Race Play Ch. 12

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My name is Christine Brown. I’m a tall, curvy and big-bottomed young black woman living in the city of Buffalo, New York. I’m a lawyer in the city, representing mostly people accused of violent crimes. Fighting for the clearly guilty when they can afford my fee. It’s this lawyer’s life. That’s why I went to Suffolk University Law School after all. It’s my life.

Anyhow, enough about work. I’m having a lot of fun these days. You see, I recently acquired a slave. Her name is Rachel O’Shea and she’s my own personal bitch. Rachel is a really submissive person. And she gets off on being dominated. This blonde-haired, plump white chick loves getting dominated by bossy black women. She’s gay and very much into race play. I like that. I’ve always wanted a submissive white slut to dominate. Payback is a bitch.

When I met Rachel O’Shea, the Boston-born Irish slut was a student at the University of Massachusetts. This lazy slut was more interested in smoking weed and partying than going to class. Lots of white students are lazy. Their parents are rich so they can afford to goof off. Black, Asian and Hispanic students don’t have that luxury. We have to be tough. We have to work hard. We have to succeed. That’s what it means to be a person bahçelievler escort of color in collegiate America.

I try to be an open-minded person as far as racial relations in America are concerned. Try as I might, I just can’t stand white women. They’re so fake. These flat-chested, flat-booty and sexless hussies think they’re the standards of beauty and femininity. They’re so wrong it’s not even funny. Black women are hotter. And you know it. Those gay white guys who run the modeling industry wouldn’t know a really beautiful woman if she fell on their lap. They’re fascinated by skinny, flat women who look like guys. Real women are curvy. And Black women are the sexiest and curviest women of all.

Rachel O’Shea represented everything I despised. This witch came from a rich family and had an easy life. Of course that was before the Recession. During the Recession, Rachel’s family lost their money. Her father Paul shot himself and her mother Anne left the country. I laughed inside when she told me about her family’s hardships. White people are used to having it easy. Whether it’s natural disasters, wars or economic issues, they’re always shielded from the worst of it. In America, the Recession balgat escort has hit everyone. No one is Recession proof. Not even the white men and white women of the world. They who think they are invincible. I hope they learned their lesson.

So when Rachel O’Shea, who was deeply fascinated both by BDSM and dominant black women, asked me to become her mistress, I agreed. I can’t believe this. In an America that saw black people treated worse than any other group for centuries, we now have a black man who runs the entire country. White people will soon become minorities in this country. A black man is the chief of police in one of my favorite cities. A black man is Mayor of one of the Old South’s most racist towns. And I am a black woman who gets off on dominating her dumb white female slave. Life is awesome. I love the way America is going, demographically speaking.

I have lots of fun with Rachel, my own personal bitch. I love to dominate her and completely humiliate her. I make her strip naked and berate her endlessly for being a fat white slut. I also smack her hard in the face and whip her fat white ass with my long and thick black leather belt. What can I say? As a black woman who loves BDSM, batıkent escort I absolutely love to dominate white women. I love proving to these pampered and downright dumb chicks that they’re not all that. Interracial lesbian domination is absolutely fun. You should give it a try if you’re a woman. And if you’re a man,look into buying those kind of porn movies online. They’re worth it.

My favorite thing to do to Rachel is to berate her constantly. I call her a useless fat whore and a dumb white slut. I tell her that she is inferior to the strong black woman that I am. I make her kneel before me and suck my toes. I call her my slave and bend her over before spanking her. I spank her fat white ass until it turns red. It’s a lot of fun. Even more fun is when I don my thick strap-on dildo and fuck her with it. I love sliding my thick dildo in and out of Rachel’s asshole. She screams like a woman possessed every time I fuck her in the ass. I like to fist her pussy while shoving my dildo up her ass. That’s when she screams the loudest. I smack her face while fucking her in the ass and fisting her pussy. Isn’t that hot?

Rachel is my slave. The very willing white female slave of a strong black woman. I dominate her and she loves it. Lots of submissive gay white women and bisexual white women love to bow to the superiority of a strong black woman like myself. And that’s a wonderful thing. I get to have my fun by dominating them and they learn wonderful things like humility and submission. It’s good for them, in the long run.

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