Playing Poker With My Sister

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I was doubling dating with my sister, Amy. I was with my girlfriend, Charlotte and she had her boyfriend Ted. We’d been to the movies and then ended up back at our place, sitting round the pool drinking beer and laughing. As the sun went down we moved into the house and someone suggested we play cards. We broke out a pack and started playing poker. We played for a bit but the girls were getting bored so Amy suggested we make it interesting by playing strip poker. It struck me as a bit weird with my sister there but I hadn’t seen Charlotte naked so I guess my hormones won out and I agreed. Ted nodded enthusiastically, his eyes glued to my sister’s chest. Charlotte was bit hesitant but eventually she agreed as well. The beer helped as we were all getting a bit merry.

We were sitting at the kitchen table and so decided as each piece of clothing was removed, the person had to stand in the middle of the room where everyone could see. The first few hands saw us exaggerating taking off innocent things like our shoes and sock with lots of bravado. Charlotte then lost her t-shirt. She stepped into the middle of the room and slowly pulled it up and over her head. Her breasts looked lovely encased in a pink, lacy bra. I was starting to get hard. The next hand saw Ted loose his shirt, then it was Charlotte again. Off came the jeans, again slowly, peeling them down her legs. She finished bending over, her pert little bottom facing us, her panties hugging the bulge showing between her thighs.

Amy lost her t-shirt next and she had both ataşehir escort of us boys hold a side each while she wriggled out. Her tits wobbled beautifully as she straightened back up. Next Ted lost his jeans, his cock straining against his tight pants. The girls both pointed at him and smiled appreciatively. I lost the next two hands and lost my shirt then my jeans. My cock felt ready to explode.

Then my sister changed the rules. The winner of each hand had to remove the loser’s clothing. Charlotte lost the next hand and Ted won so he gladly stepped up to unsnap her bra, making sure he managed to grab both of her breasts as he slipped it off. Charlotte’s nipples were hard as she giggled.

Then I lost and my sister won. I felt awkward but excited at the same time. I moved to the middle of the room as Amy came towards me. She stood behind me and slipped a finger into each side of the waistband and gradually began to lower my shorts. She stopped just before revealing anything. A hand reached round and gripped my cock. I felt like I was about to faint. Ted and Charlotte started chanting ‘More, more, show us more!’ and Amy let me go and pulled my shorts further down. When my cock popped out the other cheered. As my shorts fell to the ground, Amy’s hand reached between my legs and held my balls, squeezing them gently. Then she suddenly let me go, stood up and ran back to her seat, laughing.

We all had another round of beers. Amy didn’t want to play anymore cards but both Charlotte and I insisted on kadıköy escort bayan revenge so we played another hand. I lost again and Amy won. I didn’t know what to do. I was already naked. Amy pointed to the middle of the room and I walked slowly over. She then said I had a choice, either I let her masturbate me for 2 minutes or I had to run to the end of the street and back, naked. With more bravado than I felt I let the others make the decision. Ted said run and Charlotte wanted Amy to masturbate me. Amy then said I had to choose. She was standing in front of me, her hand hovering. I said masturbate me and she knelt down and started pulling on my cock.

I couldn’t believe it. I looked down at my sister pulling my cock, the foreskin slipping back and forth, her other hand around my balls. I could feel myself coming after a very short period of time and fought it back, trying to think of other things. I managed to last the 2 minutes and Amy let go and stood up. Before she went back to the table she whispered into my ear “I’m going to fuck you tonight”. My cock grew even harder.

We played another hand and Charlotte lost to Ted. He laid her on the floor and slowly pulled her panties off, licking her body as he did. Charlotte was moaning as Ted buried his face in her mound, his fingers pulling and squeezing her nipples. He lifted her legs over his arms and buried his tongue in her. She started writhing, squirming as he licked faster. I felt Amy take my cock in her hand and start to slowly stroke it. I escort maltepe wanted to touch her but couldn’t work up the courage. I just watched Ted eat out my girlfriend. She squealed as she came and slowly Ted let her down and returned to the table. Charlotte eventually crawled over and returned to her seat.

Ted was eager for more cards and I think Charlotte lost on purpose because before long she was on her knees greedily sucking his cock. Amy took my hand and led me to her bedroom.

I sat on her bed and she slowly stripped the last of her clothes off, standing before me naked. I shivered in fear but my cock was quivering in lust. She slowly lowered her head and took the head of my cock in her mouth, slowly enveloping it, lightly tonguing it, her fingers playing lightly with my balls. Her lips closed over my cock and she started pumping it into her mouth. I had to stop her before I exploded, pulling her head up. She smiled and pushed me back on the bed, my cock standing up, pointing towards the ceiling. She climbed up me and opened her legs, slipping me slowly into her warmth, slowly, gradually.

Her muscles gripped my cock, making her tight, releasing me, moving up and down, slowly, driving me insane. When I opened my eyes all I could see were her breasts bouncing around above me. I wanted to grab her nipples but I still could not find the strength. And then I came. I exploded inside my sister, my cock straining, my throat taut, my body tightening. Pump after pump of come leaking into her as she squeezed me tight, forcing more out. I groaned as I finished, the final spurts and my cock getting smaller.

Amy fell down onto my chest, kissing my neck lightly. The movement forced my cock out of her and I felt cold. Just before I drifted off to sleep I wondered what Charlotte was doing.

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