Selfish Mom Ch. 04

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Debbie Kendall had adjusted a bit to her situation as Jane Mensch’s sex slave, and it was oddly the lesbian factor that was easier on her than the others. Taking a strap-on dildo regularly up her ass was far more difficult, given that she was an anal virgin before being sent there, and had no intentions of ever changing that.

Being dominated was galling to her ego, but she had always been taught that one should “turn the other cheek” and practice humility. Even so, she was raped frequently by Jane, and the law didn’t give a damn or intervene, nor did the Lord. Furthermore, she was required to drink piss, as well as other “unnatural things”.

She had managed to earn the privilege of eating full meals and drinking something other than urine and tap water, but she wasn’t used to that being anything other than a right. Oh, well, she was always brought up to think less of rights and more of duties. Then again, her Christian values were in conflict with the Enlightenment principles on which America and its freedoms were founded. She had never truly reconciled those contradictions, like many evangelical Christians in the Western, liberal world.

What confused her most was the fact that she had felt more pleasure with Jane than during her marriage to Tom. Her late husband had been fairly gentle in making love to her, but he was a complete failure in pleasing a woman sexually. Since she didn’t approve of cunnilingus, he never really got much of a chance, to be honest. The foreplay that she allowed him to practice with her was very pathetic and ineffective, particularly given that she had been taught that too much focus on the clit was unhealthy.

Nevertheless, she had expected him to satisfy her, which had never happened. As a result, sex had reverted to being her wifely chore, to tolerate for his sake when unavoidable, as well as a means of procreation. Since Jane hadn’t bothered to ask her permission about what she did, she had introduced her to cunnilingus in a short time. At first, it was primarily about her giving head to Ms. Mensch, but then she was rewarded with some pleasure of her own.

The use of toys was also a factor that had been excluded from her prior, traditional marriage. Now that Debbie was Jane’s slave, there was no longer an option to decline them. The strap-on dildo and the butt-plug, of course, were the least favorite tools in Mrs. Kendall’s mind. They represented pain and discomfort, especially when there was no lube involved. Lately, however, Jane had softened on the lubrication issue, and rewarded a more compliant Debbie with enough to reduce the agony of butt sex.

The floggers and straps were somewhat more positive, but still not that fondly remembered or experienced by the widow and prisoner. Wearing handcuffs and other restraints was a bit uncomfortable and humiliating as well, yet it also excited her in the same kind of embarrassing way as the whips and Jane’s tongue. When Ms. Mensch peed in her mouth, that disgusted her, but she felt nothing but desire and joy when they kissed on the lips. They had even graduated to tongue kisses, which indicated that a bond had developed in spite of their adversarial relationship.

Jane had a special surprise for Debbie six months into their involvement with each other. It was twofold, in fact. One was the news that Jane herself was no longer a convict. She had been granted full amnesty, as part of a secret bargain that she made with the authorities. She had gained more privileges over time, anyway, which was why she could purchase sex toys when Debbie had to stick to basics like groceries. Now she was totally a free and antalya escort unrestricted citizen.

“Debbie, my love slave, I’m able to live wherever I want, but I asked to stay here with you. You’re still under house arrest, but I got them to agree to more rights for you, since you’ll be in my custody from now on. I can’t promise that things will improve more for you than that, but life under my roof will be a little easier than it has been for you. Now that I am not being oppressed, I won’t take things out on you. I don’t have to wear an ankle monitor, and neither do you now. I got them to concede that.

“I think that the State is happy to put me in charge of you, since it means that you’re still being punished to some extent through the loss of your freedom, but the actual enforcement and headaches are left up to me. Think of me as your Mistress, girlfriend, and probation officer, all rolled into one. This doesn’t mean that your life will return to normal, by the standards of your previous life, but it does mean that I will be more generous with the rewards than I have been toward you.

“You’re going to be on a larger allowance from your paycheck, which can be taken away at any point. No appeals to the authorities will help, since they have given me broad discretion in supervising you. This will be less like a prison and more of an actual home, however. Unless you do something truly despicable, I’ll completely drop the restricted diet and let you do more shopping than in the past. I won’t permit you to go to church, but you already know that.

“You will share a bed with me at night and have sex with me when I want, on my terms. That much won’t change, naturally. There will still be a lot of bondage and domination, not to mention SM. There will also be more of a regular kind of sex, however, in terms of the Sapphic mainstream. I’ve convinced them that we’re a true lesbian couple in every sense, so they will expect to find proof that we’re lovers, whenever they make a few random inspections. Aside from that, you’re totally in my hands.

“At some point, I want to marry you, and I have told the State this much. That is a factor in this whole business, as it was part of my campaign to prove my desire to be with you and willingness to keep you in line. The government isn’t exactly puritanical on such things, as witnessed by the fact that it is now legal to marry members of your own gender. Nevertheless, anything that I could say to make it clear that I was committed to you helped my case to be given custody, instead of keeping you in your previous status. It reassured them that you wouldn’t be roaming freely, on your own.

“Now, don’t get all freaked out by the idea of a same-sex marriage. I know that is against your religious beliefs, but so is everything else that we’ve done here. Furthermore, you’re at least bi, if not gay. We both know as much, so there is no point in claiming otherwise. Just in case you wondered, I’m a pure lesbian, without any question. That’s why my marriage to my ex didn’t last, among other things. When I realized the truth, I came out immediately to my husband and asked for a divorce, knowing that it wasn’t fair to either of us to continue a union based on lies and incompatible needs.

“It is ironic that the other problem in my marriage was that he was a religious zealot, just like you, but I’ve told you about that. Then again, I’m in charge of our relationship, so I am able to prevent the kind of nonsense that he shoved down my throat about Jesus and such. I am aware that you are conflicted about being bisexual or gay, since it’s against your religion, alanya escort but you should know that this is your nature. You don’t need to fight it. You like women, and you’re at least infatuated with me, if not more. Why deny the truth of it?

“That’s part of why I’m staying, along with my desire to continue topping you. I can’t abandon you to loneliness and heartache from having lost me. You know that you would miss me, don’t you? I can’t promise to ever be as fond of you as you are of me, but I do care about you enough to want you to be happy, as long as you please me. I don’t want to hurt you, at least not in that way.

“So, my dear Deborah, you will be my bride in time. I will consummate our marriage by fucking you with the strap-on, of course. After that, if you’re good, it will be gentle lovemaking, I assure you, for the rest of the wedding night. Oral sex, tribbing, and fingers, I mean. Now, speaking of rug-munching, I want you to thank me and accept my proposal by eating me out,” Jane demanded, ending her announcement with a look that straddled the line between severity and seduction.

“Yes, Mistress,” Debbie consented, while Jane dropped her pants and presented her lower half for oral servicing.

Mrs. Kendall quickly parted her Domme’s thighs and started licking her pussy, but Jane decided to complicate things for her. She turned around and propped her ass up on the sofa, indicating through gestures that Debbie was to tongue both cunt and ass. When the former schoolmarm complied, Ms. Mensch sighed with the delicious experience of being eaten like that. She squirmed as well, feeling her bottom almost melt from her slave’s pleasing mouth.

“Damn, Debbie, you are getting so much better at eating pussy and ass! I think that you’re enjoying it, too, aren’t you? Be honest with me. You like the taste of my sex and my butt, don’t you?” Jane commanded her.

Debbie hated admitting it, in as much as it hurt her vanity to accept that she was more aroused at this point that she had ever been with Tom. Somehow, performing oral sex on a dominant woman brought a kind of thrill that conventional, marital sex with a passive and timid man couldn’t provide her. The Biblical model had failed her, for one reason or another. True, it had stated that the man was supposed to be the head of the wife, but it contradicted itself in so many places that the majority of evangelical husbands were either tyrants or milksops. Tom was the latter, and she knew it. It was still galling to face the reality that she needed either a top or a woman, or both, to be happy and satisfied in her love life.

“Yes, Mistress, I like it!” she finally declared, much to her shame and exhilaration.

As she licked Jane’s butt, Debbie felt her own climax closing in on her. It was disturbing to her, how wet she could become just by going down on another woman. Maybe she really was gay, if she really loved it that much, and no man had ever aroused her in such a fashion. For a lady brought up with strong moral compunctions against any form of homosexuality or bisexuality, it was something to alarm her as much as it intensified the guilty pleasure. She just wasn’t accustomed to the idea of being a lesbian.

“Mistress, I’m cumming, please let me!” she begged Jane.

“Yes, cum with me, slave! I’m cumming, too!” Jane gushed on her face, and then promptly turned to kiss her lips.

Debbie’s own release came right then, as she felt her juices reach her knees and the carpet. They both stood, and Jane continued to kiss her mouth, inserting her tongue for greater impact and alanya rus escort intimacy. This woman was her slave, her pet, for better or worse. Ms. Mensch could sense her lover’s addiction to this arrangement. She was trapped, even without the life sentence.

“I hope God forgives me, but I love you, Jane! I’m sorry, Mistress!” Debbie stammered, and then apologized for forgetting her place.

“Debbie, I’ll let it slide this time. That was beautiful and worth the momentary disrespect, which few things are in this lifestyle. We’re lovers, and I can definitely live with that. In fact, I think that both of us are better off together, even if we didn’t get along at first. That’s a good explanation for why I stayed. I love how you adore, serve, and worship me! A girl could get used to it, and I think that I have, so to speak. Ordinary lovers would try to be equals in most cases, but I want to wear the pants in my relationships. That’s another reason why my marriage didn’t last. I was a Domme married to a vanilla guy.

“Don’t worry about fidelity. I am not a cheater, and I think that I’m too jealous for swinging. It will just be us. An exclusive deal, with you serving me as my lone slave. That’s how it would have been, anyway, had I not gotten my amnesty. No reason to change it now. I am guessing that you’re gay, but I could be wrong. You seem to be experiencing true sexual satisfaction for a change, and you are totally thrown by it.

“Men can’t make you happy, can they? Their dicks don’t do it for you, don’t make you cry with joy and ecstasy, do they? You need a softer skin against yours, a woman’s kiss, and a wet pussy to serve with your lips and tongue, don’t you? Tell me what you really think, no, feel, about this issue,” Ms. Mensch insisted.

“I believe that you’re right, Mistress. I love you in a way that I couldn’t love Tom, may Christ forgive me! I don’t know why I want to sin so much, or why I can’t enjoy what God and Nature intended. I just feel a rush with you that men have never given me, sexually or otherwise. I am a terrible Christian for saying this, but I really am gay. I’m a lesbian, Mistress,” Mrs. Kendall confessed, embarrassed and eager at once.

“So, no men, then? It’s understand and written in stone that we won’t fool around on each other, especially with men! Your pussy and ass are solely mine, for my exclusive use! Same with your sweet, glossy lips, which belong to me and no one else! Is that clear, slave?” Jane was back in her dominant mood.

“Yes, Mistress. I don’t want men. I don’t even want other women. I just want you, Mistress,” Debbie yielded to a permanently lesbian life as a love slave for Jane, although it was terrifying to think of what the Lord might think of her.

“That’s a good girl, Debbie. Now, I have won special permission to take you out to dinner now and then. Since you haven’t eaten out in that sense in months, I think that you’re due for a good restaurant meal, don’t you think? I want to celebrate my freedom and our future nuptials, too,” Ms. Mensch stated with a smile and a French kiss for Mrs. Kendall.

“Thank you, Mistress!”

“Good, because this means that I can show off my love slave. Get your clothes on and primp yourself for a good Sunday dinner out for a change!” Jane instructed Debbie, who promptly went to freshen up while the Domme pulled up her slacks, the only part of her not ready for the meal.

Naturally, the otherwise confused Debbie was prepared far sooner than she normally would be for this kind of dinner. She was excited, and definitely reverted to her habits as a wife in taking pride in her appearance. She wanted to reflect well on her lover, her Mistress. Once a lady, always a lady, she laughed at herself, happy for once in her life. She wondered if the restaurant which Jane had in mind served a good chicken-fried steak. Lady or not, she was still a bit of a hillbilly at times.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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