his hand – the other fingers tucked down and butting up against her asshole. Her white ripe breasts jiggled on her chest as the paper robe fell fully opened exposing pink nipples that immediately stiffened – save the curtain she was completely exposed. “Awweehhh…” another little moan and she’d feel his thumb leave her clit followed by the sound of a zipper. Perhaps, the Doctor opening a medical bag? Elle lay still and quivering around the digit that was still stuffed in her tight hole.

On the other side of the curtain Dr. Richards had eased down his zipper, unburdening his trousers of the thick meat of his cock which was already hard when it flopped free. He was, at least, a solid 8.5 inches and as thick as Elle’s wrist – fat and throbbing with pronounced veins that lifted to the surface beneath the smooth skin of his shaft. His free hand now gripped his cock and gave it a few good strokes before he’d extricate his finger from Elle’s tight grip. He went for his phone once more flicking the video app opened with the flick of his thumb before tapping the red button. The beep sounded so familiar though she couldn’t quite place it. Elle’s grip at the edge of the table had lessened and she was now laid back with her eyes closed trying to imagine herself somewhere less embarrassing than the doctor’s office.

Simultaneously, the doctor was stroking his cock as he stared down at her sweet spread pussy – the bulbous head occasionally butting up against that sinfully tight entrance, “Mmrggghhh…” he growled, watching the whole thing through the little screen on his phone. In what seemed like no time his breathing was labored and ragged. Elle would hear a shuffling sound but she couldn’t place it and, at this point, was too afraid to ask. Suddenly, she felt something warm and solid press against her and then a flood of heat – gushing warmth that was quickly trickling down her bottom to pool just beneath her. “Unnfffhh…” Dr. Richards leaned over with his hand resting at the edge of the table while he fought to catch his breath all the while admiring his handiwork. He never actually entered her, but that didn’t stop him from sloppily spilling his seed all over her fresh little cunt. “Lubrication…” he finally managed to grunt out before flicking off his camera and sliding it back in his pocket. He cleaned the head of his cock up with a swipe along her inner thigh before tucking it back into his pants and collapsing once more on his stool.

“Now where were we,” Dr. Richards glanced over his tool of trays and picked up the speculum, “This will feel a little cold.” He reached forward then and collected, with his finger tips, the mess of cum that was splattered all over her virginal folds and lubricated the metal before easing it inside of Elle and slowly cranking it opened as wide as it would go.

“Mmnn, that hurts…” she found herself whining as she shifted on the table. It was cold but there was also a decidedly unpleasant pinching sensation that went along with it and the sensation of being stretched to her absolute limit. Again her hands were creeping to the edge of the table where fingers would slide along the edge and clamp down.

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