Seducing Stephen

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Rachel sat at her desk staring blankly at the screen. It was only ten am & the day was already starting to drag. Working for that bank was Ok but her mind had been drifting for a while, something was missing in her life. She loved her boyfriend but was not getting the satisfaction she craved. Opening another spread sheet she glanced across the open plan office. Leaning against one of the low partitions half way down the office she could see the back view of a male figure which caught her attention. Tall, athletic build, nice suit trousers stretching over his butt as he leaned further over the desk. His face was hidden & she could not tell straight away who it was.

As she let her eyes travel up his leg, he turned around & it took her a second to realise he had caught her looking. His face cracked into a smile & his left eye gave her a quick wink before he walked away. It was Stephen from International Accounts.

Rachel had seen him around before & had fantasised a few times about him. His good looks & charm had caught her thoughts in the past, but that smile & wink had renewed her interest. Returning to the screen she typed in a few figures, not really concentrating.

After a few minutes an envelope popped up in the corner of the screen announcing a new email. Opening it, it was from Stephen, & just said “Hi.”

Rachel looked around but he was not in sight. Biting her lip & rubbing her thighs together under the desk a plan started to form in her mind. Before she could chance her mind she quickly replied…” Nice Butt!” & seconds later a smiley face was returned.

The day was suddenly looking up & the rest of the time passed with a succession of increasingly flirtatious & suggestive messages played out like tennis on the screen. Rachel’s last message upped the anti by saying “Dinner, tomorrow, 7.30pm, my house?” hitting send with a little trepidation. Worried she had gone too far. She knew Stephen had a girlfriend but she was away in Canada, the other side of the world. Rachel just wanted some fun. To scratch the growing itch that was growing hard to ignore……

The following morning Rachel woke & headed for the shower. Today should be a good day she thought as the warm water cascaded down her naked body. Applying a large dollop of shower gell she spread it across the soft skin of her sexy body. If ever a girl was given a body for sexy fun it was Rachel. Firm rounded breasts with sensitive nipples, curving hips & good legs. At 5′ 4″ she would never be a catwalk model, but she knew her body was sexy & more importantly how to use it to give her the pleasure she desired. Returning to her bedroom Rachel selected a dress to wear for a change to go to work in. Stopping just above the knee with a sweet neck line the dress is sexy but in a subtle way. Black bra & matching panties fit against your soft smooth skin, & hold up stockings encase your shapely legs She smiles at herself in the mirror then step into the dress & zip it up. Very demure….innocently covering the Sexy Fox that she is. Rachel finished getting ready & headed off to work.

The day was busy with little chance to think about the evening to come. At about 2:30pm Rachel’s phone beeped indication a new message. It’s from Stephen…

“Are you serious about tonight & by the way I like your dress?”

Rachel quickly replied….” Be there at 7:30 & you wont be disappointed. I will email you my address & a map”

A few taps on the keyboard & click of her mouse & the directions were sent. The rest of the day passes without incident until escort bostancı at 4.55pm just before home time Rachel’s Blackberry chirped again.

“Ok x see you at 7:30”

With a smile Rachel gathered up her coat & bag, waved to her colleagues & rushes out the door. Arriving home half an hour later she quickly scans her house. Yep clean & tidy as usual fine for receiving a guest anyway. She had already planned the meal & place the lasagne she had made the day before in the oven to cook while she chilled some wine in the fridge before going up stairs to get changed.

Brushing out her long blond hair while looking in the mirror Rachel decided to keep the dress she had been wearing as Stephen had commented on liking it. He had not been the only one who had said she looked good in a dress instead of her usual jeans. With a touch up to her light make up & spray of perfume she was ready. Her heart pumping with excitement behind her breast.

Standing in the kitchen sipping a glass of wine the door bell rang on the dot of 7:30pm

Opening the door, there stood the man of her desires…he was still in his nicely cut business suite but still looked fresh after the day at work.

“Hi….this is for you, well us.” He stuttered a little nervously holding out a bottle of good dry white wine. “Thanks come on in. Diner will be ready in a couple of minutes”

As Stephen followed her into the house his eyes were drawn to her cute bum that gave an extra wiggle under her dress. He was happy to be here with here but his mind was trying to build up the courage to let her down gently. His girlfriend had phoned earlier from Canada to say she missed him & he was starting to feel guilty being in Rachel’s home. Anyway it was only going to be dinner with a friend was it not?

They chatted about work for a few minutes until the food was served & Rachel dimmed the lights to enhance the effect of the candles on the table which sparkled in her eyes.

As they ate & chatted Rachel slipped off a shoe & almost accidently but on purpose rubbed her foot against his calf. Stephen sat straighter in his chair but made no other move away. Encouraged by his lack of objection Rachel continued to stroke his lower leg with her toes. Stephen was enjoying the feeling & his resolve to behave was starting to melt. He loved his girlfriend but she could be a bitch at times. Plus Rachel was here & obviously interested in more than just the tasty food.

Just as he went to take a sip of wine, Rachel placed the heel of her stocking covered foot into the front of Stephens chair & pressed her toes into his crotch. With a splutter Stephen shot a glance from her to his lap & back into the mischievous grin she displayed. His hand fell to her foot, but rather than move it away he pulled it tighter to himself & began to caress her ankle. The conversation slowly died until they sat sitting looking into each others eyes, the atmosphere electric.

Rachel stood up & moved around the table. Stephen pushed back his chair to stand but before he can Rachel sat on his lap, wiggling her bum to get comfy & feeling the lump of Stephens’s arousal starting to grow.

Without a moments hesitation the hot couple began to kiss. Nothing soft & tender, this would be raw passion at least to start with. Stephen grabbed a hand full of hair pulling her close as their tongues invade each others mouth. Rachel’s fingers claw at his shoulders wanting more. As if reading her mind Stephen placed his hands under her bum & stood up, lifting her with him allowing ümraniye escort her to wrap her legs around his waist. He carried her easily to an adjacent worktop & rested her bum on the edge to continue kissing her.

The buttons on Stephens’s shirt somehow came undone with more than one flying loose from its thread. Rachel ran her hands across his chest & bent to bite his nipple making him flinch at the sharp pain. In retaliation Stephen reached over her shoulder & quickly lowers the zip of her dress. Stepping back to make room for her, Rachel hopped off the worktop to land on her feet in front of her playmate, but her dress does not stop & it slipped from her shoulders to land ruckled around her feet.

Stephen gasped at the gorgeous sight before him. Rachel standing in her shear black lace lingerie, which showed of her sexy body to perfection. Her hard nipples pressed against the flimsy material, her pale skin perfect in contrast to the dark lace. Stephen did not have enough eyes to take in everything he wants to at once & so they darted around the stunning vision before him. They settled on her smiling face, then the deep inviting “V” of her cleavage heaving in the confines of the lace bra. Down across her stomach to the tiny triangle of silk just obscuring her pubic mound & the delicious treasure below. The tender skin tantalizing above the lace tops of the hold up stockings.

“Oh God….I should resist but I want you NOW!!!”

With that Stephen took her in his arms & crushes her lips with a kiss with a renewed passion. His hands are all over her, no finesse now just the raw animal need of male lust. The clasp of Rachel’s bra came unfastened either by luck or force but neither of them care as he dove down to take an exposed hard nipple into his mouth, sucking hard. She tipped her head back, her long hair flowing down her back to touch the thin elastic waist band of her thong, and pushes her pert breast harder into Stephen’s face.

With some urgency Stephen fumbled with the belt buckle & button on his suit trousers and almost fells as he fought to free them from his legs. His socks disappear at the same time leaving him in his black Armani boxers, which do little to hide his bulging arousal. Without hesitation Rachel hooks a finger into the waste band at each side and hauls the shorts down his strong thighs. His hard 7″ cock bounced up as it is freed from his waist band. Rachel’s small hand grasped the meaty shaft and pulled back on the foreskin, exposing the purple helmet, wet with pre-cum. She dropped to her knees and took the first three inches into her mouth while looking up into Stephen’s face with excited seductive eyes.

“Oh God that feels so good!” gasped Stephen who placed his hands onto Rachel’s head, not forcing but just guiding her rocking motion. Rachel’s tongue is flicking around the sensitive head & underside of his penis, and tasting the salty sweet drips oozing from its tip.

“You need to stop….if you don’t I’m going to cum and want to be deep in your pussy when I do!”

Stephen pulled out of her mouth, leaving a thin string of his secretions & her saliva to temporally link the gap between them. He then pushed Rachel onto her back, the hard kitchen tiles on her back felt cold & made her take an intake of breath again enhancing the curves of her breasts & pushing her nipples higher. Her legs fell loosely apart exposing her inner thighs & a darker black spot on the gusset of her tiny panties gave away how turned on she was.

Stephen knelt down between her legs, pulling kartal escort bayan them further apart in the process. His erect cock was jutting forward with just one goal in mind. Stephen reached forward and roughly pulled the wisp of lace away from Rachel’s pussy & held it aside. The exposed pink folds looked delicious. Fully waxed and glistening with sheen of moisture. Stephen leaned forward over her, & kissed her deeply again. Supporting his weight on one arm while squeezing her breast with the other hand. The head of his cock brushed against her waiting pussy lips making the pair moan in unison.

With a slight adjustment Stephen lines up & slowly but firmly, inch by inch drives his manhood into Rachel’s warm tight virgina. His pre-cum & her juices lubricating the journey till their pubic bones meet. Rachel’s stocking encased thighs gripped at his flanks & she hooked her lower legs & heels around his torso pulling Stephen fully into her. Stephen pulls back a few inches & then drives forward hard, pushing her into the hard floor & sliding her forward in the process. Rachel grabbed a table leg to stop their progress across the kitchen floor as her lover began an increasing rhythm of thrusts impaling her deeply each time, then drawing back to leave only his tip inside her before descending into her velvet hole again & again.

Rachel’s clit was getting rubbed perfectly by the hard shaft stabbing into her but although very turned on was not yet ready for the orgasm she craved. However, Stephen was now a not stop freight train & his need was overpowering everything else. With a few more thrusts his balls began to tingle & the base of his cock tightened even more as his fluid began to boil inside. Rachel sensed his impending climax began to send ripples along the muscles of her virgina, milking his penis & making the pleasure too great for him to withstand.

With an animal growl Stephen pushed hard into her as his cock began to pulse over & over sending streams of hot gooey cum deep inside her to splash against her cervix. Rachel gripped tightly with her heels not letting him escape just yet as they both lay panting on the floor.

As he started to soften inside her, Rachel rolled them both over & knelt up to straddle his crotch, still squeezing her internal muscles to tease him some more. Stephen reached up with bath hands to softly caress her breasts gently running his finger tops around her prominent nipples.

“That was fantastic” said Stephen. “You are so sexy & gorgeous!”

Rachel chuckled at his compliments. “I’m glad you approve but don’t think for one minute we are finished yet.”

With that she stood up & sauntered across to the doorway leading to the hall, stairs & onward to her bedroom. She paused at the door & looked back at him still lying on the floor watching her. Turning her back she bent over at the waist straight legged & lowered her now cum soaked thong to her ankles. Her perfect bum cheeks just demanding to be kissed & her hot wet pussy nestled at the top of her thighs peeking out backwards with a dribble of cum running down her upper thigh to soak into her stocking top. Picking up her undies she hooked a thin strap over her hard left nipple to leave her tiny panties suspended there.

“You have two minutes to get your breath back, recover & meet me upstairs. I want you to make me come more than once tonight & you have some catching up to do!”

With that she turned & headed upstairs with a flick of her stunning mane & wiggle of her impossible cute bum.

With a deep breath Stephen got to his feet. Not surprisingly his knob was already twitching in anticipation & appreciation of her sexy show & invitation. With a big smile on his face & Canadian girlfriend completely forgotten he followed Rachel upstairs…….

To be continued?????

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