Sammy Wants a Rich Man Ch. 01

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We’d been together for a couple of years already and I was very happy with my boyfriend. He was caring, kind, and the perfect partner, I could easily see myself marrying him. Up until then, I had met very few of his friends, socially we just kept to the habit of keeping in our own circles and never mixing. Then one day one of his close friends was in town and for some reason, we decided to change all that.

Mike was an athletic muscular man, very different from my boyfriend who wasn’t much into sports at all and rather slim. Mike was very handsome and also quite successful with his own business, single, and clearly a big catch in any woman’s eyes. If I had been single of course I would have been tempted to go for him myself.

We all met up for a meal and a drink at a local Asian style eatery that offered private room-style spaces and we immediately hit it off. We talked about our jobs and lives and about me and my boyfriends’ life together. By that time we were already living together. As an Asian girl in New York, I wasn’t yet too familiar with all of the American phrases and I later realised a few sexual jokes had flown totally over my head.

Mike had enquired about double-dipping with regards the food and if I was ok with our chopsticks double-dipping into the appetisers to which I said I was fine, I was pretty relaxed about anything like that. Later my boyfriend asked if I enjoyed facials and of course as any girl I loved having a salon treatment on a regular occasion.

At the time I didn’t know that they were both playing with my limited understanding of the terms, but later when Mike suggested we come back to the hotel he was staying at while in town for a few drinks, did I realise the reality of the situation.

Mike was staying at a very expensive place close to Central Park, really quite impressive actually, very upmarket and the expense, I was sure, was something neither I nor my boyfriend could ever afford. To be honest I was very much taken in by Mike’s lifestyle and couldn’t help but compare it to our own.

We sat enjoying drinks in his room, Mike and my boyfriend sitting on the two window-side chairs while I sat on Mike’s bed mostly listening to their conversations about Mike’s impressive lifestyle. Before realising it I was slowly becoming a tad tipsy.

“So when is your next facial hunny?” My boyfriend asked me. I was totally unaware of the sexual connotations of the phrase of course.

“I’m not sure yet. I might go next week if I get the time.” I said.

“Oh!” My boyfriend added. “Actually Mike is really good at facials, he always has been, ever since we were in college. He used to love giving the girls facials. He’s great with his hands you know.”

“Oh really! I said, surprised. “I don’t know many guys that can do facials. I admitted. “Maybe you’re the only guy I know that can!” I laughed.

“Oh really!” Mike replied a cheeky smile on his face. “I’d love to give you one if you’d like.” He said as my boyfriend burst out laughing.

“Yeah, Urfa Escort Steve’s not too bad at them either. Didn’t he tell you?” He said acting surprised.

“No he didn’t mention anything like that, he’s never given me a facial in the two years we’ve been together,” I admitted at which point Steve burst out laughing and Mike seemed unable to help himself either. At that point, I’d had a little too much to drink to actually care too much about their out-of-place laughter and ignored it.

“I’m ok at it hun, but Mike here is the best. I highly recommend you give him a go.” My boyfriend grinned. “Hey, why don’t I start off and if and if you like it Mike can take over. Maybe then you’d be more comfortable about it hun.”

“Yeah! Sure! Why not.” I said.

“Great. Come kneel down over here.” Steve said gesturing me to kneel just in front of the chairs where they were sitting. So I did.

“Ok babe, I’m gonna get my magic hands ready for you. So close your eyes and get ready to enjoy a cool relaxing facial from me and Mike.”

As instructed, I closed my eyes and relaxed, ready for them to work their hands into my skin and to feel the southing sensation that always accompanied any kind of beauty treatment. As the minutes started to pass by and nothing seemed to happen I grew a little curious as to what was happening.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Ready?” My boyfriend repeated, his voice seemed to not understand what I meant! “I’ve already started hun.”

Confused I opened my eyes only to discover my boyfriend standing in front of me his jean zipper open, his cock out and in his hand clutched around it jerking himself off right in front of my face!

“What are you doing babe?” I asked in shock. “Mike’s here I…” I stuttered before I could get anything else out he shot his cum all over my face! Hell, he was loaded. I don’t think he had ever ejaculated so much with me anytime before. His cum sprayed in my mouth, hair, face, everywhere all while Mike was watching.

“Oh shit!” Mike said coming over to stand by Steve as he looked down at me, now his face seemed to be in a kind of shock too. “I think she didn’t know what you meant by ‘facial’,” Mike added feigning his own shock. Feeling into his pocket he pulled out his phone, did a quick search, and showed me a video telling me what a facial was. Looking down at the video I saw a guy doing to a girl exactly what Steve had just done to me. “That’s a facial. We thought you knew that!” Mike laughed.

“Oh, baby!” Steve said kissing me on the head where he hadn’t shot his cum. “I’m sorry hun, we thought you knew that. Mike was really looking forward to giving you his facial too. Weren’t you Mike?” He asked.

“Sure! Sammy has such a beautiful face I really wanted to do it too.” Mike admitted. Being so drunk I actually felt sorry for them thinking that it had been a real misunderstanding.

“Oh! I thought you meant…” I started, feeling bad.

“You usually really love it when I Urfa Escort Bayan do that hun. I know you love a facial I just figured you’d love one from Mike too, cos he loves to give them just as much as me.” My boyfriend said convincingly.

“Yeah, I do,” Mike agreed, “and you are so beautifully Sammy I’ve never seen a guy cum as quick as Steve just did and that’s all because you look so amazing.” Now I was blushing and I started to actually feel bad for them.

“Well, I do like to make Steve feel good when we’re together,” I admitted.

“Thanks, babe, you really do make me feel good.” He said now leaning down and kissing my lips even though they were covered in his cum. “You’re amazing hun,” he said. Now standing up he lifted his cock and slid it straight into my mouth even though Mike was right there watching. At first, I felt pretty much embarrassed and ashamed, but I guess the drink kind of soothed my soul a little and I figured I just went with the flow from there!

Now the boys both knew they had me in the mood they wanted me in. As I started to give my boyfriend head Mike unzipped his jeans, took out his cock and started jerking off right in front of me. To be honest I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. Mike was pretty big and I was impressed, by now I knew his hard thick cock was eventually gonna end up in my mouth too, rammed as far back in my throat as he could push it.

Pulling out his cock, Mike took his turn and slid his into my mouth. If I had to give out a score I would definitely have scored Mike higher than my boyfriend for the sheer length and thickness alone. But on top of that his style was kind of hotter too. As he face fucked me I just felt so much more turned on than I’d ever been with Steve! Maybe that was because it was my first time with him, or maybe because he was technically still a stranger. I didn’t know why, but I did know I liked his cock in my mouth a whole lot.

Mike took a lot more time to cum than my boyfriend but when he did he had even more cum to shoot over me. As he neared the point of ejaculation he pulled his cock out of my mouth and started stroking it from the tip to the shaft before unleashing his man juice all over me. I’m pretty sure the moment that made him finally cum was when I put out my tongue to let him know he could cum all over it and sure enough he did. And wow, my pussy felt so wet when he came all over my tongue ad face, right then I knew I wanted him inside me.

“So I guess now you’re ready for the double-dipping you said you liked so much before.” My boyfriend said, but I wasn’t too sure what he meant. “Jump up on the bed honey” I did as he asked and then they both started to undress me on the bed. They were so hungry for me I could tell. One of them on each side of me they undid my dress and rolled it down from my shoulders all the way down past my ankles and onto the floor. Together they then took off my bra and ravaged my breasts with their caressing, kissing and licking. My body was on Escort Urfa fire and most of the blaze had been because of Mike.

“So you do know what double-dipping is don’t you?” Mike asked me a huge grin on his face it was clear he’d become the leader now.

“Erm!” I mumbled, pretty sure it had an extra meaning to the one I was familiar with!

Mike went straight for his phone again and found another video for me to watch to explain exactly what the other meaning of double-dipping was. The video showed two guys with an Asian girl – yep he even found one with an Asian girl just like me – and basically, the two guys took it in turns to ‘dip’ their cocks in the Asian girl and fuck her before shooting both their cum in her pussy!

“Now why didn’t I figure that one out.” I laughed.

“Well, it looks like you’re ready and you know all about it now don’t you hun.” My boyfriend said kneeling at the end of the bed about to penetrate me while Mike watched. As my boyfriend had his way with me Mike sat on the bed beside me and fondled my breasts while kissing me deeply. I was so into Mike that my boyfriend climaxed before I had even noticed. The only way I knew he was done was when Mike slid over and finally slid his huge cock into my hot cum filled pussy. Now I was gonna get what I wanted.

Mike was so hot when he fucked me it was unbelievable. I don’t think I’d ever been so wet with a guy. His muscular body was an amazing turn on together with his confidence. Hell was screwing me while my boyfriend sat and watched from the sofa next to us, and he didn’t care at all, not many guys had the confidence to do that. Being screwed by Mike was wild, it just felt so good I almost totally forgot that Steve was in the room with us and that I even had a boyfriend. The few times when I did remember he was there, I looked over at him the confidence and happiness in his face just seemed to slowly dissipate every time. I guess now that Mike was in control of his girlfriend and the dominant alpha-Male in the room, my boyfriend’s cock just turned a little limp I guessed.

Mike owned every inch of my body and flitted from my pussy to my breasts to legs to ass to everywhere with his hands and lips all in between screwing me. I realised as our heated passion went on and on for what must have seemed like an eternity to Steve, it must have made him feel more and more like a cuckold than the lucky guy who was getting into a hot 3P. Now it was just me and Mike and my boyfriend was just the spare man we didn’t need anymore.

As Mike and I finally brought each other to climax Steve looked on realising he’d never made me feel anywhere close to how Mike was right now, and his macho ego was probably taking a pretty big hit as Mike banged me harder and harder in those final throes of passion before filling up my wet hole with the jet-stream of hot cum. Thrusting and pounding my pussy until every splash of his love was deep inside me.

That was my first 3P, but I knew right then as Mike’s hot cum filled me, that it wouldn’t be the last. But more than that, Mike made me realise that I wanted a rich and powerful boyfriend. And I had just eagerly swallowed his cum and let him screw me in front of my current boyfriend to win him!

To be continued.

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