Secret Admirer

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Sherry read the short letter over for the third time. Who was this guy she kept asking herself trying to think of anyone she might know or had come into contact with that could be the writer of the note she had been reading.

This was the fourth short letter she had received in the mail in the past two weeks. Had the first one been written differently than it was she might have contacted the police when she got the second one. The first note was in the form of a introduction and explanation as to why he was writing to her and why he chose to remain anonymous. There was nothing threatening in the note nor anything in it that caused her to worry that he might be some kind of nut case or stalker.

At first she thought it was some sick joke someone at work was playing on her. She knew what they thought of her at work and that had been her first reaction to who might be writing the notes she was getting.

Last year she had overheard two other female coworkers in the ladies bathroom at work. She had been in the last stall and just getting ready to reach for the stall lock to leave when she heard her name mentioned. There was a big shop New Year’s party and everyone had been invited. They were saying that they hoped she didn’t come as she would just put a damper on the party being the only one there without a date.

The small shop where Sherry worked only had 60 employees but all were married or in relationships, everyone except Sherry. She hadn’t planned on going for just that reason but it still hurt to hear two of her coworkers talking about her that way.

She got her mind back on the letter she was holding in her hand. She still felt that it was some sick joke someone was pulling on her at work. Probably hoping she would call the cops and make a fool of herself is what she had been thinking since she had received the second one.

Now here she was with number four in her hand and beginning to think that maybe, just maybe it was not from someone at work after all. This letter went into more detail then any of the previous three had. She went into her living room and sat down on the end of her couch and began to read the letter over again.

He was telling her that he enjoyed music, mostly blues, rock, and some new country. He detested rap and hip hop music and days when he loved to listen to oldies when driving down the highway in the summer with the top down. He told her that he was between 45 and 55 but wouldn’t describe himself more as she might figure out who he was and he was not ready for that yet. He explained he was still very shy as to introducing himself to her.

The letter went on to tell her his likes in movies, books, food and he professed to be a notch below what he considered a gourmet chef to be. He then went on to tell her that he had been divorced for six years and just getting the courage up to think of finding someone to bring into his life again.

He said the failure of his marriage was partially his fault. He said he spent to much time working and not enough with his family. In the end his wife had finally admitted she had been having an affair for two years and wanted a divorce to marry the other man. He had been deeply hurt when she told him and in a state of shock for a week before he could finally think rationally about the end of his marriage.

He went on to explain in the letter that had he really paid attention to his marriage he would have realized his wife was having an affair. Sherry read the next paragraph over twice and could almost feel the truth in what he was saying.

“Had I paid more attention to my wife and marriage I would have known she was no longer in love with me. All the signs were there, I just refused to see them or had blocked them out. Our sex life had been great up until a couple years prior. I made love to my wife everyday and looked forward to having her in my arms at night after a long day at work. It was gradual in the way she spurned my advances at night. Headaches, to tired, have to get up early etc.”

Sherry felt that the writer really didn’t have a clue then, according to his note. Then again this could all be false, or his way of trying to play on her feelings. She tucked the note into the drawer of the end table with the other three and tried to put it out of her mind for the rest of the evening.

Two days later she received another letter, this one longer than the last. She purposely waited until after she had eaten her dinner that evening before sitting down to read it.

“I’ve thought about you a lot these last two days. You invade my dreams at night and most of my thoughts during the day now. I so very much want to talk to you in some way and I’ve come up with a way to do so. I’ve rented a post office box that you can write to me at Sherry. I want so much to know what your thinking and yet I’m afraid that you will tell me to get lost and stop bothering you.”

What could be the harm in writing him back she was thinking as she Van Escort read his letter. Maybe she would be able to figure out who he was if she asked the right questions. She had found that she was paying more attention to any male she came into contact with outside of work, trying to see if he might be the one who was writing to her.

She had been jotting down names of all the men she came into contact with in the last week. There was Mr. Jennings, the postman, but she had a feeling it wasn’t him when she first wrote his name on her list. Then there was the nice man down at the drug store who always said hi to her when she came in to buy her toiletries. What about the guy at the pet store where she bought her dog food for her spoiled black lab? She secretly hoped it wasn’t him because he just had no personality at all.

Maybe it was the guy she always saw at the little restaurant where she ate three or four times a week when she didn’t feel like cooking? He was between the age of 45 and 55 it could be him. It could be the guy three houses down, who she sometimes passed when she was out walking Boomer, he would know where she lived and that she was single.

That was another question that puzzled her, how did the guy get her address? It had to be someone that knew where she lived and that made her list shrink considerably when she thought about it.

Sherry went to her bedroom and slipped her long T-shirt on that she sometimes slept in and got out her stationary. She penned a short note to the author of the letters. In it she asked him how he came to know where she lived? Why was he so afraid to talk to her face to face? Then she asked him point blankly if this was a game put on by someone at work? If it was then she was going to file charges with the police department for harassment if she found out it was. She figured if she threatened police involvement and it was a joke it would make the sender stop writing.

She posted the letter to the P.O. Box he had given the following day. Four days had passed and she hadn’t received a note back from him. She was beginning to think that it had been a sick joke from someone at work and the threat she made had been enough to get them to stop writing.

The following day when she got home from work there was another letter in her mailbox. Sherry felt a little shiver of excitement run down her spine when she took the letter from her mailbox. She sat down as soon as she got inside to read the note.

“Sherry I can understand your concern and I swear to you this is not a joke being made from someone where you work. If I tell you how I knew your address that would make it easier for you to figure out who I was and I would just like us to get to know each other better through our writings at first if you will continue to write to me.”

She felt that if nothing else she had to find out who this guy was, joke or not, she wanted to know.

“As for talking to you face to face I can only say that I am basically a shy person, that it has been many years since I was single and I’m not real sure about the whole dating thing this late in life. Finally, and to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t think I could handle your rejection of me quite yet. I honestly want to know you, and to possibly be told to take a hike is not something I think I could handle yet.”

Ok, so her curiosity was really up now and she decided she would play along with the game. What the hell, she didn’t have anything better to do so she was going to start a letter writing exchange with her “secret admirer” and those two words were a joke as far as she was concerned. Middle aged women did not have secret admirers, unless of course they looked like Joan Collins or Racquel Welch and Sherry certainly didn’t fit into that category.

A month had passed and in that time Sherry and her admirer had exchanged over 20 letters. It was to the point where each of them were writing to each other on a daily basis. Sherry came home from work each day excited, knowing she would find another letter waiting for her. On the weekends she would anxiously await the mailman’s arrival on Saturday. Sunday she always felt at a loss knowing there would be no letter coming for her that day.

It had been Sherry who had taken their letter writing to a different, more intimate level. She had never been one to keep things back, she had always been up front with everyone she had ever met. She made copies of every letter she sent him in case he questioned something she said or the way she said it.

Her last letter to him had stirred some physical emotions in him from the tone of his answering letter back to her.

“God Sherry! Do you have any idea what your last letter has done to me? I’ve not been able to sleep an entire night without waking up wanting you! Cold showers are becoming my best friend after reading your letters! I go to sleep dreaming of having you in my arms, your lips pressed against mine. My hands tangled in your in silky Van Escort Bayan auburn hair as I kiss you passionately! I want to feel your hair in my hands, on my body as we make love to each other. The silky strands gliding across my heated flesh as you touch and caress me.”

Sherry had been very explicit with her last letter to him. She had finally gotten him to tell her his hair and eye color. She told him she wanted to have something she could see in her fantasies of him. If she couldn’t have his face to see then she wanted to at least know the color of his hair and eyes. He had told her that his hair was dark with some gray and his eyes were blue.

She had went on to explain in more detail to him how she would make love to him if he were in her bed. She told him honestly what she expected in a sexual relationship and that it could never be just one based on sex alone. She told him she had a voracious sexual appetite when she was in a relationship and asked him if he were a man that could handle that type of woman.

“Sherry I can’t stand it, I need so very much to make love to you but I’m still gun shy Sherry and I can’t seem to get beyond that. It’s driving me crazy wanting you and not having the guts to tell you who I am face to face.”

She knew she was making him crazy with lust and she had to admit that she was also. She masturbated more now then she had before, she used to masturbate once sometimes twice daily. Now she found herself giving herself some relief four or more times a day.

“Sherry I’m going to make a crazy offer that I’m sure you will think is entirely nuts on my part but I can’t help it, I want you that badly. I think you will go along with the idea knowing you as I do now. I want to come to you late at night in the dark, leave your back door open at 1am on Friday night. You can have a small candle somewhere behind you in your kitchen so you won’t be afraid. I’m going to be all dressed in black with a dark ski mask on.”

Sherry felt the moistness between her legs when she read that. A stranger all dressed in black coming into her house making love to her and her not knowing what he looked like. It was a very erotic visual she formed in her head of being taken by her admirer without seeing his face.

” If you feel safe enough to continue on when I get there we will blow out the candle and you can take my mask off in the dark. Will you give me your word that you won’t try to see my face? I want to make love to you Sherry and if you agree put the vase of flowers I sent you in the front window by your front door and I will know that you have accepted my offer.”

Sherry went straight to the vase of flowers he had sent her two days ago and placed them in the window. Friday could not get here soon enough was the only thing on her mind when she fell asleep that night.

Sherry had taken great pains with her personal appearance that night. She bathed in scented bath crystals, applied her perfume scented lotion all over her body and made sure her pussy was shaved smooth as a babies behind. She hadn’t told him that she shaved that area of her body, there were some things she wanted to keep a secret until he found out for himself.

When he had driven by her house and saw the vase of flowers in the window he almost had a heart attack. She had agreed! Friday night he would finally know the feel of her in his arms, the feel of her lips on his and the taste of her woman scent on his lips and tongue. How would he make it till Friday, he was thinking on the drive back home.

At five minutes to one am Sherry opened her back door. She had a small candle lit over on the counter next to her refrigerator that gave off just enough light to see him when he arrived. She was already wet and aroused with excitement. She was waiting to hear his voice, she hoped she would be able to recognize it and finally know who he was. She didn’t think he had thought about that and was hoping she would finally know who this late night lover was.

He saw her standing in front of the kitchen table when he came around the back of her house to her back door. She had on a shimmery pale green night gown, that came just about mid thigh on her. His cock immediately tented in his slacks straining to be free.

He was tall, she could tell that, well over six foot, average body but even in the dark she could tell he was physically fit. She was a little nervous all of a sudden. She wasn’t sure this was a smart thing to do. Now she was the one unsure and shy. Sherry was not physically fit, she was chubby, pleasingly plump and had always been very shy about her body.

It had taken her some time to even become comfortable being naked around her ex husband. He used to tease her unmercifully when they were first married about her shyness. Sherry had been so happy those first few years of her marriage to Rick, happy and very much in love with her husband.

She had been prepared for the end of their marriage for three Escort Van years before it actually ended. She had found out that Rick had been seeing other women, for how long she didn’t know, but she felt in her heart that he had been fooling around on her far longer than she could guess.

She had finally given up any hopes of making her marriage work and filed for divorce the day she left him. She ran into him three weeks after she had moved out with his latest honey at the movie theater. She was young, blonde, and looked like her clothes had been poured onto her skin. He had seen Sherry and for a moment he looked embarrassed when his eyes met hers. He recovered quickly and walked by her without a second look.

He moved into the kitchen and was standing right in front her. She was nervous and visibly shaking now that he was so close to her. She was frozen to the spot, she felt like fleeing but couldn’t make her feet move. All of a sudden he had his arms around her holding her close. She could feel his heart racing against her chest and that seemed to quiet her somewhat.

“It’s ok Sherry, I’ll leave if your frightened, but just let me hold you for a moment.”

Each word was whispered softly against her ear. There was no way she would be able to recognize his voice if he whispered this softly to her. He smelled like citrus, clean and fresh smelling. His hold on her was loose and gentle, she could break free if she choose to at anytime. Without thinking she put her arms around him and pulled him closer. She could feel his body shake involuntarily when she pulled him closer to her.

“You look lovely Sherry. I’m having a hard time keeping my hands off you, but I want you to feel safe with me.”

His voice was soft and sexy as he whispered against her ear. She felt his lips on her ear as he spoke to her, the moistness between her legs increasing. “I know your not going to hurt me.”

“I want to kiss you Sherry, can we blow out the candle so I can take this mask off and kiss you properly,” he whispered softly against her ear?

Sherry moved from his arms and walked to where the candle was sitting on the counter. She glanced at him standing beside her and could see his blue eyes looking intently on her. She leaned down and blew the candle out. The minute the room was in total darkness his arms reached for her pulling her in close.

He pulled the mask quickly from his head and stuffed it in his back pocket. He placed his hand at the back of her head as he lowered his mouth to hers. He almost came the moment his lips touched hers, that is how high his excitement and arousal was.

He had intended to kiss her slowly and let her passion build with his but the moment his lips had touched hers the kiss became filled with passion. Their tongues met and danced seductively together, stirring both of their passions higher.

Sherry loved a man who could arouse her with his kisses and this man was doing just that. Her knees felt weak as their kisses went on and on. She ran her fingers through his hair and felt the silky thickness of it between her fingers. His hair was short yet longer in the back then the preppie haircuts most men wore these days.

He wanted to take her right then his arousal was so high. For months he had dreamed of their coming together and he was finding it hard to control his bodies natural urges. He let his hand roam slowly down her back to her hip then pulled her more fully into his body. His fingers inched the gown up slowly until he felt her soft bare skin. He felt her tremble in his arms as he slid his hand higher up her hip. She was wearing nothing underneath the gown and his cock throbbed within the confines of his slacks.

Sherry felt the hardness of him straining against her belly as their kisses continued. His hand was soft and gentle against her thigh as he kneaded her flesh, making Sherry melt even more in his arms. She lowered her hand slowly down his chest coming to rest at the waistband of his slacks. She wasted no time in undoing his slacks, freeing his hard cock from his briefs. She let her hand slowly encompass him and stroked him slowly.

He trembled when her hand wrapped around his manhood and began to stroke him slowly. He was to far gone, to many months of wanting her to wait any longer. He broke their kiss and spun her around quickly. He pressed her up against the edge of the counter and trailed his lips across the lobe of her ear.

“I can’t wait a moment longer, I need to be inside of you, to feel your warmth and heat around my cock,” he whispered to her. He pulled her back then pressed her forward so she had her hands braced on the edge of the counter. He reached between her legs with his hand and dipped his finger quickly into her moist pussy. She was more than ready for him as he eased his cock slowly in her.

Sherry didn’t realize she had moaned when the full length of him was inside her. As soon as he entered her fully he began to fuck her hard and fast. She could tell from the grip of his hands on her hips, that he was trying hard to restrain himself from coming to quickly. She knew it would not be long before she herself came as aroused and excited as she was.

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