Sexy Hotel Fun

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I walk into the room, it’s large and spacious. There’s a huge bed in the middle, and a large bathroom. I stand to the side to let you in, and you walk in, taking a look around the kitchen as I grab both our bags and shut the door. I drop the bags in the corner, as you open the fridge and see it packed full of little goodies. You take out the grapes and shut the door.

We walk towards each other and meet in the middle of the room. You put a grape in your mouth and then reach up and pop a grape into my mouth. I reach around your waist and pull you close to me. I chew and swallow the grape, and look down into your eyes as you look up at me. I bend my head down to kiss you, and I can taste the sweetness of the grape lingering in your mouth. As we kiss you feel me start to get hard in my pants…and you move your hand down to try and rub it, but I stop you before you get there. “Let’s get unpacked first.” I kiss you again, and then let you go. You smile at me, then walk over to your bag, picking it up and walking into the bathroom, shutting the door behind you.

After unpacking a few things, I walk over to the massive window and look outside. I open the sliding door and walk out onto the balcony that overlooks the city. It’s a very warm night, warm enough to leave the door open. As I’m admiring the view, you slip quietly out of the bathroom and walk up behind me, wrapping your arms around my waist. You tell me to close my eyes, and then take my hand and lead me inside again. You leave me standing in the middle of the room facing the bed, and I hear you walk over and flip off the lights, and then turn on the bedside lamps. I then hear you tell me to open my eyes.

I open them to see you kneeling on the bed facing me, wearing a black see-through silk gown, and beautiful lace lingerie. You look beautiful.

You see the surprised look on my face and smile, knowing full well the effect it would have on me. You beckon me to come over and I do, walking slowly, taking all of you in. As I get closer, you rub your hands down your body, over your breasts, your tummy and down, touching briefly between your legs.

I crawl onto the bed and kneel in front of you. You start to unbutton my shirt, and once it’s open you run your hands up and down my chest. No words are spoken. You remove my shirt and unbuckle my pants. You pull them down and see my hardness jutting out from my underwear. You remove my pants completely leaving me in just my underwear. I reach out and touch your face, bringing your mouth to mine and I kiss you deeply. Our tongues meet, intertwining with each other as you deepen the kiss. We continue until you break the kiss, your chest moving up and down as you pull in deep breaths.

You grab my shoulders and spin me around, pushing me onto my back, my head on the pillow. You kiss me again, and then snake down my body, kissing me all the way down, until you get to my underwear. There is already a small damp patch there. You slowly pull down my underwear and run your fingers up and down my length. I raise up onto my elbows, as you slowly start to stroke me up and down. Then, you look into my eyes as you bend down and lick the pre-cum that’s formed, kiss me on the tip, then lick me up and down the underside, sending shivers up and down my body. You then smile and look into my eyes again as you take me into your mouth, wrapping your lips around me, your hand as well, both pumping up and down. You feel me so hard and hot in your mouth, as I drop my head back, moaning as I squirm a little on the bed. It feels so good…and I want more. You keep going, as you feel me respond to your magic.

“Babe, slow down, I’m about to come…” but you don’t slow down. Instead you lift your head off me, and jack me up and down a few more times, and I start to come, shooting up into the air, some landing on my stomach, Ordu Escort some on the bed…some still on my hot shaft…and so you again bend over, and using your tongue, swirl it around the tip, tasting me. You then lick me up and down, cleaning me up. We use a cloth to wipe up the rest.

I lie back satisfied, but only for a few seconds. I stand up and walk you out onto the balcony, where there is nothing but our silhouettes and a view of the city. I walk you over to the railing, still naked behind you. You grab onto the rail with your hands, as I hold you by the shoulders, and kiss you down the side of your neck, while slowly removing your silk gown from you, letting it drop to the ground.

I move my hands around the front of you, cupping your breasts, feeling your nipples harden through the material. I continue to kiss you up and down your neck on both sides. You then feel me placing kisses down your back, as I kiss you all the way down your back, and down the inside of your left leg. I then kiss you back up the inside of your right leg, as you let out a small sigh. Then slowly, I hook my fingers into both sides of your briefs, and pull them down, letting you step out of them.

I then turn you around and get you to hold onto the rail as I spread your legs open. You feel the warm night air caress you, as you stand exposed and open before me. I’m on my knees, and you watch me, as I grab your hips and bring you to my lips. I taste you with my tongue, licking from the bottom up, as you gasp in delight.

You’re super wet, and I can smell and taste you, it tastes so good. I flick your clit with my tongue, and then push my tongue into you as I lick and suck on you, both of us exposed on the balcony, but shadowed by the cover of darkness. I continue to work magic on you, until your legs go weak, unable to support yourself, overcome with the good feelings.

I sense you about to come, and I back off. I suddenly pick you up, and carry you back inside, laying you on your back, your legs hanging over the edge of the bed. I again spread your legs, but this time I suck on your clit with my mouth, while I slide two fingers into your slick wetness. You arch your back up off the bed, gasping and biting your lower lip. Your eyes are closed, and I hear you moaning deep within your throat. Your breathing increases again, and I add another finger. I continue to use alternate between licking you up and down and sucking on your clit, until you tense up and scream out loud, calling my name, your hips gyrating as a massive orgasm rips through your body, so strong you partly slide off the end of the bed.

I catch you before you fall, and help you pull yourself back onto the bed, now just wearing your bra.



I’m just barely able to get myself back to the bed. I exhale long and hard as my entire body is still pulsing. My breath is still heavy as I close my eyes, stretch my arms – still feeling my orgasm and my sticky pussy.

You slide down next to me on the bed. From the corner of my eye, I can see your smile, you’re proud of your efforts. I can’t help but slightly turn my head and stare at you. You’re on your back, your body covered in sweat and your face and lips with my taste. You catch my stare and our eyes lock. “Can I have seconds?” you ask.

I giggle and roll over on you, sucking then biting your bottom lip. Our tongues running together as our mouths became more urgent. I roll my entire body on to your stomach, licking from your lips down your chest. I can already hear a slight moan escape your lips as you pull me harder into you. I giggle again and find a way to escape your firm grasp. On my knees, on the bed, I sit staring down at you as I undo my bra then slide off the bed completely naked.

As I start to walk away, I turn my head back. “I’m going Ordu Escort Bayan to hop in the shower… you want to join me?” I giggle as I see your eyes get big and I start to run toward the bathroom. How quickly you appear behind me, grabbing on to my hips and kissing my neck as I flip on the water. I feel the steam on my skin as the water heats up and I instantly feel my pussy begin to slightly drip.

I step into the shower, pulling you in behind me. I take your whole body in as the water runs down, your wet skin turning me on and sending shivers through me. I take your face in my hands and kiss you hard, tasting the saltiness of what remains of my cum. I can’t help but slide my hands down your body. You wrap your arms around me pulling me in, running your hands down my back, landing with a slap on my ass. I moan out loud and then giggle at how good that felt.

You pull me away from the water facing away from you. You bring your hands to my shoulders, then down the back of my neck. You bring your hands around the front, running them across my stomach, then sliding them up to where you find my breasts.

You start to massage down them slowly, as your palms find my nipples. You begin to slightly pull and pinch my nipples – focusing on the tips. I squirm and throw my head back, moaning from the electricity that begins to flow through my body. They become harder as you increase your intensity. ” Oooo, oh fu…” I can’t even finish the word – my body is pulsing and I become forceful, “I need you to put them in your mouth…now!!” I flip around, and have to get on my tippy toes to reach your head. I push it down and you take my nipples in your mouth, first one then the other. As you suck me, I find myself pushing into you and I can feel you become harder between my legs.

You suddenly flip me back around facing away from you again, and drop to your knees behind me. You rub my thighs, then you slide your hands down my legs, feeling my body shiver—then you begin to slide your hands back up. Your hands finally reach my pussy then you hesitate and look up at me, as I look over my shoulder and catch your eyes behind me. I know you are seeking direction and I can hardly think – I’m so desperate for you to enter me.

I smile and let out a giggle as I place my hands over yours and I have you start rubbing my pussy and clit. Your hands suddenly escape mine and you move them to my ass. You push on my back, bending me over, and then work your fingers through my cheeks. I feel you spread them, and after what seems like forever, I feel your finger begin to circle around my hole. You slowly push one finger inside, and after holding it in there for a few seconds, you start to slide it out…then in…then out. I let out a long, lingering moan, “Come on baby, you can fuck my ass harder than that…”

You suddenly increase your intensity, your other hand reaching around to find my clit, pinching it softly. Suddenly you pull out completely, spread my ass with both hands and lick from my pussy to my backdoor. Once you reach my ass, you stop and take it in – enjoying it as you would my pussy. I scream out, “more…more!” then let a loud moan escape my mouth. I push my ass back harder into your face and I press my arms and head against the shower wall. You put your tongue into me, and then your finger again, pushing into me back and forth as my entire body is pulsing.

I reach down to grab my tits, pinching and twisting my nipples around and around with my fingers. My breath is picking up as you increase the pace… suddenly you stop. “Babe, please, oh please don’t stop..” You laugh.

“Don’t worry,” you respond, your own breath heavy. “I still need to bury myself inside of you…”

I let me head fall back with anticipation, my pussy so desperate. You stand up, pulling me upright with you and spinning Escort Ordu me around in one motion. You take my chin…our eyes connect, desire and passion for each other burning in them. You lower your mouth to mine, our tongues once again finding one another. I give you a slap on your ass, as I giggle while still our mouths are entangled. I move my mouth down your jaw to your ear and I whisper “This girl is ready for a good fucking…and I want it now…”

You smile as you slip your hands down my under my ass and lift me up..I wrap my legs around you. I instantly know what is about to come and I grasp your cock and help guide it inside of me. As you slide in, my head falls back as an “oh fucccck…” loudly escapes my lips. You push my back into the shower wall, and I push my pussy as hard as I can onto you. You feel my desire, my body asking for more and begin lifting me up and back down, and repeat that over and over again – slowly at first, then picking up speed. As soon as I bottom out, I let out a moan and grind harder on you. Your lips find my neck, my mouth and even my ears.

You suddenly pull me close, still inside of me and we leave the shower. Our bodies are hot and wet as you take me and lay me back on the bed. You remain on your knees as you slide back into me. “Ooooohhhh…I need it harder…fuuuccckk…much harder.” You begin pumping into me, rubbing my clit as you do.

After a few thrusts, I suddenly pop up, pushing you down onto the bed. Your cock is covered in my juices. I slide on top of you, turn around and shimmy up to your face, allowing your tongue to enter my pussy as I take your cock into my hands and jerk upward, sucking hard on the tip. You moan “oh, fuck yeah,” as I increase speed. I’m using both my hands and my mouth as I quicken the motion.

I can sense you’re getting close, but I desperately want you to finish inside of me. So, I slowly slide my mouth off, turn around and slide my wet pussy back down over your hard cock, my hands pushing down on your stomach as I move myself up and down on you. I love how far you are inside of me when I’m riding you, it’s the most incredible feeling. I look down at your face and see pure enjoyment, mouth open, eyes closed.

I quicken my pace, I want to cum so badly, to feel my pussy clench around you as I orgasm. Your hand slides down to my clit while I continue to bounce up and down on you. “Baby, I need you to cum in me, I’ve never needed it so badly…fuck, please…” My pace quickens even more and our breathing gets heavier.

I look at you, wanting your eyes to look at me, and like a mind reader, your eyes open and they lock onto mine. “I love you,” I say between heavy breaths. “I love you more” you respond. I giggle and say “now I’m going to cum all over you…” You suddenly flip me over onto all fours. I giggle and arch my back, knowing what I’m about to experience. You sit behind, grab my hips and pull back inside of me. “Oooohhhh, you know exactly what I wanted…” I laugh. You slowly pull out, and slowly push back in. It feels good, but I need more. “Babe, you know I love making love to you, but right now, I just need you to fuck me!” I look over my shoulder, my eyes burning with lust. “Fuck the shit out of me.” You don’t need to be asked twice! You start to pound my pussy with everything you have. You grab my hair and pull it, yanking my head back and making me scream out “fuck yes, baby! Don’t stop. It feels sooo good!” It doesn’t take long as my entire body tenses and I feel you start tense inside of me. Finally, I begin to orgasm, my pussy squeezing hard around your cock, which sends you over the edge and you release as well, filling me with your cum. You continue to thrust your cock as I orgasm, causing me to scream out even more.

Slowly, our bodies start to come back down to earth. You give my ass a slap and fall down on the bed next to me. You give me a quick kiss on the nose. It’s quiet for a minute before I start to laugh, it’s like I can’t quite control it. “Babes, I’m covered in your deliciousness, I think I need a shower.” We both bust out laughing even more. I wink. Round 3?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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