Saving the Future Ch. 03

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Author’s note —

This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. Any resemblance to real life people, events, or someone else’s writings is coincidental. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.


My name is Egan (25), and my great, great, great grandmother helped save the future of planet Earth. I have been tasked to write this story to document the events that would lead up to preventing a world war. Part of this story is documented facts, part of it is family oral history, and part of it is first hand knowledge..

It is the year 2169. It was just 45 years ago that my father discovered how to make it possible to have a cold fusion reactor small enough to power everything from small cars to large ships. It even replaced the polluting oil fired power stations and radioactive risky nuclear power plants of the day. Doing so averted a global war over the last remaining oil reserves.

I’ve gone back in time 160 years to document a pivotal time in my family’s history.


When Riana found out she was pregnant with John’s baby, she dropped Brian, telling him he’d have to satisfy his sexual urges somewhere else. A week after John proposed to Riana, the two of them were out spending their Saturday morning and afternoon preparing for their own wedding. Not only that, they had to shop for baby things as well. It was going to be a long day for them.

With no one around the house but Julie, Brian, and myself, I felt I didn’t have to be as vigilant with Brian as I used to. I just needed to keep out of sight in the basement unless Uşak Escort I sensed Brian’s intentions were to find a way to fuck Julie despite wanting to save herself for the wedding night. With Riana suddenly shutting him off from sex with her and Julie not on any birth control, there was a real danger Brian could get Julie pregnant and she would feel like she had to marry him. With every passing day without being able to fuck Riana, Brian was getting bolder and bolder about getting his cock into Julie.

This was the opportune time to have Brian and Julie’s wedding plans halted. If the video montage I’d put together didn’t do it, nothing would. I figured it had to make a strong statement for even Julie’s forgiving kind heart to stop the wedding dead in its tracks.

I told Brian and Julie that I’d copied some footage of romantic getaways onto a CD and wanted to see if any of it interested them. It just happened that Julie’s dad and a young guy from her dad’s work were in the house at the same time. Julie’s dad had liked Rick from the first time he met him. He saw Rick as an honest, hard working guy that would be a perfect husband for Julie, if it hadn’t been for Brian proposing first. There was something about Brian that raised red flags with Julie’s dad but he could never put his finger on it. With Rick, her dad had no doubts.

With everyone in the living room, I popped the CD in the player, set it to play. For the next hour, we all watched various previews of places like Cancun, Niagara Falls, San Francisco, and Alaska, to name a few. Julie, being the perfect soon-to-be wife and host, got up to fetch drinks for the rest of us.

As Julie was busy Uşak Escort Bayan in the kitchen, uncorking a bottle of wine, the honeymoon locations part of the CD ended. Brian, Rick, and Julie’s dad figured the show was done and were about to get up and eject the disk. Seconds later, the video of Brian and Riana’s secret love life began to play. Brian tried to get up to shut off the CD player, but Julie’s dad pushed him back into his seat and held him there. The room became deathly quiet and the only sound was from the video that was playing out.

Julie was so busy with preparing the wine glasses and some snacks, she did not notice it had become strangely quiet in the living room. Her entrance into the living room coincided precisely with Brian beginning to fuck Riana. None of the men had noticed she had entered the room.

When she realized what was playing out on the screen, her eyes became glued to the action and she became like a statue. Her mouth looked like it wanted to say something but couldn’t. Her body was frozen in place. As I saw the tears streaming down her face, I really felt bad I had put this piece of footage on the CD. The ‘up’ side was that I knew I couldn’t let her marry such a cad. As the video was coming to an end, and Julie heard Brian tell Riana on the video that he wanted to keep fucking her even after he was married to Julie, things just exploded in the living room.

Brian caught sight of Julie out the corner of his eye and was barely able to duck in time to avoid being hit by a full wind bottle. With a reddened, tear stained face, the only words out of her mouth were “Go, I never want to see you ever again.” It was Escort Uşak then that Julie’s dad released Brian, who made a judicious dash for the front door, accompanied by squealing car tires. Following Julie’s stern advice and the worry that he might come face-to-face with her dad’s loaded shotgun, Brian never made contact with anyone in Julie’s family again.

Of the two, Rick and Julie’s dad, Rick was the closest to Julie when the emotion poured out. She needed a shoulder to have a long cry on and Rick was the caring, knight-in-shining-armor, kind of guy that didn’t mind being the one to comfort her.

For the next 6 hours, Rick listened as Julie pour her heart out to him. At some point, he gave her a comforting light kiss of affection and she returned it. With her dad’s approval, Rick stayed the entire night to be her comforter. When she ran out of tears and fell asleep on the couch, Rick carried her to her bedroom, placed her on her bed, then walked back to the living room to catch a few winks himself, on the couch.

It wasn’t until a few days later that Julie realized just how much Rick cared for her and helped her through those roller coaster emotional times. Call it rebound or whatever, she came to her senses that Rick was the one she could depend on “in good times and bad, in sickness and health, in want and in plenty”. Six months later, the two were married, and nine months after the wedding, their first child was born. It was exactly as the handed-down account had described it, without the details, which I now had.

It took a couple of years, but Julie finally forgave her sister for fucking Brian. She even saw the discovery of his unfaithfulness as blessing in disguise; she got to see what he was really like before she got chained to a miserable marriage with him.

Documenting the details, I prepared to time jump to the next generation to record how things went for them.

To be continued . . .

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