She’s Only Sleeping

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“Her name is Lesley, she’s nineteen years old, has gorgeous big breasts and an arse to die for.”

Don was describing his latest girlfriend to his workmate while waiting for the meeting room to become free.

They had a meeting booked for three thirty but there were a gaggle of trainees in the room, being given a lecture. The lecturer, a tall slim woman dressed all in black, gave Don a filthy look through the glass when he peered through. She was universally known as The Wicked Witch of the North, a nickname given to her by one of her previous trainees. It was a name which stuck as all of the male members of the office decided that she did actually look like a witch, given her routine long black dress, crooked nose and hairy wart on her face (“a beauty spot”, she had once told Don). She was universally hated by her trainees and barely tolerated by those who had to work alongside her, but for some reason she was highly rated by the training manager, so was considered bomb proof. She clearly knew this and was universally rude to everybody she encountered and notoriously difficult to work with.

Don continued his lurid description;

“We went out to a club last night, I couldn’t believe how tight her skirt was, you could see her arse whenever she bent over and the tiny thong was so tight, her pussy lips…Oh hello Julie, are you finished?” his story stopped abruptly when the wicked witch suddenly opened the door, giving him a look that could turn a man to stone.

“Yes Don. Would you mind keeping your voice down, we could hear every word in there, you idiot.”

A line of giggling trainees streamed past them. They were mostly young girls, a new intake of secretaries and admin clerks to handle the big contract just signed. Don and Pete passed comment at a couple of the girls as they squeezed past; mainly those with short skirts or big breasts. Don was a tit man, so made a point of trying his luck with any well endowed girl, whereas Pete was just immature and mimicked his senior colleague’s bahaviour.

It was 1979, so this behaviour was considered acceptable and it was generally considered funny to objectivise women.

The company, a machine tool manufacturer, was exclusively run by men and it showed, with nude girly calendars hung by every workbench and office desk.

Julie, as a supervisor, was the only woman with a modicum of authority and complained of constantly battling against the misogynistic atmosphere, but this only served to create ridicule and ribald jokes behind her back. Consequently she hated almost every man in the office and considered that she was a driving force for change, spending most of her work hours berating men for their behaviour to the girls in the office and lecturing younger girls in the office to stand up against the chauvenistic men. To the majority of the workforce, she was clearly a lesbian man hater.

Don and Pete’s meeting was with the rest of the sales and engineering group and had been called by the Managing Director who, after giving the usual “must try harder” lecture, announced that he had arranged a team bonding day for the department as a bonus for winning a new contract.

The trip was arranged for the upcoming holiday weekend, with wives and girlfriends invited.

Don knew that “team bonding” was code for an alcohol fuelled weekend away with the boys, probably at a hotel with a golf course, where the MD could show off his golfing skills and take most of the prizes. It was his way of imposing his superiority and reinforcing his alpha male personality on the entire workforce.

An invitation to the ladies was unusual, but few had taken up the offer at previous events, so he expected it to be the usual testosterone fuelled booze up, with the female of the species being rather thin on the ground.

Don and Pete wandered out of the meeting and made their way to the local pub for a few pints before going home. They had worked together for a few years now and were firm friends. Don had taken Pete under his wing when Pete joined as a school leaver and although there was a significant difference in their age, they got on well and had a lot in common.

Pete returned the conversation to Don’s new girlfriend, asking how they’d met and if he’d managed to get across her yet.

Don took great pleasure in elaborating;

“I met her when I was visiting that airline we just won the contract with. I was standing talking to some of the mechanics when I saw her walking across the hangar floor. Every guys head turned and followed her, dressed in tight white trousers and stretchy top. Those trousers were so tight, almost see through, and you could see the outline of her tiny panties. I watched that backside wiggle across the hangar with thirty pairs of eyes following her, hooting and whistling her progress. She brazenly strutted past, giving us a smile and winking at me. She had all those guys eating out of her hand and she winked at me! I felt quite flattered, so had to follow it up.

When ataşehir escort bayan I met the directors later, she sat in, taking notes, so I hung back to chat with her. She’s tiny, only just over five feet tall, but what a package. I couldn’t take my eyes off her chest, that tight top filled to bursting, and she knew exactly what I was thinking, with a wry smile on her face, using every occasion to bend over, dropping something or opening the bottom filing cabinet drawer, always with her back to me. For some reason, there was a sexual chemistry between us and I got the feeling that she was as horny as I was.

I asked her out and she said yes. I was amazed as, talking to the guys earlier, she had never been out with anybody from work. She later told me that was mainly because nobody had ever asked before. They were intimidated by her I think.”

Don took a large gulp of his pint, looking wistfully out of the window before continuing.

“I got nowhere with Lesley on the first date, but took her out again a few days later for a meal, then on to a club. After a few drinks and a spin round the dance floor she was getting really horny, grinding against my cock on the dance floor and snogging me at every opportunity.

Anyway, I drove her back to her parents house, expecting a kiss and maybe a quick feel, but when I parked up, she gave me a sexy kiss, grabbed my hand and pulled it between her legs. She must have taken her panties off when she went to the loo before we left and she was now so wet, my fingers slid straight in and she started to ride my fingers. To cut a long story short, we fucked right there in the car outside her house. It was a bit of a struggle in a two seater, but that made it all the more exciting.

The only trouble is, I now need a new windscreen, as her heels scratched it to hell and the front seat is ruined, soaking wet with her juices, but it was worth it. She was like an animal, scratching and pulling me into her, screaming and moaning, its a wonder her folks didn’t hear.”

Pete listened to him animatedly describing every detail of the girl and their sexual activity, getting increasingly aroused and very jealous of his workmate. Pete was younger than Don and although he would never admit to it, was still a virgin, but joined in with the ribald conversation as if he was a seasoned fornicator.

Getting a lift home with Don, Pete noticed the scratches on the windscreen as he squeezed in and sat uncomfortably in the passenger seat of Don’s Lotus, imagining Lesley spreading her legs as Don repeatedly plunged into her wet welcoming pussy in the confines of the tiny sports car.

Getting out later, he emerged carefully, trying to hide an enormous erection. Don laughed as he saw him walk to his front door, a large wet patch in the seat of his pants.

The following Friday evening found the team checking into the country hotel, somewhere in the Cheshire countryside.

Don had made the mistake of mentioning the weekend to Lesley and she had insisted on accompanying him. She was the only partner who had made the effort and found herself as one of two women in the party, the other being Julie, the training supervisor. Apparently, another woman may arrive on Sunday, the MD’s wife.

The weekend was planned out for them, with an early golf tee booked for Saturday and Sunday morning and a team bonding session booked for Saturday afternoon. Most people would wander off on Sunday, Don explained as they checked in, but the rooms were booked through to Monday and the company was picking up the full tab. Lesley was determined to stay for the entire weekend as she was excited and a little overawed at the luxury hotel.

Don and Lesley were in the room next to the MD, Jack. It was an old country house so had an eccentric layout, and each room was different in size and furnishings. Their room was large, with a huge bed, two large leather wing back chairs and a sofa sitting in front of tall windows looking out over the drive and gardens.

Lesley looked out to see deer grazing in the grounds, with sheep in a distant field and woodland stretching to the hills beyond. A long curved gravel drive stretched out in front of her, with luxury cars parked below. It was a stunning view and this was clearly one of the best rooms in the hotel.

As a nineteen year old girl from a poor part of town, Lesley was new to this level of luxury and was exploring every room, cupboard and drawer like an excited child. Don watched, amused as she grabbed at a door next to the entrance and pulled it open. Lesley froze, wide eyed, her mouth open. She stood there silently staring for a few seconds, her eyes fixed on something in the next room.

Slowly she stepped back, smiling, and quietly closed the door.

“Oops!” She whispered, with her hand still grasping the door knob.

“It’s your boss’s room” she giggled, “and he’s walking around in there with nothing on!”

Don stood laughing quietly, escort kadıöy whispering “Did he see you?”

“I don’t think so, but I saw him alright, he was standing in front of the mirror with a towel round his neck, stroking his cock. Dirty old sod!”

They both burst into stifled laughter, falling into each others arms and onto the bed where Don tried to pull up her dress, but failed due to Lesley having a fit of the giggles. Don gave up and wandered in for a shower, Lesley joining him, struggling to pull her clothes off as she watched Don soaping his cock in the shower. Her magnificent round breasts and gorgeous backside finally released, she slid in alongside him, soaping his cock until she managed to stop giggling long enough for Don to pin her against the tiles and penetrate her, soapy breasts squashed against his chest as she put her arms round his neck, curling her legs up to allow him to push deep inside her, eyes glazing over as her orgasm started. They fucked like this until Don’s legs could take no more and they completed the act on a pile of towels on the bathroom floor.

Don turned her round and took her from behind, admiring her curving back, slim waist widening gently to her hips, with soft rounded buttocks which she now pushed back to meet his thrusts, his hands firmly gripping her hips as he plunged into her. She had the most beautiful body and, despite her youth, had all the sexual confidence of a much older woman.

There was a distinctive strawberry birth mark on her left butt cheek, which she was ashamed of, but which Don thought was cute. It looked like a pink heart he thought, his thumb covering it as he gripped her hips.

They were the last to walk into the bar for the ritual Friday evening drinking session. Jack, the MD, was already holding court and telling loud bawdy jokes, one foot on the bar rail and a large whisky glass in his hand.

All the guys grinned as Don and Lesley walked in, knowing glances and hand gestures behind their backs indicating that they all knew why they were late. Lesley was demurely dressed, with dark culottes and a white blouse, buttoned up to hide her ample cleavage. That didn’t stop the rest of the guys leering at her all night, Pete having repeated Don’s tales to them earlier.

What only Don knew, was that underneath those demure clothes, Lesley wore no bra or panties, with only a black garter belt to hold up her sheer black stockings. Don looked at her and vividly saw her naked beneath the clothes, but his colleagues could only guess what lay beneath.

He felt a strange power over the others and felt a longing desire for her as he thought of this shared secret.

Julie was sat alone at a table. She hated these weekends and only came because Jack insisted. She would usually spend her days in the hotel spa or going for walks during the golf outings, excusing herself as “totally non sporty”, the men also adding quietly, out of her earshot, “and prize winning lesbian man hater.”

Jack knew otherwise, but kept their secret to himself, occasionally giving her a sympathetic look and a subtle wink.

Lesley was given the run down on everybody present by Don as he introduced them to her and moved round the room. She asked who the lonely woman was in the corner and he told her the mens version; she was a lesbian witch. Taking pity on her and getting a bit bored with the man talk, she introduced herself and sat down with Julie to chat.

Julie perked up at the sight of a friendly face and they chatted enthusiastically, Julie loving her dark sober outfit and Lesley admiring Julie’s attempt at sexy, with a knee length skirt and low cut blouse, despite a total lack of cleavage. She looked enviously at Lesley’s impressive chest as they talked.

Lesley talked about Don, which led to how Julie coped, working in such a male dominated environment. She said that she had ways of bending the bosses to her will, so she had an advantage over the men. Lesley wondered what this meant, but chatted on, telling Julie how great Don was and how friendly he and Pete seemed to be.

“Yes, Don is a bad influence on him I think. Pete is a nice genuine guy, not like the rest.”

Having had a few drinks, Lesley was talking unguardedly and let slip that Don thought Pete was still a virgin, “bless him”. Julie looked at Pete and muttered “At his age, really? We’ll have to do something about that.”

Jack was now in full flow, guffawing loudly with a large crowd around him. He was a large loud guy with a full black beard and a completely bald head but was supremely self confident. Everybody thought he would make a magnificent Blackbeard, (the pirate), and half expected him to appear with firecrackers in his beard when he strode angrily through the factory, bawling at somebody who had cocked up.

He was married with five children, all now at university, but was known as a man who liked the ladies, and his eyes constantly turned to admire the new girl in their group, eventually maltepe escort loudly insisting that the two women join them at the bar.

Some of the older guys had drifted quietly away, leaving only the younger men and the seasoned drinkers to continue the banter with Jack, who now had his arm around Julie, peering down her blouse whenever she looked away. Lesley noticed the chemistry between them, but seemed quite beguiled by Jack, laughing loudly at his stories, quietly telling Don that he was lucky to have such a great boss.

Eventually, even Jack started to falter and sat down with a large glass of water and a double espresso with the two girls, whilst the few remaining determined drinkers ordered shots from the bored looking night staff.

Don and Pete were in a heart to heart drunken chat about Pete’s dire love life, Don occasionally looking over to Lesley, who was in deep conversation with Julie and Jack.

Half an hour or so later, with Pete still bemoaning his luck, Lesley staggered past on her way to bed, kissing Don goodnight, whispering in his ear “he might get lucky one day, maybe sooner than he thinks” and disappearing off toward the lift.

Jack and Julie joined them for a last drink, before Jack finally decided that he had drunk enough and wished them all goodnight, warning Don that they had a four ball match booked for nine o’clock. It was 1 AM, so Don thought he might have to make an excuse, knowing that Jack would be on time, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to humiliate his partners.

Julie was thoroughly wasted, slurring her words while hanging on to Pete, stroking his hair and telling him that he was a lovely guy, not like the others. She seemed not to notice Don, who sat back and made sexual gestures to Pete, pointing animatedly at the witch, who now seemed to Pete to be the sexiest woman he had ever seen. She got up to visit the loo and Don managed to persuade Pete that he was on a dead cert with Julie, encouraging him to invite her to his room for a nightcap.

Julie appeared in the reception and Pete dashed to grab her arm, almost dragging her to the lift. Don smiled as he noticed the two kissing passionately, with Pete’s hand up her skirt as the doors slowly closed.

“Another virgin lost to the world” Don said to himself as he drained his beer and headed for the stairs.

Lesley had the only key he thought, as he stumbled down the corridor, expecting to have to go back down to reception for a spare. As he got near the door, he noticed it was ajar, so stumbled into the darkness, fumbling to undo his clothes, falling half dressed into bed and slipping into unconsciousness.

Some time later he woke up, his bladder screaming for relief. Standing in the half light of the bathroom, blessed relief overwhelming him as he peed whilst looking at himself in the mirror. “Not a pretty sight” he said to his reflection. In the mirror, he could see the adjoining room door wasn’t closed, so when he finished, he quietly wandered back to pull it to. As he did, he heard deep grunts from Jack’s room. His initial thought was to pull the door closed and go back to bed, but it crossed his mind that he might not be well, maybe having a heart attack, so quietly opened the door and crept in to his boss’s room.

The room was dark, but in the moonlight from the window he saw Jack lying on his back on the floor, facing the window. There was a woman sat astride Jack, facing toward his feet, reverse cowgirl style.

She was staring out at the moonlit scene with Jack’s cock firmly embedded in her, leaning forward, her hands on the floor between his legs.

Don looked at the woman, head down now, with her back arched as she ground her backside into Jack’s groin, his large hands gripping her hips. The silhouette of her body, a slim waist widening to her hips, with soft full cheeks nestling against his groin and the hint of heavy breasts hanging low in the moonlight, gave Don an instant erection. He wished he could photograph that image, it was so erotic.

Jack’s groans continued as she rode him slowly, increasing in volume when her hips pushed back toward him.

Don decided to withdraw to his own room before he was noticed, the image of her silhouette etched on his mind.

Crawling back into bed, he put a hand out to wake Lesley, desperate to share the story of his boss shagging away just a few feet from them.

The bed was empty, the sheets crumpled where she once lay. The bathroom light was on, so she was probably being ill. Don waited for her to return, listening to the grunting increasing in volume through the wall. “Lucky old bastard, good luck to him” he mumbled to himself, as he dozed off.

Don jerked awake as Jacks fuck buddy screamed in passion, clearly experiencing a mind blowing orgasm, probably waking half the hotel. Don smiled and fell back to sleep.

The phone jarred him awake, his head thumping. Grabbing the phone and instantly dropping it, he fell out of bed, groping for the handset. “Early morning call sir, it’s eight fifteen”.

Mumbling something down the phone and pushing it back on the table, he looked across to see Lesley sleeping through the noise. He could hear a shower running and Jack whistling joyfully through the wall.

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