San Francisco Afternoon Ch. 1

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We passed over the Bay Bridge into San Francisco, and it was sunny and windy.ever knew the Bay was so blue and the bridge that pretty. The skyline of the city it really spectacular. It seems like I’m noticing things more than I did before. I wonder if that’s because I’m so happy, so in love, and with John. I’m pretty sure it is John obviously knew the city and pointed out things on the way to wherever it was we were going. I loved the smell of coffee as we passed by the Folger’s place.Coffee sure smells a lot better than it tastes. Maybe I’ll like it when I’m older.

We passed all sorts of interesting and historical places, and John seemed to know all about them. We got off the freeway at Van Ness, and John told me what all the big old granite buildings were: City Hall, Federal Building, War Memorial Opera House, etc. Then we turned off onto Lombard Street, and after a couple of blocks it turned into a one-way street made of bricks, was narrow and steeply downhill, and had more turns than I had ever seen! John said the street was very famous and he thought I’d like it. I liked it so much that I had him go around the block so we could go down it again. He sure knows a lot of neat places to go and things to do. I know he’s trying to entertain me, but he seems to enjoy these things, too. I’d really like to be entertained with a nice kiss. I’m overdue.

We drove up some really steep hills to the top of what John called Nob Hill. There were some fancy looking hotels and a big old church called Grace Cathedral. I noticed the Mark Hopkins Hotel (I’d heard of that), and we pulled in to the Fairmont Hotel. There were a bunch of limos and other fancy cars parked at the entrance, and our Lexus seemed kind of puny in comparison.

We stopped under the canopy with a red carpet, and there was a very large black man dressed up like an important military officer in an old movie standing there. He was really huge, and he had on a hat that made him seem even taller. He had a big smile and opened my door for me. He said to John, ‘Good morning, Doctor. Nice to see you again. Good morning, Miss.’ I never heard anyone call John ‘Doctor’ before. I guess this place is too classy for him to call me ‘Honey’ like everybody else does. John said, ‘Hello, Granger, our luggage is in the trunk,’ and tossed him the keys to the car. Mr Granger ushered us into the place like we were visiting royalty.

The lobby of the Fairmont was about twice the size of my school gymnasium and definitely the most elegant place I’d ever seen. Groupings of easy chairs and couches all over, a big fountain, beautiful potted plants, tables that looked like antiques, and all the men wearing suits and the women in dressy clothes. Some of the women even wore furs. I guessed they hadn’t heard that furs weren’t politically correct.There’s no way I’d wear some poor dead animal. Even though there were lots of people sitting, walking, and talking the whole place was very quiet. I guessed the furnishings and thick carpeting had something to do with that.

John led me to a nice easy chair and told me to wait there while he registered at the desk. I told him I really didn’t think I belonged in a place like that. He laughed and said, ‘Diane, you’re the best looking woman in the place, and I’m the envy of every man because of it. This is our fairy tale, remember? We deserve the best, we can afford the best, and this is it. The trick to a place like this is to act like you own the joint. I’ll be back in five minutes. Don’t wander off, and don’t forget that I love you.’ He kissed me on the cheek and walked over to the registration desk just like he owned the joint. I amused myself by watching the elegantly dressed people, and trying to act like I owned the joint. That was hard to do. I bet none of these women get made love to as much as I do.

Outside, I could see Mr. Granger supervising escort ataşehir while a little guy in a uniform with a really dumb hat took our luggage out of the trunk and put it on a kind of platform on wheels. Another guy got into the Lexus and drove off with a screech of the tires. The little guy with the dumb hat wheeled the luggage in, and I wasn’t sure what to do. I walked over and told him those things were ours, and he asked if ‘the gentleman’ was here. I told him that he was, and we waited until John finished registering and came over. I started to pick up one of the suitcases, but John told me to let the bellman take care of it. ‘Bellman’ I guess that’s what this guy is called. I’ll bet he hates to put on that dumb uniform, expecially the hat. It’s almost as bad as what I have to wear to school. At least I don’t have to wear a stupid hat. I guess he’s going to bring the suitcases on that cart thing.

John, the bellman, I and our luggage rode a huge brass elevator with mirrored walls up to the 19th floor, the highest above ground I’d ever been. John said the 19th floor was eighteen stories above ground, because hotels don’t have 13th floors. Neither did hospitals. I said I thought that was a silly supersitition, and he said it wasn’t my hotel, so I’d have to put up with it. I couldn’t argue with that.

We went down a wide carpeted corridor that was quiet like a tomb and stopped at room 1904. The bellman opened the door, handed John the card, and ushered us into what looked more like an elegant living room than a hotel room. I wondered where the bed was but didn’t ask. The guy hung up the garment bag, put the suitcases on racks, and sort of fussed around opening the drapes and things. He opened a door and showed John where the bedroom was and seemed to be proud that he could find it. I sure wish he would get it over with and get out of here. I need my kiss. In fact, I think I need a lot more than a kiss. John helped me out of my coat and put it over a chair while the bellman was fooling around. When the guy was finally finished, John handed him five dollars and he went out the door. I thought that was a lot of money for about five minutes of hardly any work at all.

By the time John had closed and locked the door, I was in the bedroom and had taken off my jacket, torn my sweater off over my head, removed my boots, and was unzipping my pants. He came in to find me naked to the waist and getting nakeder and came over to take me in his arms. We had a passionate kiss, and I got him out of his jacket and started on his shirt buttons without our mouths parting. We didn’t say a word, but we each got out of our own clothes as fast as possible, and I would have been naked first except for a delay with the darned panty hose.

John pulled the bedspread and covers down and took me into his arms for another kiss, naked this time. Then he picked me up like I was a doll, sort of tossed me onto the bed, and we were in each other’s arms, legs and tongues intertwined.Mmmmmmmmmm I’ll bet we were naked in bed before the bellguy even got to the elevator. I wonder if he knew what we were going to do the moment he left. I don’t care, I just want John to make love to me. It’s been four or five hours since I’ve been fu…… made love to, and that’s about as long as I can go, unless I’m asleep. I wonder if there’s something wrong with me, wanting it so much. Well, John seems to want it just as much as I do. I hope he isn’t going to do that forestuff. I want big, warm Herman inside me right now.

He slid his hand over my breasts, down my tummy, and I eagerly spread my legs as his hand neared my pussy. Then he stopped everything and said, ‘What the hell is this?’ I looked down, and he was holding the little pad of Kleenex I had made to keep Vaseline from getting on my clothes. It had stayed stuck in my crotch when I ripped my panties kadıköy escort bayan off. I just snatched it out of his hand, tossed it on the floor, pulled his mouth to mine, and whispered, ‘Later. Kiss. Make love to me, Darling.’

As John’s finger explored inside my vagina, I found Herman with my hand and was delighted to find that he seemed to be very interested in getting inside me. I said, ‘Dooooo meeeeee,’ into John’s jouth and tried to pull him on top of me. He cooperated, and in a few seconds I was guiding his penis into my waiting pussy. Herman entered me slowly, hotly, and completely. I could feel the walls of my pussy opening for him and then gripping his warm hardness.Oh, My God. That feels gooooooddd. I’m going to cooooommmmmme. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh As soon as Herman’s tip had shoved against my cervix and I was completely filled, waves of orgasm started flowing from my pussy to whatever part of my brain dealt with such things. I knew I was grunting, I knew I was digging my fingernails into John’s shoulders, I knew my teeth were clenched, and I knew I was having an ORGASM! My climax was short, really hard, and wonderful. I could hear myself squeal as it peaked, and I moaned and groaned as I came down.Wow!

I pulled John down to me for a kiss, and he started stroking big, warm Herman in and out of me. He pulled him all the way out and started sliding the entire hot, wet length of him back and forth in my split and over my clitoris. I thought I was going to jump out of my skin with that tingling of my button. I raised my head to watch, and it looked almost as good as it felt. Herman’s head was the color of a ripe plum and seemed almost as big. Then he was buried in me again.

John got up on his knees and put his arms under my legs, and when he leaned forward, my knees were so far up they were almost touching my ears. I was sort of bent double at the hips with my knees as far apart as they would go. He very carefully pushed Herman back into me, and I could tell that he would be able to go deeper than in any position we had tried. This feels wonderful, but if he tries to fuck me hard, I just know that he’s going to break something up in there. I’m just not big enough inside for that, and I’m afraid he’ll tear me apart.

I got panicky and told John to be careful. It was almost a yell. He asked if he was hurting me, and I said no, but he sure could if he plunged hard and deep. He said something about being careful. Then, instead of plunging in, he kept his penis buried in me and started moving up and down so that Herman’s tip and head rubbed and massaged the farthest reaches of my vagina. It felt absolutely fabulous, and I had to concentrate to keep from going over again right then. I wanted to experience the pleasure and see what would happen rather than lose my mind in an orgasm. I also wanted to come with my lover. I knew I could go over any time I wanted, though. I was that close. If John had been able to lean down far enough to kiss me while he was doing that with my pussy, there was no way I could have kept from coming.

As he moved around in me, I could feel my vagina stretch to take in more of him. I loved the feeling of being s t r e t c h e d inside. John got back to his knees and put my legs over his shoulders. Then he put his hands under my bottom and lifted me so the only parts of me touching the bed were my shoulders and the back of my head. I reached up to grab my pillow with both hands and just sort of hung on. Then he started fucking me hard, fast, and deep. Herman couldn’t go in as far that way, so it was safe for John to stab him into me as hard as he wanted without going too deep and hurting.

That’s what he did, just slammed his penis into me over and over and over again. That angle seemed to cause Herman’s head to find that really sensitive spot inside me, and the tip hit me there every escort bostancı time John thrust. I no longer had any thoughts of trying to hold back my orgasm. I no longer had any thoughts at all, I was just heading to the point of going over. Oh, boy, did I ever go over! There was hardly any buildup towards my climax; that hard fucking and the attention Herman was paying to my special spot put me over immediately. I heard myself squeal again as my orgasm hit, and I know I yelled as John continued to pound into me. He kept pounding, and I kept coming, wave after wave after wave of incredible orgasm surged through me, accompanied by my moans, yells, groans, squeals, and grunts. I finally just couldn’t come any more, and John slowed down his strokes to let me come down.

I was only partly back to sanity when John lowered my bottom to the bed. He pulled Herman out of me, and I managed to get my legs off his shoulders and down onto the bed. John was on his knees, sweating, and gasping for air. I was flat on my back, sweating, and gasping for air. He lay down beside me, and I cuddled into his arms.I told him to ‘do me,’ and did I ever get ‘done!’ Wow! Oh, God, that was wonderful.

When we had stopped sweating and were breathing normally again John asked if I was okay. I told him I was about as good as I could ever hope to be, better than I had ever dreamed I could be a week before, but that I might be a little weak in the knees if I tried to stand up. He said I’d better give standing a try, because it was time to see some of the city, and he was hungry. So was I. We stood and he hugged me until I was able to stand okay on my own, then we had a lovely, long, naked post-lovemaking kiss.I can’t believe it, but I seem to love him more right now than ever. How much stronger can I love him? Imagine what the doctor at the Emergency Room will think when they wheel me comatose from loving someone too much.

As we stood kissing, Herman started poking me in the stomach. Already? I asked John if he wanted to make love some more, and he said no, not right then. He hadn’t come when I did and Herman was still frisky. No wonder I don’t have anything running down my leg. I sat down on the bed, pulled John to me, and slid my lips down over big, warm Herman until the tip of him was clear back against my throat. Then I started moving my head so he slid in and out of my mouth, just the way John liked it. He had the very sexy taste combination of semen, my pussy, and a little Vaseline. A taste combination that had come to mean SEX to me.If I had to describe what lovemaking tastes like, this would be it.

I continued until I could tell he was about to come, then I speeded up my strokes and sucked harder. John told me to stop, but I didn’t. Then he tried to back away and take Herman out of my mouth, but I had my hands on his hips and held him there. I wanted him to come, but he apparently didn’t want to. He finally grabbed a handful of my hair and held my head while he pulled back. His penis came out of my mouth with a loud noise and a stream of mixed saliva and slippery stuff flowed down my chin and onto my leg before I could swallow or get my mouth shut. I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t get to make John come, but he said we would save it for later and gave me a kiss that made things okay.

We shared a quick shower to rinse off the sweat, then we each put on one of the big fluffy robes that came with the room and unpacked. The digital clock said 12:39. It’s only noon, and so much has happened already today! Let’s see: We woke up just five hours ago, and so far I’ve been f…… made love to, had a shower with my lover, fed a huge breakfast, been driven to San Francisco, moved into the most elegant hotel I could have imagined, been made love to again, and had two .. no, three orgasms, and had another shower with John. I feel wonderfully loved and pampered. I just feel plain wonderful in every way I can think of. We sure don’t keep our clothes on for very long at a time. I’m getting hungry.

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