Sandra Ch. 05

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It may well be worth your while reading the previous chapters as background but here is a brief synopsis of the story so far.

Sandra is at college and after a gang-bang with 19 guys to celebrate her birthday got involved with a butch dyke called Beth. After a few scenes with Beth where she was treated like a piece of meat she met Julie, her college lecturer from England, who then rescued Sandra.

* * * * * From Ch 04 – Moving her hand away Julie laughed as she said, “My my you are an eager slut, now dress in this,” and handed her a very large T-shirt with the words ‘Property of Lady J’ across the front.

“Time for you to meet my other slut.” Julie laughed and with that gunned the heavy car into the night

* * * * * *

That night Julie left Sandra to sleep in the spare room as she felt that after the emotional turmoil that Sandra had suffered she would be in no fit state for any ‘action’. Padding into the kitchen in her jogging bottoms over her leotard Julie was surprised to see that Sandra was already awake and sitting at the kitchen table. Julie paused for a moment and admired Sandra’s young body that filled the t-shirt she was wearing in all the right places. Sandra looked up and Julie could see that she had been crying, as her eyes were red and her face tearstained.

“What’s up little one?” Julie purred, “Don’t you want to be here?”

“Oh no Miss,” Sandra sobbed, “It’s not that, it’s just after what you did to Beth last night I know that she will get me when I return to college,” and with that burst into tears again.

Julie paused for a moment and then a smile spread across her face and picking up her telephone punched in a number. Sandra sat at the table and listened to a one sided conversation.

“Hi Christine it’s Julie,” …… pause

” Well tell Michelle to remove her fingers I need to talk,” …….. pause

“Yes it may well feel good but this is serious,” the last comment was delivered in an icy tone that sent shivers of fear through Sandra but at the same time she could feel herself getting wet.

“Good I have your attention, I have a couple of little jobs for you two. Firstly get your pretty little butts over to the college dorms and clear out room 212 and bring the contents here.”…..pause

“Yes I know this is not what you normally do for me but the second requirement is much more to your normal liking,” …….. pause

“I will tell you about when you get here,” and with that Julie clicked the phone off.

Sandra was sure she heard the words ‘Yes Mistress’ at the end of the conversation and couldn’t help blurting out, “Who was that?”

Julie looked at Sandra and without removing the light tone from her voice but still with the underlying steel, “that was the Hatcher twins and always address me as Ma’am or Mistress.”

“Yes Mistress,” Sandra responded and sat upright in the chair her head spinning at the name.

The Hatcher twins were notorious in the neighbourhood and even the street gangs gave them a wide berth. Known as twins as they looked almost identical but they were in fact were lesbian lovers and had been for the last 10 years since they left college. They were both martial arts experts and some of the stories about them were blood chilling. Although never caught it was rumoured that they would kidnap college boys who they felt over-stepped the mark and then fuck them repeatedly with strap-ons to teach them a lesson on how it felt. Nothing had ever been proved as the recipients would never publicly come forward but the stories remained there.

“You know them Mistress?” Sandra stammered.

“Yes little one, I have known them for years. The first time we met was a little eventful but after that we have got on well and they work ataşehir escort for me from time to time on small minor matters.”

A little eventful would be an understatement as it involved both of the twins spending a few days in hospital after the first meeting and getting on quite well was also a little understated as the three of them had been involved in some heavy sex sessions.

* * * * *

That evening Sandra returned to Julie’s house and found that all her stuff had been moved from her room in the dorms and was in boxes in Julie’s spare room.

“Don’t bother unpacking,” Julie said from the doorway making Sandra jump. Julie moved so quietly that Sandra had not heard her move to behind her. “I have a job for you later but for the moment leave your stuff here and you can sleep with me.”

Sandra followed Julie to the master bedroom and stood in awe at the doorway. The room was huge and so white it almost hurt her eyes with the brilliance and the view through the open French windows was stunning. On the bed was a blindfold and a few lengths of rope.

“Strip,” Julie uttered the single word command without turning from the window she was looking through.

As she was only wearing a t-shirt it was a simple matter for Sandra to lift it over her head and let it fall to the floor. Sandra stood in complete silence but her brain was screaming at her, as she knew the moment she had been waiting for was fast approaching.

“Lie on the bed,” Julie commanded and Sandra almost ran to the bed in joy and lay there spread-eagled.

Julie fastened the ropes to Sandra’s ankles and wrists and then to the bedposts leaving her securely fastened and very vulnerable. The world plunged into darkness for Sandra as Julie fastened the blindfold about her eyes.

Casually running a nail down Sandra’s breast causing her to shudder Julie purred, “Submission is all about trusting and giving up control, the question is do you trust me.”

“Yes Mistress,” Sandra said eagerly, “I do trust you and give you total control.”

Laughing softly Julie said, “We shall see little one, we shall see,” and with that left the room.

Sandra lay there for what seemed an eternity. She could feel the gentle breeze from the open French windows caressing her body like a gentle lover and could hear the faint twittering of the birds in the distant trees. Sandra felt herself relaxing and started to drift into a semi-comatose state when like a whiplash she felt an ice-cold drip of water hit her nipple. She realised that someone was in the room with her and stammered, “Mistress?”

No reply was forthcoming but Sandra felt another ice cold drip hit her body and then resisted the urge to scream as she felt an ice cube being rubbed gently round and round her areola. The sensation caused Sandra’s nipples to harden immediately and a low moan escaped from her lips. The ice cube moved down Sandra’s tummy leaving a wet trail on her body causing her to squirm as she felt her pussy get damp. As the coldness numbed her body slightly, Sandra anticipated the coldness touching her pussy when pure fire shot through her nipple.

Sandra felt the bite of a nipple clamp being applied to her left nipple taking her breath away, but almost before it had fully registered in her brain a clamp was applied to her other nipple. As Sandra squirmed in ecstasy she felt the coldness of the ice cube as it was pushed deep into her pussy. Sandra felt 2 fingers being pushed inside her pussy forcing the ice cube deeper and at the same time a vibrator, on low, was gently applied to her clit. Sandra couldn’t help but start to moan and when the fingers were removed and the vibrator pushed deep into her soaking pussy. Sandra writhed as the vibrator was fucking kadıköy escort bayan her and then she felt something being pressed against her ear.

“Hello?” she heard a voice say, “Is that you Sandra?”

Sandra knew straight away that the voice was Beth her ex-lover and Mistress and although she tried to remain silent she couldn’t help letting out a long moan as the vibrator was turned on full and twisted deep inside her as the nipple clamps were firmly tugged.

“You are being fucked aren’t you?” Beth’s voice hissed in her ear.

“Yes,” Sandra stammered as the sensation’s rocked through her.

“By who?” snarled Beth.

It was at this point that it hit Sandra she didn’t know who was doing it and without thinking blurted out, “I don’t knowwwwwwwwwww.”

The final word was drawn out into a primeval scream as an orgasm rushed through her body. A few moments later Sandra realised she was alone again and could feel the nipple clamps still biting gently and the ice cube melting inside her.

“There you are?” Sandra heard Julie say in a soft voice as the blindfold was removed.

“But,” stammered Sandra, “wasn’t this you?” indicating at the nipple clamps and seeing the vibrator lying next to her phone on the pillow.

Julie just smiled and left the room and Sandra faintly heard her say, “you will never know.”

* * * * *

That evening Julie and Sandra were sitting at the large dining room table after dinner when Julie said, “This evening I have a surprise for you. Upstairs is your outfit, you will wear only what is laid out on the bed. You will say nothing unless commanded and will follow my instructions, is that clear?”

Sandra just nodded and went upstairs to dress, but on the bed was nothing but a large strap-on harness. Following Julie’s instructions Sandra stripped naked and after a few attempts managed to get the strap-on securely fastened. It felt strange having the thing sticking out obscenely in front of her and Sandra had to hold it to stop it waving about as she walked downstairs.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs Sandra stopped and took in the scene in the living room. Julie sat calmly in the chair while in the middle of the room Beth was blindfolded and struggling to free herself from the Hatcher twins who were holding her firmly.

“Hello Beth.” Julie’s voice cracked through the room like a steel whip and the blindfolded woman stopped struggling and stood very still.

Sandra held her breath and bit her bottom lip as she watched.

“Julie?…… What the fuck is going on?” Beth whined from under the hood.

Sandra hadn’t seen the whip coiled beside Julie but heard the explosive crack as it snaked out and caught Beth on the right breast. “It’s Julie Ma’am, or have you forgotten slut?”

Beth’s voice changed tone completely and gone was the arrogant swagger in her voice as she meekly replied, “sorry Ma’am.”

“You have annoyed me Beth so it’s time you learnt your place.” Julie purred and then indicating to the twins smiled as Beth was roughly stripped and forced to her knees but the blindfold remained in place.

Julie walked round Beth slowly, “You have put on weight slut, let yourself go a bit, is that because you think you are a domme? You were once my slut and you always will be my slut won’t you?”

Beth just nodded meekly as Julie continued to walk round prodding and nipping Beth every so often. Julie beckoned Sandra over but at the same time held a finger to her lips indicating she should remain silent.

Sandra stood in front of Beth trembling as Julie said, “When was the last time you were fucked Beth?”

“I don’t get fucked,” said Beth, “I do the fucking.”

“You did,” Julie said in an icy cold escort maltepe voice, “but now things have changed.”

Grabbing Beth roughly by the hair Julie forced her mouth to the strap-on jutting from Sandra’s groin, “suck it bitch,” Julie snarled and laughed as Beth started to slobber on it thinking it was Julie, her ex-Mistress.

Julie stepped back quietly and watched as Beth sucked and slurped making the strap-on wet, then stepping forward so her head was next to Sandra’s said, “On all fours slut like the bitch you are.”

“Yes Mistress,” Beth replied and knelt down with her ass high in the air.

Julie nudged Sandra but she was routed to the spot so Julie leant forward next to Sandra’s head again to make it sound like the voice was in the right place, “Tell me what you want slut.”

“I wanted to be fucked Mistress, like the slut I am,” Beth moaned and reached between her legs and held her pussy lips open with her fingers.

Sandra pushed the strap-on into Beth’s body, slowly at first but as her confidence grew and she remembered all the times Beth had treated her like a piece of meat she thrust in harder. Sandra began to move her hips and as she got into the rhythm she fucked Beth with all her strength. Beth was moaning and pushing back and Julie who had moved to the other side of the room spoke, “Enjoying it slut?”

The confusion ran across Beth’s face as she realised that it wasn’t Julie fucking her and stammered, “Christine?…….Michelle?”

“Nope,” replied the twins from the other side of the room, as they were busy touching each other as they watched the sex scene on the floor in front of them.

“Who?” stammered Beth and at the same time could feel the orgasm building in her from the brutal fucking she was receiving.

Julie stepped forward quickly and removed the blindfold from Beth’s eyes and she stared into the mirror in front of her and could see Sandra behind her and feel the savage thrusts.

“Nooooooooooo,” Beth moaned, which was quickly replaced with “Yessssss…….arghhhhhhhhhhhh,” as she came over and over. Despite the shame of being fucked publicly by her ex-sub Beth couldn’t help forcing herself back onto the dildo trying to take it deeper.

Julie pulled Sandra back from Beth causing the dildo to leave Beth’s body then pushing her back positioned it so it was at Beth’s anal star.

“Please no……yes…….no…….yes,” Beth said in a strangled voice, her brain reeling from the shock and the sensations.

Sandra didn’t give her time to change her mind and pushed as hard as she could forcing the dildo deep into Beth’s ass. Beth’s scream split the room and Sandra almost stopped but a quick slap from Julie urged her on to fuck Beth’s ass harder than she had fucked her pussy.

Beth was sobbing from pain and pleasure as Julie lifted her head by her hair and smiled sweetly into her face. “Touch her again and I will show everyone the video,” indicating to a camera that had been running silently in the corner of the room.

Beth just nodded weakly and unthinkingly began to fuck back against the dildo as she rubbed her own clit causing orgasm after orgasm to course through her.

Beth collapsed onto the floor half-passed out and Sandra just stood there almost in shock as to what she had just done. The twins by now had removed each other’s clothing and were busy fingering each other.

“Stop it you two,” Julie said with a laugh in her voice, “Dump her as she is somewhere but if you want to have fun with her first feel free.”

As the twins dragged Beth from the room Sandra could hear them playfully arguing about who got the pussy and who got the ass and how much fun it would be to fuck her together in the park.

“What will they do?” Sandra stammered.

“They will teach her that it doesn’t pay to cross me” Julie said without flinching, “Now get changed I have someone I want you to meet and we need to talk about what will happen.”

* * * *

To be continued in Sandra CH 06 & Making of a Slut 3

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