Sensuous Linda

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The house was all cleaned up, and so was I. Well the body was clean, the mind never is. I had spent most of the day in the shop working on on some wood projects. I was a little foot sore and tired, but Linda should be here any minute. We had plans to go out for some pizza, and then either catch a movie or rent one.

Keesha started prancing around. She saw something outside. It must be Linda, so I got up and started walking towards the door as the doorbell rang. As I approached the door, Keesha was expectantly waited in the living room by the door. She hated the linolium but the front door, she didn’t have good traction.

Keesha followed me to the door, not wanting to miss anything. I hooked a finger into her collar and opened the door. I looked up as I backed away trying to keep Keesha at bay and allow Linda to come in.

Linda looked stunning, she always did. She had a white 3/4 sleeve blouse on, short white skirt that only came down to mid-thigh. As my eyes continued down, white fishnets with white high heels. My heart beat a little faster.

“Hi sexy, missed you, how was your day?” I asked with a big smile.

I felt a little underdressed. I had my usual jeans and t-shirt on with white socks. I knew who would be getting all the attention at the restaurant.

“Hello, been wanting to be here all day! I missed you.” she replied. She set her bag down and gave Keesha a scratch on the head and behind the ears, as I shut the door. She straightened up and I moved in to give her a hug. I wrapped my arms around her waist, tilted my head a little, and kissed her on the lips. I felt her lips part, and I did the same. Her silky soft tongue touched mine, our tongues danced , and I rubbed her back.

We broke the kiss, and our eyes were just inches from each other. I looked into her eyes and asked “So you decide what we are seeing tonight? Theatre? Rent one?”

“I have decided what we are going to see tonight.” Linda said with a evil grin “Follow me.” as she picked up the bag. She walked off towards the den, walking around Keesha who hadn’t quite settled down yet. I followed her, stealing a glance at her legs. “Everything we are seeing is right here.”

Linda reached into the bag as she said sternly “No peeking, dont make me punish you.” she pulled out a CD, homemade with no label. She walked over, turned on the TV, and popped open the DVD player. Dropped in the CD and pushed in the tray. She turned, smiled, and walked towards me. She lifted her hands to my waist, looked in my eyes, and leaned forward to kiss me. She put her head on my shoulder as a soft and slow tune started to play by Celine Dion. I wrapped my arms around her and started to sway with the music.

“Luckily I don’t have shoes on” I jested. “I have 2 right feet.”

Linda’s hands slowly rubbed my back. She turned her head and kissed my neck. Getting a lick in here and there. I tilted my head to the side to allow her free access. My hands slide down over her ass, perfectly sized for my hands. I gently squeezed and rubbed up and down as our hips swayed in sync.

“I read the story you sent last night before work. I was so horny all day. Had to keep checking to make sure I didn’t leave a wet spot on the chair.” she said, looking up at me with a big smile. She slide her hands into my back pockets and pulled me closer.

I bent my head forward, and kissed her smiling lips. I snaked my tongue out and met hers. My tongue rolled around hers. I curled my tongue at the tip, and traced a circle around the inside of her lips. I closed my mouth, met her lips again, and then stuck my tongue out, and traced the outside of her lips.

Linda said “Take me to the bedroom hotstuff.” as she slide her hand out of my pocket and up the front of my jeans, feeling the growing bulge. She reached down and picked up the bag. I took her other hand in mine, and led the way.

I turned after we entered the room, Linda tossed the bag on the bed. I caught her waist in my hands, kissed her forehead, and spun her around. I slide the back of my fingers up her back and slid my fingertips up the back of her neckto her hair line. She tipped her head forward as my thumbs kneaded the muscles between her shoulders. I massaged her shoulders, thumbs pressing firmly but gently into the muscles of her back, fingertips swirling around on her neck, gently tracing along her collarbone. I bent forward and kissed and kissed the back of her neck, continued kissing in a line towards the side of her neck, and up the slope towards her ear lobe. As my kisses went up, my hands went down. Sliding over her shoulder blades and under her arms to encompass her tits through the blouse. Linda leaned back, as my lips touched her ear lobe. My hands lightly squeezed her tits like a tennis ball, thumb and forefinger seeking to catch her nipples between them. I took her earlobe between my lips and lightly squeezed, running my tongue up the edge of her ear. I reached up, and unbuttoned the top botton gaziantep rus escort of her blouse. Folding the material out of the way, I stood on my tip-toes as I leaned over and kissed her collar bone, and neck. I undid another button, and kissed her collarbone, nibbled on her neck. My hands dropped another few inches, as I traced her collarbone with my tongue, licking up her neck, another button was undone. I moved my head to her other side, and kissed the collarbone on that side, kissing my way up her neck, as a button was undone. My hands dropped to undo the last button, and I ran the tip of my tongue down the side of her neck and along her collarbone. My tongue danced it’s way up the side of her neck, as my fingertips danced up her stomach, over her tits, and caught the blouse, pulling it off her shoulders, down her arms, and I tossed it aside.

“Mmmm, feels wonderful Scott, I’m yours, you know how I hate my collarbone being touched.” Linda moaned.

I put my hands on her hips, and turned her towards the bed, and started walking toward it. “Lay down, time to give you a back rub.” She bent forward, put her hands on the bed, put one knee on the bed and crawled towards the head. I stood there and watched her, her legs in fishnet stockings, high heels, tight short skirt covering that delightful ass. What a great sight I thought.

Her feet still hanging off the end of the bed, Linda looked over her shoulder and asked “Enjoying the view?”. She smiled. Walking her hands forward, she lay down, making sure that her ass was the last thing up in the air.

I crawled on the bed next to her. My left leg lifted over and settled on her left side and I sat down on her butt. I put my fingertips on her lower back, spread my fingers and slide up her back, over the bra strap, over her shoulder blades, and to her shoulders. I trailed my fingers down her back. Being the evil person I was, I reached back and pulled the bag closer.

“Hey, I said no peeking!!” squealed Linda.

“I’m just looking at what you brought.” I said in response. I tipped the back over and out came a few things. I looked them over, and one was useful at this moment. I took the massager, slipped my hand under the strap, and turned it on. I started up by Linda’s neck and shoulder. Sliding it back and forth across her back, shoulder to shoulder, working my way down her back. I start doing circles, randomly covering her back. I turn it off and say “There is a problem.”

“What’s that?” she asks dreamily.

“The bra is in the way, have to fix that.” I reached up and fumbled a bit as I unsnapped her bra. I pushed the straps out of the way and off her shoulders. I turned the massager back on and moved it around a few minutes. I turned it off, bent over, and kissed her back. I would kiss a few kisses across her back, move down an inch, and kiss my way back across, slide down and repeat. I was kissing her lower back, just above her skirt, I slide my hands up her back, palms flat on her back, fingers spread. I lifted my left leg and sat on her right side. I massaged her ass through her skirt, stealing looks at those legs, and looking up at her face, smile on it, eyes closed, enjoying my touch. My hands slide down the backs of her thighs, fingers kneading her flesh throught the fishnet. Slowly I work my way down, tickling the back of her knee. Gently squeezing her calves between my thumbs and fingers, I work my way down to her feet. Using just my index finger, I trace her foot, near the sole, down along her heel, across her arch, and to her toes. I slide my index finger up the top of my foot, and I unbuckle the strap. I slide off one shoe. Taking her foot in my hands, I interlace my fingers on the top of her foot, and massage the bottom with my thumbs. I feel the fishnet in my hands, see her sexy legs and feet. I work my way from heel to toes and back again. I move to the other foot, and remove that shoe. I repeat the massage there.

“Mmmmm, that feel’s wonderful.” Linda says as she rolls over. I turn to look that direction, and her bra is off, her small, lovely tits are exposed. She lifts her hand, and uses her index finger to beckon me. I slide up the bed, never letting my hand leave her leg, all the way up. She reaches forward when I am close enough, and pulls my shirt up, and lifts it over my head. She runs her fingers though the hair on my chest, leans forward and kisses me, sliding her tongue into my mouth. I reached up and gently pinched her nipples, feeling them harden between my fingers. My left hand slide down her side, over her hip and reached for the zipper on her skirt. I slid the zipper down as she slid her hand up my chest, over my shoulder and to the back of my neck. She pulled me to her, as she kissed me hard, tongues dancing together.

She lay back, lifted her hips, and I pulled the skirt down. It was then that I discovered that she had no panties on. Looking at my face, she knew I liked the surprise. Pushing the skirt down her legs, and off her feet at the end, I dropped the skirt on the floor. I put my hand on the inside arch of her left foot, slide my hand up, my eyes following my hand. Feeling and seeing her white fishnet encompassed legs, from foot, to ankle, sexy calf, over the knee, up her thigh, over the top of her stocking, to her pussy. She was neatly trimmed, just a little hair in front, less hair on the tongue that way I had joked in the past. My hand sliding up her inner thigh, index finger just touching her pussy, following her lips, up her mound, through her little patch of public hair, over her stomach, up her chest and to her right tit. I unbuckled my pants, slide the zipper down, and lifted my hips to push the pants off. As I pulled off each leg, I caught the sock and pulled that off as well. After throwing the pants on the floor, I scooted up towards her.

My left leg slide between her legs, and she lifted her right leg over the top of mine. She could feel my rock hard cock on her hip. As she lay back, I leaned over her, resting on my elbow, and kissed her. Gently brushing our lips at first, then opening our mouths and frenching. My left hand palmed her right tit, rubbing in small circles, feeling the nipple under my palm. I kissed her chin, twisted my head to kiss under her chin. She tilted her head back, exposing her throat to me. I kissed my way down a little, gently squeezed her nipple between thumb and forefinger, flicking the nipple with my thumb, the tip of my tongue just touched the skin of her throat. I kissed my way down further kissing the top of her chest. My left hand started to trail downwards, fingertips breezing over her skin, down over her stomach, through her pubic hair. My lips approached the mound of her right tit, and reached the nipple at the same time as my hand reached her pussy lips. My middle finger traced the crack seperating her lips as the tip of my tongue circled her nipple. I could feel her moistness, feel the heat and desire. My index and ring ringers parted her lips, my middle finder slide between the lips, feeling more wetness, more heat. My tongue flicked across her nipple, and and my head dipped a little, taking her nipple between my teech, I gently squeezed, and flicked my tongue across her nipple again. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see her right hand playing with the nipple of her right boob, pinching the nipple between her fingers. My middle finger found her soaking love tunnel. I slowly circled the entrance, getting my finger very wet. Linda parted her thighs, giving me better access. My finger strayed up to the nub of her clit, circling it, making sure it was well lubed with pussy juice. As my tongue circled her nipple, my finger kept in time circling her clit. Linda started to moan, squirm a bit with pleasure.

I slid 2 fingers into the canal. Making sure that the side of a finger did not miss her rubbing against her clit as I slide my fingers in and out. I raised my head and started to kiss her collarbone, licking my way up her neck and back down again. I moved my fingers in and out faster. Linda’s breath started to quicken, her eyes closed, mouth slightly open. My fingers slid out, and up to her clit, rubbing it in gentle circles between them, moving faster and faster. I took her tit back in my mouth, gently biting her nipple, and flicking it with my tongue. My fingers dove back into her pussy, to the wet warmth, wet sloppy sounds filling the room. Linda’s breathing became labored, and shortened. My middle finger tickled her g-spot, and then slide out to flick across her clit, faster and faster. A moan and a groan escaped from Linda. My finger kept up a lightning fast tempo, my forearm muscles starting to burn, I whispered “Cum for me sexy”.

And she did. A loud moan escaped from her lips, her back arched, her body shook uncontrollably. She held her breath as the orgasim rolled over her, her legs spasmatically squeezing my hand, her nipple being pushed into my mouth by her arching back. My finger started to slow, matching the tempo of her coming off her orgasim. Slowing down, as her breathing did.

She opened her eyes, looked at me and said “Oh Scott, that was fantastic.” Pulling my chin up to kiss her, she thrust her tongue into my mouth. I accepted it, meeting it with my own. I slowly slide my fingers up and down the lips of her pussy.

Bringing my fingers to my lips, I slide each finger into my mouth in turn, looking directly into Linda’s eyes, as I licked off her juices. “Mmmm, my favorite flavor.” I said with a grin. I slide my right arm under her shoulders as I lay down next to her. Pulling her right shoulder up towards me, Linda rolled onto her side and threw her arm around me. I engulphed her with my leg and arms, holding her tight against my body. She sighed in contentment. I luxuriated in being so close to her, letting her rest and recover, feeling her breath on my chest, her fingers carassing my back.

I kissed her forehead, kissed her cheek. She tipped up her chin, looked at me, and kissed me. She trust her tongue into my mouth, the tip dancing on my tongue, running along the inside of my lip. I loved the way she kissed, the passion, the sensuality, the tingle.

I scooted down a couple inches and started to kiss her neck. Gently pinching the skin between my lips. Kissing me way down to her collar bone.

“No, my turn” Linda said, half heartedly.

“I’m not done yet sexy” I replied, and kissed her collarbone again.

“I’m supposed to be surprising you!” she said, exasperated.

“Well, I am turning the tables, now sit back and enjoy.” I replied, and kissed her collarbone yet again, and started to play with her right boob.

Linda sighed, knowing she was defeated, and not really minding.

My mouth replaced my hand, my tongue running in a circle around the mound of her tit, never touching the nipple. My hand slide down her torso, through her pubic hair, and onto her thigh. Caressing her thigh, lightly running my fingertips up her inner thigh, just touching the dampness of her pussy, before sliding back down again. As my hand slide down her thigh, feeling the stocking there, my tongue circled closer to her nipple, finally circling her nipple when I was as far down her thigh as I could reach. As my fingertips caressed their way back up her inner thigh, my tongue strayed further from her nipple.

“Mmmm, that feels nice”

“That is the idea” I replied, and started to work my way down lower.

Alternatively kissing and licking, I worked my way down to Linda’s belly button. My left hand started to play her her pussy lips, spreading the wetness around. My tongue darted in and out of her belly button, slightly tickling her. Linda l pulled up her right leg, resting the bottom of her fishnet clad foot on the bed.

Sliding further down, I hooked my right arm under her left leg, placing my face close to the center of her passion. She rested the sole of her foot on my back. I moved my head forward, and kissed her inner thigh. Gently pinching the flesh of her thighs between my lips, I kissed closer and closer to her pussy. I came close, and trailed my tongue down her leg, until I felt the stocking on my tongue. I did the same thing to the other thigh, as I traced the outline of her pussy lips with my finger tip. Trailing my tongue down her thigh one more time, I started to kiss my way back up, and planted a kiss right on her lips. Extending my tongue, I licked her lips with just the tip of my tongue, from bottom to top, and flicked, just once, her clit with my tongue. Back to her left thigh, and I kissed my way up her leg again. Planted another kiss on the lips, another lick, from bottom to top, and another clit flick, just one. Inhaling the musky scent, I worked my lips between hers, placing my nose on her clit, and my tongue on her love canal. I stuck my tongue out, stiffened it, and moved my head in little circles, slowly, the moved my head left and right, then up and down. I stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy, moved my tongue in a circle, then tilted my chin up, allowing my tongue to stay between her lips, and graze across her clit. Taking another breath, I dove in again, nose tickling her clit, tongue circling her wet canal, wet with her juices and my saliva. My tongue would dart deep into her pussy, and then slide up over her clit.

I kissed her clit, and slide 2 fingers into her pussy, replacing my tongue. She was so wet, she coated my fingers with pussy juice quickly. I kissed her thigh, her pubic mound, her hip, as my fingers plunged in, slowly. I added my thumb to tease her clit. I turned my wrist so the palm was up, and curled my index and middle fingers, massaging her g-spot, and circling her clit with my thumb. She moaned. I was moving slowly, extending the pleasure. Kissing her clit one last time, I said “Roll over, and get on all fours.”

“That was feeling so good.” Linda said, and rolled over, getting to her hands and knees. She had a wonderful ass, almost as good as her legs.

I sat up, putting my right leg between her hands and knees, and my left one rested on her calves. My left hand massaged the back of her thighs, I kissed her ass cheeks. My right hand’s fingertips lightly caressed her inner thighs. Two fingers of my left hand tickled her pussy lips. I slid in both of them, slowly, making sure she could feel each millimeter of penetration. My right hand came up, parted her pussy lips with my index and ring fingers, while the middle moved up and down her clit. Linda let out a gasp, followed by a moan.

I reached behind me, to her bag. I picked up the other accessory she had brought. A light purplish pink gel dildo, with glitter. Variable speed even. Linda looked back to see why I had stopped. My back was to her, but she could see where I was. I opened the bottle of Astroglide she brought with her, putting a little puddle on the fingers of my right hand. I coated the dildo with Astroglide. Sitting back up, I looked at her and smiled. She asked “What are you going to do with that?” My response was a wicked smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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