Pixie Pt. 03 Ch. 02: Aly

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‘I am sure I saw Emm at lunchtime,’ my wife, Sarah said, sounding puzzled. ‘But I thought she was going back to Ekaterina in Russia?’

‘She will be, darling,’ I explained, ‘but she was finishing off some basic training.’

‘It looked very, well, basic, my love. She seemed to be performing an oral tonsillectomy on a rather delicious blonde.’

‘Sounds like our Emm,’ I had to admit, ‘but I am puzzled all the same.’

Emm and I had been recruited to AUNTIE (The Agency of the United Nations Trafficking Intervention – Extralegal) and recently trained. Our job was to help map the networks bringing women and girls into the UK to be trafficked and then liaise with other agencies across the world to allow police forces to intervene to stop it. Emm’s Mistress, Ekaterina, was a Russian oligarch who had some minor involvement in the trade, and we were to use her links to penetrate those who were involved, but not in the usual way.

Sarah and I had supper and then relaxed to some music. At just the point at which I was contemplating how to persuade her to put me across her lap for a good spanking, before fucking my arse off, I got a text with the distinctive ‘Emm’ ping – ‘the ride of the Valkyries.’

‘Oh fuck!’

‘What is it, love? I was just wondering when to acknowledge your various attempts to get me to spank you.’

‘It’s Emm, she’s in some sort of trouble.’

‘Well, darling, I don’t want to be mean, but isn’t this one for the police?’

‘Not from what she says, which is that I should come at once and not tell the police.’

Sarah sighed. ‘In the films spying leads to sex, not away from it,’ she pouted.

I checked in with Headquarters, catching the leader of the late team on her (extra-strong) coffee break. She confirmed that Emm was not, as far as they knew, on a mission; so the mystery deepened.

As we were ‘Extra-legal,’ we involved the police only where there was no choice. Logging in my details with the late team, I took a cab to where Emm seemed to be. Sarah muttered some imprecations under her voice as I left. I distinctly heard words which, if taken literally, would have Beylikdüzü escort cheered Emm up no end:

‘Bugger Emm.’

I got out a street away from where I thought Emm was and made my way down a dark alley. Given the riff-raff on the main street, the back ways appeared to be best; Emm would have agreed, I reflected.

The back door of the house was not locked, which was worrying. Either someone had been in and done something bad, or someone in there was waiting for me to come in, and they would do something bad to me. Not, I reflected, a cheering prospect.

Imagine, then, my surprise when, on gaining access, I peered through a door to find Emm in flagrante delicto with a rather beautiful young American woman. Emm’s face was buried deep in her backside, and Emm’s bra and dress lay discarded to one side. The room reeked of the scent of sex, which, given that the young American (as she was saying ‘God, God,’ in an American accent, I made the obvious assumption) was entirely naked, had an obvious explanation.

Emm distracted herself from her task, smiled at me, her makeup all smudged (I noticed the lipstick stains on the American’s ass), and said:

‘Hi, Pix, this is Aly, she’s delicious!’

Aly was so deeply in thrall to Emm’s tongue and its ministrations that she appeared to be unconscious of my presence.

Not wishing to distract Emm further, I took my coat off and settled down. There was a nice bottle of Merlot on the table and two unused glasses; now, I reflected, there would only be one.

Emm’s technique was superb. It helped that she had one of the longest tongues of any woman I had ever met, but as she would have been the first to say, it was skill, not size that mattered. Her tongue stabbed into Aly’s ass like a tube, eliciting moans of extreme pleasure, amplified by the workings of Emm’s fingers, which were busy milking her clit.

‘God, Emm, you slut, fuck, fuck, I wanna cum, and cum all over you!’

As Aly began to buck faster, pushing into Emm’s face as Emm’s hands did their work, her breathing became harder. She then shifted one hand to her own clit and began Beylikdüzü escort to rub frantically, even as she licked and finger fucked Aly.

I tried not to think that Sarah and I could have been engaged on similar orchestral manoeuvres back home, which at least had the benefit of calming my temper.

Emm came, explosively as ever, with Aly a nanosecond behind.

I swear Emm would have turned a straight girl at least bi. Emm’s orgasms were pieces of performance art, and she could have performed them to sell-out houses. In part, it was that she had a body to die for. Those 36c tits were pert with delicious nipples which curved upwards, ripe and pink. Her ass was firm and toned, as were her thighs, and she kept her mound bare by having laser treatment. She was simply ravishing. On top of that, the spectacle of this gorgeous creature throwing her head back and squirting from her cunt was one to make a saint cum. I was no saint and almost came myself.

Aly, recovering first, turned, picked Emm up, brought her to the bed and then, seeing me, said:

‘What! Who the fuck are you?’

‘I’m Pixie,’ I said, ‘Emm texted me.’

‘Fuck Emm, you wanna threesome with this lil gal?’

Recovering remarkably quickly, Emm shot back:

‘Not a bad idea, but not now. This is Pix, tell her what you told me.’

‘Put some clothes on first,’ I adjured, feeling distinctly over-dressed in the company of two naked ladies.

Once they had covered up, well, once Aly had, Emm was happy sprawling on the bed naked in her usual position – legs open, the tale was told.

It turned out that Aly was an American exchange student, studying in London. She was working in a hotel to help pay her way, and she had noticed some strange goings-on. The Night Manager seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of ‘working girls,’ but also kitchen staff and cleaners, who came and went with great frequency. Aly had become quite friendly with one of the cleaners, who had told her that she had been trafficked.

‘But how did this come to your attention Emm?’ I asked.

Lounging back, giving us both a generous Escort Beylikdüzü view of her pussy, Emm responded:

‘Oh Pix, that’s easy, I picked her up in a bar, and we got to talking, and when she told me what she has just told you, I thought it was a case for the Women from Auntie.’

Aly giggled, rather appealingly.

Emm told her what the acronym meant, but that seemed as humorous to her as the original remark.

‘But Emm,’ I remonstrated, ‘why was that an emergency?’

‘Everything we do is, Pix, and we need to check out this Night Manager.’

Feeling a little exasperated, knowing I could have been satisfying my needs with Sarah rather than watching Emm satisfy hers, I asked what she had in mind?

‘Well I discussed it with Aly, and what I suggest is you book into the hotel and ask Aly, at Reception (her shift starts in an hour) whether you can hire a “lady of the night.” Aly will talk with the Night Manager, and we can get you fitted up Pix – and you get a fuck into the bargain. Isn’t that brilliant?’

I had not the heart to say it wasn’t and was not so irritated that I could not see a few pluses in it. But it would not do.

‘Wouldn’t it be better for Aly to say that she had bumped into you, Emm and that after fucking her, you’d asked her whether there were other whores at the hotel because you represented a Russian syndicate?’

‘Fuck me, Pix (and do Aly, soon), you may have no tits, but you have a brain the size of a small planet. That’s fucking brill, but we could have done that tomorrow, so there really was no need for you to come round, as it is not an emergency.’

Her logic was, of course, irrefutable. Somehow I avoided screaming and ordered an Uber back home.

Aly was extremely pretty, and to those who might have said she was not Emm’s ‘sort,’ all I could say that she was young, pretty, sexy and female – exactly Emm’s sort, so I decided against getting cross with Emm.

‘You are very nice, Pixie,’ she said, licking her lips, ‘and while not as sexy as Emm, I am sure that I’d enjoy fucking you.’

I suppose Americans are not given to circumlocution, so smiling, I thanked her and said my cab was arriving.

I gave Emm a kiss, and as I turned to give Aly one, she pinched and patted my ass.

‘See you soon, sexy,’ she said.

Sarah did ask where the bruise on my bum had come from, but that is another story.

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