Rachel Ch. 03

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I awoke after a few hours and stretched lazily. Harry snored lightly next to me. I lay my head on his chest and heard the deep beating of his heart. His cock lay passively on his thigh.

I reached out my hand and lightly touched it. It was warm to the touch, the skin silky. I wrapped my fingers around it and gently pumped it a couple of times. Slowly, it started to swell in my hand. I pumped it a few more times, fascinated as it continued to enlarge.

Mesmerized, I continued to slowly stroke it until it had reached its full size. The head seemed to be the size of a tangerine. It twitched with each stroke. I could see his balls beginning to draw up. It began to change color from a light flesh tone to a reddish purple.

My head lying on his chest began to move up and down faster as his breathing became somewhat erratic. I watched as a small droplet of clear liquid formed at the slit. The head of his cock seemed to suddenly double in size and took on an even deeper purplish hue as he groaned.

Suddenly, a thick glob of white liquid shot out of the slit and splattered me right between the eyes. It felt hot on my skin. A second glob quickly followed and hit me on my nose and ran down to my lips. The third hit me on the chin and several smaller globs landed on his stomach. The final few throbs of his cock produced some that drooled down my fingers.

I raised my head and looked up at him to see that he hadn’t even awakened. I kissed the receding tip of his cock and slipped from the bed. Grabbing a towel from the galley, I cleaned the cum from my face as I made my way on deck still naked.

Harry had hung a shower bag from the mast earlier so I could take a shower. It was hot now so I proceeded to wet myself and lather up. A few moments later I was clean and refreshed, so I decided to bahis şirketleri take some sun on the foredeck.

After spreading a towel on the deck, I lay down. I closed my eyes and began to think about how wonderful the last twenty-four hours had been. Just yesterday, I had never tasted the sweet throes of orgasm. Now, I couldn’t seem to get enough. I was fascinated by Harry’s cock. I wanted to feel it everywhere.

My hands began to roam over my body as my mind saw his cock again. I felt my nipples harden under my touch, electric charges shooting from them to my brain. My fingers danced over my flat stomach to the silky down triangle. For the first time in my life, I touched myself with sexual desire.

I slowly began to explore my slit. I was very wet and slippery. I put a finger inside. It felt good! I raised the finger to my lips and tasted. How about that? I tasted good! I accidentally touched a small nub at the top of my slit and jerked. Mmmmmm, it felt so good.

I started lightly rubbing the little button and gasped. My thighs were spread as wide as possible and quivering. My breathing came in short, ragged gasps. Harder I rubbed, until, with a suddenness that startled me, I came. It was like I had been saving up for all these years and now I could cum with the slightest provocation.

I put my finger inside myself again and discovered I was literally soaking. My juice had run out of me, leaving a large wet spot on the towel. Slowly, my breathing returned to normal. Yes indeed, I do believe I like this sex thing!

I heard a noise off to my left and opened my eyes to see what the commotion was. Another sailboat was pulling in to anchor a short distance from us. I leapt to my feet and quickly wrapped the towel around my body. A couple was in the cockpit of their boat and they were bahis firmaları grinning widely as they waved. I scurried below to throw on my bikini, glowing beet red. I hoped they hadn’t seen me playing with myself.

Harry came out of the cabin with a pair of shorts on. “Company?”

I nodded. He came over to me and hugged me. “I had the most delicious dream.” He shot me a quizzical look.

I grinned broadly. “I hope you enjoyed it.”

“Most definitely. Want to go for a visit?”

“Ok, but I need to tell you something first.” I related to him what I had been doing when I heard them approaching. He let out a loud guffaw and told me not to worry. If they were true sailors, they were probably clothing optional too.

We went topside and climbed into our dingy. Casting off, we motored the short distance over to their boat. “Ohoy!” Harry called out.

A man of about thirty appeared from belowdecks and smiled. “Come on aboard!” he called, waving us up.

We climbed up the boarding ladder at the stern and stepped into the cockpit. “I’m Harry and this is Rachel.” Harry said, extending his hand.

“George. My wife Julia is below.”

They shook hands and George turned to me with a broad grin. “I think we saw you earlier. Didn’t mean to startle you.”

I could feel myself blushing as he shook my hand.

“C’mon below. We were just making a cocktail. Care for one?”

Harry, never one to turn down a free drink, followed George into their cabin. I stayed close behind. It was a beautiful cabin, all in rich teak. A very attractive redhead was mixing drinks in the galley. She was slightly taller than me and a little more voluptuous, probably a 36 or 38 C broaching on D. she had a bikini top on and a beach wrap around her waist. She beamed a smile at us as she handed out the drinks. kaçak bahis siteleri “I hope vodka and tonic is ok?”

It was ok with Harry but I hadn’t even tasted vodka before. I took a tentative sip and found it to not be that bad. We retired to their salon and sat down.

“Where you out of?” Harry inquired.

“Panama City, you?” George was talking to Harry but looking at me.

“Saint Joe.” As Harry took another sip.

We continued to make small talk as we sipped our drinks. They must have made them strong for I started to feel a bit light headed. Harry seemed unaffected.

A little while later, we were back in our dingy headed back to our boat. “Interesting couple, huh?” Harry asked.

I nodded. Why is it that everything seemed to make me horny? I eyed Harry and smiled mischievously. Harry rolled his eyes and shook his head. “You’re gonna kill me, you know?”

“Ahh, but what a way to go, Harry.” We both laughed.

After tying up, we went below where I literally attacked him. He must of liked it for he was instantly hard. He stripped my bikini from me and bent me over the dinette table. He didn’t even bother to take his shorts off, just unzipped and pulled his raging hard on out. This was not to be lovemaking, but pure lust..

He pressed my knees apart and I felt him probing my slit with his cock. Suddenly, I felt him push into me all the way to the hilt. My breath left me in a whoosh. He grabbed my hips in his hands so he could really pound me. Our bodies slammed together again and again.

I knew neither he nor I would last very long at that pace and sure enough, Harry let out a roar as he buried himself as deep as he could and began to pour his seed into me. This sent me over the edge too and I let out a long low moan.

Harry collapsed on top of me on the table and we stayed like that regaining our breath. He pulled his withering cock from me and stood up. I turned and faced him on shaky knees. “You know, I could get very used to this.” I said with a smile.

To be continued…

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