Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 01

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For several months, Mei-Lien and I have been meeting regularly twice a week. She began coming to see me in order to improve her spoken English. Her first language is Mandarin, and, like many young Chinese, she had studied English in school with someone whose own grasp of the language was tenuous. Being a good student, she had acquired a good vocabulary and could read English with ease. However, she had little or no idea how to pronounce most of the words in her vocabulary, a fault which she was determined to correct. With a combination of native talent and absolute dedication, her command of English has improved to the point that, were it not for a slight residual accent, I would be unable to tell that she had not spent her life speaking the language. Not only is her pronunciation close to perfect, the sophistication with which she chooses her works is remarkable. Thus, long before the time when this story begins, out meetings had become occasions devoted more to conversation and the exchange of ideas than to language instruction.

Not long after she started coming to me, I realized that I was beginning to like this girl quite a lot. She exuded a refreshing confidence and intelligence which quickly won me over. At the same time, I began to appreciate her looks. Although she is no raving beauty, but she has a charmingly open, bright, Asian face which transforms to reflect her mood. When she is thinking about a problem, her concentration manifests itself on her forehead, which furrows to form a charming hollow above each of her eyebrows. When she solves the problem, her satisfaction is broadcast by a smile which erases the furrows in her brow and spreads over her entire face. She stands a little over five feet tall, and, if it were as svelte as she wishes it were, her figure would be diminutive. As it is, it has a pleasing roundness about which she is somewhat embarrassed. In fact, even our earliest conversations often included a discussion of her less than successful efforts to improve her figure.

Because I rather liked the softness and radiance which her residual baby fat produced, my initial reaction was to discourage her from attempting too drastic an alteration of her figure. However, as time passed, it became increasingly clear that her figure continued to bother her and that she was discussing it with me in the hope that I would play an active role in helping her improve it. Thus when, about two months after she started coming to me, she brought the subject up again, I told her that I would be more than happy to add the transformation of her body as a reason for her visits, but that I had to know more about it before I could be of any assistance. In short, she would have to be willing to have me examine her body if she expected me to help her improve it.

Up until this time, Mei-Lien had been never given me the opportunity to learn much about her body. Although she was always attractively attired when she came to me, her choice of clothing seemed to be deliberately calculated to hide rather than reveal her figure. Initially, I attributed her mode of dress to a manifestation of Asian reserve and a reluctance to introduce possible sources of distraction into our relationship. Now I understood that her choice of clothes was dictated at least as much by her sense of vanity as by modesty. For this reason, I knew she would find it difficult to comply with my request that she reveal more of her body to me, and so I was not surprised when, shortly after I made my request, she brought her visit to a hasty conclusion.

Having not been at all certain that she would ever return, I was relieved when she arrived promptly for her next lesson and pleased to note the change in her choice of clothes. Rather than the loose fitting, waist-less dress which she had worn until then, she was wearing a blouse and pants which revealed to me, for the first time, the contours of her body. In what was an unmistakable invitation to view her figure, she stood before me and, after raising Van Escort her arms, pirouetted to facilitate my inspection of what lay beneath her clothes. What I saw was a healthy young female body. Admittedly, its contours were less pronounced than those of most European women: Mei-Lien’s breasts and hips are less than luxuriant, and what curves she possessed were partially obscured by the absence of a clearly defined waist.

When I had completed my appraisal, I approached Mei-Lien and, looking directly into her face, placed my hands on her hips, right at the level where her blouse was tucked into her pants. When I did so, I felt a slight tremor run down her body and could see from the furrows forming above her eyebrows that she was having difficulty deciding whether to step away. After a momentary hesitation, it was clear that she was determined to not retreat and that she was waiting for me to proceed. Maintaining our eye contact, I gently tugged the hem of her blouse out of her pants, undid its three bottom buttons, and bared the portion of her stomach between her bra and waistband. Lowering my gaze so that I could look at her newly exposed midriff, I saw that, in spite of, and perhaps because of, the thin layer of fat beneath her skin, her body possessed a succulent femininity which was in stark contrast to the muscular ideal currently in fashion.

Looking again into her face, I asked her permission to run my hands over her belly. Once more the furrows formed, but only briefly before she gave her assent with a nod of her head. As soon as she nodded, I guided her so that she was standing in front of the hall mirror and took up a position directly behind her. I then circled her waist and placed my hands lightly on the band of flesh which I had exposed. For several minutes, I kept them still, content to savor the moment while giving her time to become accustomed to having her body handled. Satisfied that she was ready for me to move on, I burrowed my right hand beneath the waistband of her pants until it was resting on smooth surface of the panties stretched over her rounded lower belly.

With one of my hands above and the other below her diaphragm, it was easy for me to monitor the waves of tension which coursed through Mei-Lien’s small frame. She made no attempt to escape my touch, but it was clear that the presence of my hands on her body dealt a severe blow to her sense of decorum. In the hope that it would allay her fears, I kept my hands still and tried to calm her .

“Mei-Lien, I am grateful for the trust which your behavior makes clear that you place in me, and I will do everything in my power to justify that trust. Already I have confirmed my suspicion that your body possesses a lovely succulence. Although I am aware that succulence is an asset which you do not fully appreciate, it is one which, if you have me work with you on your figure, I will endeavor to preserve. Should you give me permission to delve further, I will probe your stomach with my fingers to learn how far beneath the surface your muscles lie. Once I have that information, I think that we can design a regimen which will produce the modifications which you want without causing the modifications which I do not.”

I sensed that, if nothing else, Mei-Lien took comfort from the knowledge that, in spite of her own reservations about it, her body pleased me. As if to confirm my intuition, Mei-Lien began to relax a little and let her body sag into mine, with the back of her head resting against my collarbone and the mound of her behind pressing against the front of my upper thighs. We remained in this static pose long enough to give her time to adjust and me time to further appreciate what an enticing a little package she made. Then, after several minutes, she lifted her head to make eye contact in the mirror and gave me the signal for which I had been waiting. In fact, without saying a word, she undid the catch holding her pants in place and wriggled her hips until the pants lay in a pool Van Escort Bayan at her feet.

With her pants gone, I now had an unobstructed view of Mei-Lien’s front, from her ribcage down. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, I immediately understood what it was about her figure which bothered Mei-Lien. As I said, like most Chinese women, her body lacked the generous curvaceousness of many European women. In addition, what curves it had were compromised by her slight excess of flesh, particularly in the region of her waist. Nonetheless, I continued to find it very attractive. Mei-Lien has a beautiful complexion, and I particularly admired the band of unblemished, smooth skin which was exposed between her bra and panties. I was also pleased to note that its smoothness was complemented by a firmness which hinted at the strength of the abdominal muscles which lay beneath.

Wanting to confirm my visual inspection with a tactile one, I asked Mei-Lien if she would object to my examining her body with my hands. Again choosing to not speak, Mei-Lien gave her ascent by first nodding her head and then lowering her head so that she could watch exactly what my hands were doing to her body. To put her at ease, I decided to start by running my palms over her pantie clad tummy instead of her bare midriff. The instant that she felt my hands touch her belly, a wave of tension rippled through her torso. However, she made no attempt to escape from my touch and only responded by increasing her focus on what I was doing.

Now that her belly was directly under my hands, I could confirm my suspicion about the condition of Mei-Lien’s basic physical condition. Just grazing my hand over her panties, I could tell that her tummy was firm and had a nicely rounded shape. When I sensed that she was ready to accept a more thorough examination, I tested her abdominal muscles. By pressing my fingers into layer of soft flesh which covered them, I could acquaint myself with the muscles in the vicinity of her navel. I have always admired the way that nature designed a woman’s torso, particularly the region just below her waist where the curve of her lower belly dips to form the hallow in which her navel sits. Much to my satisfaction, I found that, in spite of its less than pronounced appearance, Mei-Lien did have a well defined waist which, with a little training, could be accentuated so that it would become an asset of which she could be justifiably proud.

After familiarizing myself with this portion of her anatomy, I asked Mei-Lien for permission to delve further. “Mei-Lien, I wonder if you would allow me to subject your stomach to a more intimate examination. This will require you to first lower your panties so that your belly button is available. I will then press one of my fingers deep into your navel. This intrusion may cause you mild discomfort, but I want to find out how your muscles respond to the presence of my finger in their midst. The test will last several minutes, during which your tummy will be under considerable duress. However, not only will this test give me vital information about the condition of your body, it will allow me to assess your dedication to subjecting your body to the sort of rigorous training which can improve its appearance.”

From the anxious expression on Mei-Lien’s face, it was clear to me that she found my request quite disconcerting. I could not tell whether her concern stemmed from having to further bare her body and permit me such intimate access to it or from the slightly ominous intimation contained in my concluding remarks, but her tightly knit brow left no doubt that she was struggling with her decision. Wanting to give her as much time as she needed, I was content to monitor her thought processes, as reflected by her mobile brow, while resting my hands on her hips. Minutes passed before Mei-Lien reached her decision and communicated it by lowering the front panel of her panties until their elastic top ran just below the bulge of her lower Escort Van belly. Taking my cue, I began by running my fingers along the shelf where her lower belly dips to form her waist. At the center of this shelf lies her navel, an elliptically shaped crater surrounded by walls of smoothly sculpted flesh. The crater itself was less than half an inch deep, but its opening was more than sufficient for what I had in mind

Slowly I moved the fingers of my right hand until her navel was directly below my index finger. Then, proceeding with care, I inserted the tip of my finger into her belly button. Mei-Lien responded to the penetration of her navel by immediately releasing a plaintiff sigh and bunching the surrounding muscles in a vain attempt to prevent further progress. Nonetheless, I continued exerting pressure until I could feel the tight knot of her umbilicus pressing against my fingertip, at which point I stopped so that she could accustom herself to having my finger embedded in her abdomen. When it appeared that she had come to terms with her impalement, I began massaging the muscles in the vicinity of her navel. Specifically, by probing with my finger, I was able to force her muscles to fight the intrusion which I was imposing on them. Contrary to what I presumed was their purpose, the contraction of her muscles only served to enhance their vulnerability. In fact, if it were not for the anguished expression on her face, I would have believed that she was attempting to draw my finger deeper into her body. Whether or not it was her intention, my finger was soon buried more than a full inch into her tummy, whose muscles had become a warm sleeve enveloping their tormentor.

Much as I was enjoyed manipulating Mei-Lien’s body in this way, I knew that she was finding my machinations hard to bear. Thus, I tried to console her with words. “Mei-Lien, I have no doubt that, if you wish, you can have the figure which you crave. Although they have not been exercised regularly, your abdominal muscles are already strong and have the potential to become stronger. However, to train them properly will require resolve on your part, and I need to know whether you are ready to make the requisite commitment. That is why I am continuing to persecute your tummy even though I have already ascertained all the information which I need about your abdominal muscles. I will keep you impaled for another two minutes, at the end of which I will remove my finger. After you have had a chance to catch your breath and tidy up a bit, I want you to go home and think about what I have done with you today. If you decide that you would like to have me train your body, I will be most glad to do so. If, on the other hand, you decide that you do not want to subject your body again to the sort of treatment which it has received today, I will thoroughly respect your decision, and our relationship will return to what it has been heretofore.”

True to my word, I withdrew my finger when the two minutes had elapsed. Throughout those two minutes, I thought that I could read Mei-Lien’s mind as she tried to come to assimilate what I was forcing her to experience. Toward the end of the first minute, the expression on her face began to evolve from one of unalloyed suffering to one of resignation, and by the time that I removed my finger, I sensed that her resignation was transforming into fascination. Whatever were her actual emotions during the period of her trial, her relief at its termination was unmistakable.

Knowing that she would be both physically and emotionally drained by her ordeal, I left Mei-Lien alone to dress and take her leave; and when, quarter of an hour later, I heard the front door close, it was far from clear to me whether I had seen the last of Mei-Lien. It seemed entirely likely that I had violated her sense of propriety and that she would never return. On the other hand, I took hope from her acquiescence to every demand which I had made on her body and what I interpreted to be her curiosity about what other demands I might want to make on it. However, my optimism faded when she failed to appear on time for her next appointment, and I was just beginning to resign myself to her never coming again when the door bell rang.

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