Professor Summers Teaches A Lesson

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I taught an art class at the local school around the corner. You wouldn’t think I’d have many male students in my class but I did. I had twelve students in total, eight of which were male. I had heard the female students bitching about it how it was only because I was twenty-three and had a slim body with full busty breasts and an almost perfect hourglass figure. I always smiled at this comment. I kind of felt flattered rather than upset. My class was on the third floor with my office adjoining the room. When I entered the room the class fell silent. I locked the door.

“Okay class I would like someone to help me with a class project. Since you are all over eighteen, then you can decide whether you want to do it for yourself. Its a bit more risqué than you would normally do but I think you will all enjoy it. I will be the female form but we also need a male one. Is anyone willing.” Of course all the guys hands lifted. “There will be nudity involved.” Three hands fell. “Nudity of you guys.” Three more hands fell. Two remained. Jean-Luc and Cody. Both of them had trim taught bodies. Cody had soft brown hair in a bowl or mushroom cut and clear grey eyes. Jean-Luc’s hairdo often resulted in spiky blonde tips with black re-growth and brown eyes. “Come here you two.” They stood and joined me out the front of class. “I think we will have to vote on this one.” I turned to each boy. “Turn around you two so you can’t see your votes. Okay people, hands up for Cody.” Five hands reached into the air. “And Jean-Luc?” The other five hands flew up. “Damn.” I cursed silently knowing I’d have to break the tie. Whichever one I didn’t choose would hate me.

“Professor Summers, how about tossing a coin, if you can’t make up your mind.” One of the girls piped up. I smiled relieved. “I have a coin if you want to borrow it.” I nodded.

“Thanks Amber.” She tossed me the coin. “Call it.” Each said a different one. “Cody is heads and Jean-Luc is tails.” I flipped the coin. Everyone watched it go up. The world seemed bahis şirketleri to slow down as the coin flipped. I could actually see the coin face. Heads. Tails. Heads. Tails. Then the world started to go in fast forward and I lost count of the spins. It hit the ground and bounced. It bounced onto its side and rolled away under my low desk. “Damn.” The boys help push the desk away. Heads, I let out a silent relieved sigh. I actually wanted it to be Cody if I had to choose between the two. “Heads. Congratulations Cody. I’m sorry Jean-Luc.” He shrugged and sat back down. “Okay people while I discuss it with Cody here I want you to draw the vase of flowers.” A few groans. “Now, Cody, follow me.”

I took him into my office to explain exactly what we were going to do. “Until the class gets used to us we will start with clothes and slowly take them off or wear less. So it make takes a few weeks. We will also try different positions like standing and kneeling and sitting down among other things. Different objects and stuff will be involved as well. I may also incorporate costumes in various themes. Today we will continue with still life and next lesson we will move to us being models. Though I would like to talk with you after this lesson so we can get more acquainted before we actually start this.” He nodded obediently. “So do you have any questions?” He shook his head. “Good. Well I think we can get back to class now.”

I walked around the rows of easels and observed everyone’s pictures. Everyone did well. None of my students were untalented. They could all draw and sculpt and whatever else we were doing so I knew that the new experiment would be good. Maybe even real enough to be pornographic. I could feel myself getting wet over the thoughts of being naked with Cody. I paused behind Jean-Luc and rested my hand gently on his back and looked at his picture. “Very nice. Good job.” He nodded, turned and smiled at me. I then moved to others in the class. Handing out similar comments to them all.

As bahis firmaları the bell rang the class packed up their belongings and left. Cody packed slower than the rest. I walked behind his easel and looked at his progress. “Beautiful Cody. Just wonderful.” I touched his shoulder. He thanked me. “Can you wait in my office? I just have to do something quickly. He walked in and I smiled to myself. I locked the classroom door and opened and closed a few drawers pretending to busy myself with something important as I pulled off my panties and hid them in the bottom drawer. I then entered my office and quietly locked the door behind me. “So Cody, would you like to know anything about me?” I sat on the front of my desk in front of him and seductively crossed my legs. I hitched my knee length skirt up my legs a bit and looked at him. He shifted a bit in his seat when I did this. I smiled. “Don’t be shy. You can ask me anything. Even something personal.” I looked into his stunning grey eyes. “Or maybe I could start. I’ll go easy on the personal questions for a bit if you want.”

He shook his head. I pulled my chair around in front of him and sat down on it to face him. “N-no. I can g-go first if yo-you want.” He stuttered. It sounded strange. He had never stuttered before.

I placed my hand on his knee and laughed. He stiffened under my touch. I pretended not to notice and acted like it was natural to have my hand there. “It’s okay. You don’t have to be nervous. Pretend like its we’re in class, just a normal conversation like in class.” He nodded dumbly, speechless for the moment. “So what’s your first question?” I moved my hand slowly up his leg a little. I watched him watch my hand. He then looked up at me. I looked down at my hand and moved it another inch. And watched a tent start to form in his pants. I smiled at him. And looked into his eyes again. “So what’s your first question?” I prompted again. He looked down into his crotch. I slowly pushed my hand further up his leg. He gave a small gasp.

“I…” kaçak bahis siteleri He started. “You…” He tried again. “Um…” He stared blankly at me for a second as though gathering his thoughts. I giggled and pulled my chair closer so our knees were less than a centimeter away from each other. I put my hand back on his leg and slid it further than before. His cock seemed to be straining in his pants. I could feel my pussy glistening wet. He moaned softly as my fingertips brushed his cock head. He half thrust into my hand. “Professor…” he moaned thrusting into my hand again. “We shouldn’t…”

I nodded feeling myself getting wetter. “Tish. Call me Tish.” I slid into his lap and started to undo his zipper. “I know we shouldn’t but can you stop now?” I knew that I would probably be soaking into his pants with my wetness. He bucked up before I could touch his cock head. I unleashed his nine incher and watched as his pre-cum oozed out. I wanted to taste him so I bent forward and licked it. He was salty, musky and creamy all at the same time. I ran my fingernail from tip to base to tip again. He shuddered and bucked again under me. I stood then positioned myself over him. I lowered onto his cock and it filled my tight hole and penetrated deeply. I moaned with him. I bounced up and down in his lap as I fucked him. He moaned louder as I bounced. He thrust in unison with me. “Oh god Cody!”

Cody gripped my ass cheeks and bounced me. Bringing me harder down on top of him. I started to cum. “Tish! God! Tish!” He screamed my name. I came harder as he called out my name. “God, I’m cumming.” I could feel him try to push me off his lap before he exploded into me. I kept bouncing. “Tish-” He started. “Professor-” I kept going. “I don’t want to-“

“I want you to Cody. Cum into my Cody. Fill me with your seed.” I bounced harder and refused to move. He couldn’t hold back and filled me with his sweet hot cum. I rode him till he was soft then climbed off him. I kissed him deeply, my tongue probed into his mouth. “Thank you Cody. See you next lesson. Remember to wear something sexy.” I winked and turned to leave the room leaving him gasping in the seat. “Don’t forget to lock up when you leave.” He nodded at me and I left.

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