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This is the story of a beautiful 22 year old brown skinned beach-road Thai hooker who seduced me with her attitude and lifestyle. While I was her boyfriend, she endlessly fucked other guys . She turned me into her ass-licking, pussy worshiping, pervert chastity slaveboy and I loved every minute of it.

I met her 3 years ago when she was tricking on the beach. She was shy and demure and only charged $25 for a fucking, a blow job and a long session of pussy licking.

I watched her closely over the next few days as she continued to work. One day I passed her on my motorbike, taking a trick to the short time hotel, she was beautiful. Driven and focused like a laser on getting her trick off in order to get his cash for her children. A mom’s love was all I could see. I instantly admired and fell hard for the woman who would do that for her kids.

I finally took her again for a fuck and the sex was fantastic. She was perfect in every way.

A couple of days later she tried to ply the no money story on me. And I more or less dropped her phone number and didn’t contact her after that as I wasn’t keen to be distributing large amounts of free money to a hustling whore.

But, I couldn’t get her perfect body and attitude out of my mind.

Months later she is back on the beach, which I check every day. I took her for an overnight and this was her first overnight with a foreigner.

So I was on my best behavior and ate her already well-fucked pussy out for about 3 hours with a few fucks in between. To top it off I licked deep into her asshole and she loved it. I cuddled her and kissed her whole body over and over not like a hooker but totally like my best girlfriend.

I took her from the beach again a couple days later, shaking with butterflies in my stomach because I couldn’t stop thinking about her. As soon as we were in the door I dropped to my knees and started passionately kissing her perfect feet in her cute little purple plastic flip flops.

She kind of caught on this time to my submissive game, and after I ate her pussy, she turned over, showing off her gorgeous brown perfectly rounded ass, and cooed ‘massage’ without even looking back to acknowledge me.

Instantly I was hard and erect. I complied and gave her an incredible intense hour long full body massage. It took all my concentration not to blow a load across her back. I rubbed lotion all over her. I licked her pussy again and finished off by deep tonguing her asshole for about 45 minutes. AND I paid her for her trouble.

The next session was only talk and pussy worship. She said she hated boys and never had any orgasms with any of her customers. I vowed then and there to be the first one to give it to her, so I initiated a long pussy licking session of several hours, focused exclusively on her clitoris and pussy. She sighed and purred but I wasn’t sure she came.

Later, when she was dressed again and I was still naked, I knelt and kissed her feet again and I told her about my discovery of cock locks at the local BDSM shop and admitted how I wanted to wear one for her – and give her the keys. I showed her some pictures on the internet. She commented about how much bigger the dicks in the photos were than me.

In Pattaya it is super easy to get cheap sex and girls are constantly competing and jealous of each other with guys butterflying around from girl to girl. If I went into chastity for her exclusively, then this was a good way to let her know I was serious about her.

She eyed me like a cat toying with a mouse.

Finally I was admitted my love for her and begged her to let me wear a cock lock for her.

Finally, she agreed. She openly teased me that I should wank as much as I could now because she was going to stop it cold as soon as I put on the cock lock. She told me I was going to die, metaphorically of course.

That night I ate her intensely. I thought she had orgasmed, but I wasn’t sure…as I pulled away she said “I not finished yet” and then she proceeded to ride my face like a saddled stallion – into oblivion. I can remember I almost passed out from the effort, but I was overjoyed and divine because she was cumming by the use of my face and she wasn’t faking it. I was worried that all my dental work would be undone by her strong hip thrusts but it held up and I couldn’t have been happier with her real orgasms.

The next morning I took her over to the hotel where she said she was sharing a room with her girlfriend, but the hotel was way too upscale for rural Thai girls, and it wasn’t until later that I suspected that she was staying overnight with another guy in a jacuzzi room and taking her girlfriend along with her for a threesome.


A couple days after we went out to the disco with her other beach road whore friend. This was a notorious place where hookers hung out, so it wasn’t long after I went bursa escort to the bathroom that she had a drink bought for her and was being hit on by some guy.

She chatted with him for a few minutes and then, smiling, she pulled open the elastic waistband of his shorts and underwear and looked directly down at the guy’s dick. She reached her hand into his pants and was feeling his package while her friend peeped over to have a good look at the guy’s cock. While my girlfriend was slowly caressing the dick, one of the waitresses came over and leaned over to look into his shorts too.

After a few moments the my girlfriend put the waist band back and looked down at a huge tent in the guy’s shorts. Her whore friend was running her hand over it and smiling wickedly.

After whispering in his ear, my girlfriend and the guy excused themselves and disappeared into the men’s bathroom. Later she told me that he took her in a stall and fucked her so hard she was squealing and gasping for breath. When we finally got back to the room, she stripped and opened her legs to show me her swollen, well-fucked, shaved pussy; beaten and pounded. She told it was still sore and asked me to kiss on it. I kissed it all the rest of the night, very tenderly, and I was in heaven.

Another time when we went out to the Kitten club. This place has a jacuzzi where some girls take a bath naked in the bar while people drink. There is also a pool table in the room and one guy there asked hot looking sexy girlfriend if she wanted to play pool.

She agreed, and beat him solidly for a few games. I wished she would stop but now she started bragging to everybody about how good she was at pool.

So he asked her to play strip pool, and she agreed. He then went on to beat her 3 more times in a row until she lost her shirt, skirt and thong panties. She was stripped totally naked, except for her white Havanias flip-flops.

Now she was buff and naked in the bar – looking super hot – but she played it off like it was nothing because she is so comfortable with and proud of her nude body. I loved hearing the loud slap of her flip flops as she pranced and preened around the pool table.

The guy lit a cigarette for her and then challenged one more game with the prize as a discount on a fuck in his room if he won or 5000 free baht and all his clothes for her if she won.

She agreed of course and looked totally athletic and erotic bending her bare ass over the table, shaking her hips and walking around nude while several customers in the bar couldn’t help watching her.

She lost the game -on purpose I think – and one of the waitresses loaned her a towel to wear as she accompanied the son of a bitch upstairs to his room for a fuck.


She has developed a regular stable of about 20 customers. She likes it because she knows they are all safe and she doesn’t have to worry about anything dangerous or crazy. She’ll even bareback some of her them occasionally when they offer a generous tip, which makes me insanely worried and jealous.

One guy in her rolodex just likes for her to come over to his apartment, strip and walk around naked. He has some psychological erection problem and doesn’t fuck her but likes to see her nude. Sometimes he’ll have her do naked aerobics and she gets all sweaty in front of his balcony window then he watches her shower. She loves this because it is easy and he never has the balls to actually fuck her.

Once one of the guys who was staying in my apartment complex chatted her up while she was going to buy a coke. She liked the guy and let him take her to his room. She ended up staying for a long-time overnight with him.

Late that evening she came and knocked on my window. She hadn’t taken the time to dress and was buff naked. She just casually asked me if I had some condoms. I gave her some Trojan large size. She pecked my cheek and scampered off. I went to shut the door just in time to watch her naked ass slip into his room and shut the door.

Another time when we were walking hand in hand on the beach, she saw one of her regular customers. She went over to talk to him and after about 15 seconds of chat, they walked off together with his arm around her shoulder and her hand squeezing his ass. I was pissed off and quite jealous.

Later that day when she walked back in the room, I was pouting on the bed. She knew I was a perv for always looking at her feet and her cute pink flip flops. They didn’t hide anything and showed off all of her awesome pedicured feet, and also made a racket flapping on her heels which just drew more attention to her and fed her ego that she could own a guy with her cute feet. A couple of times I saw her sitting on a bench on the beach swinging her flip-flops and guys would stop dead in their tracks when they saw her cute feet.

She saw me sulking and pouting bursa escort bayan and she walked over and gently rubbed and lightly slapped my face, not enough to hurt but enough to embarrass me that she could do it. Tears started to fall down my face, mostly out of shame and embarrassment. She sat down on a chair and put her little pink flip-flop feet up on the bed. She just pointed pointed to her flip flops and I crawled across the bed and started kissing her feet.

Now it was quite clear to both of us that I was a wimp and would put up with almost anything from her. No jealousy or possessiveness would be tolerated while she was whoring.

After a few minutes of my foot kissing supplication, she dropped her pants, bent forward and spread her butt cheeks directly in my face. She tightened and relaxed her asshole muscles and it looked like she was puckering her ass for a kiss.

I gently dipped my tongue into her ass and french-kissed it deeply. I licked her passionately while she did a little dance of grinding her butt on my mouth and twisting it all across my face.

How ironic. Here she was brazenly fucking other guys at a moment’s notice and rubbing it in my face – or actually in my mouth.

Once we took a weekend to Koh Samet island to to get away from all of the fucking in Pattaya. This was supposed to be our time off together, but she saw a good looking guy wolf whistling her her on the way to our hotel room. She left me in the room and went off to get a short time fuck from him. Later that night we went drinking and dancing and she picked up a different foreign guy and went back to his room and fucked him. I was left alone in our bungalow wanking and thinking about what she was doing.

Another guy she couldn’t stop talking about

She said he preferred to just use her throat. Or fuck her throat. In about 4 days he trained her to loose her gag reflex completely so he could just fuck-pump her throat and cum directly into her stomach. He liked this and payed well for the privilege.

She told me she was so grateful to him for teaching her how to deep throat. She had learned how to turn her mouth into an deep, unrestricted vacuum when she was sucking cock. She demonstrated on my penis. She got it hard and swallowed it whole and started to suck. The feeling was so amazing I lasted less than a minute before blasting a load which she refused to swallow and spit out.

Now she brags to her friends that she can get a guy off in her mouth and make him cum in seconds – which means shorter tricks for her, happy customers, faster turnover and more money. We went out to a bar on walking street and she was able to test out on a couple of her guy friends who agreed to pay 500 baht for a blowjob in the bathroom. Most didn’t last more than 4 or 5 minutes.

After she realized what an excellent cock sucker she had turned into, she went back to him and tried to seduce him. She stuck her tongue down his throat, and her hands down his pants. She told me she stripped off her clothes in his room, got on her knees and begged him to fuck her pussy – for free. She begged and begged and he finally agreed.

She was so happy that she let him come bareback several times in her pussy. She admitted she had feelings for him and probably would have left me if he had wanted her. I think he appealed to her Asian sense of hierarchy and he totally dominated her sexually and demanded total submission which she seemed to really get off on.

But he had a girlfriend and wasn’t interested. He left the country after she gave him what must have been several more incredible bareback gratis fucks.

She told me this a couple of days later while she was lounging naked on the bed, wearing only a pair of platform flip flops, with her legs spread wide and her shaved pussy on total display, with two fingers running across her clitoris. After she admitted this, she made me eat her. When I was finished she made me say “Thank you,” and kiss her feet.


She also got involved with some guys making porn later too. She showed me the movie they made where they stripped her down and put her in handcuffs and one guy put a collar on her and fucked her hard. filmed it all. One guy pulled her around like a dog, making her crawl around naked on a leash. Then he bent her over and fucked her hard while he was yanking on the leash. It must have been painful but she obviously enjoyed it.

In another scene he put his dick in her mouth, and he would pull on the leash and fuck her mouth like a pussy. You could really see the results of her deep-throat practice in that film since you could clearly see throat fucked on a long meaty dick.

The action really got her wet and there was even a closeup of her pussy glistening and gushing hard while she was giving head.

Finally he fucked her and I watched as she laid bursa bayan escort back and a big load of cum started dripping out of her pussy and down across her ass.

Once when we were out at Koh Chang, we stayed at a hotel with a globe and she was fascinated to look at all the countries of guys she had fucked. She listed off almost every country in Europe, America, Russia, India, Canada, Japan, China…the list went on and on. I got red faced, stiff dicked and a little embarrassed. She took me back to the room and told me to strip naked and masturbate while she watched closely. She was fascinated to see how horny the list of all her fuck partners could make me. After this she teased me to no how much I liked her fucking other guys. When we went out, she would rub my ass and brazenly scope out men and ask me if she should fuck this hot guy or that one. Some times she actually ran would actually run off with the guy and did it.

Finally, I got the cock lock and wore it for her. I gave her he the key and she inspected my nude body. She turned me around and slapped my naked ass.

Just then her phone rang and she said some words in English and then grabbed my dick and said she had to go “to work” which meant she was going to get fucked. “Your dick is cute,” she said and was out the door.

I stood burning with jealousy but also great lust and horniness. This would be my test and I was determined not to blow it. Not that I could blow anything.

By that night I was wild. I attacked her pussy as soon as I saw her, even though I knew she had been fucking another guy just a few minutes before. I licked with all my might. I plunged my tongue deep into her asshole and cleaned it up thoroughly.

She was pleased and opened my lock and touched my cock gently. I came instantly in giant gobs and collapsed.

Whoa. She brushed my cock again with her foot and pinched the tip between her toes and then she locked me back up immediately and she looked pleased with the cock lock. I kissed her full on the mouth passionately and held her like my true lover.

Now as part of our regular schedule, I go to work all day, while she goes and stands on the beach and waits to pick up tricks. She will pick them up, take them to the short time hotel and suck, fuck, or give them a handjob (or sometimes footjob). I get all the updates on size and technique while I am eating her pussy later that night. Sometimes she gets nailed hard with a super fuck and at these times wants to be spoiled with tender loving care. I love to hear the details and lick up the aftermath of her good hard fuckings.

She is often too tired and well used for even oral sex, but she always insists on getting a full body massage with lotion and having her pussy licked deeply and firmly and finished off with a solid rim job on her asshole. She says a good ass-licking and massage really helps her to relax and fall asleep after a hard day of having her pussy fucked. I can’t count the number of times she has fallen asleep and started snoring while I am still massaging her or licking deep into her asshole.

We don’t fuck so much anymore, but I still lick her every day. I have developed strong muscles in my tongue from eating her pussy and deep-tonguing her ass.

I give her all my salary and she pays for the room and feeds me and adds the rest to her stash. She can make about $1000 – $1500 per day which is 3 month’s salary back in her village. Her kids now go to the best private schools upcountry. They have a new house and car and their mom is still fucking regularly in Pattaya.

I received a call to meet at the house of pain tattoo parlour. I entered to find her seated on a dias, lounging completely and beautifully naked with legs spread, her uninhibited, shaved pussy on full display to the several men present who were drinking alcohol and enjoying the view. She was receiving the finishing touches on an intricate butterfly tattoo just above her pussy.

She was relaxed, smoking a cigarette and chatting on her cell phone to one of her clients. She motioned me over and pointed to her white pumps, which was my que to kneel and kiss her foot. Which I did, while the tattooist continued his work.

After a few minutes, the tattooist looked like he had finished his work and stood up, quickly freeing his hard and bare penis and placing it directly into her pussy. He started to rock back and forth. She was still chatting on the phone and never missed a beat. Suddenly his ass muscles tensed and he grunted. He removed himself and a trickle of white cum ran out of her cunt.

I was thunderstruck but played it cool. She hung up the phone, took a drag on her cigarette and smiled at me. “Kiss kiss” she said as she pointed to her pussy. I bent and gave her a chaste kiss and a quick, light lick across her clitoris as the men in the parlour chuckled quietly.

She stood up and spun around so as to display her perfect naked ass and the brand new dragon tattoo splayed across her back and shoulders. “Wow” is all I could say as white cum continued to drip from her pussy.

I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.

…to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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