Sangitta Ch. 13

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Sangitta slept very well wrapped in the arms of Indira and she would have slept for a lot longer had her phone not beeped her awake. She wearily opened her eyes and sat up in bed. She made herself comfortable with the pillows behind her back and then she reached for her phone.

It was a message from Julie. She had almost forgotten about poor Julie after the humiliation she had made her suffer and the fun she had been having with her mum and Babs and also with the move to her new apartment.

“Good Morning Mistress and how are you this morning?”

“I am fine thank you but please do not call me Mistress, Sangitta will do just fine.”

“Have I upset you that you much that you will not let me be your slave anymore?”

“Yes you did upset me Julie but that is not why I have asked you not to call me Mistress. I have put that role to bed for the moment and I am just going to discover my sexuality first.”

“I enjoyed being your slave.”

“Julie what experience do you have with lesbianism?”

“Only what I have gone through with you.”

“Exactly you need how to learn to make love to a woman before you can become a proper slave otherwise you will get yourself into a lot of trouble and end up with the wrong Mistress.”

“I understand.”

“Are we still friends?” Texted Julie.

“Of course we are.”

“Why do you not come round and see me at my new apartment and we can discuss where we go from here.” Said Sangitta.

“I would like that because I am confused at the moment.”

“Then be here for eleven o’clock and make sure that you dress sexily.”

“Yes Sangitta.”

Sangitta gave her the address of her new apartment and closed her phone and just sat there for a moment. She needed to make sure that Julie knew how to make love to a woman and she also needed to find out if she really was a submissive. She wanted Julie to be happy and she needed to know if she could give her that happiness.

Eventually she got herself out of bed and had a shower. She took an age to get herself ready because she had the time to do so. She cleansed herself and then she went and styled her hair. She chose carefully what she was going to wear and then she pottered around the apartment for a bit.

She decided to give her mum a call and make contact with home.

The phone rang three times and then her mum answered.

“Hello.” She said.

“Hi mum it is Sangitta and how are you?”

“Lonely my little one. The house seems so empty without you in it.”

“It is just as lonely over here mum.”

“So how was your first night in the apartment?”

“It was difficult mum but I got through it. I had Denise round yesterday and we made love and then she left me and I spent the night alone but I had Indira come and keep me company whilst I slept.”

“I am glad that you have the joys of Indira and how she can be a comfort to you.”

“She led me down the path to my sexuality mum and she has been a great comfort to me and she comes to me every time that I am on my own and she offers me comfort and support.”

“You sound like you have found a friend who provides the comfort that you need.”

“I have mum and it is thanks to our culture that she is here for me.”

“That is good my child. Now your poor mum has to go to work. Hope you have a good day and remember where your family is.”

“You know I love you and father and I will not forget to come round and see you. I will come for tea on Thursday.”

“I shall make something special.”

“Thank-you mum. I shall see you then.”

They put their phones down and Sangitta prepared herself for the arrival of Julie. She tidied the apartment and then she decided that she needed a drink. She sent a text to Julie.

“Pick up a bottle of vodka and some cigarettes.”

“Yes Sangitta.” Came back the reply.

Sangitta took a seat in her new recliner chair and then she got up and put some music on and sat back down. She waited for Julie to arrive. Bang on eleven o’clock the buzzer on her intercom went.

Sangitta got up and went to the intercom and answered the intercom.

“Hello.” She said.

“It is Julie.” Came back the reply.

Sangitta buzzed her in and told her which floor she was on and the number of her flat. A couple of minutes later there was a knock and Sangitta used the remote control to open the door. Julie walked in carrying the bottle of vodka and some cigarettes.

“Hello Julie lovely to see you.”

Hello Sangitta I thought you had fallen out with me.”

“Go and pour us a couple glasses of vodka and throw me the cigarettes.”

Julie did as she was told and went to find the kitchen. She rooted around for a bit and then she found the glasses. She poured out two measures of vodka and then she went to the fridge and added a dose of tonic to both glasses. She took them back to the front room and handed one of the glasses to Sangitta and ataşehir escort bayan then she took a seat on the sofa opposite Sangitta.

Sangitta took a sip of her vodka and then she began to speak.

“I have made some decisions about my life Julie.”

“I know that I am a dominant Julie but I need to trace my sexuality and I am going on a journey of discovery. I have taken a lover and I am going to start an affair with another tomorrow. Now if you want to be part of my life then you will have to learn that you are not number one in my life. One of my lovers will shock you but we will come back to that.”

“Now I have been thinking about you Julie. I have been thinking about you a lot and how you might fit into my life and what role you can play. I would still like you as a lover but I want more than that from you. I need to know if you are a true submissive.”

“Yes Sangitta.” Said Julie.

“I believe that I am meant to be a submissive and I still want you to be my Mistress and I am prepared to wait for you to become dominant again.” Replied Julie.

Sangitta could hear the pleading tone in Julie’s voice and she took pity on her.

“I have a proposition for you.” Said Sangitta.

“Yes.” Said Julie.

“How would you like to move in here and become my maid? I will need someone to take care of the apartment. To do the cleaning and the washing as well as being my occasional lover. How does that sound to you?”

Julie sat and thought about the proposition for a moment and Sangitta could tell that Julie was struggling with the dilemma and thought that she should further enlighten Julie to a certain section of her life.

“Julie if it helps you to make your decision I have to tell you that one of my lovers is your mother. She has begun to teach me what it is like to make love to a woman and she is particularly good at it and I will not be giving her up for you Julie.”

Julie looked shocked at what Sangitta was saying and she went into deep thought. Could she really stand around and watch her mother make love to Sangitta? Would she not be too jealous? On the other hand she knew that she needed to be with Sangitta no matter what the role was.

She had made her decision. She took a gulp of her vodka and a drag on her cigarette and then she said.

“I would be delighted to be your maid and do what you want me to do and also I am prepared for the fact that you have taken my mother as your lover and I am sure that I can learn to cope with that fact.”

“I am glad that you have made that decision. Now I want you to go home and pack your clothes and come back to the flat and then you can choose what bedroom that you want. I will text your mother to let her know what is happening so she will be prepared for your arrival home and will not be too shocked at your decision.”

Julie drained her glass and then she cleaned it away and went over to Sangitta. She spoke to Sangitta.

“May I have a cuddle please Sangitta?”

“Of course you can Julie. Come and sit on my lap.”

Julie did as she was told. She climbed onto the lap of Sangitta and felt her wrap her hands around her. Sangitta held Julie for about five minutes and then she said.

“It is time for you to go now Julie. Make sure that you only bring back your sexiest of clothes. I need you to keep a standard when you are in the flat and I want you to impress my guests when they arrive.” Said Sangitta.

“I understand.” Replied Julie.

“Now please get off my lap so that you can go and pack your clothes up and I can talk to your mother.”

Julie climbed off Sangitta’s lap and left the flat. Sangitta took her phone and began to text Denise.

“Are you alone?” She asked.

“Yes. My husband has gone to work and I do not start work until one o’clock.”

“I have just had Julie round here and we have had a very interesting conversation.”

“Oh yes.”

“Yes she has agreed to become my maid and I thought because of this I had to let her know about you and me.”

“I understand.”

“How did she take it?” Texted Denise.

“She was a little shocked about the two of us but she seemed to accept the situation.”

“I am glad that she was not too upset.”

“She is coming home to pack up her clothes and she is going to move into one of my spare bedrooms. I will pay her well and make sure that I take good care of her. I will not punish her and I will take her to my bed.”

“I am fine with that. I knew when I became your lover that I would not be the only one.”

“Now I have a job for you. I want you to help Julie pack and make sure that she only packs the best of her clothes. Can you do that Denise?”

There was silence for a moment and then came back the reply.

“Yes I can do that.”

“Good I will speak to you later.”

Sangitta ended the conversation and looked round the apartment. She could not wait escort kadıköy to see Julie running round her flat doing what she told her to do and that would be fun.

Her new life was falling into place and she could not wait to continue her journey of discovery. She waited patiently for Julie to get back. It took her a good couple of hours to pack her clothes up and then she arrived back at Sangitta’s apartment.

Sangitta showed her round the apartment and let her choose the room that she wanted to now call her home. She chose the larger of the two remaining bedrooms then Sangitta told her that they were going shopping. Julie just nodded her head in agreement and dialled a taxi for her and Sangitta.

The taxi arrived and Sangitta directed him to a street that Julie had not heard of before. The taxi driver knew the street and set off. It was in a different town to that in which they lived and took about twenty minutes to get to. When they arrived Julie noticed that they had parked outside a posh Boutique. Sangitta paid for the taxi and they both climbed out.

Sangitta showed Julie into the Boutique and she went and asked one of the assistants for some help. The assistant nodded that she would be more than happy to help Sangitta with her request. The assistant came and took Julie by the hand and took her through to the back of the shop. Sangitta took a seat on the sofa for guests and was offered a glass of champagne. She gladly accepted.

In the back room the assistant turned to Julie and said.

“Would you take your clothes off please?”

Julie felt a little self- conscious but she began to remove her clothes as requested. Soon she was stood there naked. At least the shop was warm. The assistant then began to measure her from top to toe and made a note of them. When she had finished she took Julie by the hand and said to her.

“I believe that you are to become a maid. Is that correct?”

“Yes.” Said Julie.

“Well if you walk around the shop you will see that we offer an array of maids outfits. Sangitta has said that you may chose three outfits. One must be made of leather. One must be formal and the last one must be for everyday use. I will let you browse the rails and come back in about fifteen minutes.”

“Thank you.” Said Julie.

Julie found herself alone and started to run her way round the rails of clothing. She noticed that they were made of only the best material and she found it difficult to make her decisions. One by one she slowly made her choices and when the assistant came back she handed them to her. The assistant then stepped forward and said.

“I believe that you are new to the world of lesbianism and you are trying to find out if you are a true submissive. Is that correct?”

“Would you like to find out if you have the possibility?” Said the assistant.

“Yes I would.” Replied Julie.

“Good. You can start with me. I have a pussy that has an itch that needs to be scratched.”

“Yes I will scratch that itch for you.” Said Julie.

There was a sofa in the corner of the room that was normally used by the buyer as she watched the models and Julie asked if the assistant would go and lie on the sofa.

The assistant walked across the room and took her place on the sofa and pulled up her skirt. Julie followed her and when she saw the white frilly knickers she could not help but get aroused. She so wanted to kiss this pussy.

She reached out and pulled the knickers off of the assistant. The assistant helped by lifting her buttocks so that Julie could pull the knickers off properly. When she had got the knickers off she got a good look at the assistant’s pussy. It was nicely trimmed but not bald the way that Julie preferred. Still it look quite attractive and she could not wait to kiss it.

She climbed onto the sofa and placed herself between the thighs of the assistant. She started by petting the lips of the pussy and then she took a finger and inserted it into the pussy. She found that the assistant was quite wet and obviously aroused. She could not wait to make love to the pussy. She moved her finger in and out of the pussy and then she inserted a second finger.

In and out she moved her fingers whilst petting the thighs of the assistant. The assistant grabbed hold of her wrist and encouraged her to put her fingers in as deep as they would go. Julie took the hint and buried her fingers inside the pussy of the assistant. She had a good feel around and then she spread her fingers and opened up the pussy of the assistant.

She then moved her mouth and located the clitoris of the assistant. She kissed it at first and the assistant had a mini orgasm. Julie was happy. She was obviously doing something right and she just carried on kissing the clitoris for a bit and then she began to lap at it with her tongue.

She flicked her tongue up and down the clitoris of the assistant and soon she had the maltepe escort assistant on the verge of her orgasm. She was tempted to stop to tease her but she thought that would lead her to being punished.

She continued to lick on the clit of the assistant and soon she was having her orgasm. Julie gave her no peace and continued to lick her clit and brought the assistant to a second and then a third orgasm. The assistant looked down at her and said.

“Please stop. You have sexually exhausted me.”

Julie pulled herself from between the thighs of the assistant and smiled down at her.

“Did I do well then?” She then asked.

“You did very well. I shall give a good report to Sangitta on your behalf.”

“Thank you.” Said Julie.

The assistant left Julie and she left her knickers behind. Julie could not help herself. She picked them up and began to sniff at the crotch and got herself all worked up and she really needed some sexual relief. She was tempted to play with herself in the shop but just as she was about to start Sangitta walked in and she was carrying three or four bags.

“Come Julie it is time to go.”

“Yes Sangitta.” Said Julie.

She followed Sangitta out of the shop and they got a taxi back to Sangitta’s apartment. Once they got into the apartment Sangitta turned to Julie and said.

“Go and put your everyday outfit on and come and show me what it looks like.”

“Yes Sangitta.” Julie said.

She went to her room and stripped off her clothes and pulled the outfit out of the bag and began to put it on. There was a pair of frilly white knickers. She pulled them on then she pulled on the uniform and zipped it up. She added the apron and the cap and completed the look with some black hold up stockings.

She checked herself in the mirror and she liked what she saw. She hoped that Sangitta would be happy. What she had not noticed when she chose the uniform was how short the dress was and when she bent over you could see her knickers. She thought that would go down well with Sangitta.

She left her bedroom and walked into the front room. She presented herself to Sangitta and waited for her opinion on the outfit. Sangitta looked at her for a minute and then she said.

“You look very pretty Julie. Now bend over for me.”

Julie did as she was asked to do and bent over so that Sangitta could see her knickers. Sangitta could not only see the knickers she saw a wet patch and she asked.

“Are you aroused Julie?”

“Yes I am Sangitta.” Julie replied.

“Would you like to play with yourself?”

“I would indeed Sangitta.” Julie responded.

“Go and get a towel from the bathroom and lay it on the floor in front of me.” Sangitta said.

Julie scurried off and went to the bathroom. She retrieved a towel and brought it back to the front room and laid it on the carpet in front of Sangitta.

“Take your knickers off.” Sangitta said.

“Yes.” Was all that Julie could muster.

“Now lay on the floor and masturbate yourself to orgasm for me.” Said Sangitta.

Julie pulled up the skirt of her uniform and laid down on the towel. She opened her legs so that Sangitta could see her pussy. Sangitta leant forward and ran her hands up the thighs of Julie and touched her pussy. This caused Julie to shiver with excitement and she had to control herself from having an orgasm there and then.

Sangitta pulled her hand away and said.

“You need to wax that pussy of yours.”

“Yes Sangitta.” Said Julie.

“May I say something Sangitta?” Julie asked.

“Of course you can.” Replied Sangitta.

“Why did you just touch me like that? It almost made me cumm.”

“I wanted to see how aroused you were. Now you can play with your pussy.”

Julie began to touch herself. She touched herself through the material of the maids uniform and felt her nipples begin to grow and grate on the material of the dress. She knew that she was aroused and it would not take her long to orgasm.

She moved her hand down to her pussy and touched her outer lips. She ran her fingers up and down them and could feel herself shiver and begin to shake. She was close to orgasm and she had not penetrated herself yet. She decided that she would just play with her clitoris.

She popped her clit out of its hood and began to rub it. She moved her finger round in circles on the little nub and she gradually increased the speed of her rotating and soon she was on the verge of her orgasm.

“I am going to cumm Sangitta.” She said.

“Then cumm Julie. I told you that you could.”

Sangitta had hardly finished the sentence when Julie began to experience her orgasm. It had been building all day and all her emotions spilled out of her. Sangitta watched and drank her vodka and let Julie come through her orgasm and then she said.

“Put the towel in the washing machine and come and sit on my lap once you have put your knickers back.”

“Yes Sangitta.” Julie responded.

She pulled her knickers back on then she took the towel and put it in the washing machine. She came back into the front room and climbed onto Sangitta’s lap. Sangitta stroked her hair and soon she was asleep.

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