Pantyhose Wrestling Redemption?

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It had been a couple of weeks since my wrestling encounter with Sam and Gemma, and things had been a little weird between us in the office, neither woman had been able to make eye contact with me since. I don’t know what’s wrong with people today, it’s getting so you can’t wrestle with, or give oral sex to a colleague without some awkwardness… hehe.

Anyway, yesterday I saw Gemma and Sam chatting to each other in a quiet corner of the office, near an empty meeting room. So I went over to talk to them.

“Come in here.” I said, entering the room, beckoning them in. Closing the door as they followed me in. Before I had chance to start the conversation, Gemma spoke.

“Becky, we’ve been talking and we want to wrestle with you again. If that’s not too awkward.” She said.

“Ermm, I wasn’t expecting that. I thought you were regretting our last match.” I said honestly, but not really knowing how to respond to the offer.

“So, do you want to wrestle again?” Sam asked “Nothing like last time, we just mean wrestling. We feel really bad about what we did to you last time.”

“Ok, you’re on.” I decided spontaneously “When are you thinking?”

“I can get the training room tomorrow night, if you can make it.” Sam replied quickly.

“Oh wow, don’t give a girl chance to change her mind.” I laughed “Yes, tomorrow actually works for me, hubby is out already, so I’m at a loose end.”

“Great, see you there. I have some brand new pantyhose for you, so you don’t need to bring your own.” Gemma offered.

That’s just as well, the ones I had worn last time we wrestled have been well worn, as I slip them on to pleasure myself when I think about that night, and you won’t believe how often that’s been!

So, here we are again. I’m currently standing in the training room waiting for the girls to appear from the changing rooms. I am wearing the same outfit as last time, the one bought for me by Gemma, a black spandex vest top, black spandex shorts, over sheer black pantyhose (brand new and very expensive ones, again purchased by Gemma).

My opponents appear, their matching outfits bring a little smile to my face. A couple of weeks ago I wore a very short, button up shirt dress into the office, and one of the guys joked that it looked like I’d forgotten my skirt. Well, the girls were wearing that exact dress, in khaki, with platinum grey seamless pantyhose.

“Did you remember to wear a skirt with that blouse?” I asked jokingly.

“Damn, I knew I’d forgotten something.” Sam said, flashing me.

I was joking about not wearing a skirt, but Sam has just shown me that she has nothing under her hose.

“Hang on. We said just straight wrestling. So what’s this about?” I protest.

“Sorry, it was just a little joke.” Sam tries to explain.

“We can go and get changed. Sorry, we weren’t really thinking.” Gemma adds.

“It’s OK, let’s just do this, it’s not like I haven’t see it all before, and at closer range.” I say, with a nervous laugh. “Come on let’s go!”

Sam starts, moving to the middle of the mat to meet me. Last time I wrestled these ladies, I got my tactics all wrong, going slowly and trying to accumulate submissions over the whole of a 60 minute match. Well, I’ve done two things to address that. Firstly, we have agreed a 30 minute time limit. Second, I have realised that copying the tactics which my opponents used to beat me last time, going full throttle to take an opponent out of the game, will be my best bet.

With my new assertive tactics coming to the fore, I attack, tackling Sam down to the mat. I suspect that’s taken her by surprise as she was probably expecting my more conservative, methodical approach of last time. I move quickly, I launch myself towards Sam, flying through the air I wrap-up my still standing opponent in a body scissor and grabbing her head I pull it forward, wrapping my arm around her neck, folding my foreman back under her throat, effectively cutting off the blood to her head, in a form of sleeper.

“Argggh!!” Sam gurgles.

She seems completely stunned by how quickly I have taken complete control, and accordingly she is slow to react. Sam drops to her knees, and as I maintain my hold, she sinks further. She hasn’t managed much of a defence to my attack, and as I continue to squeeze her head, neck and body, I can feel all energy being sapped from my trapped opponent, a she starts to go limp. If she had any sense, Sam would have tapped 30 seconds ago but she seems completed disorientated by what is going on and unable to react.

“Sam. Tap, for fucks sake. Becky’s gonna knock you out cold if you don’t tap now.” Gemma coaches her partner.

Good call from Gemma, as I don’t think Sam’s too far from going out right now. Sam doesn’t even call her submission, she just taps meekly, but repeatedly on my leg. I release my overwhelmed adversary and roll away. Sam lowers her head for a moment, attempting to get a semblance of lucidity back into her brain.

1- 0 – As Sam rises to make her way off the mat, to tag in Gemma, her body casino oyna betrays her. Her still woozy head making balance almost impossible, as she stumbles like a new born lamb staggering to shelter. Ok! So my objective now is to try to deal with Gemma as quickly as I’d seen of Sam, to get Sam back onto the mat whilst she’s still vulnerable.

Gemma takes to the mat, looking more anxious than at any point in our previous encounter, having seen what I had just done to her partner.

Wasting no time I make my move, dropping to the ground, I sweep my right leg, kicking Gemma’s legs from under her, felling her to the mat. She hits the ground with a thud, which dazes her. In perpetual motion, I seize Gemma, twisting her into a Boston Crab. Wanting both a fast submission and to strike fear into Gemma, as I’m sure I had with Sam, I apply full force to the hold. When applied correctly, the hold can be devastating, and it seems from Gemma’s reaction I’m doing an ok job, I clearly haven’t lost my touch. After a matter of seconds, Gemma is shrieking her submission.

2-0 – Less than a minute after Sam had left the mat, groggy and faltering, Gemma is crawling off the mat to tag her back in.

Sam steps towards me, still looking unsteady, disorientated and most of all really nervous. I’m willing to bet that I could do anything I want with Sam right now, as she seems absolutely defenceless in her current state. So I don’t bother with a technique, I simply grab Sam by the arm and swing her around, hurling her unceremoniously to the mat. Similarly uncomplicated, I grasp a handful of hair and pull her head into position between my legs, locking them closed, as I sit down behind her in a headscissor.

“Oww.” Sam whimpers, sounding pretty pathetic.

Again, Sam seems slow in recognising the futility of attempting to hold off a submission. Tucking one of my legs under her chin, I convert my hold into a figure 4 headscissor. This is basically just cutting off the blood and air flow again, further scrambling her brain.

After another 40 seconds or so, of gurgling noises and light pawing at my legs, Sam is very clearly done. Yet she seems ignorant of her hopeless plight. It again falls to her teammate to interject.

“Sam, you’re not getting out and the longer you stay there the longer it will take you to recover and I need you ready. So just submit. I’m ok to come back in, I think.” Gemma directs her partner, although her tone doesn’t sound too convincing this time.

“I submit.” Sam concedes, as much yielding to her partner as to me.

“You need to be quicker in the submission Sam. Trying to hold out is counterproductive.” Gemma counsels, as her partner leaves the mat.

3-0 – This is going better than I could have hoped, only 5 minutes in and I’m well ahead and looking at my opponents, they both look beaten. And I have to say, I’m enjoying dominating these two attractive, young women in a way that some might not consider proper for a married woman in her mid-thirties. But getting physical with Gemma and especially Sam, is more stimulating than my increasing disappointing love life has been for years.

I need to guard against complacency though. My big error last time was to let my concentration lapse whilst enjoying the contact with my opponents, and boy did I pay for that!

Once more, I don’t need to be too cultured with my tactics, Gemma doesn’t look too inclined to go on the offensive, so I go directly for the take down. Lunging at Gemma, knocking her off her feet. I’m able to get onto her back and hold her arms, pulling her into a camel clutch.

“Oh shit, not again!” Gemma exclaims. Which makes me laugh to myself.

“Hey Sam, are you going to tell your partner to submit?” I tease my opponents.

Sam doesn’t speak, although I’m not sure she is really tuned in to what’s going on, she still looks like she’s on another planet.

“It’s okay, I can submit for myself.” Gemma reacts spikily.

“So is that your submission?” I ask, as I power on the hold.

“Yes, yes. I submit” Gemma cries.

4-0 – Dropping Gemma to the mat, I stand looking at Sam. She really doesn’t look ready to go again, which is exactly as I planned this.

“Come on then Sam, I’m ready for ya.” I say menacingly. As we watch Gemma drag herself towards her partner.

“Gemma said I should submit quicker to avoid the punishment.” Sam responds “So I submit. It’s Gemma’s turn again.”

Gemma doesn’t seem to have taken in what’s going on. And to be honest, I’m not really sure what to do next. Ok, well I’ll take the gift, to extend my lead. Accordingly I pounce and throw myself on top of an unsuspecting Gemma.

“What the fuck?” Gemma howls.

I roll Gemma into a tight headscissor, squeezing tightly and then slackening slightly, just to demonstrate what I can do.

“Hey, Sam’s just doing what you told her. She’s out, you’re back in.” I explain playfully, to my forlorn victim.

“That’s not fair.” Gemma protests “Sam, you fucking coward. Are you just going to sit by and watch her beat canlı casino me up?”

There is no response from Sam. She is clearly ashamed of what she is doing but not enough so that she’s actually willing to come back on to the mat to face me. I think the reality that she’s on her own has dawned on Gemma too, she kicks and bucks hard to get out of my hold but to no avail. Gemma very short dress lifts, her crotch and ass there for all to see, beneath the sheer, seamless material of her pantyhose.

“Okay. Okay. I submit. And Sam, no backing down this time.” Gemma says irately.

“I’m not accepting this submission. You’re close enough to tag from here. If Sam’s coming back in, she can just tag you. If she’s not, we have over 20 minutes left and you’re going nowhere, so this could be a long match for you!” I proclaim.

I give another little harder squeeze, just to reassert my dominance.

“Sam, tag in.” Gemma appeals.

“Sorry Gemma.” Is Sam’s brief response.

“Sam, come on. Oh for fuck’s sake Sam. Please. Pleeease. Fucking hell Sam you bitch.” Gemma pleads, clearly increasingly pissed at her team mate.

I just sit back, maintaining the hold is easier and easier, as the fight goes out of Gemma as she begins to accept the futility of her position. Sam is watching, absorbed by what she is seeing, more like an ardent fan than a participant.

“Sam, you sure you don’t want to tag in?” I taunt “I’ll take it easy on you. I’ll only hurt you a little bit or maybe a lot, who knows hey?”

We’ve been here now for nearly 5 minutes. Gemma is now virtually motionless, I have kept the hold on tight enough to be pretty uncomfortable but not to hurt her, although I’m guessing she may need some meds for her headache and stiff neck tomorrow morning. Her only noises are little moans and whimpers of disconsolation, as she is close to tears. I am getting a real perverse pleasure from this, the control, the dominance and to a lesser extent having Gemma head forced into my crotch, rubbing my pubic bone each time she tries to move. It’s all I can do to resist the urge to hump her head from here.

“Becky.” Gemma speaks for the first time in a few minutes. With an enquiring tone to her voice.

“Yes Gemma?” I reply

“Do you want to fuck my face?” Gemma asks, pitifully.

“What?” I ask, a little shocked.

“Will you let me go if I let you sit on my face, whilst I make you cum?” Gemma proposes.

“Wow. I thought you guys said just straight wrestling?” I tease.

“Do you want to cum on my face or not?” Gemma asks “I’m willing to do whatever you want at this point. You’re the winner and Sam is clearly no help to me!”

Hhonestly, at this point I think there’s a reasonable chance I’m going to cum just sitting here, this is like tantric wrestling for me… if that was a thing!

“Hey Sam? Gemma’s submitting the match, are you too? I’m going to release her, so do you want me to take over the wrestling, or join her eating pussy?” I offer.

“Facesitting please.” Sam replies, almost laughable in her politeness.

I release Gemma, much to her relief; as she rolls over, holding her head and neck. Ok, well I hadn’t really planned for this, so what do I do with two women conceding to be at my sexual service. Ok, I have an idea!

“Gemma, lie on your back.” I direct.

“Oh come on Becky. Make Sam go first, I think it’s her turn.” Gemma counters.

“Lie on you back!” I command, with a more earnest tone.

Gemma does as she is asked, albeit reluctantly. On removing my shorts, I straddle Gemma, sitting down on her upper chest, facing her feet, my ass inches from her face. From there I reach forward, undoing the bottom two buttons on her shirt dress, allowing it to drop open, revealing her pussy in all its allure.

“Ok, Sam, I think you have some reconciling to do with Gemma. So first, you are going to bury your head in here and give Gemma a make-up orgasm!” I instruct, gesturing to Gemma exposed crotch.

Sam moves into position compliantly, not saying a word, just lying down in front of Gemma planting her face into her partner’s pussy, committing to her oral task. For her part, Gemma wraps her legs around Sam’s, ensuring that Sam is going nowhere.

I can’t believe how erotic I am finding this, at the moment just watching two girls getting it on. If you had suggested this a few weeks ago I would have said ‘no thanks’, as I’ve always been convinced of my heterosexuality but now, having been ‘playing’ with Sam and Gemma, I’m not so sure. Gemma is writhing, clearly really getting into it, despite being trapped by me sitting on her chest limiting her movement. And judging by Sam’s reaction, Gemma has tightened her scissor hold on Sam’s head, muffled shrieks and squirming making it obvious what’s happening. Then for the first time since we assumed our positions, Gemma speaks to Sam.

“Becky isn’t the only one who can apply a headscissor. When I cum, I’ll stop and we’ll call it quits. So you better get licking.” Gemma says ominously.

Oh man, this is just kaçak casino TOO hot.

“I’m sorry Gemma, I can’t wait any longer.” I say, as I scoot back to find her face, with my ass and pussy.

Without missing a beat, Gemma goes to work on my already throbbing crotch but at the same time obviously gives Sam a hard squeeze, as punishment. Predictably but still bit embarrassingly, it takes me less than a minute to climax, in my hugely aroused state. A shuddering, juddering, fucking amazing climax. I move forward again, back onto Gemma’s chest. My ‘ringside seat’ for Sam pleasuring Gemma. Gemma is certainly showing more restraint than I could muster, as she torments Sam.

As I watch my two beaten opponents, this is such a sexy sight. This gives me a mischievous idea! Rolling off Gemma (to her relief I’m sure), moving to Sam’s feet, I grab them, lifting and folding, so her legs are folded at the knee and crossed at the ankles, I then sit down on them, trapping them in position. Quickly reaching forward I seize both of Sam’s arms, pushing them up behind her back. I can’t say for sure, but I’d say between the headscissor, leglock and arm hold, Sam must be some discomfort here.

“No. No. No.” Sam starts to scream, but barely audibly, as the volume is muffled by Gemma’s crotch.

“Stay there Becky. I think she deserves the punishment. And it won’t be long, coz I’m cumming.” Gemma says, her words trailing off and sounding more forced, as her body tenses.

I do as Gemma asked, keeping on the holds. And it’s not entirely unrewarding, as an unintended consequence of position, Sam’s feet are directly in my sensitive, post-orgasmic crotch. The soft nylon of her pantyhose rubbing against my encased pussy. Awkwardly I find myself humping Sam’s feet slightly, I feel silly, like a teenage girl having her first sexual encounter. I comfort myself with the fact that the other girls are now way too preoccupied to worry about what I’m doing. It’s just as well that this drawing to a close, as it saves me the ignominy of cumming on a wrestling opponent whilst applying a hold!

With that, Gemma reaches a powerful climax, she slumps, as her body loses all resistance. She dramatically releases Sam and rolls away. The instant I see Gemma loose Sam, I do too. I watch the two girls as they recuperate from their respective exertions. Gemma is lying face down, pawing at the mat, mumbling to herself, unable to control words or actions, just an incoherent mess. Wow, I might consider losing a wrestling match if that’s the outcome! Sam on the other hand looks similarly breathless and exhausted, but in a less aspirational way than Gemma. We all take a moment to recompose, lying close to one another but in our own space on the mat.

“Becky, I’m ready if you want to sit on my face.” Sam says, so submissively, as she breaks the silence. Bringing me and Gemma back in to the present.

“I’m ok thanks Sam. Look, you two have been great. I’m fine if you want to leave now. I’m just going to take a little breather here a while. You’ll find out in a few years, it takes a bit longer to bounce back in your 30s!” I reassure them with a smile.

“Thank fuck for that. Because I’m done. You coming Sam?” Gemma responds. As she stands to leave.

“You can go, I think I will stay here and keep Becky company, until she’s ready to leave. Is that ok Becky?” Sam replies.

“Yep, fine but don’t expect much conversation from me!” I answer.

“Ok, see you girls later.” Gemma answers. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

Reaching down to give each of us a soft but sensual kiss on the lips, whispering something in Sam’s ear as she does, and Gemma leaves. Sam and I lay quietly for a minute or so. I think both uncomfortable about breaking the silence.

“Becky.” Sam finally speaks “I feel really bad about last time. I mean me and Gemma rode your face solidly for an hour. I’ve never given gratification to a woman, before Gemma, but I feel I owe it to you. So when you’re ready, you can still sit on my face.”

“It’s really OK Sam. You may not have been able to see from where you were but Gemma attended to me, so I’m content. But thank you.” I say ridiculously politely, given the subject matter.

“Oh, I saw. And by the way, you look beautiful when you cum Becky.” Sam answers, which makes me blush with somewhat misplaced decorum. “If you don’t want me to make you cum, maybe I could give you a massage, to aid your recovery.”

“That sounds great, where do you want me?” I reply.

Sam answers by me by pushing me face down to the mat, then she sits astride my back and begins to knead my shoulders. Oh that feels good, which I’m sure the noises that I’m making makes clear. Sam continues to massage down my back, continuing to rub as she moves to the small of my back, as she slides down my body. The feeling of her nylon covered crotch in contact with my pantyhose ass is driving me crazy. She is now caressing my butt, whilst sitting my thighs, oh man this is exquisite torture.

As Sam’s ministrations reach my thighs, she changes tack. Taking me by surprise, she reaches down and starts to kiss the back of my legs. Tracing kisses all the way down from my butt down to my calves. Oh jeez this is getting me hot; if she asks again, I’m fucking her face!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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