Saving His Mother

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It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that I was very excited to return home during my college break. Last six months, which sometimes felt like an eternity, was the longest, I had ever been away from home. During this time away from home, I had crossed two very important milestones of my short adult life.

I crossed my 18th year on earth and I lost my virginity. Although, the way I lost my virginity, many may scoff at my achievement. I paid for it. Having failed to persuade any of the girls I knew to have sex with me, I went to a professional- meaning, I visited a whorehouse. My first and only attempt at having sex was not a very memorable one. It lasted less than 3 minutes. And, it did cost me money equivalent to my two weeks allowance.

I am fully aware that in the annals of successful events in one’s life, it may not be considered as an worthwhile individual event, nonetheless it was a monumental occurrence in my life. Now, I could brag to my friends; in my hometown, that I was a virgin no more.

But deep down inside, I was craving for real love. I wanted someone to love, someone to talk with and someone to have wild sex with. ‘Is it too much to ask for? May be so, but nothing wrong dreaming about it.’

I had no idea at that time that this trip home would change my life forever. All my dreams and fantasies became reality and came to fruition in such a way that I could not have imagined.


I was very happy and pleasantly surprised to see my mother when she came out running to greet me. She had changed considerably in six months- all for the better. The sparkles in her eyes were back, there was a extra bounce in her step and she had gained back the weight she had lost. Last time when I left her she was still grieving and struggling to recover from the devastating loss that happened in our lives.

My father died in a horrendous car crash about 2 years ago. He was not only her husband and father of her only child; he was her best friend too. They were childhood sweethearts and never had spent a night apart from each other. She was devastated and lost her will to live. She lost lots of weight and quit her job. She barely kept any contact with outside world. But I guessed she carried on with the chores of life’s daily grinds; although visibly painfully, because of her teenaged son- me. So, when my time came to go to college, I did not want to leave her alone. But she insisted that it was my father’s wish for me to go to this college, which was about 500 kilometer from our hometown. So, I relented and went to this far away and very expensive college to fulfill my deceased father’s wish.

“Welcome home Ajoy!” She affectionately hugged me and kissed me on the cheeks. “It’s so good to see you, son.”

“Likewise Ma!” I refrained from commenting on how good and fit she looked. But I genuinely felt uneasy as for the first time in my life, I felt the touch of her breasts on my chest. Sweet aroma of her perfume filled my nostrils. I was embarrassed.

“Go to your room and freshen up.” Breaking the hug, she suggested. “I’ll have lunch ready in 30 minutes. We’ll talk then and I’ve so many things to ask you.” It was obvious she was genuinely happy to have her only son back and her unbridled joy was infectious.

I was happy to retreat to my room- fleeing from the awkward moments I just experienced. I found my room exactly the way I left it 6 months ago. Lots of fond memories came rushing back into my head. In this very room, I masturbated for the first time in my life. In this very room, I had watched countless porno movies and flipped through pages of hundreds of adult magazines. ‘It is good to be home.’ I thought as I began to unpack slowly.

Lunch was a feast. My mother had cooked everything that I liked. While I feasted she kept asking me all sort of questions- about my college life, studies and my friends of both sexes. I realized she wanted to know if I had any girlfriends but was not asking me directly.

“No, Ma, I don’t have a girlfriend.” Smiling broadly, I volunteered the information.

“That’s your personal business, mister.” Smiling sheepishly, she continued. “But if you don’t have a girlfriend, don’t despair, I’ll find you a wife after you graduate. And, believe you me wives make the best girlfriends. I was your father’s only girl friend.”

‘Ah, arraigned marriage!’ I thought. ‘It still reigns supreme in our culture. Although young people these days have started to defy this age old tradition in selecting their mates.’

“I’ve to wait that long!” Laughing out loud, I joked. “I was hoping you would find a girlfriend or wife for me sooner than that.”

“Smarty pant.” She playfully slapped at my arm. “No marriage before you graduate.”

My parents got married when my mother was only 17 and my father was one year older than her. Their parents hurriedly arranged my parents’ marriage when my mother accidentally got pregnant with me. But I did not want to bring that point up gangbang porno at that point.

“Ma, my life is in your capable hands. I’ll do whatever you ask me to do.”

“That’s my boy.” She affectionately said. “Now go to your room and rest up while I clean up here.”

As my mother stood up and turned her back towards me, I could not help but noticed her thin waist and flair up of her tight buttocks. I always knew she was a beautiful woman in a motherly way. But as her ass swayed; even though very slightly, I realized for the first time in my life, she was a very sexy woman too. And at age 36, she was still in her prime. I was ashamed as I felt a twitch in my penis.

‘What the hell is wrong with me?’ I silently shouted at me. ‘Why I’m thinking of my own mother in that way?’ But unbeknownst to her, her movements were not helping me to calm down. As she leaned over the sink to put some dishes down, top of her sari, that was covering her blouse slipped and I could clearly see the cone shaped slope of her left breast from my vantage point. Even though it was completely covered within her blouse, I had never looked at her breasts this way. ‘That will be a handful of flesh to fondle.’ I thought as my penis twitched again.

Feeling embarrassed and very frustrated with myself, I quickly retreated to my room. Six months ago, when I left for college, she was still mourning the death of my father for months. She had lost about 20 kilos and looked ill. She became numb, like a lifeless tree, with the indescribable shock of her sorrow and kind of retreated within herself. I did not know what had happened during the time I was away, she had gained back most of the weight and all in the right places. But most importantly she looked alive and the zeal of living was back in her.

Back in my room I was feeling remorse for my sinful thinking about my loving mother. I knew I had grown up in last 6 months and tasted the fruit of sex, but found no reason to think her as a sexual object. ‘Get a grip on your libido, buddy.’ I reprimanded myself. ‘It is your own mother for crying out loud.’

I started to feel very guilty. Then I remembered I had not given her the gift that I had brought for her. It was a replica of our college, made of brass. I knew she would love it as she always liked collecting showpieces. Still feeling guilty, I took the gift out and walked towards her room. But she was not in her room. I looked outside her back window and found her briskly walking in the backyard towards the gate that led to our mango garden. Very curious, I decided to follow her.

Our mango garden was my grandpa’s creation and it was his pride and joy. He even built a small hut in the middle the garden. In the summer time, he used to hire a guard to hide in the hut to protect his beloved mangos from thieves.

When I entered the garden, I could not see my mother anywhere. Quietly, I walked towards the hut. The hut was not much of a construction. It was built with mud up to my waist and walls were made of straws.

“Ajoy is home.” I heard her voice as I came near to the hut. “We should not see each other like this when he is here.”

“I had to see you baby,” I heard a man’s pleading voice to my dismay, “I’m going away for few days.”

I went closer and through the thin straw wall saw everything. My mother was in a tight embrace with a man and they were kissing each other.

I knew the man. He was our neighbor and my father’s distant cousin- Dilip. I called him Dilip kaka(uncle). But at that time I would probably call him by few other nasty names that I could not write here. Right then he became my enemy number one.

While kissing my mother, Dilip started to undress her. Soon I was looking at my mother’s naked back side. Her luxuriant long silky hair covered most of her back. But my eyes immediately focused at her firm round buttocks. A deep ass crack evenly divided her fabulous globes. Through out my life I had always seen her dressed very conservatively-in three layers of clothing- bra and panties covered by petticoat and blouse, and finally the whole body wrapped around in a sari. Only skin I had ever seen was her bare arms. Now, I was looking at her naked backside!

I had never realized she owned such beautiful pairs of well toned thighs and long legs. Her naked legs made her look much taller. But my eyes soon focused higher. Her fabulous breasts were peeking out from underneath her arms. Although I could not see her nipples, it was a sight to behold for posterity. Looking at my naked mother, even from backside, I confirmed my earlier assumption. ‘Yes, she is one very sexy woman.’

Dilip broke their kisses and gently pushed my mother downwards. With other hand he pulled his shorts down. It became crystal clear to me what he wanted her to do next. Without any hesitation, she went down on her knees and took his cock in her mouth.

‘My good, my mother is a cocksucker!’ I gasped with utter disgust.

She czech harem porno earnestly began to suck his cock as it began to grow. Even though I was disgusted with what was going on inside the hut, I found one little silver lining in all this. ‘My cock is much bigger than his!’

There was a straw mat on the floor and after a while he pushed my mother down on that floor mat. As she settled herself on the mat, my eyes glued to her beautiful breasts. They looked much larger than I had ever imagined and stood firmly over her chest with two very dark nipples adorning the center.

‘They nourished me when I was a baby.’ I thought. But my joyful reminiscence soon turned sour as Dilip lowered his mouth and began to suck those nipples. And, apparently she was enjoying his administration too. One of her hands softly began to wade through his thinning hair and she started to make soft moaning sounds. I got really excited when he removed his mouth from her breasts and began to go down. Prospect of seeing my mother’s vagina excited me beyond belief. But he was taking his sweet time.

He kissed and licked her belly and sucked her navel for a while. All the while his body was blocking my view of her vagina. Finally, after a long time, he placed himself between her lags and she spread her legs very wide exposing her most secretive part for her lover.

My heart started to beat faster and my palms became clammy with nervous sweat. I could not believe my eyes that I was looking directly at my mothers naked and exposed pussy. What surprised me the most was to see her pussy was completely shaven. Her vagina lips were fat and meaty. And, some juices started to ooze out of her slit. Even from this distance, I could see her pussy was quivering with excitement.

Then Dilip lowered his mouth on her pussy. But I was surprised to see that he was neither licking nor eating her pussy. He was just dry kissing her pussy- not even using his tongue.

‘What a fool! I retorted to myself. Even with my inexperience, I knew this was not the way to eat a beautiful pussy. ‘I can eat that pussy inside out much better than you, stupid fool.’

After dry kissing her pussy lamely for a while he came on top of my beautiful mother. He shoved his cock inside the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen and began to fuck her. His body totally blocked my view of my sexy mother. Only thing I could see now was his hairy back and slow rotation of his ugly fat ass. And, that was all I could take. Totally disgusted and smothered with an unknown anger that I could not explain, I decided to leave my mother’s and her lover’s fuck scene.


I bolted out of our house and went straight to a park. I sat in a deserted corner to think through what I had just witnessed. I was seething with anger at my mother’s shameless affair. It took a while, but I realized my anger was being fueled by jealousy.

‘But why I am so jealous? I don’t have any reason to be jealous, do I? She is single, beautiful and sexy. She can fuck whoever her lonely and horny heart desires.’

Then a creepy thought appeared within my conflicting mind.

‘Do I want to fuck my own mother? No way!’ I tried hard to slaughter the ugly thought that was buzzing within my conflicting mind, at its inception. ‘The thought, by itself, is sickening and outrageous. I’m her son. A son does not fuck his own mother!’

As I tried to calm myself down- then another new thought besieged my troubled mind. The new thought was not a rosy one by any stretch of my imagination. It was even darker and frightening. It could have far reaching implication and could destroy everything around us.

The new pervasive thought was fear. It spread all over my psyche. It was obvious, my beautiful, sexy and very lonely mother had taken a lover. I was sure it was Dilip who took advantage of her loneliness. And, it had apparently changed her life and brought her back from a severe depression.

‘But why she has chosen to start an affair with a married man?’ This question raised its ugly head within my mind and I became genuinely concerned. ‘Doesn’t she realize the consequences of getting caught and subsequent scandal? What she is thinking? Is she that desperate?’

I knew all the answers. Yes, she was desperate and was not thinking through the consequences. I also knew Dilip’s wife Mala- Mala kaki (aunt) to me, was a very demanding and domineering woman. She was overweight and out of shape woman and was famous for her violent temper tantrum outbursts. If she ever came to find out about this affair, she would probably kill both her husband and my mother or do severe bodily harm.

‘I must save my mother from this dangerous liaison.’

I became really scared for my mother’s safety and well being. I needed to do something to protect my mother. But what? I knew I could never talk with her about sexual matters. ‘It is an unwritten taboo in our society. In our culture a son never talks about czech mega swingers porno sex with his mother. Mother and sex- two words, are never mentioned in same sentence.’ I could hang around with her so she could not be alone with Dilip. But I realized that would be, at best, a temporary solution. What would happen after I return to college in 4 weeks? I did not have any clues whatsoever.

When I returned home, a very cheerful mother greeted me. I tried to act as normal as possible. But it proved to be a very difficult task. Knowing her intimate secret and keeping a straight face was really a tougher job than I had anticipated. So after dinner, I told her I was tired and went to bed.

But I could not sleep. The moment I closed my eyes, her naked and sexy body appeared inside my head. Her curvaceous figures materialized in my mind. Her large and firm breasts appeared in my vision. I could see her firm and rounded ass swaying seductively in front of my eyes. Her quivering pussy was enticing me to eat her out. Within my mind, I replaced Dilip with myself. It was me who was kissing and fondling her firm and large breasts. It was me who was eating her pussy and it was my cock that was fucking her.

That night, for the first time in my life, I masturbated thinking of my sexy mother. And, I reached a monumental conclusion. Yes, I would fuck my own mother to save her from the dangerous liaison. In the peach darkness of my room, my thought seemed to be the only logical way to steer her away from the dangerous path she had chosen.

‘I must save my mother from this dangerous liaison.’


Next morning I awoke up in a new world of reality. In this world I needed to save my mother from herself. And, I would consider all and every options. I would commit, if necessary, the ultimate taboo- the unthinkable sin- having sex with my own mother.

But how? At that moment I was clueless as ever.

With my head spinning with all the new thoughts inside, I went to get the newspaper from the front porch. I heard someone was calling my name. When I looked up I saw it was the public enemy number 1, in the flesh- the source all my troubles and discomforts-Dilip kaka himself. He was on his motor cycle and was impatiently waving at me again to come down to him. ‘He must be in a hurry.’ I thought. I wanted to go down and slug him, but instead I slowly stepped down the stairs towards his motorbike. He impatiently pulled out an envelope. As he was rushing to get the envelope out, his cell phone came out of his pocket and dropped on the grass.

“Ajoy, give this to your mother.” He told me like a man who was already very late for an appointment. “This is the tax form. I’ve checked and corrected it; and everything is in order now. Tell her to mail it back with a check.” Saying that he restarted his bike and took off without even noticing his dropped phone. I picked up the phone and wanted to smash it but for some reason decided against it.

At breakfast table I handed the envelope to my mother and told her what Dilip had told me.

“You know your Dilip kaka has helped me a lot.” She said. “Without him I wouldn’t know what to do with this tax thing.”

“May be you should pay him for his services.” I commented casually.

“Perhaps. But the problem is he would not accept any money.” Taking a sip from her tea cup, she replied.

“Nobody works for free.” I continued. “He may want something someday.”

“Well…..” she said with little unease, “he has everything. I don’t think he wants anything.”

I looked at my mother directly as she looked away avoiding direct eye contact with me. “I hope so.”

I did not tell her that I knew Dilip was getting paid for more than what he deserved for his services.

After lunch I went to my room. I brought Dilip’s cell phone out and wanted to see if I could find any more of his secrets. With that in my mind I opened his massage folder. ‘This guy is reckless.’First thought came to my mind when saw his massage folder.’He never deletes his massages. He is leaving fingerprints of his affairs all over. He is asking for trouble.’ His wife could easily access massages and calls if she wanted to. His recklessness only confirmed my earlier assumption.

‘I must save my mother from this dangerous liaison.’

I found my mother’s massages to him in inbox and his massages in outbox. I started reading their back and forth massages and suddenly an idea clicked within my head.

I sent a massage to my mother using his cell phone. “I must see you tonight.”

“We should not.” Came the reply shortly. “Ajoy is here. Beside I thought you’re out of town.”

“I could not go today.” I lied. “I’ll leave tomorrow. Please see me tonight at 8 pm in the hut.”

No response came for a while. Shortly I found out why. She came to my room. “Ajoy, what’s is your plan for tonight?”

“I’m going to have dinner with some friends.” I responded with a bald face lie.

“You’re already tired of my cooking, huh?” She joked.

“I’ll never get tired of your cooking, you know that, don’t you?” I nervously added. “These guys just want to eat Chinese food today.” The lies were piling up.

“It’s okay, son.” She said reassuringly. “Trying different type foods is good for your taste bud.”

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