Perverted Dreams

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Big Tits

Dream about me showing up at your door, and dropping my coat off. Underneath. I am all tied up in ropes . I ask you where you want me.

You reply, “the kitchen table”.

I take my position on the table. Ready for you to eat, lick, suck and fuck any part of my body that you choose. I am before you, for your pleasure. Do with me what you will, my master.

I want it so bad! I need your soft touch to get my body relaxed and ready to take what you have to give me!

I wanna bounce on your cock reverse cowgirl, also face down, ass up and then you can fuck my hot hole from behind. … that’s how I want you to fuck me and get it on a video. …

Cum in my pussy and take a picture of it, then we can 69 and I’ll lick your big beautiful cock clean while you suck our hot sticky sweet cum out of my quivering cunt. It’s so incredibly hot that you would do that! I’m yours baby… snack on anything you want to.

My pussy is so wet thinking bursa escort about you. You could easily slide your giant manhood into me right now.

Finger my cunt while you lick and suck my slit and clit. Oh yes, baby… do you want me to tell you how much I love to feel your cock in my pussy Your filthy fuck stick fits so well inside my slutty pussy…Fuck your dirty little whore!

Tell me how you like that your freaky fuck slut let’s you do all the naughty things that your prude of a wife won’t let you…Ooohhh if she knew how much you like to suck the cum from my pussy and drip it into my mouth from yours…Ewwww she’d say, that’s nasty…I say, the nastier the better!

She would never let you fuck her in the ass while you filled her cut up with a dildo, but I will…You love sliding that long hard cock into my tight asshole don’t you baby. I hope she sucks your cock tonight and you think of me! She doesn’t let you cum on her escort bursa face… but I do…I’m your dirty little secret. You can keep me all to yourself.

Slide that beautiful cock between my oiled tits, it feels so good, doesn’t it baby? You love the feel of my breasts on your cock. When you push it up far enough, the tip of my tongue touches the head, teasing you with thoughts of a blow job. Oh yeah baby. Let me suck that cock.

I’m dying for you to suck my tits and make my nipples hard…I’ll let you titty fuck me until you decide to slide it in my mouth and down my throat. Think of how much you love to feel my mouth on your cock, and look down to see my blue eyes looking back at you with tears glistening in them from the gag reflex caused by the massive size of your fucking cock I’m not talking much at this point, but the slurping and sucking let you know that I am loving this. And you know that you can shoot your load escort bursa straight into my throat and I will swallow every drop you give me.

Mmmm please allow me to lick you clean and taste your cum…master!

Put my ankles up over your shoulders and slide your cock into me. Mmmm you can slide it into my ass from this angle and take a large strawberry from the tray next to us.

You start using the bumpy little fruit to play with my clit. You have me so horny that as you plug my hole with the strawberry, I squirt all over you, all the way to your face, and you catch what you can in your freaky little mouth. You love the taste of my sex.

You take the soaked strawberry from my pussy and touch it to my tongue. I lick it, and then we share the small fruit that brought us both so much pleasure.

Please think of your little fuck slut when you cum. I love it! It feels so good!! I need you to fuck me so hard!

I’m going to try to get some sleep and dream about how good it feels when you put you cock in me. I love to think about when you touch me.

You’re so good at it! Every touch from you is more than I can describe. You pleasure me like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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