Sarah left me 2

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This is the sequel to “Sarah left me 1”

On Monday I arrived home from work to find Angie, naked again, sitting at her desk working at her homework.

After we kissed she asked “Daddy, I have invited Harriet for dinner tonight and for a sleep-over. We’ll go to school together tomorrow. I hope that is alright?”

“Sure Angie, I always enjoy Harriet’s visits. But where is she going to sleep?”

“In bed with me. We want to find out what lesbian sex is like. You’re not shocked are you?”

“Not shocked but surprised. You and Tom were fucking like rabbits this weekend, and you made it clear to me that you enjoyed yourself enormously. I gathered that he did too. Why the change?”

“Daddy, I am only 16, and I have only just started fucking. I want to try things and learn as much as I can about sex. I fully intend to ask Tom and his friend Dick to double fuck me this weekend. I don’t want to finish up like you and Mummy, only fucking once a fortnight, and always in the missionary position.”


When the doorbell rang, Angie, still naked, answered it and let Harriet in. After greeting me with a friendly kiss, Harriet disappeared with Angie into Angie’s bedroom. A few minutes later they came back to the kitchen where I was preparing the meal. Both were now naked. I made no comment, unless you count a prominent bulge in the front of my trousers as a comment. Angie made a point of drawing Harriet’s attention to my discomfort.

For dinner I opened a bottle of wine, and I allowed the two girls to have a glass each.

To start a conversation, I asked Harriet “How much has Angie told you about her weekend with Tom?”

“Everything! I wish that my parents would allow me to fuck Dick! You are so cool!”

“I take it that your parents don’t know that you two will be experimenting with lesbian sex tonight?”

“Shit! Angie told you that? Please don’t ever tell my parents that.”

“Of course not. I know that Angie and I are unusually frank with each other.”

“Do you think that I could bring Dick here one night for a fuck?”

Angie jumped in “We could try a foursome, Harriet and Dick, Tom and me.”

“Wait a minute, Angie. Harriet would probably like her first fuck to be in private. The problem, Harriet, is that we have only two beds in this unit. You could use either one for a fuck, but I cannot see how you can stay the night.”

But Harriet broke in “I would love a foursome with Angie and Tom. Please Mr Smith, can we do it?”

“Harriet, please call me Phil. Hell, if your parents found out about this my name would be mud around here.”

“We teenagers can be very discrete.” was Harriet’s response.

“No one need ever know but you and the four of us.” added Angie.

“If you promise me that you will swear the boys to silence as well, then OK.”

“Of course.” “Sure thing.”

The next minute both girls were on their mobile phones to their respective boyfriends. While they waited for Tom and Dick, I sat in my chair intending to watch the news on TV. However the two girls had other ideas.

Angie asked “Daddy, Harriet has never seen an erect penis. Could you show her yours, please. I know that it is erect most of the time lately.”

Was it the wine that I had had with diner? Was it the presence in front of me of two beautiful, naked teenagers? Was it the sexual tension in the air? Probably all three. Whatever the reason I found myself lifting my bum off the chair as Angie unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers and slid pants and underpants down to my ankles. Harriet slipped them off my feet, then knelt between my legs. She gripped my shaft with both hands and examined it closely. Then Angie pushed Harriet’s head forward and down until she took it into her mouth.

Harriet made a fair job of sucking and licking me while my sweet innocent daughter pushed Harriet’s head up and down on my cock. For all the reasons that induced me to go along with this activity, I came within minutes of this attention, filling Harriet’s mouth with my cum. Harriet opened her mouth to show Angie and me that it was filled with my cum, then swallowed it down.

Perhaps it was just as well that I had lasted such a short time, because just then the door bell rang; Tom and Dick had arrived together. As I pulled up my trousers I thanked Angie and Harriet for the relief that they had given me.

I went to bed early that night and slept like a log. I was up early next morning and saw that Angie’s door was open; the two boys must have gone home because only Angie and Harriet were lying asleep on top of the bed, both beautiful in their nudity. Angie must have heard me, because she came padding out to where I was tidying up took me by the hand and led me back to her bedroom, saying “Harriet and I want to thank you for letting us have a foursome last night.”

Then she pulled my running shorts down and pushed me toward her bed where Harriet, now awake, reached up to invite me to her. With Angie pushing and Harriet tugging me, and ignoring my conscience which was screaming at me to get out of there, I climbed onto the bed between Harriet’s legs. Then Angie guided my cock, which was rock hard, to her friend’s pussy lips, and pushed my bum to urge me in. My brain switched off, my cock took over, and I started stroking gently in and out.

Angie yelled “Fuck her harder, faster. She wants your cum in her cunt. Fuck her fast. Fuck her hard.”

So I did. I was worried that I would not last any longer than I had last night in Harriet’s mouth. Fortunately Harriet came quickly, and that set me off. I felt my cum pumping into her.

My dick slipped out of her slippery cunt. Then I was stunned when Angie maneuvered us to get my cock in her mouth. My own daughter! I thought I was shocked, but then realised that my cock was delighted, rising to a new erection. Then Angie pushed me back onto the bed and lay on top of me with her cunt in my face and took my cock back into her mouth. I took the hint and started to run my tongue up her slit from her fuck hole to her clit.

Then I stuck two fingers in her cunt and finger fucked her while I sucked on her clit. After a few minutes of this Angie came, squirting her girl’s cum onto my chin. I moved my mouth to catch the end of the flow, she certainly tasted good to me. Her cuming triggered me off; I filled her mouth with my cum. She climbed off me and turned to kiss me on the lips, passing me some of my own cum in the process. Then we both swallowed our share.

After that I followed my daughter’s and Harriet’s example and gave up wearing clothes when at home with them.

At breakfast on Saturday there were Angie, Harriet and me, all three naked. Angie sighed and expressed a wish to go to a nudist beach. There are several beaches in Sydney where nudity is the norm. Sarah and I used to frequent them early in our marriage. When I told Angie this she was insistent that we visit one, not just sometime but today.

“OK! OK! Go and cover your beautiful bodies with block-out; I would hate you to have the problems with skin cancers that I have, then put something on for the drive there. I’ll throw a picnic lunch together.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“Thank you, Phil.”

So they spent five minutes covering each other with block-out and rubbing it in. Whenever I looked they seemed to be concentrating on each other’s nipples or pussies. I guess sunburnt nipples or pussy would be pretty painful.

Then they came to me and started rubbing block-out all over my body. This time they seemed to pay particular attention to my penis and scrotum, with the inevitable result that I was fully erect when it was time for me to put my shorts on. Angie took pity on me, knelt in front of me and took me into her mouth. Harriet helped too by stroking the part that Angie could not accommodate. After a very few minutes of this attention I shot my load down Angie’s throat.

Soon after, I was able to pull my shorts on. Then off we went to Obelisk beach, so called because there is an obelisk to commemorate something or other on the headland at one end of the beach.

On the way home from the beach Angie was driving on her learner’s permit. I was sitting beside her as a licensed driver, instructing her. Harriet was in the back seat.

Harriet complained “That was a bit disappointing. It was not as sexy as Bondi with girls in bikinis and blokes in Budgie smugglers. There were families of mum dad and three kids, all completely relaxed about being naked and being seen naked.”

Angie said “The volley ball game was fun. I liked the way the mens pricks swayed when they jumped for the ball.”

“That’s funny,” I said, “I only noticed the girls tits swaying.”

Harriet reprimanded Angie “ If you had kept your eye on the ball instead of the men’s pricks we might have won that last game!”

Angie changed the subject “Daddy, do you think that we are sluts?”

“My definition of a slut is someone who is having more fun than me. By that definition you two have definitely become sluts in the last few weeks.”

Both girls laughed. Harriet said “I like your definition.”

Angie said “We are both happy being sluts, but I would like you to have as much fun as us.”

We arrived at Harriet’s home and the subject was dropped.

Later Angie and I were sitting at our desks in my study. She was doing her homework, I was looking at porn on the web. As was now normal we were both naked. Angie finished what she was doing and came to look over my shoulder, resting her tits on my shoulders. On the screen a young woman was being impaled on three cocks, one in her cunt, one in her mouth and one in her arsehole. Not to disturb Angie while she was doing her homework, I was listening to the accompanying sound with earphones.

When she saw the action on my screen, she said “What a fucking slut! I have never had that much fun. I have had three cocks in me, but only one at a time. And never in my asshole.”

Then she pulled out the earphone jack so that the sound went to the speakers, and we continued watching together until the end of the clip.

“Daddy, I want to do that.”

This from my sixteen-year old daughter who had been so innocent until my wife, her mother had walked out to live with Big Dick and Big Dick’s wife. Was I shocked? I thought about it for a moment, then admitted to myself that I had encouraged Angie to find her inner slut. So instead I turned to practicalities.

“So how are you going to set this up? If you have never done anal perhaps you should get comfortable with that first?”

“Well, how about you, Tom and Dick?”

“What about Harriet? Dick is supposed to be her boyfriend.”

“She’ll be into it as soon as I suggest it. We can toss for who goes first. As for anal, would you teach me? You’re more gentle than Tom or Dick.”

So saying, she spun my chair around and sat on my lap facing me. Without the slightest tinge of guilt, balçova escort I reached around her bum cheeks, and slipped one finger up her arsehole. She grimaced then relaxed and smiled at me so I pushed in a second finger. When she next smiled at me I pushed a third finger in and after her next smile I started moving my fingers in and out of her. All this time she had been stroking my prick absentmindedly, with the obvious consequence that I had a raging hard on.

“Angie, we had better find some lubricant.”

“There is a tube in mummies bed side table.”

“How do you know that?”

“I found it there two or three years ago. Then, when mummy left and we checked what she had taken to Big Dick’s, I looked to see if it was still there.”


“It’s still there. Should I get it?”

“No. Let’s both go to my bed for this.”

So we walked together into my bedroom, Angie fetched the tube, squeezed some on my fingers for her arsehole and more on my cock. I put my fingers back inside her anus and moved them about to spread the lubricant Angie smeared it on my cock. All seemed ready so I turned her towards the bed, got her to bend forward, then held her hips as I pushed into her. I could not get more than the tip inside her.

“Try to relax, Angie. You have to let down your defences.”

This time I got about an inch into her and paused for her to get used to it. When she pushed back against me I knew that I could continue for another inch. Again I waited until she signaled that she was ready for more, and so slowly I inched into her until my groin was pressed against her bum cheeks. Again I waited for a signal; neither of us had so far made any sound, but we were communicating well by our body language.

I reached around her and found her clit with the hand that had not been in her anus, and stroked it. Her reaction told me that she was ready again, so I started pumping in and out, gently at first. Rather than being distressed, as I might have expected, she was clearly enjoying herself so I stepped up the pace both with my prick and my fingers on her clit. Within minutes we were both groaning and moaning as we enjoyed our orgasms.

When we were both finished my cock shrank and I slipped out of her. She collapsed onto my bed, her bum still in the air, her arsehole still gaping wide, a trickle of cum running down her bum crack to her pussy.

“How was it for you?” I asked.

OK I know that that was corny but how else do you ask?

“Fucking great!” she replied, “You are helping me toward super slut status. I was not sure that I could enjoy that, but it was as exciting as the best sex that I have had so far. I can’t wait to have three cocks in my three holes at once!”

The next night Harriet was back for dinner and another sleepover. We all sat naked at the table, which was our normal. As soon as the meal was over Angie insisted that I show Harriet the porn that Angie and I had watched together.

Harriet’s reaction was the same as Angie’s, “What a fucking slut! I would love to have that much fun!”

Then Angie told Harriet about ‘practicing’ anal with me, and Harriet wanted that too. The next thing that I know is that I have three fingers inside Harriet’s arsehole and she is stroking my prick. Angie led us off to my bedroom again. Suitably lubricated, I started inching into Harriet’s bum hole. Harriet had no more difficulty accommodating my prick than Angie did and within 5 delightful minutes we were both enjoying fantastic orgasms while Angie cheered us both on. Both girls were now ready for the first three-hole fucks of their lives.

To be continued in “Sarah left me 3”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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