Sati Ch. 06

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Sati, 6 it keeps getting better.

As planned we met at Shore’s on Friday, I had arrived slightly ahead of Sati and had a nice table out on the deck and had ordered two of their special drinks of the day, coconut something or other. Sati walked through the bar and came out onto the deck, she was looking as stunning as ever, a little eye makeup and some red lipstick, when she saw me her smile illuminated the whole deck area. She was wearing a very pretty brightly floral tube dress which was elasticized over her breasts then falling to mid thigh, she looked awesome.

“Hey there sweetie” I said as I stood and lightly kissed her then held a chair for her to sit. “You are looking good enough to eat.” I said with a big grin.

“You are so bad” she said smiling broadly at me “you don’t look too shabby yourself.”

Our drinks arrived and we chatted with our waitress for a little while. Then we talked about our respective days, our labs, studies, concerns. Before we knew it our glasses were empty, we ordered the same again, pretty tasty. We checked out the menu which wasn’t extensive but that was okay, so when our fresh drinks arrived we ordered dinner and then sat and watched the sun set, another beautiful evening. After dinner we sat and looked at each other, the yearning almost too obvious to any observer.

“We have a problem” Sati exclaimed “I started my period yesterday and it normally lasts three to four days, so if you don’t want me to come over tonight I will understand.” Her face was a picture of concern.

“Oh Sati” I quietly said leaning forward “we can still spend the night together, we don’t have to make love if you aren’t up for it and I would be perfectly happy just to hold you, snuggle up close and sleep with you in my arms if that is all you would want.”

“You are such a dope” she grinned “my period doesn’t stop me being horny, just less accessible. So what do you say? You think I should still come over?” “Maybe we can still have some fun?” The last said as her tongue did wet laps around her lips.

What dragon had I awoken in this woman, so quiet and demure just a short time ago but now moving ahead at a new pace?

We arrived back at my place, climbed the stairs and entered the apartment. Sati turned to me as soon as the door closed and we were in total darkness and kissed me deeply, our tongues seeking each other’s and our bodies pressed together. Our kisses lasted for some minutes before we broke for air.

“Oh Ian, I can’t tell you how much I need you,” she whispered “I just don’t know what we can do right now that isn’t going to be yucky, I have a tampon in and taking it out would not be good for either of us.”

“Sweetheart, we can figure this out, I can certainly think of ways to get you off that don’t involve penetration there, maybe we just see how things work out?”

“I trust you to find a way, let me take a quick shower.”

While she was gone I lit candles and turned down the bed. Friday was the day the cleaning lady came and tidied, changed the bed linen, towels, took my laundry and generally cleaned up the apartment, so everything was pretty nice and clean.

When Sati came out of the bathroom in just a towel I gathered her in my arms and held her close then kissed her forehead, her eyes, her nose, then her waiting lips. We spent minutes kissing each other’s faces and lips and just enjoying the closeness of our bodies.

“Okay, I have to go shower, I’ve been in this body all day and it needs to get clean.” I said.

“Don’t take too long or I may be asleep when you come back” she joked with a grin.

Trust me, my shower did not take long and she was not asleep when I returned but had shed the towel in favor of a white lace babydoll that lifted her breasts and really showed off her terrific figure. I cuddled up to her and started kissing her face, her eyes, dragging my tongue over her lids, her brows. Sati was bostancı escort moaning already. I licked down her cheek to her mouth which opened to the touch of my tongue, our kisses melted our mouths together, this was a little bit of heaven. We continued like this for quite a while, me kissing all over her face and then returning to her waiting lips before I began working on her beautiful body.

“Ian” she whispered ” you have no idea how much you turn me on and how much I trust you, you are a very gentle man so I don’t know where you are taking me tonight but I do trust you.”

“Sweetness, we will find our way together, this can still be good.”

We continued to kiss and I moved my hand onto her breast and softly kneaded it through the soft lacey material. Her lips and tongue were very active, and she sucked my tongue deep into her mouth whenever she had the opportunity. I started kissing her neck, she stretched her head up higher to give me access to her throat which I lavished with kissy sucks and nibbles, she moaned with pleasure. Back up to her mouth, more tongue action, down to her neck, then to her collar bone area, little sucks and nibbles which brought even more moans.

As I kissed down onto her chest I used my fingers to start softly pinching her nipple through the cup of the babydoll, her hand reached down and grasped my erection and gently started to pull on it. I slid the cup aside and lowered my lips to kiss all around her breast, then opened my mouth and completely sucked in all of her that I could. Sati arched her back and groaned very loudly.

“Ohhh, shit that is so good.”

I continued with the breast action but moved my hand slowly down her stomach until I reached the bottom of the babydoll and her mound. I sucked her nipple into my lips and began nibbling and sucking alternately while my fingers found her pouty lips and began pulling them outwards. Her hand was getting more active, jerking up and down my shaft, I put my hand on hers to slow the activity, she got the message and became more gentle in her actions. Sati’s nipple was hard and erect in my mouth as I continued to minister to its needs while my fingers pulled on her labia lips but now one at a time, gradually opening them to expose the inner lips. Sati’s hips were now rising off the bed to every pinch and pull that I applied.

“Please don’t stop” she gasped “I’m almost there already.”

Within a couple of minutes of nipple nibbling and finger pulling Sati arched off the bed and her whole body went rigid as her orgasm took over. It took a little time for her to come back to me, but she pulled my head up and kissed me gently.

“You are too much.” She said.

I teased my finger inside her labia, while still kissing her lips, and found her clitoris, which was quite erect and extended, and started gently but firmly rubbing it. Our tongues were interacting as our mouths clung but Sati’s hips were now pushing up in time with my finger action on her clit.

“That feels so awesome; this won’t take too much more”

Sure enough not a minute later her whole body convulsed as another orgasm hit her. Then she flopped back on the bed and sighed as she pulled my hand away from her.

“I need a couple of minutes, is that okay?”

“Of course it is.” I said.

I continued to kiss all over her face and her hand worked on gently stroking up and down my erect penis. After a few minutes her mouth started to become more active, her tongue pushing into my mouth and probing all around. One hand held her face to mine while with the other I reached behind her and began squeezing the cheeks of her ass. This continued for a few minutes, occasionally I would slip a finger between her cheeks and stroke her sphincter, each time I did this she moaned into my mouth and sucked on my tongue.

I rolled away from her and reached into the drawer of the bedside table and brought ümraniye escort bayan out a small bottle. I held it up for her to see.

“KY Oil?” she asked “What is that for?”

“It will help lube you.”


My kisses on her face slowly led down to her breasts again as my fingers sought her clitoris. I started kissing down over her lace covered stomach and she pulled me around so that she could lick the head of my cock.

“Uhhhm, this little bit of juice tastes good.”

Her clit was hard as I started to lick it and nudge it with my tongue. Her moans told me that this was good for her. With one hand I reached for her ass cheeks and gently opened them to allow a finger to start rubbing her sphincter. I had to pull my penis away from her mouth as I was getting really turned on and didn’t want any premature explosions. I dragged my finger nail around her sphincter, circling her hole.

“Good heavens,” she exclaimed softly “between your tongue and your finger I’m getting very close to another climax.”

I poured a few drops of the oil onto my fingers and rubbed them around her hole and started to suck her clit between my lips but continued to nudge it with my tongue.

“Ohhh, baby that is so good.” She moaned.

As I felt her begin to tighten I pushed my oiled middle finger straight into her anus. Her hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled hard so that my mouth was pressed firmly against her arching hips. I rotated my finger in her and then felt her rectum clench tightly around the digit. Her hips bucked up and down as her orgasm took her body over.

“Arrr, aghhhhh, aghhhhhh.” She groaned.

The clenching, throbbing around my finger continued for more than a minute, she released my head so I kissed her clit and rolled a little away drawing my finger from her as I moved. I kissed slowly up her body and licked her lips when I got there.

“I am completely spent” she whispered “but now what about you?” “Do you want to cum in my mouth?”

“I would like to try something else” I said as I stroked her face “something we haven’t tried yet.”

“I know where you are going with this” she said very quietly “and I’m willing to try it but I’m very nervous. You are so big and I seem to be very small back there.”

“I will be very gentle and will take it very slowly.” “If it hurts at any time I will stop, okay?”

We kissed and her hand found my shaft and slowly rubbed it up and down. My hand went straight down between her legs and I started to finger her sphincter again. I ran some more of the oil onto my fingers, massaged around and then slipped my middle finger into her. She opened her legs wider and moved her hand to my balls and then started to gently squeeze them. Slowly I began running my finger in and almost out of her anus while using other fingers to massage all around her sphincter. After a while she was fully relaxed to these ministrations and her lips and tongue were becoming much more animated. Then I pulled my finger all the way out and moved my forefinger to join it. I slowly pushed the tips of both fingers into her well oiled entrance. She gasped into my mouth but didn’t stop kissing me. I gradually pushed them further into her until they were all the way in.

Ever so slowly I began sliding my fingers in and out of her tight little ass, her hand matched my movement up and down my shaft and our tongues kept pace in each other’s mouth. We kept this up for a while, she became much more comfortable with my fingers inside her and I started to become more needful for other than her hand action.

“You need to roll over now” I whispered “if you are okay with this?”

“Okay,” she replied “so far so good, new ways to feel pleasure.”

“Kneel up but keep your chest on the bed.”

I slid my fingers out of her and pushed her hip. She did as asked and kneeled; her ass was there wide open in front of me. kartal escort I leaned forward and kissed her open hole then ran my tongue inside her. I pulled back and fed my fingers inside her again. She was looking up at me from her face on the pillow. The white lace just emphasized the contours of her ass and the beautiful color of her skin. As I slid my fingers out of her I used my thumbs to hold her open and dipped my head to once again enter her with my tongue.

“So good.” Was all she said.

I kept this up for a short while then kneeled behind her and started running the head of my penis up and down over her wide open sphincter.

“Ready?” I asked.

“If not now, never” she whispered “you have me so turned on.”

I put one hand on her hips and with the other I positioned my erection at her open anus, a slow movement of my hips forward and the head popped in. Her eyes popped wide open as she looked up at me. I stayed completely still. Her sphincter gradually relaxed and then she nudged her butt back to take in a little more.

“Oh sweetie, this feels soooo good.” I groaned.

“Me too.” I heard.

I moved my hands onto the cheeks and positioned my thumbs on her sphincter; I massaged and then pulled them even more apart and pushed forward so that another couple of inches slid inside her. I stayed still until I felt a little nudge back so I slid another couple of inches into her and stopped. We stayed like this, me half in her tight little butt, for a short while then she pushed back and took the rest of me into her pretty little ass. Watching my full length enter her tight ass almost took me over thee edge.

“That is an awesome feeling of fullness” Sati whispered “you fill me everywhere else but this is so different.”

“Let me put some more of the oil on us okay?”

“Mmmmmhh.” Was all I heard.

I pulled all of the way back out and then applied some drops of oil to her wide open opening. I positioned myself behind her and with my thumbs opened her well oiled hole and slid all the way in in one slow movement. Her eyes flew open as she looked up at me but there was no pain in her eyes just pleasure. Now I began to slowly thrust in and out of her, never quite leaving her completely, the head of my cock always inside her. She was looking up at me all the time, now as my rhythm increased, she smiled.

“Damn that feels good.” She said “Not what I had expected at all.”

I started rocking harder into her until my balls were hitting against her pussy. She was pushing back to meet my every stroke. In a few minutes I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me as I thrust forward and then we both began to tense up. I could feel myself tightening and expanding and Sati’s ass convulsing, tightening, around me. We both climaxed together, our moans and groans must have woken all of our neighbors. This was intense. I stayed inside her feeling her tension around me as I throbbed for what seemed like minutes. I had cum a lot, spurt after spurt into her tight rectum but now I was starting to lose the hardness so I gradually pulled out but kept my thumbs on either side of her sphincter holding it open. When I came out her hole was gaping open and there was a lot of white stuff showing, I reached to the bedside table and grabbed a handful of tissues from the box and pushed them against her ass.

I collapsed on top of her; she rolled from under me but took me in her arms.

“Oh, Ian, that was unbelievable, I didn’t know that this part of me could give me so much pleasure. Thank you darling.”

“No sweetheart, it is thank you. I guess we are both learning as we go along. You are absolutely fantastic and I hope you are enjoying this journey as much as I am?” I said as I stroked her hair and kissed her face.

“This is all so new to me, everything you do gives me so much pleasure,” she whispered “I don’t know how many orgasms I had tonight, it just seemed to be one continuous one from the time you started on me.” “Then when you exploded in my ass I thought I was going to die I came so hard.” “But now I need to sleep.”

With that she rolled and spooned against me and we both dropped off to sleep exhausted but happy.

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